Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Now the yellow Bersih T Shirt is outlawed by Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein. What if someone decides to wear a yellow coloured trouser with Bersih inscribed at the buttock, or is wearing a yellow coloured underwear inscribed at the front portion ‘I love Bersih’. Will they be persecuted too? Some time ago, a black coloured T Shirt faced the same restriction.

Now what is actually happening to you Hisham? Or have you gone crazy that you can no longer think and decide rationally? The announcement you made to ban the wearing of the yellow coloured Bersih T Shirt is the most idiotic and laughable decision ever made by you. Right thinking Malaysians are not only laughing at you, but the entire civilized world, with the exception of Zimbabwe maybe. It is really funny, and what can we expect if we have clowns like him running the country. Hisham, if your grandfather Datuk Onn Jaafar; an adorable gentleman is alive today, he too will be laughing at you, for it was he that fought for the liberties of the people of his time.

Just in case Hisham does not realize this; what you have done is to cause more hatred for UMNO/BN at a time when the GE is nearing. The actions taken by your police in making arrests of so many people over the Bersih affair is intimidation at its worse. This can easily spark public unrest, and if that happens, I have you to blame. The people are already feeling the pressure that their rights is being denied, and please do not push them to the wall any further. Learn the lessons of the recent civil unrest in Egypt. Who actually gained by the unrest……….it is the people, and who actually lost………it is the leaders of the country and the all powerful President Mubarak is forced to surrender his crown. Do you want this to happen to the leaders of this country? Just try it on the people if you wish, and I am certain that you will end up losing sleep.

The problem with you Hisham is that since you were born; you were living a life of luxury. You must have had several nannies to pamper you. And you hardly knew or felt the difficulties of the kampong folks. During the troubled period of May 13, 1969, you must be in your teens and does not understand the difficulties faced by the security forces in trying to maintain the peace. And today, there is no one serving member from either the police or the military that saw duties during that troubled period; not even the present IGP. I can tell you that it was no joy, and I think it is because of your ‘ignorance’ of the problems associated with public order that you have made such preposterous statements that will put the public and the security forces in harm’s way. I know you will not be affected by the rioting should it develop, because you will get all the security protection you need.

I am sorry for continuously hitting at you over the last few articles of mine for your self imposed stupidity; for I think I love this country more than you.



komando said...

Dear Tok' Pak Chad, we need clowns in this world to humor us and entertain us.

We certainly have a few in this country all of us call home.

This is one of the better ones!

"hip hip huray"

komando said...


It was a year a lot of folks would not want to remember and yet cannot find a way to forget about it.
The towns and cities were all tensed, especially in KL, the heart of the capital!

Asked any folks may it be Malay, Chinese, Indians & others that saw, felt, heard and encountered the incidents that really happened!

No country can be turned upside down IF not for a few power hungry and emotional leaders, who only have their Big Egos to play with FIRE, and it cost peoples LIFE!

The ARMY was deployed, because the Police could not cope with the outbreak of killings, executions, vengeance and revenge! Meaningless lives were lost!

Until today there is no closure for many folks who lost their LOVED ONES! All races lost what they once had, peace, security and most important TRUST!

If the powers that be cannot manage this, History will repeat itself, if they do not learn anything that happened that fateful day 42 years ago!

I pray that God intervenes soon enough to stop this MADNESS, humans will turn into worst then ANIMALS, they will lose all sense of being humane!

manfrommachap said...

When I was doing my degree in the states, I attendedseven public rallies some of which are as serious as demand for a change in the coubtry's constitution. Yes, me a Malaysian taking part in a foreign land to change a foreign country's constitution. Its was a rich experience as the demonstrating crowd was protected by the polica force who together with the crowd moves along with to ensure their safety. Yes, in all seven demonstration. It was like a standard procedure there. Kudos to the government of that country. But what can I say about my own country? I put my finger insiside my throat to this.

Bhagwan said...

Salam Old Friend,

You hit it on the Head!! But it may be difficult to enter his head...Not thinking straight!!Making a mockery of what we wear,illegal??

You may not remember me..Ex-Army too

Nick Phillips said...

Well said. I love this country too.

maurice said...

The banning of the yellow shirts by Hishamuddin is a wise move.We should learn the mistakes of other countries to avoid getting caught into similar situation as the ones exprienced by our close neighbour up in the north.

komando said...

Well lets all not wear yellow. So are they going to approve the rally?

My goodness, color pun takut, ni nanti kereta kuning, bas kuning, seluar dalam kuning semua pun kena tahan!

Richiee said...

The correct question should be "Hishammuddin - Do you have brain?"

If it is possible, I think Tun Hussein Onn will come out from his grave to strangle his own son before his legacy is shattered to bits!

CsanLee said...

I bet all the booze he'd consume don't agree with him. Most of his brain cells have been destroyed. Uttering as a drunkard.