Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Can one imagine what would have happened if the Kuala Trengganu newly built stadium roof collapses at a time when there were thousands of people watching a football match, and worse still, if the Sultan of the state was there amongst the crown? What explanation can the Trengganu government (or was it the Idris Jusoh government) now give, to absorb themselves of any blame? Or will they now look around to find who should shoulder all the blame? Will it be Ahmad Said, Patrick Lim or Idris Jusoh? Someone has to shoulder the blame, and who could that be?

I am quite sure the blame game has started, and it will be interesting to see how the state government will react, and what will the verdict be. RM 270 million was all is takes to built the stadium that was officially opened by the Sultan of Trengganu on May 10 last year, and it will take another RM270 million of public fund to reconstruct the damaged stadium, or will the entire stadium be raise to the ground? Who really cares about spending public fund and the wastage of funds. After all the Trengganu state is cash rich with petroleum royalty paid into its coffer by Petronas, so they say.

Have we not seen how the state has been spending its new found wealth over the last few years under the previous government. Such lavishness and extravagance in building monuments like the Crystal Mosque, organizing the Monsoon Cup with lush parties to entertain the participants and the rich and famous, while the poor people of Trengganu are left out of these festivities that does not bring any benefit to the Trengganu people.

Now we hear of an attempt by the pro-Idris Jusoh group assemblymen to vote out MB Ahmad Said. There must be something seriously wrong with Ahmad Said that warrants such an attempt. Is it because the pro-Idris Jusoh are been left out dry because they no longer have access to the once lavishness and extravagance of the pervious government. I believe it is all about money and power; not about wanting to serve the down trodden Trengganu people.

Now back to the collapse stadium. Deputy PM Muhyiddin Yasin has said that it is now left to the state government to act, thus absorbing any blame on the Federal Government. And certainly Muhyiddin does not want the state government to conclude in their investigations by saying that the incident is purely an act of God.



mohamad said...

Yes, yes, it is an act of God because God must have been very angry to see how the Trengganu state government, headed by Idris Jusoh, The Menteri Besar then, his cronies and the stadium main contractor cheating the Sultan of Trengganu and the Rakyats in the broad daylight.

God is Great and we need not wait for those responsible to be questioned at Padang Mahsyar... The stadium collapse is one way God is telling us that there must be something irregular and fishy taking place in the award of the contract and the manner which the contractor carried out the job. Buildings don't just collapse if they were designed and built as per specifications.

The big question is WHO IS THE COTRACTROR? MACC, you need to investigate this case and don't let Idris Jusoh and his cronies and everybody responsible get away with this scandal! RM 270 millions is a lot of money.

Kepada KDYMM Sultan Trengganu,
Ampun Tuanku,
Patek stand behind DYMM Tuanku for this case to be thoroughly investigated and the responsible culprits to be punished in accordance to the laws of our country.

Maj. Ramachandran Ramaswamy Iyer (Retd) said...

The phrase "Act of God" is reserved by Samy Veloo.Please do not use it in vain.Now, disaster occurs- man made of course- so what is the next course of action? Simple - identify cause - seek a remedy- put in place mechanisms to ensure similar situation never occurs again (meaning being preventive). Vengence is for God, not us mere mortals. I am amazed how fast we are to scream - get those responsible-there must be corruption involved etc. To me this only means one thing - we are damn sure of our shortcomings and we are cooly living or putting up with it. Shame on all of us. Look at the HR Minister who calmly declares the contactor started work before our OSH approval for the demolition of the Jaya supermarket? Can he absolve himself by this statement? How long has the contractor got to wait for this silly beaureaucratic approval? We are always smart after the event. I rest my case on Malaysia Boleh.

Maj. Ramachandran Ramaswamy Iyer (Retd) said...

Even before the dust has settled comes another shocker. The PWD has yet to issue a Work Completion Certificate for the stadium, which has already played host to sporting events.MORE
PWD noticed something was amiss
'Roof was sagging'

I got the above from Malaysiakini, so I rest my case again!!!

Anonymous said...

Kalau kerja kerja dan perbuatan tu penuh dengan kemungkaran apa lagi jawapannya "collapse stadium" la Dato.Dengarnya kerusi stadium to pun
nak supply kena lobbi jugak.Tu la kerja tak senonoh....orang Terengganu ini le akibar pemimpin mu yang haprak.GET RID OF THEM.....

Anonymous said...

Kalau kerja kerja dan perbuatan tu penuh dengan kemungkaran apa lagi jawapannya "collapse stadium" la Dato.Dengarnya kerusi stadium to pun
nak supply kena lobbi jugak.Tu la kerja tak senonoh....orang Terengganu ini le akibar pemimpin mu yang haprak.GET RID OF THEM.....

Haezrikal said...

Every happenings either good or bad is an act of God. God punish those who are cheating the Rakyats.

Now it is clear and proven that the Stadium was built not according to the building engineering specifications. The questions here is Why? Why? Why?. The answer is So What? So What? So What? as long as those corrupted can make millions out of it.

Now, I am duly worried to be under the roofs of those government buildings in Trengganu.

Patek bershukor kehadrat Allah S.W.T kerana melindungi KDYMM Sultan Trengganu dan rakyat jelata yang lain when the Stadium roof collapsed.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear All,

Let us all wait how this government will act. I am quite sure there are politicians involved and big money too. I hope they will complete the investigations before the 13th General Elections and those found guilty imprisoned for life.....not absolve from any wrong doing.

mohamad said...

There must be proper and full invstigations by all parties concerned, the MACC, PAC, JKR, etc and leave no stones unturned.

I hope the present Menteri Besar, Ahmad Said, will personally ensure that a fair investigation takes place and there must never be sweeping under the carpet. If this happens, we are getting nowhere and the "culprits" will get away with murder!

I have been in and out of Kuala Trengganu very often. Everytime I step my feet on the new Trengganu Airport Terminal Building I can see such a shoddy finish.... the tiles are of very low quality, improperly laid, the walls and wood panelling are very much to be desired.

I was told that the terminal building was built in such a hurry and may be MB Ahmad Said should get a competent team to conduct thorough and proper checks on this building before it collapses. Also, check who is the contractor and how was the contract awarded?

Prevention is better than cure.

komando said...

Yes investigate...all must be sent to jail...if indeed any body died they must repay with their lives!

Do not forget and just forgive for they will do it again!

Samy Veloo can not be blame for he has the sole rights to blame god!

He is above GOD!

God acts in strange ways, if he wanted it would be like the PJ incident 7 died!

maurice said...


Sorry Dato to use this space to draw your attention and other colleagues' on a more pressing national security issue.

Hope you could put up a posting on the Amabalat issue, regarding our national sovereignty being questioned by Indonesia.

Going through the explanation in Wikipedia, it seems our RMN has the right to be in the area following the decision of ICJ over Sipadan and Lingatan.

We need more information from the Foreign Minstry and Ministry of Defence on the rights of TUDM to protect our national sovereignty in the Ambalat region.

maurice said...

With ref to my comments above (last para), I meant TLDM and not TUDM.Thank you.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Maurice,

I'll do a write up on Ambalat after having secured sufficient details.