Saturday, April 4, 2009


TUN DR. MAHATHIR MOHAMED...........welcome back to UMNO. And I believe, there will be some within the party who may feel uneasy with Tun Mahathir back into the party. These are the people who virtually told Tun Mahathir to shut up, when he began criticising Pak Lah for the latter's supposedly failures.

One name that I could remember well is the 'minister in-charge of parliament' Nazri Aziz. He was extremely vocal of Tun Mahathir, and I think he did that in a show of loyalty to Pak Lah. I don't blame him for that, because that is what all politicians should do, if they want to be secured in the job. The Malay saying 'cari makan' is apt to describe the action of Nazri Aziz.

Most seemed to say that Tun Mahathir will be a towering figure behind Najib. In a way, Najib should be pleased to have a mentor whom he can look back for advice in time of need. Some even say that Najib will act subserviently to Tun Mahathir, and if this is to happen, then there will surely be resistance within the party from those who are particularly not so fond of Tun Mahathir. I think, Tun Mahathir should avoid being seen to have influence over Najib; just like the 4th Floor boys during Pak Lah's era, which Tun Mahathir himself was extremely critical.

I read that Najib will have nothing of the 4th Floor boys that Pak Lah had relied upon as his 'advisors' in managing the state. Najib ought not to trapped in a similar situation, knowing that all his siblings are doing exceedingly well in the corporate world. They should not be seen in the corridors of Putrajaya at all; least that they be accused of seeking patronage and favour from Najib over their business dealings.

I have been told that during the time when Tun Hussein Onn was the Prime Minister, he refused to allow any of his relatives to see him at his office. Even if they do get to meet him at his house, asking for business favours from Tun Hussein will be the last thing that he wants to hear. I do not know whether Hishamuddin knows this, and if he doesn't, just ask the older relatives of his father, to confirm this.And I do not know whether Hishamuddin is anything like his late father or his grandfather Onn Jaafar, who led a simple life, devoid of the ills of politics today. Certainly money politics wasn't heard in those days.

Najib had made many pledges in his acceptance speech broadcast over TV. He has set the peoples interest first before self, and by saying that, he had pledge the most difficult thing to do. Many would argue that even if Najib succeeds in fulfilling all that he had pledged, they doubt others, especially his ministers and deputy ministers, will be able to do what he does.

This will be the biggest test for Najib, and the only possible way of ensuring that his pledges are fulfilled, Najib has to be firm on his fellow ministers and deputy ministers. Can Najib do this, or will he allow a government to conduct itself on 'auto pilot', as was the case of the Pak Lah administration, of which Najib was part of it.

Posted at 8.40 pm on April 4, 2009


komando said...

Going by his first days in office, I may be a bit skeptical that this man will ever change!

Releasing the ISA detainees and reinstating the HARAKAH & KEADILAN papers is just gimmicks he thinks he can twist. He hopes the votes will go to BN,,fat hopes!

How the hell he wants the world to believe anything he does? He slaps the ban on the two papers and he creates a backlash by doing so, then he wants to do damage pathetic.

His mind is cluttered...he gets PAKLAH and MAMAK on stage to tell the world everything is back to normal...two days later MAMAK hits at PAK LAH, so what the hell is this?

NAJIB has virus in his brains..deadly ones, wait till the three elections results are out!
We thought PAK LAH was flip flop, this guy is WORST !

Ramachandran said...

Yes, he will fulfill his pledges to his wife.