Monday, December 22, 2008


I am late in presenting my views concerning the proposed ‘selling of IJN’ to Sime Darby, that had caused instantaneous public outcry to 'an already unpopular BN government'; a remark made by Tun Dr. Mahathir. And why has the government made the announcement of ‘selling IJN’ at a time when the Kuala Trengganu by-election is just around the corner? They should have sensed the opposition to the proposal, or was the government merely trying to test public opinion? If it was the latter, then the government had failed miserably, and voices of dissent against the proposal can still be heard till this day.

It makes me wonder how could this dumb proposal that affects the ordinary people be told to proceed initially?

I am also a long standing patient of IJN, and when I report for my medical check-up once every 4 months, I see hundreds of other patients lining up for treatment. I could see that most of them are ordinary people; not the rich and famous. I suppose the rich and famous would prefer to go to other posh private hospitals, and not to be lined up with others for treatment.

During my last visit to IJN in October, I was seated beside an Indian rubber tapper who came for treatment with his son. Could any one ever imagine this same rubber tapper going for medical treatment at a Sime Darby owned hospital? The answer is certainly not, and where else can this poor fellow go for his medication, other than to a government hospital.

Coincidently, I had posted a short article dated October 29 in this webblog, concerning my last visit to IJN. In that article, I had nothing but praises for the staffs of IJN. Certainly the staffs are a happy lot under the present management, and why is there a need to change then? Are we to believe that if Sime Darby is to take over the management, the services will be further improved?

Certainly, the regular treatment that I and many others had received thus far from the present IJN management, is sufficient to make us all happy. We certainly do not need the extra services that Sime Darby can offer, even if the charges remains the same.

Posted at 13.00 hrs on Dec 22, 2008

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maurice said...

There are merits for the proposed takeover by Sime Darby.

Sime Darby can turn IJM into a world class hospital for the treatment of cardiovascular related diseases to tap the global market.

By attracting rich paying patients from the USA, Europe, China and India to Malaysia it will help to boost our local service industries and generating income to the government.

For example, Thailand is doing well in attracting rich-paying patients from the US and Middle East to undertake comestic surgery in Bangkok.Experienced Thai surgeons who have accumulated experience in the US are back in Bangkok to help developed the medical industry.The low fees for comestic surgery in the capital city provide incentives for foreigners to do an operation there which could be coupled with a holiday package.

We should not completely reject Sime Darby's proposal outright instead should challenge its management to explain how the nation could benefit from its proposed takeover.

We should support the proposal if Sime Darby could create the much needed economic spinoffs in the difficult times ahead.