Saturday, December 27, 2008


While UMNO/BN has named its candidate for the Kuala Trengganu by-election scheduled January 17th 2009, PAS, the obvious party to challenge the UMNO candidate, has declared that its candidate will be named on January 1st 2009. This delay has raised many questions among party watchers, with some casting doubts that an agreement by the PAS party leadership could be reached by January 1st. To others, it is an element of surprise for the BN, as PAS now has the advantage to field a candidate that can best challenge the UMNO candidate.

Since naming Senator Wan Ahmad Farid, who is also the Kuala Trengganu UMNO Division chief as the candidate, he is now the most popular personality to appear in both the electronic and print media. There is also a sudden surge in news relating to Trengganu, featuring the development that has been undertaken by the BN state government, and this is quite expected in any elections.

UMNO's Deputy President Najib Tun Razak says that BN is confident of retaining the parliamentary seat, and believes that Wan Farid Ahmad is UMNO Trengganu best choice.

I watched the news aired on TV, when the announcement was made by Najib to name Wan Ahmad Farid as UMNO's candidate. I noticed that the Trengganu Menteri Besar, though seen standing on the stage when the announcement was made, was not in the fore front to lift the hands of Wan Ahmad Farid. It was Najib and UMNO's Secretary General Tengku Adnan who both lifted the hands of the candidate. I would have thought that the Menteri Besar being the executive head of the state, would play a prominent role; not Tengku Adnan.

This incident though seemed insignificant by many, had caused others to speculate that Wan Ahmad Farid may not be the choice of the state UMNO, and definitely not that of the Menteri Besar. Speculations are rife too that Wan Ahmad Farid, having been a personal staff to the Prime Minister, is also the choice of the PM's son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ). Speculations like this may hurt the candidate, and it is being made even worse if KJ's name is mentioned. Haven't BN learn a lesson from the Permatang Pauh fiasco?

I believe, the reaction of UMNO Trengganu, and those fence sitters would have been different if it was the Menteri Besar who had made the announcement.

In the absence of a PAS candidate, it is still too premature to conclude which party wins the by-election. Up till now, PAS/PR has remained silent as to their chances of winning. Or are they finding it too difficult to choose a winning candidate?

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maurice said...

There is no reason why UMNO/BN should not win the by-election.

The rakyat want the BN with a proven track record to lead the country out of the economic woes coming our way soon.

Slack demands by the US for our electronic, furniture and textile products in the coming months, coupled with falling global prices in palm and crude oil will demand the best out of BN leadership to overcome the spillover effects on the domestic economy.

Both BN and PKR should take advantage to explain their position in the by-election on how each party would handle the looming economic downturn.

Anonymous said...

There is no reason why KT people should choose BN again to represent them.Look at the "haprak" record which UMNO did to the nation after being given a mandate to rule Malaysia for 51 years, they have done more damages than goodness to the Malays.The nation RICHNESS was distributed amongst themselves ,from the top of the party seat right down to the JKKK in the kampong was given the share of the cake.What is left to the men on the street,ex servicemen,ex government servant etc....virtually nothing unless you become a party to this "Haprak" UMNO party.They practises bribery among themselves to lead the party as confirmed by Rais Yatim.Since it is an undenied facts that UMNO is sinking like TiTaNIC then it is wise for Terengganu people to choose PAS and abandon ship in order the existing Federal Government could be changed for good.UMNO need to be taught a lesson for what they did to the nation at least to be shunned for the next 2 terms.Hooooooray