Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I have just changed the header image for a photo taken in 1971, showing the first Commander 6 Malaysia Infantry Brigade, the late Brig Gen Yusoff bin Abu Bakar, popularly known as Gen Jimmy Yusoff, shaking hands with soldiers on operations in Keroh, Perak.

The Commander was on a visit to distribute Hari Raya goodies to troops operating along the Thai-Malaysia border areas. You will notice a figure of a lady at the back right of the Commander, and that is the wife of the Commander whom we all address her as Kak Comel.

To all those who have known Kak Comel, she is such a sweet soft spoken lady who died in 1995, at the time when I was Commanding 4 Brigade in Temerloh.

I still have in my possession, a piece of black kain songket that I bought from Kak Comel at a cost of RM 50/-. Despite the kain songket being almost 38 years from the day that I had purchased it, the kain songket is still is excellent form.

I can recall that this trip to distribute Hari Raya goodies to troops was accompanied by several wives, including that of my young wife, and the wife of Capt Ghazali (Speedy) Ibrahim.



Abah said...


Year 1971 also nostalgic to me. That year was my first year enlisted to the Army. I reported to RTC at PD on 9th May 1971. Datuk also commanded 4th Bde at Temerloh Phg (Batu 3 Camp) also as my home town. As I'm concerned that those day there is a special tickets for the All army personnels that intend to see cinema at Capitol, Rex and Semantan Theater. Even Cheap Matinee at the weekend also just 40 cents ticket for all seat.

Just a nostalgic events to you and me to memorize in late 70s.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Abah,

I certainly had a good time in Temerloh, especially during the durian season, and the monsoon when our golf course get flooded. The weather is always something that I like.....its cool in the morning.

Haezrikal said...


If I am not mistaken you have also served as the Chief of Staff for 4th Bde in the early 80s.

Those were the days Dato'. It was fun travelling from Kuantan to Karak with lots of Durian and sweet corn at Lancang.

I just couldn't forget the old Rest House at Raub....

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Haezrikal,

Yes, I was the Chief of Staff of 4 Bde in the early 80's. Driving up to KL and back along the old KL - Temerloh road can be worrying. Lots of accident, especially along the Karak road.

FMZam said...

If this blog is slowly turning itself into a noltalgic or retrospective arena, then you guys can go on use this to flashback your life journey down your memory lanes and forget about the crusade against corruption....

I am not against any recall of old memories but I just don't like to see this blog gets stuck in this kind of posting that will end up in a total recall until we are all spooked by the ghosts of our yesteryears....

Lets move on to something that has everything to do with a meaningful crusade!

mohamad said...

I hope you guys have enough of enjoying your nostalgic army life.

Sorry, can we have something more interesting before everybody gets tired?

komando said...

Guys don't get disheartened TOO much, old war buddies are more than ole friends..the comradeship cannot be bought and sold, no price !

One cannot understand unless one is part of it!

Cheap skates politicians are no buddies cos' they kill each other daily and are friends only for a reason ...AND ONLY ONE RESON.. their own survival!



Abah said...

Honestly Datuk has alot of memorable stories. One side during his service time, and the other part are political issues and current topics to be present. I don't think Datuk will arise only one type of story but mixup with other topics just to make it more enjoyable and interesting to read it.


Haezrikal said...

Give Dato' some time to relax and don't push him too much. We also need time to KOOL... ourselves.

komando said...

Yes guys we need to kool off abit..too much heavy stuff not good for the heart...

Already the country is full of shitty stories day in day out..

Waiting for the bubble to burst only!

From murders, rapes, violence, corruption, abused of powers including maids...bomohs, black magic WOMAN ( must read at RPK's blog...latest revelation on first ladies practices)

Very dicey and juicy story from N.O.K....himself..of the very first lady...not the QUEEN though !


mohamad said...

I have the highest respect for you, Dato' and your military and ex-service comrades to share your vast experiences and nostalgic memories during your service to the country.

I am realligning your focus on corruptions, abuse of positions and power and irregular practices in our country with the hope that we can contribute to reduce them.

My email address is
and why I became interested in this blogg is because I see Dato' Arshad's very sincere effort in fighting against corruptions through his blogg.

To-day I read a very disgusting report in the Star newspaper about the arrest of 3 directors of a company ( all Datos ) which received a contract to build part of MRR2 Highway.

I hope Dato Arshad can comment on this and my congratulations to MACC for a job well done. I hope there will be many more and I am available to assist.

FMZam said...

There are blogs elsewhere generating discusions on corruption and abuse of power but very rare a blog that brings up the corruption in our military. I came across this blog and saw that this's that one blog specifically suitable to tear open corruption in the area where other blogs have not found interest to discuss for reason that corruption in the military normally receives low intensity responds.

Now this blog is run by ex-military man I suppose responds from military people should be overwhelming especially so from the ex-servicemen with vast experience and profound military knowledge the likes of you guys. I suppose this blog be used to the fullest extent to specifically drive its slogan for crusade against corruption that we all know so rampant in our military.

Why stop short of doing this good thing for the sake of our military? I am afraid of the intensity of a crusade being reduced or "swayed" by this blog, that will not invite active contributions from readers, and die a natural death of a blog that is losing "pick-ups".

I honestly believe you guys have more steams than you know to go all along with a man who called for a crusade against corruption because we need a leader and a driver in fighting this war, not just passengers.

I am sorry if my being honest in viewing this point is considered as ill mannered but I just can't see the good motives in all of you guys are wasted down the drain.

mohamad said...

What has happened to Dato' Arshad??

maurice said...

Perhaps Dato Arshad could write something about the Steyr Rifle issue.

There is a case of mismanagement of a rifle-making technology which the taxpayers had paid amounting to several million ringgits.

The technology, technical know-how, skills and machineries of making Steyr rifles which our own Malaysian engineers and technicians have mustered are now lost forver due to the greediness of people who have been entrusted as the custidion of this defence national capability.

Overnight the nation has lost the capability of making its own rifle and instead will now be dependent on foreign manufacturers for its future requirements.

We have always been talking about building our own manufacturing capability in weapon systems all these years and yet the Steyr issue clearly went against the national policy.Why?

Hope Dato Arshad could throw some light into the matter.