Monday, June 27, 2011


How erratic and insane can Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein be by suggesting that the Army will be deployed, should the up-coming Bersih 2.0 rally scheduled for 9thJuly goes berserk. I protest vehemently to such a deployment, for I believe the Army should never to be used against a peaceful public rally.

Does Hishamuddin want to test the loyalty of the Army to response to his call? What right does Hishamuddin have over the Army, by suggesting such a dumb and thoughtless idea, when the people involved in the rally are ordinary and peaceful citizens of this country; some maybe his own family members? Does Hishamuddin think that this is a police state where public dissent or discontentment cannot be tolerated? Has he not learnt the lessons of the recent events in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and the current political upheaval in Libya? All these events started as a peaceful public protest against a ‘tyrannical’ government, but when physical force is applied onto the people, they will revolt. I am not surprised if the same will occur if force is applied to those attending the up-coming Bersih rally.

Let me remind Hishamuddin that the Army is not a tool to fool around with. His father Hussein Onn being trained as an Army Officer would be saying the same thing. We are not yet police state, and I do not think the Army would want to take orders from him; particularly when the order is to silence public opinion and protest. Being a lawyer and a lawmaker, he should have understood better that the nation’s constitution give its citizen every right to a freedom of expression, and organizing a peaceful public rally is one way of expressing such rights.

I have complete faith and confidence in the current Army leadership in not wanting to be cowed by Hishamuddin’s call for the use of the Army. I can also say for certain that the other two sister services of the Armed Forces would not want to be a tool of Hishamuddin. I am also confident that all retired military officer would share the same feeling that I have on the use of the Army against public rally. I am certain too that the consequences towards public security and disorder would be extremely severe if military troops were to be used, and this certainly is not what the nation wants.

My brotherly advice to Hishamuddin is to be more cautious in what he says, especially with regards to the use of the military forces, and to show due respect to His Royal Highness the King, for he is the Supreme Commander of the Malaysian Armed Forces.



Dr Azeem said...

Spot on sir. The Army is there to protect the country and it's citizens and not UMNO.Can't say the same for our police farce (pun intended).

maurice said...

On the other hand Dato, the Minister of Home Affairs is responsible for internal security.If public security is threatened he can request the MAF to assist the PDRM as provided for under the Public Order Ordinance.My undertstanding is that the MAF cannot refuse such a request.

There is no need to have the rally over the 8 points demands that the organizers want to present to the King.It is better such expression be done through the ballot box.

The rally is bound to cause a lot incovenience to small and big business, workers, tourists etc : domestic and international trade will be affected.There will be massive traffic congestion throughout the city with unpredictable consequences.The rakyat have their right to rely on the Minister of Home Affairs to keep domestic peace and order.

Pak Oncu said...

PAk Chat,, salam ,, izin kan gua kopi pes n3 ini ,, untuk guamasuk kan ke dlaam blog ,,, terima kasih PANGLIMA,,,,,

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Salam Pak Oncu,

My pleasure.

Malaysian said...


You stated that no point to rally over 8 points and we should express our feeling through the ballot box. How can we trust the voting system if we know that a lot of constituency being skew towards benefiting the current federal government, BN. Have you not heard about Gerrymandering?

The rally is to let the government know that we're unhappy with the constistuency being drawn unfairly. Because of gerrymandering, our voice is not heard through the ballot boxes. What about the government uses tax payer money to fund their own election campaign. Do we not have the right to protest about it? You may say we can report to the police, court, etc but do you think it would work.

Far too long, the government abuse our trust. They are supposed to serve the people and not taking the money to benefit themselves. Thus, I hope our fellow bloggers will join BERSIH 2.0 if they want a fair election this coming general election!

moyes said...


Artikel yang menarik. Sebagai tentera yang terlatih, saya lihat pernyataan Hishamudin adalah mengarut. Ini kerana kedudukan ATM yang terletak dibawah DYMM Agong manakala PDRM hanya dibawah satu kementerian. Boleh dikatakan cubaan Hishamudin hanyalah untuk meraih simpati. Sedangkan Zahid Hamidi pun tidak boleh sesuka hati mengeluarkan orders kepada ATM, inikan pula seorang menteri yang jauh dari bidang kuasanya. Maafkan saya jika ada kenyataan yang tidak boleh diterima.

johnnie lim said...

thank you for sharing. sad to say most of our politictians are not mature enough and they just shoot their mouth out without thinking. As a lawmakers they should be careful with their words ,but apparently this is not happening. they are like little kid trying to win a fight at all cause. dont he knows this malay saying ?"pepatah terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kata buruk padahnya."

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Saudara Moyes,

Komen saudara dialukan.

maurice said...


Kita jangan lupa PDRM dan ATM tertaluk kepada Akta Ketenteraman Awam (Public Order Ordinance)iaitu satu undang-undang yang telah diluluskan oleh Parliamen kita.Dalam Akta tersebut apabila ada sebarang kekacauan awam di mana pihak PDRM tidak mampu menanginya, maka PDRM boleh memohon ATM untuk membantunya.Pihak ATM tidak boleh menolak permohonan tersebut kerana Akta tersebut memerlukan PAT membantu pihak PDRM memulihkan ketenteraman awam.Ini dimaktubkan dalam perundangan tersebut.

Setelah menerima permohonan dari KPN, PAT ada kuasa untuk deploy military units yang pada lazimnya dari Infantri, Artilleri dan Kavari ke kawasan-kawasan yang teracam.Pasukan-pasukan tersebut diberi kuasa untuk menyeleraikan kumpulan yang merusuh, menangkap ring-leaders, membuat operasi RCP (road control point), mobile dan rooftop patrol, menahan trouble-makers dan looters.Disamping itu ATM juga diberi kuasa untuk membantu perjalanan essential services seperti electricity, air, transpotation, airports dan sea ports.

Orang politik tidak terlibat dalam operasi ketenteraman awam.

ramlisdar said...

very clearly maurice,

you are not in touch with what is happening in Malaysia.

You talk about Malaysians being able to voice their dissent during the election. The hell with election.... when it is not completely bersih. That is what BERSIH is fighting

Below are the issue BERSIH is fighting and championing:

1. The use of permanent ink to ensure that voters may only vote once.
2. A clean out of the electoral rolls to remove entries that are no longer valid such as deceased people.
3. The abolition of postal votes on the basis that they are easily abused.
4.Perhaps most importantly, Bersih demands that all candidates and political parties have equal access to print and broadcast media.

These are among the issues.... BERSIH is fightiong for.

And I am all for it !!!

maurice said...


The election and balloting systems are okay otherwise how do you explain PKR winning so many ADUN and MP seats in the last election, also for that matter look at Sarawak, how come DAP could win so many seats there at the expanse of SUPP?If the system is not transparent, I don't think DAP could do it.Yes?

The 8-point matter does not justify a public rally of such a scale.If you weigh carefully the pros and cons, the risks are just too great for the public to bear.Most of the people just want to go about earning their living to look after their families.If the Bersih rally takes place a lot of things will happen that would cause a lot of incovenience to everyone.

The first thing that would happen is that all roads leading to KL will be blocked.Can you imagine the scale of traffic jam?People will not be able to go to work, hawkers will not be able to do their business, schoolchildern will not be able to go to schools, doctors and nurses will not be able to go to their hospitals etc...etc.Don't we care for the public welfare first as responsible political body?

I hope the organizers of Bersih put the welfare of the people first.We common people understand the 8-point agenda very well, so leave it to us to make our own judgement on that matter.

komando said...

Shoot to kill, what is there, just a few plain Joes/Janes goona die, the rest will cool down and stay down as "good dogs"!

Maurice - you are implying that, sorry mate, this ain't 69 anymore, the people aren't so gullible and STUPID!

THE ATM AND PDRM - they are made up of human beings, they too have heads & brains! THEY CAN THINK!

They too know what is TOTALLY RIGHT & what is AWFULLY WRONG!

They too have aunts, uncles, brothers/sisters, cousins, do you in your right frame of mind shoot your OWN KIN FOLKS !?

Do you think they will follow BLIND ORDERS!


komando said...

Guns & threats means nothing, neither does death!

It needs sacrifices to win a battle and war, they are called HEROES!





WHO WON? - the people!

maurice said...


I am just explaining the facts.The MAF is a national institution which is subject to national laws.The CDF just cannot do as he wishes.He discharges his responsibility in accordance with the national laws.This is not a banana republic where the Armed Forces can do things as it wishes against the national interest.

Don't think that the officers and men can do as they wish when deployed to assist the Police in Public Order situations.The tactics used and procedures taken are clearly spelt out in the Public Order Manual (POMAN).It is a court martial offence if they deviate from what have been laid in the POMAN.

So please do not say the words 'shoot to kill" by the MAF against our own people.As you very well know in Public Order duty the maxim adopted by officers and men has always been, 'the use of minimum force.'

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato...

My short comment....

If our election & balloting system is okey, I guess Putrajaya is now under PR since GE-12.

Why can't Hishamuddin just give the permit, specific the route and area, set the terms & conditions, do a crowd control and everybody went home safely. Wonder why those umPORNO members are so scare about Bersih 2.0...

I believe many people are against the rally but looking/seeing/reading the action taken by Hishamuddin lately to handle the matter will only make more people supporting rather than against it.

Pemuda umPORNO with confirmed corrupted leader and PERKOSA (oppsss, Perkasa who is not strong pun) remain free despite having noted they too are organizing the rally on the said date.

hussin said...


perubahan sukar berlaku melalui pilihanraya yang semua jentera negara diumnokan sehingga demokrasi sudah jadi hak milik umno. contoh terbaik, HARAM memakai baju kuning BERSIH? inilah kegilaan demokrasi umno. sebarang tindakan yang mencemarkan undang2 yang dilakukan oleh gerombolan umno dibiarkan sahaja. seolah2 umno benar2 mahukan huru hara. untuk teruis berkuasa - the ends justifies the means! di manakah undang2 yang maurice banggakan itu?

"use of minimum force" is very subjective. ia tertakluk kepada interpretasi "at that particular time"!

pergolakan di negara2 timur tengah mendedahkan bagaimana pihak tentera dan polis telah bersama2 dengan rakyat. jangan ketepikan keadaan sama bakal berlaku kerana hanya 'memaksa' tentera keluar kem untuk menyelamatkan umno. jangan juga anggap bahawa anggot polis kesemuanya anjing! contoh di depan mata, dato mat zain. berapa banyak surat telah beliau hantarkan kepada pihak berwajib untuk meneggakan kebenaran. apa yang berlaku? bo layan maa!

manusia merancang, Allah juga merancang dan Allahlah sebaik2 perancang.


komando said...

Maurice hopefuly you were not born after 69!




Civilian said...


I'm just a civilian and I just want to say that I salute u and u earn my highest respect giving thot of the comment on ur artikel.

Mind me, if we simply hav a leader as righteous and respectable as u in any of our gov is an asset to our country!

Hav a good day Sir and may GOD bless u n ur family.


Thennas said...

Reading your blog reminds me of my father and my grand fathers advise on patriotism.How they use to brag about their friends during the British colony era.They we so close that they spend most of their times growing up together.As I comes from an Indian family,born and raised in this beautiful country and always reminded myself of being a Malaysian all the time.This I've nurtured to my kids as well.So sad that they are not enjoying the level of friendship that I use to have.I really looked up to all your fair comments on the current issues.I'm glad that my hope is still not diminished yet to have a living soul like you to defend justice.I'll rethink of my plan to migrate for the time being....