Monday, December 15, 2008


BERNAMA reports that Deputy Defence Minister Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusof has said that the RMAF Nuri helicopters “are still safe for use”; however with a caveat i.e. that “their utilisation was limited in terms of the hydraulic system and they were only being used in the day and in good weather”. The deputy minister made this statement to “refute the perception of certain groups that the Nuri helicopters were unsafe as they were considered to be old equipment”.

I am totally confused by the deputy minister's statement, which makes me to believe that the deputy minister does not understand the meaning of aircraft safety, that is utmost to the pilots and crew flying the aircraft. I know that our RMAF pilots does not compromise on safety, and they have to be absolutely certain that the aircraft is air worthy, before flying the aircraft. Only a foolish pilot would want to fly an aircraft that is only limited to sunshine flying, and in excellent weather condition.

I just would like to ask any able and experience RMAF pilots, whether they are in agreement with the statement made by the deputy minister? I believe all will disagree, and what off the Chief of Air Force? Is he willing to accept full responsibility and be accountable for any fatal Nuri helicopter accidents? Why has the experienced helicopter pilots allowed the deputy minister to utter things that are absolutely absurd and unthinkable?

I have lost many good friends in previous Nuri helicopters crashes, and I dread to see another Nuri helicopter crash, that is the result of a unprofessional and ill-informed statement uttered by the Deputy Minister of Defence. There is no doubt that the Nuri helicopters are indeed 'old equipments'.

Posted at 9.26pm on Dec 15, 2008


Anonymous said...

Why not let this Asst Minister fly in this aircraft for his official duties so that there will be another by election in Malacca to replace another BN washout.

ELI said...

What do you expect from this minister who only knows only to read written script. God bless the MAF.

maurice said...

Lets be fair to the Deputy Minsister.I am pretty sure he made the statement based on the advice of the RMAF top leadership.

Anonymous said...

Yang ada kat atas Tudm sekarang ni semua aku kenal belaka dan tahu tahap kebijaksanaan mereka .....bukannya ada te... nak bersuara. Carma............belakai