Thursday, June 30, 2011


IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar has come out with this ludicrous statement, quote “based on our observation and analysis of the impending gathering, we believe that it would cause tension, chaos and destruction of property, injuries and maybe even loss of lives” unquote.

I am just wondering how the analysis was derived at, and what observation methods were used to conclude the statement that the IGP had made above. If the analysis were to come from the Special Branch of yesteryears, I would tend to believe it because they are experienced and capable officers, but I doubt it now. I know some of them, and they are truly a professional lot.

All along, I have not read nor heard any single statement made by the organizers’ of Bersih, nor from any one of the NGO’s and opposition party leaders that they are out to create chaos, destruction that can result in injuries and even loss of lives, as declared by the IGP. What I did hear are some stern warnings issued by Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa and supporters of the government, including UMNO Youth to expect trouble should the Bersih rally proceed. Wasn’t UMNO Youth involved in an attempt to burn the PKR office at Petaling Jaya? What wrong has the building done to UMNO Youth that the building deserves to be raised to the ground?

Tell me, was it not Ibrahim Ali who had said that he will not able to control his people if they turn violent at the rally? What violence is he talking about if the intended violence is to be instigated by the sordid and rowdy Perkasa members themselves? Did the IGP not know this, and why wasn’t Ibrahim Ali arrested and kept in solitary confinement at ‘Kamunting Resort’ for insinuating violence? Did the IGP hear anything from Bersih or its supporters to words that there are out to create trouble? Certainly, I have not heard of any, and I am neither deaf nor blind.

Bersih leaders has repeatedly said that the rally will be peaceful, and even PAS leaders has allowed the police to arrest any of its members if they are found to be trouble makers. So clearly, it is Perkasa, UMNO and its supporters that are inclined to create disorder, and not Bersih. How then did the IGP and the government come out with such negative and frightful analysis, which makes them appear that they are going to be the perpetrators of violence during the rally? We have had Bersih 1.0 prior to the GE 12 and did we see any dead bodies then? Who then created the fracas if it wasn’t because of the water cannons? And what was the outcome of Bersih 1.0? I do not need to tell you.



EAGLE said...

Dato', crystal clear that the nation is run by idiots. You find dimwitted leaders all over the country.
Semua nya Melayu... memalukan!

ommo said...

I agree with your comments Dato' but unfortunately we are telling the Regime vis a vis an Empire who does allow any critics and has become too arrogant to notice it's own cardinal errors.

Anonymous said...


arwah bapa saya, Pegawai Waran 2 (B) Abd. Kadir Manaf adalah seorang yang sangat kagum dengan uncle, katanya dia pernah berkhidmat dibawah uncle ketika dalam Askar Melayu dulu, dia sering bercerita tentang uncle waktu dia masih hidup

kebetulan anak uncle, Fahmi, pernah bersekolah dengan saya di Sekolah Aminuddin Baki

anyway, saya juga seorang blogger, mungkin lih/nk dibawah akan mengingatkan uncle tentang arwah bapa saya, Wallahualam.

Malaysian said...

Maybe it's time for us to join the Bersih march. It's far too long the BN politician and their servant abused our trust. The police is supposed to be impartial to uphold the law but we all know how they deal with people that incite hatred. Yet, organizer like Bersih that tried to work with the police is treated harshly by the law enforcer. Is this the quality of our police force? This only support our believe that the Royal Malaysian Police is not here to uphold the law! Is the Military going to be like the police that serve the ruling party only?

All we want is a fair and impartial EC! We're doing this because we felt that the condition of this country is getting worse. As a patriot, can one stand aside do nothing?


komando said...

The Bomoh's name is Al Tan Tu YAHHAHA..
Ini lah barisan kita
Dah jadi anjing gila
Sudah nak jadi tuhan
Nak jadi FIRAUN
Mengaku diri tuhan


komando said...


ToK Pak Chad - it is an old game, they have no new games to PLAY anymore.

They are still reading from the same Ole TEXT Books!

Using the same Exam Papers!
The Lazy DS did not change the papers!

So it is nothing NEW!
IT IS CALL PROPAGANDA, PSYWAR, PSYOPS or whatever term they have NOW....geraksaraf-perangsaraf!

Saaya said...

1. Kad pengenalan lama mempunyai turutan rujukan bagi tahun lahir yg sama.
2. Contoh A0070677, A0070676, A0070678 adalah bagi mereka yg lahir pada 1965.
3. Cuba buat semakan dari laman web SPR bagi no. kad pengenalan ini : A2222220, A2222221,A2222222..kita akan dapat pengundi hantu

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

An appreciation has been situated. The courses open has been ventured and the plan decided. Is it any wonder that we are now witnessing the roll out of a plan? An elaborate one at that. A plan with sinister motives and dire consequences. Who will take the blame? Who will pay the price? Who? Who?Who? I am very sure of only one thing. The finger pointing will never end.

maurice said...

The PDRM has its own intelligence collection systems.So does the MAF and the National Security Council(NSC).All information collected are properly analysed and collated into intelligence (the activity of the oraganizer and the consequences of the rally) by respected agencies.The results are compared for accuracy and consistency.So the Police act on sound intelliegence based on a proven system of its own, the MAF and NSC.Since the intelligence affects everyone the rakyat has the right to know the risks the rally posed to public safety and well-being.I fully agree with the IGP the rally contains a lot uncertainties and unpredictable results that all will regret later.The organizer should put the well-being of the rakayt first by doing the right thing which is to enter combat through the ballot box.Please do not become a puppet and a tool for a fallen politician who has nobody to blame but himself, for his own misdeeds.

komando said...

Maurice - why do we need sound intel when :
"Panglima Ibrahim Ali has said it would be ugly, I can't be blamed if my troops run amok!"

Is that not good enough FOR YOU!

hussin said...


awak telan bulat2 semua yang dikaitkan dengan 'intel'? baca apa yang igp kata - perisikan dedahkan ada agen asing - ko telan telan telan. jika benar, kenalpasti agen asing tersebut dan bertindak terhadap agen2 tersebut. ini yang komando sebut, perangsaraf. sebab dia igp, apa dia sebut semua 100% betul? pakchik2 dan makchik2 kat kampung bolehlah kelentong, takkanlah maurice setaraf mereka 'intel'nya.

kalau maurice pernah tengok vdo memali, banyak maurice boleh belajar darinya. tumpuan tembakan senjata di truck fru sudah tentu bukan dari taburan tembakan shotgun. tayangan senjata2 di atas meja termasuk kelongsong peluru shotgun di atas rumput dalam warna, tetapi kenapa apabila tunjuk gambar shotgun dalam warna hitam putih? manusia merancang, Allah juga merancang dan Allahlah sebaik2 perancang!

komando said...


This is another very old CIA trick, THAT IS TO Create: 'AN ENEMY OF THE STATE'

The enemy is now from a far away land...konon-land!

We must all be careful!

They will come & eat us all UP!

People we must stand up and fight against this EVIL..

The "real evil" is just at our backyard anyways!

mitchell said...

Dato', Both my parents use to work in a goverment department before they retired, the 1 Malaysia "spirit" so widely propagated today already existed 40 yrs ago. I grew up knowing Uncle Ahmad, Uncle Maniam , Uncle Goh (their real names) and so many others without looking or seeing them as anything else but my parents close and dearest friends. I still meet them at weddings and funerals and greet and chat with them as if they were my own kin.
Today, sad to say this is totally uncommon amongst younger Malaysians...where are we going wrong?? I see Bersih 2.0 as the start of undoing many wrongs that the nation has suffered. I pray that all common sence will prevail and people will think like you and accept that to return back to being a great nation, we must stop the rot at all cost, backtracked n move forward again. God bless you, Dato'

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Mitchell,

I think we have something in common i.e. we grew up in a truly multiracial environment because my father too was an honorable, loyal an incorruptible government servant; lived in government quarters with good neighbors of different Malayan races. I cannot say much about what is happening today. So sad that this government of 52 years has brought Malaysians to what it is today - scratching the faces of one another, like mad cats and dogs.

Green Commune said...

Dato, it is always the daily call to my mind to log into your blog to read your latest articles. I think it would be a good idea that if Dato can compile your writing into a book and publish it and a lot of people would love to own a copy of it like what Patrick Teoh did. Support you all the way, Dato BG!

Anonymous said...

I long for the days when Malays, Indians, Chinese work tog towards Malaya Independence. The time when P.Ramlee movies and songs were abt love, patriotism, humanity and humor that we cd even laugh at our own stupidity. I walk down memory lane when there were no divisions of race, religion or traditional practices - everyone respected each other's community and mind no evil .. The hours spent building our country to this day when Malaysians could sit together peacefully for teh tarik or nasi lemak or char kway teow. The time when leaders of my beloved country actually led and guided the ppl to virtue, tolerance and respect. When Authorities wd do a fine honest day's work and citizens respected them. My forefathers with sweaty bodies, dirty hands and integrity wd motivate and encourage their future generations to be learned and bring honour to family & country. They were "heroes of their time" and they brought so much old-time values and pride to Malaya .. Pls help Malaysia move forward with unity, honour and fair opportunities for all.