Thursday, June 18, 2009


The Sultan of Johore is reported to have said that he does not agree with the construction of a third bridge linking Johore with Singapore, that was proposed by PM Najib recently.The proposed bridge was to be build on the South-Eastern portion of Johore, linking North-Eastern part of Singapore island. The Sultan must have his valid reasons for voicing his disagreement, and whatever the reasons, it ought to be respected.

I had in an article titled, 'The third link - From a defence view point' posted on May 24, 2009 argued that a defence consideration ought to be given a serious thought before deciding on the bridge construction. I personally felt that the third bridge is of no necessity, and my argument is primarily that from a defence perspective.

I believe the government, and whoever was the person to have mooted the idea of a third bridge, has made a serious mis-calculation, by assuming that the proposal was good for the state. When the announcement was made by PM Najib, we did not hear a murmur of disapproval from any UMNO politicians in the state, and I suppose it must be the usual 'saya sokong' that gave PM Najib the nod to make the announcement.

I do not know what will be the reaction of the Johore state government, and the federal government to the statement made by the Sultan of Johore. Will the state government, especially the Menteri Besar dare make a declaration to contradict the Sultan's statement? Or will PM Najib dare to meet the Sultan for an eye-to-eye meeting to explain his thoughts over the proposed third bridge?

The Sultan of Johore has made a stand on the proposal, and let us wait and see what will be the stand of both the state and federal governments. My believe is that this entire episode could have been avoided if there was prior consultation between the Sultan and the government, and my assumption is that there wasn't any such prior consultation.



FMZam said...

It reminds me of a joke as told by a friend about a father who whacked his son out of anger over an arguement on a goat he intended to buy but not yet purchased.....
"Kambing belum dibeli, anak sudah dipukul".

And Johor Baru MP Datuk Shahrir Samad is reported to say that the Sultan’s expressed view reflected the consensus of the people of Johor who felt that the third bridge was not necessary.

And Najib said it that the bridge is in planning stage, there's no decision yet until after a viability study.

The joke is the most powerful man in Malaysia had talked to the most powerful man in Singapore about a dream so convincingly that the father of that Singaporean man came down to Putrajaya to hear it again from this Malaysian man.

Now that the Sultan of Johore has spoken and Najib has politely swept it aside as misunderstanding on the part of the Sultan and that the matter will be resolved with the Sultan in due process. Najib can say that because he can say that as he is the PM and the Sultan has no right to interfere with this country's administration.

We all know that in our politics, the Sultan's wish is not his command unless some politician can turn that wish into an overwhelming political will of the people. You better expect that this will be politicised just as anything else by our politicians.

We will get to see if this bridge will be that one bridge too far for Najib.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear FMZam,

I am just wondering who will get the contract to construct the bridge, if it does happened. Politicians are extremely good at proposing mega projects, and do you think their proposals comes with nothing?

komando said...

Oh no another bridge,I hope it will not COLLAPSE, like the Stadium in Terengganu.

Please see to that first, otherwise Malaysia surely boleh!

FMZam said...

Are we not baffled why the Malaysia-Singapore second link bridge opened in 1998 is still not enough that Najib now needs a third bridge? Just what had happened to that wide bridge and wide expressway the UEM had built over Kupang in Johor Baru and across to Tuas in Singapore?

Over a period of 50 years we had been living with just Tambak Johor before there were this Second Link and now over a period of 10 years we need a Third Link.

I think our government should first demolish our part of Tambak Johor to let the water flow free across the Strait of Singapore then let Singapore in a limbo whether or not to make full use of the Second Link and see if we really need Najib's Bridge.

Broery said...

As a Johorian I wrote in my Facebook, we need the 3rd bridge," like the fish needs bicycles" (which they dont at all).
Today the Sultan confirmed his disgust on the idea. When he launched Iskandar Malaysia, he had asked then PM Badawi,"when are you going to demolish the causeway my grandfather built and replace it with a bridge?",PM just smiled sheepishly.
Yes, on military angle, we are already too exposed. Nusajaya is within their military firing range across, Then the waterfront development Danga Bay and Sebana are now owned by public listed company. What IF someday they have majority interests in these companies?

komando said...

Singapore will not budge, if they down stand to gain anything from it. Bet my bottom dollar.

If they have second link why need a third ? More money to be wasted that's all!

Break the tambak, let the water flow and let the remaining half for them to use as a fishing SPOT.!
Malaysia must stand firm no more compromise! ENOUGH !

Abah said...

Sorry Datuk,
Out of Topic
Lastest news I recieved from Kol Nik KVKM President saying that Kol Chua Hong Kang has being passed away at SJMC. This news recieved and also confirmed by Gen (R) Tan Sri Borhan.


Anonymous said...

Orang tua tu kena hormat la Dato kalau tidak nanti kena tempeleng, tak caya tanya orang Johor.

Maj. Ramachandran Ramaswamy Iyer (Retd) said...

an ode to a great soldier:
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Anonymous said...

Kalau Pok Najib degil juga nak bena jambatan ketiga ,kita ramai rami humban dia masa PRU 13 nanti.Raayat sekarang bukan buta huruf dan tak baca internet.Kita jadi ketua atau pemimpin ni sebab raayat sokong kalau cakap raayat tak mau dengar......siap kan diri untuk dihumban.Dulu boleh la....sekarang no men....

mohamad said...


There are hundreds of issues in the military which smell abuse of positions and breed corruptions which you need to highlight and expose.

I have indicated to you and blogg readers that, though I am a civilian I can contribute a great deal to reduce some of these ( to put a stop may sound dreaming) through your blogg.

But please, avoid underestimating a civilian, because he might have used static and free-fall parachutes well before some of you were born and perhaps he also had graduated with defence and security studies when some of you were still undergoing recruit or officer cadet trainings!

Remember "crusade against corruptions'?

You, all blogg readers and I want a clean and professional military to defend our country and shall we now return to our flight path?

I took a rest because I feel tired after reading some of your
articles and readers' comments.

I take leave to visit "Che Det",
"Kadir Jasin", "Kuda Kepang",
"Rantings" and "Malaysia To-day".

I SHALL return..................