Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Santa Claus in once again back in Malaysia; this time in Manek Urai. And having to arrive in the scorching heat of the Kelantan weather, must have taken its toll on Santa who is only accustomed to the cold winter of the Nordic region. This time around Santa Claus will be distributing free school uniforms and bags to more than 6,000 students; with the courtesy of the Education Ministry, and just prior to the by-elections scheduled this July 14th 2009.

In the previous by-elections in Kuala Trengganu, the Education Ministry had promised computers and laptops to students, and I wonder how many students actually received it. In other by-elections, roads were resurfaced, sawing machines and bicycles were handed out, and not forgetting the kain pelekat for the elders. I just wonder why such extreme generosity; and of all times prior to a by-election.

I find it most hilarious and odd for free school uniforms and bags to be distributed to students at this time of the year. Usually, school uniforms and bags will be purchased around the close of the year, and just before the first school term begins. I would have welcomed the government's good gesture if such handouts were given out at the start of year, and not only for Manek Urai, but throughout the entire country. This would be more meaningful, especially to needy parents who have many other school going children. And I am quite sure, the impact on the parents to support the BN government would be more positive; if such was the purpose of the free handouts.

I am of the view that there is a lot more wrong for the BN government to proceed with this ridiculous idea of offering free school uniforms and bags to students at Manek Urai, supposedly “as a gesture by the ministry to lighten the burden of the people”. And certainly, this instantaneous good gesture is definitely not a winning strategy for the BN to woo the electorates to vote in favour of the BN in the up coming by-election. Previous by-elections have proven clearly that gestures like this have little impact on the voters.

I know that the BN government is not short of ideas to win back the support of the voters. But bringing back Santa Claus, every time there is a by-election is definitely wrong and it only reflects the short sightedness of the BN government.



tuahjebat said...

A typical low class mentality in local politics!

This is another form of a well accepted "corruptions" in this country!

Why are the BN supporters doing uniforms and book distrubutions as part of election campaigns? I suppose PAS is doing the same thing, may be distributing something else with religious taste such as giving free surah yassin! Yes, because it was done before and they must do again!
Who gain from this shallow and short sighted approach? Some BN or PAS guys who are the middle men in getting the school uniforms and books and surah yassin purchased and distributed out!

The BN and PAS supporters are happy to receive free school uniforms, books and surah yassin and say thank you to BN but the PAS supporters vow to vote for PAS in the incoming Manik Urai by-election!

For Manik Urai voters, elect a candidate who has the qualities to be "slave to Manik Urai rakyats" and can contribute to your constituency. I would not care which party he belongs to as long as he will be a very effective
"wakil rakyat" who can deliver.

Good luck to both candidates.

FMZam said...

The winning for BN in Manek Urai means nothing to PAS even if BN won it, that one seat could not change the state government. But the winning would mean hell lot for BN because Najib had not won any previous by election except one in East Malaysia. This will not be a battle to gain ground, this is a battle of the wit and wisdom of both Najib and Nik Aziz, the wit of Najib against the wisdom of Nik Aziz.

The people of Kelantan always know that BN is always witty in election strategies since ages, but that is with older generation Kelantanese. What the BN cannot cheat is the bulk of the young generation Kelantanese who had made PAS winning all these while. Kelantan is no longer a country for old men.

komando said...

It is the same old story with a new book cover only.

Orang bagi kita ambil dan berterima kasih - itu je pangkah itu hak masing masing !