Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I had on December 14th posted an article titled ‘What ails the Armed Forces Veteran Affairs Department’, aimed at highlighting the plight of Janet Shaxson, wife of the late Brig Gen Victor Stevenson, who was deprived of her husband’s pension, on grounds that she was out of the country for a continuous period exceeding 180 days. Janet Shaxson who was suffering from cancer died in England in November 2008, without ever knowing the outcome of her pension.

As a retired serviceman, and like many others, I am deeply concern at what had happened to Janet Shaxson. I believe, the decision taken by the AF Veteran Affairs Department may not have been in the knowledge of the Department’s Director General, whom I know would not have taken such a decision.

I am pleased to know that this matter has now been given due attention by the various departments of the Armed Forces, and hopefully the plight of the late Janet Shaxson can be resolved amicably.

For this, I wish to personally extend my appreciation and thanks to the Armed Forces, and in particular the Chief of Defence Force, for giving this matter its utmost concern.

Posted at 12.00pm on Dec 23, 2008

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The core of the problem lies with the Armed Forces Act 1972 and Pension ACt which supposedly protect the welfare of servicemen and exservicemen.What do we do about these laws whilst in the service and after leaving the service.While in the service we leave it to the whim and fancy of the civilian legal staff to look into our affairs and after leaving the armed forces we leave our faith to the hopeless Persatuan Bekas Tentera .This is our main problem as exservicemen.In England the Military Laws is much alive and being updated from time to time to review the welfare of servicemen and ex, whereas in Malaysia The Military Law was left hibernating for donkey years without being touch or amended .The existing Military Law Akta 1972 is already 37 years old and please, do not appoint idiot again to represent us in the Dewan Raayat or the Dewan Negara as what the Persatuan Bekas Tentera did with the last Senator in Parliament.