Sunday, June 14, 2009


Star Online Sunday, June 14th 2009 reports of the alleged corruption of three UMNO politicians including a Senator (who could they be?), that are being investigated over the Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2), for structural cracks that appeared to the pillars of the elevated highway in 2004. Repairs to the pillars had cost the government an additional RM70 million. Costs for the construction of the 1.7 km stretch was RM 239 million.

I have been told that the construction industry in the country is the most corrupt industry, and it is no surprise that many projects have failed due to the high incidence of corruption that permeates right down, to the filing clerks and even dispatch boys. And if people as low as filing clerks and dispatch boys are involved, it is not unusual to find that politicians are the biggest culprits, and their unsavoury deals are in the millions. This seems to be the norm; hence I am told that contractors are forced to add on to the cost of the project, simply to cater for these dastardly scheming politicians, clerks and dispatch boys who lined themselves up for a cut in the deal.

Contractors in their greed to maximise profits will then have to 'cut corners' by providing sub standard construction materials, shoddy plastering works and cheap fixtures. I did voice a similar concern regarding the newly constructed Armed Forces Transit Camp, in an article titled 'Delays in construction projects for Armed Forces' posted on 28 May, 2009, where I noted that the buildings appears to have several defects, and the plastering works and shoddy finishings are much to be desired. Only a blind fool would not have noticed such obvious discrepancies in the construction, paid out of tax payers money.

The much debated Port Klang Free Zone is to date the worst construction and financial mismanagement the country have ever experience, and no announcement has been made yet by the government, as to who should shoulder the blame. We will all have to wait and watch when the PKFZ issue is sure to come under intense debate in Parliament tomorrow, after a two-and-a- half months parliamentary recess.This debate will be a test for our newly branded PM Datuk Seri Najib and his newly appointed Cabinet in facing a much stronger and determined opposition.

We also need to watch the outcome of the investigation on the RM 270 million brand new Trengganu stadium that collapse, and will there be politicians involved in this outrageous construction fiasco. This issue has somewhat simmered down, giving the impression that the lost of RM 270 is not a big deal to the cash rich Trengganu state government. Or is the MACC in a fix to complete the investigations speedily?



mohamad said...

The country must expose who are these shameful UMNO politicians
and Datos.

This is the whole problem in this country. When some politicians are involved in any scandal or crime, they will find ways to get out, including getting their elderly UMNO fathers, mothers and uncles to "mengadap" UMNO President to seek "sympathy and understanding".
Remember Azalina's case? In the end everybody lives happily ever after.

As a result of all these, the whole country's perception of UMNO leaders appear to have very strong immunities as such they get away with most scandals and crimes.

PM Najib must put a stop to all these practices. Even if his own brother commits a crime, he may go all out to find the best lawyers, but if found guilty, his brother has to go to jail!

This would be one way Najib can restore the images and credibility of BN and UMNO.

The Armed Forces Transit Camp?
What a shame! I met a very senior retired general who attended the ground breaking ceremony of the Transit Camp in 1997. He passed very disgusting remarks over the whole project...contract given to an incompetent crony contractor, supported by UMNO political leaders and robbing Mindef's money in broad daylight!

It is therefore not at all surprising to see the Transit Camps with sub-standard and shoddy finishes!

How come the contractors got away with murder?

Your answers are right!

komando said...

I think this is not going to be the last case, many have been exposed yet no action taken.

THE REAL culprits never put on the chopping block!

Small fries gets fired as usual, big fish swims away free and laughing as normal.

They maybe UMNO or other BN contractors working, or linked to these cronies, macam biasa lah!

MACC - not in a million years they will solved anything which the GORMEN says no further action.

Some poor UMNO goons who get the chop are those ready for Write-Off actions.

The rest all immune (more poerful than the RAJA's).

So dream on folks...wishful thinking!

FMZam said...

The previous two PMs were with vows to fight corruption when they took office, but unlike them, Najib didn't set any. Why? Because Najib knows just how difficult for Mahathir and Pak lah, the supposedly "clean leaders", to keep their vows in check against the persistent corruption during their era, so it is quite awkward for him, a leader with "rows of dark shadows" to stimulate a more serious anti corruption drive than his predecessors.

We can rest assured, with Najib, corruption is yet to turn its ugliest head and we better not hope for the best from Najib. All we can do is wait for the next General Election to hear "sweet promises" from politicians over and over until we die.

Don't hope MACC can be effective because MACC is built from the old guards of BPR so it is infested by the same virus that had plagued the BPR.

While we hear cases started to surface in the civil and private sectors, in the golf fields there were generals and his friends who unconcernedly enjoyed betting RM1000 per hole.

No one is afraid of this government to get into corruption because this government is itself corrupt.

komando said...



HOW can a big thief asked others not to steal anymore, or rather his gangsters to be goody two shoes, cannot want mah!

The other CHIEF robber wears skirts and dresses...baju kurung to be precise, she is the real master mind and chief gangster!

NAJIS just follow orders..dah kena jampi dan nasi kang kang ...big time...Good Farking Dog! IF HE CAN STILL DO IT! OVER-SIZED, AND MIS-SIZED, MISS-MATCH....MISS THE HOLE ALSO IN PUTTING! ALWAYS ONE ON.... BUT CANNOT PUTT! HOW SHAMEFUL!

That is why she said husband very obedient and Sabar! Mau tidak kena Cincang 80 Keping kang! NAK MAMPUS!


maurice said...

If I remember correctly the MRR2 packages were awarded when Dato Seri Anwar was the Finance Minister.

I am a frequent user of the MRR2.I can tell by my naked eyes some parts of the MRR2 were not built to the required specifications.For example, the portion between Ampang and Gombak, when it was completed, the divider consisted of loosely pack cement blocks instead of the normal concrete structure.

Even now steel safety ropes which are supposed to be hoisted on the divider to prevent cars jumping on the opposite lanes are left slack and lying on the ground!

Because of bad design and quality of work, I dare say a lot of accidents had taken place along this road, in particular the area near Flamengo Hotel.No doubt caused by contractors cutting corners due to budgets being skimmed off by political cronies.

komando said...

So be it, we will dig up all the old files, no matter who!

Maj. Ramachandran Ramaswamy Iyer (Retd) said...

I am ashamed that the same hands that are lifted to god in prayer are used to collect corrupt money. What have we become?The ultimate hipocrates? even animals do not have this trait.

FMZam said...

When dealing with reporting corruption to the relevant authorities, my experience was that BPR and now MACC are mere government's DOGS OF WAR and I said " I dare to say it". And I don't need to supplement it with proofs and evidents over this blog, just to convince the readers, because this is no place to display them that we all know nothing can be done by any of you who asks for them. You may agree and disagree at your own discretion.

As the government's dogs, BPR/MACC only BARK NOT BITE when the reported case is directed at the government and when these agencies strike, the damage is like we are experiencing casualties of a "friendly fire" in a battle.

So I said we have dogs that bite not bark in the government and they are the top dogs, while we the people who make reports to them, are equally dogs that can only just BARK. Such is the situation of corruption fighting machine we have in our country that I said it we are in the world of dogs eat dogs.

And I said it, from my experience I can present a case study to say that we are in a situation of hopelessness to fight corruption in this country. Anyone who may want me to prove my case, please don't expect me to prove in here.

I stick to my belief together with other blogs elsewhere, that BPR and MACC are government's dogs. I don't simply said it and I don't ask you to trust me, I just want you to understand what Mr mohamad has said it when he wrote what he has written......
"This is the whole problem in this country. When some politicians are involved in any scandal or crime, they will find ways to get out...."

Maj. Ramachandran Ramaswamy Iyer (Retd) said...

Let me start a ball rolling of unanswered cases.See if you can contribute in numerical order.
1)Why was the waitress who claimed to be molested by a politician not charged with making a false police report?
2)Who killed the Bank Bumi officer in Hong Kong who was investigating the BBMB scandal? case still in progress?
3) Who took 70 million ringgit from the steel company if it was not Eric Cheah? Case masih dalam siasatan???

Lukas said...

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Lukas said...


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