Saturday, December 13, 2008


Wednesday last, I attended the 'Majlis Makan Malam Seri Pahlawan' organised by the Ex Serviceman Association, held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The guest of honour was Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah, who is also the Patron for this year's Warriors Day Campaign. No less than 30 corporate and business organisations contributed to the campaign that is aimed at generating funds for the Warriors Day Welfare Fund.

During the speech by the Association's President, Dato Hj. Muhammad bin Hj. Abdul Ghani, he did not specify the amount obtained from donors this year, and made no mention as to how the Welfare Fund had been spend the previous years. Neither did he indicate as to how this year's contributions will be disbursed to 'deserving members'. I would have thought, it would only be proper for the donors to know how their contributions in the past had been used, and the number of members that have benefited from the Warriors Day Welfare Fund.

I have been told by some association members that the Ex Serviceman Association, despite having businesses of its own, and soliciting donations by way of the Warriors Day Campaign every year, is severely cash strap. I do not wish to dwell on this any further, because I may be wrong in my judgment as to the Association's financial status.

Also in his speech, Dato Hj. Muhammad had categorically stated that the Association's primary objective is to serve its members and their families, in matters affecting their welfare and well being. I do hope his words are not merely rhethorics, for there has been in the past where members who had turned to the Association for assistance, were given the 'turn around'. It is so easy for Dato Hj. Muhammad to say things that pleases the audience that evening, but not knowing the truth about what is actually happening to the Association, is certainly not an excuse.

If indeed the Association is serious about wanting to help its members, then please read two articles that I had posted earlier concerning a disabled soldier (who is also a member of the Association), and who remains disgruntled for being neglected by both the Association and the Armed Forces. The articles that I am referring to are as under:

1.September 19, 2008 – titled 'Lcpl Maarof bin Ahmad need support and care'.
2.October 19, 2008 – titled 'Is the Armed Forces so ignorant'.

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matsingkong said...

PBTM is now claiming to be an NGO . Looking at its website, it is very, very biased and very inclined to towards BN politics. It has gotten worst since Mat Sabu's issue of Mat is an embarrassment and detriment to the welfare of Ex Services. It is a shame this association is run and sponsored by BN. See my comments on the website >>

It would be good to highlite this problem since your comment in 2008, to inform others of the current state of affair at PBTM.

matsingkong said...

Was Lcpl Maarof bin Ahmad's problem resolved ?