Sunday, April 5, 2009


Politics knows no limits. And if ‘poison’ can be used to shut out an opponent, politicians and their supporters from both the political divide, will not hesitate to use it. This is exactly the scene at the on-going by-elections in Kedah and Perak.

In a desperate attempt to win votes, supporters of a political party have began circulating in a booklet, the Elizabeth Wong’s story in an effort to demonize the political party of which she belongs. What has Elizabeth Wong’s story got to do with the by-elections? Are the people involved in the publication of the story got nothing better to do, than to undertake this despicable act of ‘fitnah’.

If those involved are Malays of the Muslim faith, they ought to know that ‘fitnah’ in Islam is serious, and I would like to challenge these people to come forward to show their filthy and ugly faces. Otherwise I would say that they are nothing by cowards, hiding behind some politicians, who are themselves stinking cowards.

Acts like this has to stop, because it is setting a bad example to others, and reflects the disgusting level of political maturity, and the ugly side of Malaysian politics. I appeal to the authorities to investigate the ‘perpetrators’ of this act, and to come down hard on them, regardless of their political affiliation.

Malaysians have had enough of money politics, and now this despicable and ungentlemanly act of humiliating others for one’s own political gains. Will this be the future on Malaysian politics, and are we to tolerate this?

Posted at 17.30 pm on April 5, 2009

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komando said...

The cow-wards, these faceless goons are ball-less also. First they are cows, what do we expect out of them? Secondly, they think backwards!

Balls - they don't have at all. SO this country have cows as leaders, the followers are goats and donkies.
Our nation will soon become a cow shed republic.

The powers have all been rid off and the price we pay is our future generations they will all suffer, we are all at our last lap, that much we can do shout and keep on shouting!