Monday, December 29, 2008


It saddens me to know that the former Petaling Jaya UMNO Divison Chief, Capt Zahar Hashim (Retired) has resigned from UMNO and joined PAS. He was the whistle blower in the Eurocopter issue that saw him being suspended from the party. Regardless of his reasons, Zahar Hashim actions has brought to light many little known governmental procurement procedures, which hitherto has been tightly kept to the confines of the Minister and top ministry officials. The infamous 'direct negotiations' seems to be the choice of top ministry officials in awarding contracts that costs millions. One need only to search the files of all ministries to see how many contracts have been awarded through direct negotiations, and the costs charged for each contract. The talk that there is absolute transparency in the award of contracts are mere rhetorics.

Zahar Hashim is not alone in resigning from UMNO, but had brought along with him almost the entire Petaling Jaya UMNO Branch Chiefs and the Division Committee members. With this mass resignation, the Petaling Jaya UMNO Division is now defunct, and the Division's Headquarters which belongs to Zahar Hashim is no longer available to UMNO. What then be the fate of Petaling Jaya UMNO, in light of this mass exodus of UMNO members to the opposition. And the closure of the division, must have caused a severe set back for UMNO Selangor.

Since losing power to Pakatan Rakyat (PR) in the March 8 general elections, UMNO Selangor in particular has been in complete disarray and is unable to consolidate itself, caused by an apparent weakness in the leadership. The former Menteri Besar Dr. Khir Toyo, has been busy defending himself of his past actions, from critics leveled at him by the present state administration.

Khir Toyo's former state executive councilors are no longer to be seen nor heard, to render support for their former boss'. They all must have gone into hibernation, cooling their heads off; or are they on a long holiday with their families. This is UMNO's definition of loyalty i.e. abandonment of the boss when there is nothing left of the boss. And haven't Tun Dr. Mahathir suffered the same fate when he was no longer the PM? And I am quite sure, the same fate will befall Pak Lah when he steps down in March next year.

Several lessons can be drawn from Zahar Hashim's fate in UMNO, and such lessons should serve as a reminder to all UMNO members, if they wish to remain staunchly a member of UMNO. The lessons can be briefly described as follows:

1.While UMNO leaders talked about the practice of democracy in the party, they somehow cannot tolerate criticism, although such criticisms are well intended to better the party. It would be better not to criticise, and to keep your mouth shut.
2.Loyalty to the leader is only temporary and good while he is in power. Isolation immediately follows when he relinquish power. In other words, there is no absolute loyalty among political friends, and friends today can be your enemy tomorrow.
3.To survive in UMNO, one has to be, in the words of Tun Dr. Mahathir, a 'YES MAN'. One has to sustain this to survive, and this can be done by rushing to the airport to be seen by the boss each time he returns from overseas. Of course, kissing the hands of the boss (and also preferably the hands of his wife), should sealed an acknowledgement that you were there to receive the boss.
4.Since open criticism is not tolerated, members has no other option but to accept what is seen as wrong, to be correct. When wrong becomes too obvious, members only need to say, again in the words of Tun Dr. Mahathir 'SAYA SOKONG'.

What I have written above is not intended to batter UMNO, but to put across what I have observed and heard from ordinary people in the street, and from some UMNO members themselves. There is obvious disgruntlement among party members which is conveniently kept unknown from party top leaders, by those who wish not to hurt the leaders. And leaders would only want to listen to everything that is good, and apple polishers are many in UMNO to do the job of singing the good news.

Are not the many infightings during the recently held UMNO Division meetings an obvious indication of disgruntlement among party members? And are leaders blind to all this? And the scourge of money politics....this will continue unabated if UMNO leaders are themselves involved (not personally but through proxies), and without the will to fight money politics.

Many elder Malays (me included) had shyed away from UMNO because of the many 'ills' within the party. They will only return when UMNO is able to shed off the image of being corrupt, arrogant, boastful, and a party invested with 'show-off'.

Posted at 9.00am on Dec 29,2008

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi recent state visit to Iran is lauded successful by the main stream media. Surprisingly, and to the observance of many, the Minister of International Trade Tan Sri Muhyidin Yassin was conspicuously missing. Is this a tell tale of the 'boss' not wanting to have his Minister of International Trade to be in his entourage? And if this tell tale is true, then one can guess that the two are not in 'friendly terms'; yet the visit has an important trade agenda to discuss with the Iranians. If it was Rafidah Aziz, she surely would not have been left out in an all important state visit like this.

Could it be that the 'boss' is bitter with Muhyidin, and views him as a radical and a trouble maker, who was instrumental in getting the 'boss' to hand over the reign of government to Najib much earlier than the 'boss' had planned? Rumours were abound sometime ago, that Muhyidin would be ousted in a cabinet shake-up, but judging from the time left, this rumour may not materialised. I just wonder what would have happened to UMNO, if Muhyidin was ousted from the cabinet. I am quite certain that UMNO Johore, and Johoreans being parochial in nature, would surely have reacted to the detriment of the party.

Certainly, there are many things that Malaysia could learn and benefit from Iran, in particular at how Iran manages and operates its huge petroleum and natural gas resources. I am told by some Malaysian friends in the oil and gas industry, that Iran perceives Petronas as an 'unfriendly business partner'. Viewing Petronas investment in Iran, the aforesaid perception may have some truth. It was only recently that a Malaysian company (not Petronas) secured a USD14 billion gas deal with an Iranian company. I am further informed that Petronas investment in Iran is with Total, a French oil company, were its stake is relatively small by O&G standards. And if Petronas is extremely successful in Sudan, why not in Iran? Has this got anything to do with the US sanctions, that has direct influence over Petronas investments in Iran?

Another aspect worth looking at was Iran's defence industry, where Malaysia could learn from. One could remember that Iran under the Shah regime, was totally dependent upon the West, particularly the US, for its defence needs. Following the fall of the Shah, Iran began to build its indigenous defence industry, virtually from scratch, and over a period of two decades, is today self reliant in its defence needs; and this despite sanctions from the west and its allies.

Certainly nothing much can be said of Malaysia's defence industry, which is still very much in its rockets and missiles to show off, and even if there is some effort towards the development of rockets and missiles, it is still to remote from production and manufacturing.

And for me, securing Proton's venture into Iran, and declaring it a major investment success for Malaysia is certainly not enough.

Posted at 3.00pm on Dec 28, 2008

Saturday, December 27, 2008


While UMNO/BN has named its candidate for the Kuala Trengganu by-election scheduled January 17th 2009, PAS, the obvious party to challenge the UMNO candidate, has declared that its candidate will be named on January 1st 2009. This delay has raised many questions among party watchers, with some casting doubts that an agreement by the PAS party leadership could be reached by January 1st. To others, it is an element of surprise for the BN, as PAS now has the advantage to field a candidate that can best challenge the UMNO candidate.

Since naming Senator Wan Ahmad Farid, who is also the Kuala Trengganu UMNO Division chief as the candidate, he is now the most popular personality to appear in both the electronic and print media. There is also a sudden surge in news relating to Trengganu, featuring the development that has been undertaken by the BN state government, and this is quite expected in any elections.

UMNO's Deputy President Najib Tun Razak says that BN is confident of retaining the parliamentary seat, and believes that Wan Farid Ahmad is UMNO Trengganu best choice.

I watched the news aired on TV, when the announcement was made by Najib to name Wan Ahmad Farid as UMNO's candidate. I noticed that the Trengganu Menteri Besar, though seen standing on the stage when the announcement was made, was not in the fore front to lift the hands of Wan Ahmad Farid. It was Najib and UMNO's Secretary General Tengku Adnan who both lifted the hands of the candidate. I would have thought that the Menteri Besar being the executive head of the state, would play a prominent role; not Tengku Adnan.

This incident though seemed insignificant by many, had caused others to speculate that Wan Ahmad Farid may not be the choice of the state UMNO, and definitely not that of the Menteri Besar. Speculations are rife too that Wan Ahmad Farid, having been a personal staff to the Prime Minister, is also the choice of the PM's son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ). Speculations like this may hurt the candidate, and it is being made even worse if KJ's name is mentioned. Haven't BN learn a lesson from the Permatang Pauh fiasco?

I believe, the reaction of UMNO Trengganu, and those fence sitters would have been different if it was the Menteri Besar who had made the announcement.

In the absence of a PAS candidate, it is still too premature to conclude which party wins the by-election. Up till now, PAS/PR has remained silent as to their chances of winning. Or are they finding it too difficult to choose a winning candidate?

Posted at 4.15pm on Dec 27, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I had on December 14th posted an article titled ‘What ails the Armed Forces Veteran Affairs Department’, aimed at highlighting the plight of Janet Shaxson, wife of the late Brig Gen Victor Stevenson, who was deprived of her husband’s pension, on grounds that she was out of the country for a continuous period exceeding 180 days. Janet Shaxson who was suffering from cancer died in England in November 2008, without ever knowing the outcome of her pension.

As a retired serviceman, and like many others, I am deeply concern at what had happened to Janet Shaxson. I believe, the decision taken by the AF Veteran Affairs Department may not have been in the knowledge of the Department’s Director General, whom I know would not have taken such a decision.

I am pleased to know that this matter has now been given due attention by the various departments of the Armed Forces, and hopefully the plight of the late Janet Shaxson can be resolved amicably.

For this, I wish to personally extend my appreciation and thanks to the Armed Forces, and in particular the Chief of Defence Force, for giving this matter its utmost concern.

Posted at 12.00pm on Dec 23, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008


I am late in presenting my views concerning the proposed ‘selling of IJN’ to Sime Darby, that had caused instantaneous public outcry to 'an already unpopular BN government'; a remark made by Tun Dr. Mahathir. And why has the government made the announcement of ‘selling IJN’ at a time when the Kuala Trengganu by-election is just around the corner? They should have sensed the opposition to the proposal, or was the government merely trying to test public opinion? If it was the latter, then the government had failed miserably, and voices of dissent against the proposal can still be heard till this day.

It makes me wonder how could this dumb proposal that affects the ordinary people be told to proceed initially?

I am also a long standing patient of IJN, and when I report for my medical check-up once every 4 months, I see hundreds of other patients lining up for treatment. I could see that most of them are ordinary people; not the rich and famous. I suppose the rich and famous would prefer to go to other posh private hospitals, and not to be lined up with others for treatment.

During my last visit to IJN in October, I was seated beside an Indian rubber tapper who came for treatment with his son. Could any one ever imagine this same rubber tapper going for medical treatment at a Sime Darby owned hospital? The answer is certainly not, and where else can this poor fellow go for his medication, other than to a government hospital.

Coincidently, I had posted a short article dated October 29 in this webblog, concerning my last visit to IJN. In that article, I had nothing but praises for the staffs of IJN. Certainly the staffs are a happy lot under the present management, and why is there a need to change then? Are we to believe that if Sime Darby is to take over the management, the services will be further improved?

Certainly, the regular treatment that I and many others had received thus far from the present IJN management, is sufficient to make us all happy. We certainly do not need the extra services that Sime Darby can offer, even if the charges remains the same.

Posted at 13.00 hrs on Dec 22, 2008


Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz has decided to lead Wanita UMNO in the up-coming by-election in Kuala Trengganu, apparently oblivious to her Deputy Dato Seri Shahrizat Jalil, who claimed not to have been consulted of her boss’s decision. Many outsiders and even those within UMNO would see Rafidah’s decision as something quite unusual, and for Shahrizat to openly claim that she does not know, raises speculations that something is not quite right between the two personalities.

As the incumbent Wanita’s chief, Rafidah certainly has her way at decision making. I suppose what is worrying Shahrizat is that her boss decision may steal the limelight from her, as both are contenders for the Wanita UMNO chief post in the party’s election in March 2009. I suppose, what concerns Rafidah is to ensure a win for the BN’s candidate, and if her presence is anything but to boost the winning chance of the BN candidate, Shahrizat should warmly welcome Rafidah’s ‘good gesture’.

Shahrizat has had her opportunity to lead Wanita UMNO’s charge during the Permatang Pauh by-election which saw the BN candidate lost poorly to PKR Anwar Ibrahim. This losing experience must have haunted Shahrizat, and a win for the BN this time around is surely to boost Rafidah’s image in the up-coming party election. Shahrizat’s fear of a diminished support is understandable should BN retains its seat, and should she then lose to Rafidah in the party elections, all is lost for Shahrizat’s political career. Rafidah may even end up retaining her post for another full term, and a ministerial post awaits her too. This is a fact that Najib, who is tipped to assume the post of PM cannot willfully ignore.

While BN has already announced Senator Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid as its candidate for the Kuala Trengganu by-election, the opposition has been late in doing likewise. Wan Ahmad’s nomination by Pak Lah, is seen as wanting to legitimized the former to his ministerial post, or is it a way of rewarding Wan Ahmad for being Pak Lah’s loyal political secretary?

BN should heed the lessons of the March 2008 General Elections, and the by-elections of Permatang Pauh. It is no longer the ‘heavenly promises’, but a candidate that is strong spiritually, free of corrupt practices, and a simpleton who can garner the support of the ordinary village folks by being people friendly. ‘Show offs’ and ‘boastful talk’, are no longer what the simple Trengganu kampung folk desires of their elected representative.

Posted at 09.50 am on Dec 22, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008


FRIDAY 19, 2008 shall long be remembered by all that attended the 'Federation Military College (FMC) Regular & Short Service Commissioned (SSC) Intakes 1 to 10 Reunion Dinner' held at Best Western Premier Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, as a day of joy and to reminisce their youthful days as Cadets of FMC (now renamed Royal Military College). The occasion also marked the 50th Anniversary of the first batch of military cadets to be trained and commissioned locally at the college facility at Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan on 2 January 1957. FMC moved to its new facility at Sg. Besi, Selangor in 1961, and was subsequently renamed RMC in December 1966.

The reunion dinner was attended by no less than 270 people of all races, comprising former FMC cadets and their spouses, including those from Brunei and Singapore. To the surprise of most, even former instructors of early FMC, such as Gen Tan Sri Yacob Mat Zain, Admiral Tan Sri Thanabalasingam and Gen Tan Sri Borhan Ahmad made their appearance. All three reached their pinnacle of their career as Service Chief and Chief of Defence Forces. Admiral Tan Sri Thanabalasingam became the first Chief of Malaysian Navy in his early 30's, probably the world's youngest Navy Chief at the time.

A special mention was made by the Master of Ceremony, Col Kamal Omar on the presence of an Englishman, Major Crafter who was an instructor in 1959, and subsequently became the Officer Commanding Cadet Wing. Upon completion of service at FMC in 1961, he decided to take a local wife and remained in the country ever since.Mentioned was also made of a cadet from Intake 1, Major Joe Lee who traveled all the way from Toronto, Canada to be united with members of his Intake.

The presence of HRH Raja Perlis and HRH Raja Puan Perlis made the evening even more momentous and gracious. HRH Raja Perlis who himself spend sometime as a cadet at FMC in the early 60's, before being send to continue his officer training at England's Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. Upon graduation in 1965, he served the Reconnaissance Regiment, in what is known today as the Armoured Corp. His affiliation to the Armed Forces, and to the Armoured Corp in particular is a well known fact, and he seemed to be very much at ease in the presence of the officers and men of the Armed Forces.

I would also like to add the fact that when I was the Commanding Officer of the 9th Battalion Royal Malay Regiment based in Alor Setar, Kedah in 1980, I had the pleasant opportunity of having both their highnesses who were then the Raja Muda and Raja Puan Muda, to dinner at my official residence. Their presence to dinner at my residence is well documented in photographs that I treasure till this very day. Until the time that I retired from the military service in 1998, I never had the opportunity to meet their Royal Highnesses.

Several speeches were made that evening, and the speeches by Pengiran Inbu Basit (Regular Intake 5) from Brunei and Kasavan Soon (Regular Intake 4) from Singapore, where they said that how their training at FMC had later influence their meritorious service with the government, and in private life. The espirit de corps that had been nurtured with their peers during their FMC days, is still strong and deep rooted in them.

HRH Raja Perlis certainly stole the show that evening by his willingness to give a speech that is informal, and filled with humour. Someone remarked that had HRH been physically strong, he would have stood at the rostrum much longer, and shown to us the more humourous side of himself. As a cadet and being a member of the royal family, he withstood the challenges of soldiering, and the extra ordinary physical hardship that all cadets have to endure during training.A mention was made of Gen Tan Sri Borhan who was an instructor during the time, who made his cadets including HRH, to scale the hill at the shooting range. It was all done in good faith.

HRH Raja Perlis also mentioned in his speech of his desire that this Reunion Dinner will be a yearly affair, supposedly to maintain the espirit de corps among FMC's former cadets, and to relive the spirit of college.

Entertainment for the evening was provided by the Regimental Brass Band of the Royal Malaysian Ranjer Corps, and the motley band that named themselves the 'Los Cappuccinos'.

It was certainly an evening to cherish and to renew old acquaintances. As for me, I felt rejuvenated having to be reunited with friends and bosses that I have not met for more than 25 years or so. It is friendship that we so dearly look forward to at this very late age of ours.

Posted at 6.21pm on Dec 21, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I was watching Aljazeera news last few days, and what I saw repeatedly was the shoe throwing incident at US President George Bush, by an Iraqi journalist during a press conference in Iraq. It was suppose to be a ‘farewell speech’ to the Iraqi media, but what Bush got was a pair of dirty Iraqi shoes being thrown at him. This shoe throwing is the first incident to have occurred to a US President, and to the Iraqis (I am told), it openly demonstrates defiance and utter hatred for Bush, who ordered the war on Saddam Hussein in 2003. We now know too that Bush is an ‘expert dodger’. Imagine, two shoes being thrown at him, and he managed to dodged both.

Now 5 years on, US troops are still in Iraq fighting an insurgency war without an end in sight. The total cost to Iraqi lives will probably not be known, and with the war still raging, more lives will be lost, both for the US troops and its allies, as well as innocent Iraqi lives. Bush should have realized by now that claiming ‘mission accomplished’ over the insurgents is never possible. In fact, it is the insurgents that is now bringing the war to the US troops, and as the result US troops have remained bunkered, out of fear for their lives. The ‘green zone’ that is supposedly the most secure area for US troops is no longer secure, and has been breached before. Even rockets have fallen into the zone.

Aljazeera news presented some startling facts and figures concerning US troops involvement in Iraq. The 5 years of war had cost the US government 3 Trillion, and the beneficiaries are the US defence equipment manufactures. 4,200 US troops have fallen, and the US government had to compensate the next of kin of each dead soldier a sum of 500,000 dollars. Thousands are maim and incapacitated for life, and I am quite sure more death is forthcoming, both of the US soldiers and innocent Iraqi civilians. Presently, there are 150,000 US troops still in Iraq, fighting for a cause only Bush knows best, and the burden now lies with Obama when he becomes President in January 2009.

Many now believe that the war that Bush ordered on Iraq in 2003, aimed at fighting terror by eliminating Saddam has brought more miseries than joy to the American people. The mighty Uncle Sam has been taught a bloody and bitter lesson, that might alone does not guarantee victory in war. Obviously, the war in Vietnam has not been learnt, and a similar fate now awaits the US soldier in the war in Iraq.

Posted at 4.15pm on Dec 18, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008


BERNAMA reports that Deputy Defence Minister Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusof has said that the RMAF Nuri helicopters “are still safe for use”; however with a caveat i.e. that “their utilisation was limited in terms of the hydraulic system and they were only being used in the day and in good weather”. The deputy minister made this statement to “refute the perception of certain groups that the Nuri helicopters were unsafe as they were considered to be old equipment”.

I am totally confused by the deputy minister's statement, which makes me to believe that the deputy minister does not understand the meaning of aircraft safety, that is utmost to the pilots and crew flying the aircraft. I know that our RMAF pilots does not compromise on safety, and they have to be absolutely certain that the aircraft is air worthy, before flying the aircraft. Only a foolish pilot would want to fly an aircraft that is only limited to sunshine flying, and in excellent weather condition.

I just would like to ask any able and experience RMAF pilots, whether they are in agreement with the statement made by the deputy minister? I believe all will disagree, and what off the Chief of Air Force? Is he willing to accept full responsibility and be accountable for any fatal Nuri helicopter accidents? Why has the experienced helicopter pilots allowed the deputy minister to utter things that are absolutely absurd and unthinkable?

I have lost many good friends in previous Nuri helicopters crashes, and I dread to see another Nuri helicopter crash, that is the result of a unprofessional and ill-informed statement uttered by the Deputy Minister of Defence. There is no doubt that the Nuri helicopters are indeed 'old equipments'.

Posted at 9.26pm on Dec 15, 2008


I wish to refer to an article by Adrian David titled ‘Denied her pension by the rule book’ published in NST (page 20) dated December 15, 2008.

Most retired military officers today would have known the late Brig Gen Victor Nelson Stevenson who joined the Army in 1952, and served the nation with unquestionable loyalty for almost 32 years. He saw the Malayan Emergency, Confrontation and the return of the Communist insurgency threat from 1969, until their eventual surrender in the late 80’s. To most who have known and served him, Gen Stevenson portrays a fatherly figure and a gentleman, and it is hard for anyone to dislike him.

Gen Stevenson is not alone serving the Army. He comes from a family where the uniform service is a preferred vocation, and this preferred vocation among the younger family members seems to continue till this day. I am indeed honoured to have known Gen Stevenson, and to have served together with his younger brother, Brig Gen Datuk Dr. William Stevenson at the Army Combat Training Centre, Ulu Tiram, Johore in the 80’s.

The article by Adrian David, brings to light the ‘misfortune’ that befalls the widow of Gen Stevenson, Janet Shaxson who not out of her own free will, was denied her late husband’s pension, for reasons that she had left the country for England, for a period exceeding 180 days, thus losing the eligibility to continue receiving the pension.

Janet Shaxson’s failure to return to Malaysia has its reason i.e. that she was bedridden with cancer and finally succumbed to her illness in November this year. Her case is well known to the office of the Malaysian High Commission in England, and with a medical report to prove.

For the Armed Forces Veteran’s Affairs Department (AFVAD) to disregard the truth, and to ignore the humanitarian aspects of the case, puts the department to absolute shame; something that ought not to be forgiven. There has to be some flexibility in the rules and procedures governing the Janet Shaxson’s case. Throwing the books and closing the case, is certainly not the answer.

If at all AFVAD sees no reason to respect Janet Shaxson’s entitlement to the pension, the least that AFVAD could do is to respect the services rendered by the late Gen Stevenson to his nation. And being an ex serviceman myself, I am extremely concern and fearful that a similar fate will befall my family and many others.

Posted at 12.30pm on Dec 15, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008


CHRISTMAS is just a few days away, and although Trengganu is predominantly a Muslim state, Santa Claus has found its way to the state. Surely there must be something that attracts Santa Claus to Trengganu, and what could that be?

Oh must be the by-election fever that have attracted politicians aka Santa Claus, to the Trengganu, dubbed as one of the poorest state in Peninsular Malaysia. Just like what we saw in previous by-elections......roads are being resurfaced right to the doorsteps of some homes, sawing machines and 'kain pelekat' be distributed readily to the village folks, cash handouts to the poor, and lots of promises that seemed good only prior to the by-elections, and a foregone case thereafter.

Just a few minutes ago, I watched the mid-day news on TV 1, and whom do I see. Of course the Minister for Rural Development and former Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib giving hampers to an aged Malay lady in some isolated village in Kuala Trengganu. It was also reported that his visit was to ensure that the hard core poor in the state gets government aid and support, but why now? I am not rejecting the goodwill and intent of the minister, but such goodwill should not just be prior to a by-election.

You bet, there will be many more Santa Claus coming to Trengganu over the next few days, some by jet planes and helicopters, while others in their Mercedes Benz, Toyota Camry and Proton Perdana. Of course, the party supporters and workers will be loaded in buses, paid for by the party. Surely, the hotel owners in Trengganu will be making brisk business over the next few days; much more than what they make during the Monsoon Cup.

Deputy Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib has said that he is confident that BN/UMNO will secure a win in the upcoming by-elections in Kuala Trengganu. Didn't he said the same thing during the Permatang Pauh by-election, and in Kelantan during the March 8 General Elections? If I could recall, he said that he wants to 'merawat Kelantan' during the March 8 GE campaign, but what BN/UMNO got was the contrary. It would be better for BN/UMNO to learn the lessons of previous by-elections, rather than to be overly confident over the unknown. A win for BN/UMNO is assured if they take a more cautious approach, devoid of boastful talks and promises, and certainly one that will not anger the electorates.

Posted at 12.50 on Dec 14, 2008

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Wednesday last, I attended the 'Majlis Makan Malam Seri Pahlawan' organised by the Ex Serviceman Association, held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The guest of honour was Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah, who is also the Patron for this year's Warriors Day Campaign. No less than 30 corporate and business organisations contributed to the campaign that is aimed at generating funds for the Warriors Day Welfare Fund.

During the speech by the Association's President, Dato Hj. Muhammad bin Hj. Abdul Ghani, he did not specify the amount obtained from donors this year, and made no mention as to how the Welfare Fund had been spend the previous years. Neither did he indicate as to how this year's contributions will be disbursed to 'deserving members'. I would have thought, it would only be proper for the donors to know how their contributions in the past had been used, and the number of members that have benefited from the Warriors Day Welfare Fund.

I have been told by some association members that the Ex Serviceman Association, despite having businesses of its own, and soliciting donations by way of the Warriors Day Campaign every year, is severely cash strap. I do not wish to dwell on this any further, because I may be wrong in my judgment as to the Association's financial status.

Also in his speech, Dato Hj. Muhammad had categorically stated that the Association's primary objective is to serve its members and their families, in matters affecting their welfare and well being. I do hope his words are not merely rhethorics, for there has been in the past where members who had turned to the Association for assistance, were given the 'turn around'. It is so easy for Dato Hj. Muhammad to say things that pleases the audience that evening, but not knowing the truth about what is actually happening to the Association, is certainly not an excuse.

If indeed the Association is serious about wanting to help its members, then please read two articles that I had posted earlier concerning a disabled soldier (who is also a member of the Association), and who remains disgruntled for being neglected by both the Association and the Armed Forces. The articles that I am referring to are as under:

1.September 19, 2008 – titled 'Lcpl Maarof bin Ahmad need support and care'.
2.October 19, 2008 – titled 'Is the Armed Forces so ignorant'.

Posted at 1.08 pm on Dec 13, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008


The disaster that aggrieved residents of Bukit Antarabangsa, Ampang several days ago, has once again struck a grim reminder to all that nature should not be trampled with. Hills,trees, rivers and the many beautiful and natural things that we see around us, are our creator's gift to mankind, and it is greed in man themselves that had caused the untold disasters affecting us today.

The Bukit Antarabangsa incidence of landslide that had caused the lost of four lives, and injured several others is indeed a tragedy, where similar tragedies in the past has been ignored deliberately. Those badly affected have not only lost their loved ones, but possibly lost every possession that they have acquired during their lifetime. In this time grieve, let us all show our humane side by pledging our support to all those affected residents.

We should also praised all those involved in the rescue effort i.e. the Armed Forces, Police, Fire and Rescue Units, NGO's, individuals and many others. It is time like this that we see Malaysians at its best; devoid of political affiliations and racial differences, getting together to save others in distress.

Sadly, some politicians who visited the scene of disaster has other motives in mind. It is about projecting the party first. One particular Yang Berhormat when interviewed by the local TV station, chose to thank his party members including the women wing, for being out to help in the rescue effort. Even free taxi service for affected residents is made in the name of the party.

I read that one Yang Berhormat chose to apportion blame on the housing developers and the affected residents. Blame is certainly not what the affected residents wants to hear, and worse still coming from an elected people's representative. Can't they be saying better things? Even the former Selangor Menteri Besar tried to absorb himself from blame, and this is disgusting.

My plea to politicians is to cease this blame game. HELP is what the affected residents desperately need, and surely this is not too difficult for our elected representatives to work on.

Posted at 8.40 pm on Dec 11, 2008