Thursday, July 16, 2009


A ‘crook’ as defined in the Oxford Advance Learner’s Dictionary, is ‘a person who is habitually dishonest’. That was what the Minister in the PM’s Department Nazri Abdul Aziz described Suhakam Chairman Tan Sri Abu Talib Othman, former IGP Tun Hanif Omar and former PM Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed. And for whatever be the reason for Nazri to use such a description of the three persons mentioned, it is unacceptable, disrespectful, silly and rude.

Nazri does not seem to realize that the three persons are personalities that have contributed so much for the nation, and have been duly honoured with honorific titles by the King for their tireless and loyal contribution. Nazri’s standing on the other hand is nothing near to either of the three persons, and the least that I can say of Nazri is that he is merely UMNO’s cheer leader in parliament.

Let me say this to Nazri that Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamed, Tun Hanif Omar and Tan Sri Abu Talib Osman are no crooks, and it is you who should take a peek at the mirror to recognized who the bigger crook is, and you will see that it is non other than you…… Nazri. I am quite sure you do not like to be described a bigger crook… you?

I too am a retired government servant, but if you say to me to just nod at everything the government does; be they good or bad, and to shut my mouth, you are totally mistaken. If anything that is wrong with UMNO/BN today, the blame is on you.



maurice said...


I am sure Nazri knows what he is talking about.Let him explain to the nation why he uses the unpleasnat term to describe our beloved TDM and the two gentlemen.

As you have mentioned in your posting we want brave leaders to speak-up and reveal the truth.Give Nazri a chance to prove his point.

Thank you.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Maurice,

Sometimes people loose their senses because they are in power, and judge others as being fools. The three people he described as crooks are definitely not fools.

aofuad said...

If yoou say they are crooks, then i might belief you.
For Nazri to say that, is sheer foolishness on his behalf.
I liken him to another Dugong in the making...
There are 3 Dugongs all together..
Sorry for being sarcastic, but i could not help it, when Nazri comes in the picture.

Alizul said...

Well said, Dato and aofuad. Calling Nazri a dugong is being rather soft. He is one of those "bad hats" who should never have been appointed to the Cabinet in the first place. DS Najib did not do what he was supposed to do when he assumed the premiership: cleanse UMNO of the bad hats. All the policies and goodies he introduced have no meaning if he continue to sit on this issue.

Nazri has announced today increases in taxi and school bus fares. Talk about "Rakyat Didahulukan"!

kluangman said...

Salam ziarah..

Nazri dipergunakan sebagai peluru untuk membedil apabila tuannya sendiri 'lempar batu sembunyi tangan'.

Nazri dipergunakan sebagai tongsampah untuk menerima keluhkesah rakyat apabila harga tambang pengangkutan awam dinaikkan.

Melalui Nazri, pemimpin UMNO dilihat angkuh, sombong dan ego dan menolak rakyat jauh dari UMNO.

Melihat kepada Nazri - memang benarlah kata Nik Aziz - UMNO itu tidak ada Islamnya !

komando said...



maurice said...

Coming back to our core subject of fighting corruption in the Ministry of Defence and MAF, we are rather disappointed YB DS Zahid Hamidi has not come up with any statement on his strategy on how to tackle this destructive culture.By now surely he must be fully aware of the seriousness of the cancerous disease affecting his Ministry.

By sweeping the problem under the carpet and pretending it is not there, would give a wrong signal to those committing the crime.It may reflect an absence or lack of political will on his part to confront head-on a subject considered 'problematic' and difficult/unpopular to solve.

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

I can agree with Nazri as far as the former PM is concerned. He has been the greatest architect of corruption. I Would be so bold as to name him the 'father of corruption'....not forgetting the institutions he destroyed. Oh yes, my favourite, for enhancing racism in the country. The billions lost is a testimony to that.

maurice said...

Dear Maj D.Swami (Rtd),

Appreciate if you could share with us on how you come to the conclusion regarding our beloved TDM.

I look forward to ideas and comments regarding the subject matter from fellow readers based on explanation/justification/amplication.Throwing allegations without the necessary back-up justification for it will not help the cause of this blog.

Thank you.

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

He might be your beloved, he definetly ain't mine! He is a take on the 'old goat'. A very flattering piece I wrote on him not too long ago.

maurice said...

Maj D.Swami (Bersara)

I cannot access your article.Please repost it here for the benefit of readers.

We want to see your reasons for arriving at the conclusion.

Thank you.

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

There is nothing wrong with the link, tried it a moment ago. Anyway copy and post this link in your browser:

Anonymous said...

Dear All,
This old mamak has created history and cheated the Malays in Malaysia by changing the name of all mamak from using A/L (anak Laki laki) to Bin in their Mykad.The result is that all this black Indian Muslim becomes a Malay by their name and u cannot distingusih this Indian from Kerala,Madras from the Malays by looking at their name in the Mykad.ini la hasil daripada Melayu yang lemah dan leka di buly keling Mamak keturunan anak Kutty .Aku nak tunggu mamak tua ni mampus taht i could celebrate

Nochan said...

Dear Pak Chat

Reading the comments that come in urged me to pass a remark that you may need to carry out some cleaning. It would be most appreciative if they could make constructive and educational remarks that will display their mental equilibrium rather than pour out hatred inclusive racial/colour slurs that more or less define their questionable upbringings.

If such habits continues without self censorship, in no time you will end up as a third rate blogger

maurice said...

Dear Nochan,

I agree completely with you.

Dato Arshad has to exercise some form of control if he wants MIND NO EVIL to be the premier blog on issues related to defence.

Other respectable blogs in the main do exercise some form of censorship in order to maintain some degree of dignity and respectability.

komando said...

Guys leave it alone...
Pak Chad knows best...
He knows when and what is to be done..

Freedom of speech and expression,,...anyone care to read the so called constitution we have!

Or was it prostituted a long time ago?

why are we scared of telling the truth?

has it be taught at all in schools now ?

Cant agree more with MAJ.SWAMI...

maurice said...

Dear Komando,

I agree with you, if we want democracy to flourish we must allow freedom of expression for readers of this blog.

The purpose of this blog is to highlight defence issues which are of interest to the public, in particular the issue of corruption. Why? We want to share our knowledge with the public so that they can be informed of military issues that could have a bearing for the future of our country.Instead of being passive in military matters, hopefully one day they would pay more attention towards defence issues like what is happening with citizens in some other defence-minded countries.

This blog should take the role of the educator, to educate and persuade the public to pay more attention towards the MAF.The MAF need feedback from responsible citizens so that it could meet the expectations of the Nation.

I clearly appreciate the intention of Dato Arshad in creating this blog.Therefore we should support him with some degree of responsibility to make the 'crusade' a success.We should comment in a rational and logical way, offering evidence and justifications to make this blog a credible platform in the 'crusade against corruption.' Throwing slurs and accusations that smacks of racialist sentiments and personal frustation surely is not the way forward in the 'crusade against corruption.' Don't you think so?

tuahjebat said...

Tun Mahathir, Tun Hanif Omar and Tan Sri Abu Talib Othman may have committed many things which do not please some rakyats but these three
gentlemen had served and did more good to this country than what Nazri can contribute for his entire life. Have some respect!

We know what type of politician Nazri is. He is very clever and he
played his cards well to be included in Najib's Cabinet. How long Najib, BN and UMNO going to bear with this guy who always shoots his foot and plays to please particular galleries?

I certainly go along with freedom of expressions in democracy and blogging but like anything else, freedom has limitations. I enjoy reading matured, quality views and comments by you guys and I learn a lot from most of you.

Dato' Arshad, I appreciate if you can post a subject related to Mindef, military and ex-servicemen
in particular any which has the ugly perception of corruption, abuse of positions and power.

Among many subjects, the following should ring the bell:

"The miltary chiefs should be on boards of private companies having current contracts with MINDEF".

"Military officers and men handling financial and logistics duties should not serve more than 2
years in the same department"

"Ex-Services Association (PBTM) and Services/Corps Clubs to be relooked in line with the existance of JHEV".

"No member of defence project team has family members in companies tendering for the projects".

The above are my meer suggestions
and I know you guys have many more.

Nochan said...

Tuahjebat made a very valid point in stating that the three great gentlemen Tun Mahathir, Tun Hanif and Tan Sri Abu Talib’s contributions far surpassed that gun slinger Nazri minute contribution if any. Even that, I just cannot recollect anything good that this Nazri had done to gain any recognition.

I remember in the first year of Tun Mahathir’s administration, for want of project publicity, Tun had to declare open the displaying of the ‘mini’ clock tower at the junction to Subang Airport. Now, such ‘mini’ monuments will not even get the attention of the ‘gun slinger’

For those who are accusing this great man for this and that, forget that we are all enjoying the modern facilities now due to this man’s vision and push. People may call him a ‘dictator’. But remember, he was elected by popular vote to be one. And the only ‘dictator’ that withdrew gracefully, without having to migrate.

Better, to put aside any negative feelings about this great man. No man is perfect.

Concentrate and put our views and ideas to improve our beloved country

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

Maurice, should comments that only please your ears be written? If that is so, do NOT visit blogs. It is the responsibility of the blog owner to decide what is civil. Apparently, the culture and mentality of the "Big Brother" is quite embedded. I am sure with the current events happening around us, the people do not much care for the 'Big Brother'. What they would like to say to them is, " May I suggest to you that you do the impossible act of self impregnation." That is very civil. On an ending note, yes, Mahathir was a scumbag.

maurice said...

Dear D.Swami,

On the contrary I am interested to read your views and comments.But I need more from you in the way of information and explanation to back your statement.

Just by throwing accusation without amplification is seen to be insensitive to the need of readers to be informed.