Thursday, June 23, 2011


It’s been almost a month long that I’ve been off the blog sphere, and many thanks to a dear friend who helped me solve my problem in getting back into my blogger dashboard. I do not think anyone would want to hack into my blog; nor do I think someone wants to see me off the blog sphere, although I was once warned to be more careful on what I write. I think I’ve mellowed a bit now, much to the satisfaction of my ‘better half’ who seems not to agree to most of what I write. She had once told me that I should be thankful to the government of the day for providing me a pension and criticizing the government is like ‘biting the hand that feeds you’.

Now, I want to relate to you what I had gone through soon after retirement that is not known to many people. I was invited into politics and voluntarily joined a political party. The reason I joined is that I felt I could be of some service to society. In other words, it is ‘pay-back’ time for me and thinking that my military experience could be of use in politics. For about two years, I was within the circle of politics and tried my best to understand the game played by politicians and how they relate themselves to society.

Now, looking back, I thought my two years with a political party is not what I wanted to be. I realize that I could not be of any service to society because my reach is only limited to members of that one political party, and not to others who are outside the party. In other words, my service to society is limited to party members only and others are quite unwelcomed. I felt this strange especially when some others are people of my race, and just because they are not party members, they ought to be treated differently. This is something that I could not accept and my days in the party soon came to an abrupt end.

Having had a cursory insight into the game of politics, and a bit of what I see happening in the business world, I then started blogging, especially upon hearing the abuses of politicians and the corruption that goes on unabated amongst civil servants; and members of the Armed Forces is no exception. If one cared to read all my earlier articles, I have never failed to criticize the failings and abuses within the Armed Forces, especially when it involves senior officers who are known to have enrich themselves through their unscrupulous dealings with contractors etc. I am most thankful to the current leadership of the Armed Forces and including the three services, where talks of corruption by local businessmen has somewhat simmered. I am not saying that corruption has been totally eradicated in the Armed Forces, for I know that there are still some hard cores who continue to take bribes from contractors/suppliers, especially those officers with the authority to issue the notorious Local Purchase Orders (LPO). I will be keeping a close watch on them, for I know who they are by just looking at their lifestyle.



zack zeni said...

Welcome back sir! Keep on writing....

EAGLE said...

Berkata benar dan kerana ALLAH adalah sesuatu yang dituntut.
It is not true that "criticizing the government is like 'biting the hands that feeds you'" Kecuali lah kita punya motif tersendiri.
I don't know sir as everyone has his/her opinions but setiap apa yang kita lakukan di dunia ini akan mendapat pembalasan.
Whether abuse of power and corruption in the armed forces has somewhat simmered.. may be yes or may be it has now quietly kept under the carpet as the players are all in the same team and having same frequency, drink same kind of fruit juice and may have the same dream and so it all quite on the eastern front - just awaiting time to be exploded. Plenty of scenarios old and new and even very creative indeed! The trail now should be on the recently retired CDF, we will see how he lives in the years to come. Whether this man cakap tak serupa bikin or just another hypocrites like many others.
But one thing for sure that "janji ALLAH pasti akan berlaku" so fear none sir! Wish you happy blogging and Good health! Salam.

sirmudas said...

Pak Chad,

Comments on the new helm of the Armed Forces please.

Welcome back sir.

Malaysian said...


It's funny that your wife told you not to complain about the government that pay you pension. Maybe you should not thank the government but fellow Malaysian that pay taxes. It's us that pay for your pension. Thus, we as fellow tax payer strongly support you to continue critize any political party for better of this country and all fellow Malaysian. Furthermore, you might have better pension if the current government is not corrupted. Lastly, you and your fellow brothers fought against the communist because all of you believe in democracy; thus, it is your right as fellow Malaysian to critize anybody.


Rank&File said...


We share the same opinion but unfortunately I am not able to express it as you have been doing all these while.

Keep writing without fear or favour.

Jongon said...

Well I've had being watching you writing to criticize on subject matter that deteriorate some people which to them feel uncomfortable because you are the jack off all trade as far as the Arm Forces are concerned.I was with the Navy then during your career with the Arm Forces and knew who you are especially that time I was closed to Dato' Yusuf Salleh TKSU.
To my understanding what you are doing is a nation pride more or less its a bird eye view whereby the current scenarios politically and economically portrayed.Wholly speaking you come with whimsical ideas that show an added values in your colors set of mind.

Atma said...


Good to see you back again.
If and when you go off air, just keep your readers posted.

Wish you the best.

Malaysian said...

Dear Dato,

I don’t know which political party you joined and it’s sad that you quit joining politic. In this country, you need to join political party if you want change. Our NGO in Malaysia doesn’t have much influence on our government policy. Thus, politic is the only way for saving this country.

If you do want to help us and your grandchildren future then I really hope you will join any political party. By joining politic, you can run for office in Selangor area. Thus, you can directly work towards improving the life of fellow Malaysian. I think this is the best time for you to join politic because political party needs just and ethical people like you. I would suggest that you try joining Pakatan especially they’ve too many “katak politician”. Maybe you should run against Ibrahim Ali. It’s time for you to represent the true Malay in politic. We are hunger for ethical politician and you seem to be righteous person.

Joining any particular political party doesn’t mean you must follow the leaders or party policy blindly. In USA, some politician is very independent from their party and some even openly criticize their leaders. Thus, don’t give up on politic because of your previous experience.

I hope to see you running for office on the next GE. It's time for you to save your beloved country and state!


Malaysian said...

I am not a Malay. But my experience with my Malay friends tell that Malay is a very welcoming and friendly race. I am very shock to read certain comment from leaders like Ibrahim Ali and Tun Dr. Mahathir about the Chinese. Fortunately, my high school experience with Malay friends help me realize that not all Malay like Ibrahim Ali. Nevertheless, the more I read Utusan and certain UMNO supporter blog the more I'm starting to question if there is a lot of Malay that think like Ibrahim Ali?


maurice said...

Corruption will continue as usual in Mindef and the MAF as no one has been hauled and charged by the MACC.When there is an opportunity people will continue to make deals behind closed door out of public sight.Decison-makers in political and administrative circles in Mindef and decison-makers within the MAF itself will succumb to temptations which they cannot resist as it is an accepted culture these days.I tell you Dato it is no longer possible to do a clean business in Mindef and the MAF.It is too late to do anything except to change the system.

taming said...


Welcome back.

Please do not chicken out just because "Ismail polin" is out and some 'top military seniors' are now
friendly to you.
The battle against corruptions in the military and Mindef is far from over and your blog serves an excellent platform for serving, retired military and concerned civilians to expose the "culprits".

The country has just received the new CDF and COA. Congratulations to Gen Zul Z and Gen Zul ZA for being appointed CDF and COA respectively. I hope both will be professional soldiers who will command respect ONLY if they remain

We will keep watching them and we know what to do if they too are corrupted!


hussin said...

salam dato,

selamat kembali, semoga Allah tidak sia2kan perjuangan dato.

saya bersetuju dengan malaysian, dato patut aktif dalam politik. dari pengalaman berparti yang dato ceritakan, saya beranggapan dato telah memilih parti yang salah dan saya boleh bayangkan parti berkenaan. saya juga, selepas bersara, menjadi ahli parti politik yang jelas dasar perjuangannya. sebagai ahli, saya tidak wala' memgkhizir buta. saya adalah di antara yang lantang mengkritik unity government. pendirian saya jelas, parti lebih utama dari individu. lihat sahaja apa jadi dengan umno kerana taksub dengan kepimpinan sehingga bangsa sendiri sanggup dipertaruhkan. kerajaan yang kita menggigit jarinya hari inilah yang bertanggungjawab menyebabkan kita berada di tahap ini hari ini. rasuah dalam angkatan tentera berpunca dari siapa?


ssl said...

Dear Dato
Greetings from Oz where I had to move to Oz to get my children away from race-fuelled politics.
Your views are so refreshing and all-embracing, that I would like to get your acqauintance better, maybe by email which is "".
PS. Did you know my late elder bro Lt.Col (Dr) Menjit Singh?
Kind regards