Sunday, June 7, 2009


I watched in horror a video posted along in an article by RPK's Malaysia Today dated Saturday, 06th June 2009 titled “Modern interrogation methods of the Malaysia police”, that purportedly shows a group of policemen beating up helplessly an alleged criminal in their custody. How on earth did RPK obtain the video remains a mystery, and one can only assume that it must be from the police themselves. Who else could have taken the video in a police station. Certainly, it cannot be the likes of you or me.

The scene is a shocking reminder to what the entire world saw in pictures and videos of the brutality perpetrated by US soldiers upon Iraqi prisoners in Abu Gharib prison, that caused an international outrage. Malaysians, and in particular former PM Tun Mahathir Mohamed has been in the forefront against the Abu Gharib prison brutalities, and a strong critic against the US and its western allies for the carnage that they had caused in their illegal war in Iraq.

The beatings and the brutal act of the group of policemen against the alleged criminal, will only strengthened the believe that our policemen are indeed the cause of so many death while in police custody. No civil society can accept such brutal acts by a supposedly civilised police force against an alleged criminal; even if the crime is for murder. One may recall the mysterious death of Kugan in police custody recently, and the perpetrators have yet to be formally charged in the courts. One wonders if justice will ever be served against the alleged Kugan's murderer(s).

I do not know what will be the reactions of the IGP and the legal fraternity, if the video is indeed a true recording of an alleged police brutality. At a time when Malaysians are already fed-up with what they claim as outrages curtailment of civil rights, and an obvious signs of impartiality by the police for the slightest opposition raised by the public, this video is certain to damage the credibility of our police force, as the true custodian and the protector of the law. No law abiding citizen would now want to believe that their lives will be safe while in police custody.

I only hope that Tun Mahathir would have watched the video, and to listen to what he has to comment on it.



Maj. Ramachandran Ramaswamy Iyer (Retd) said...

Are we sure they are police? I cannot recognise the uniforms. Traffic Cops? Auxillery Police? Guard company? I am really baffled>

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Maj Rama,

Regardless of who they was an uncalled act of brutality, and the perpetrators ought to be identified and punished.

mohamad said...

Agreed, with do not condone brutality in a civilised world!

We need to get to the roots of all these. Where, how and from whom RPK received the video?

I hope the authorities get hold of everybody reponsible to get the culprits identified and bring them to justice.

komando said...

Whoever they maybe...PRDM must work hard and defend themselves...get to the bottom of it?

Remember the CHINA DOLL video?
Filmed by a COP ?
What happened ?
Who has been charged?
People forget...I DON'T...god gave me good memory...!

RELA kencing case...? What happened minister also keeps silent..?