Monday, February 15, 2010


Am I surprise that Hasbie Sattar, Political Secretary to Minister in PM Department, Nor Mohamed Yacob is being detained and grilled for having RM2 million cash in his possession, when the MACC raided an apartment where he was staying in Butterworth? My answer is NO, and I am not at all surprise. Hasbie is just unlucky that he is caught with the money, where many others like him are brilliant enough to have their ill-gotten wealth stashed in some inconspicuous places. I just wonder how many suit cases would one need to keep RM2 million, and throughout my entire life, I have yet to see that amount of hard cash. How fortunate Hasbie Sattar is; by just being a mediocre Political Secretary.

Being a Political Secretary, he is nothing more than just a ‘gate-keeper’ or a ‘toll-collector with little more than the power to influence, rather than the power to approve projects that comes under the purview of his minister. But yet the power to influence is sufficient enough to make him earn his fortune. One can now hazard a guess as to how much is a person worth, if he has the power to approve projects? Certainly, it is nothing less than what the gate-keeper gets. I am not implying that all ministers with the power to approve projects are corrupt, but this is the perception that people has when aides to ministers and politicians are found to be corrupt, and Hasbie Sattar has proven himself to be one.

The question that many will ask now is whether the minister is himself involved, or whether he has any knowledge on the activities of his Political Secretary? People ought to be forgiven if the perception is one that says that the minister is involved. I do not know how the minister will response to the dastardly act of his aide. Will he deny any knowledge, or will he accept certain responsibility and resign in grace? The latter is certainly the option that people would like to see, but from pass experiences, that option is the least that Malaysians will expect.

Now, the MACC has freed Khir Toyo of all allegations of corruption into the purchase of his palatial home. Toyo can now sleep in peace and enjoy the fruits of his labour. However, nothing is mentioned about Azalina Othman, the ex-minister of tourism? Is her case being thrown out too? There goes the high profile case where nothing seemed to stick when it involves people of high places. People in high places certainly have lots of ‘alibi’ to absolve them of any blame.

And I now begin to have doubts too, if I were to report an allegation of corrupt practice by some senior military officers. Someone has said to me that it is not worth being a whistle blower, because it is the whistle blower that will be grilled, not the alleged person being reported.

I seek the guidance of the Almighty to guide me to do the needful in my crusade against corruption.



Capt's Longhouse said...

Dato and to all rakyat Malaysia,

,,,we must now encourage the MACC to investigate the PM and his wife, unless its done to ensure that both are clean, we the rakyat and the nation are doomed in the eyes of every living human being on this earth.
,,,no dirty, corrupted leadership can be tolerated from the very top to the bottom most be ever allowed in Malaysia.
,,,all past and present politicians shall be investigated fairly by MACC and that is the demand from all of rakyat negara kita
,,,Is this asking too much cos. crime should not pay !. WE must rid of this ‘corrupt culture’ once and for all before this nation can progress forward to face the challenges of the modern globalized world.
,,,Indeed, if WE don’t, our children will suffer endlessly, so lets joint hands together and help compass the way for MACC to perform their duty and role without fear or favor of any dirty plus corrupted politicians starting from the PM onwards.

,,,Kita semua bangsa Malaysia, bukan bangsat negara seperti yang ada meminpin kita. Hapuskan mereka dengan cara undang undang yang sekian ada.

Sekian, terima kasih dan selamat tahun baru cina kpd semua rakyat Malaysia yang semua se-kaum berbangsa manusia.

Malaysia Maju Rakyat Berbahagia Sentiasa.

John said...

Don't worry, the almighty has guided you well. Even if nothing happens, you have certainly done your part in creating awareness of corruption in the country and especially in the Defence Forces. It is people like you who are the true but unrecognised heroes of the country. Keep well and continue your blog.

Fathol said...

Khir Toyo is still being investigated by MACC. It'll be foolhardy of Najib to let him off the hook when the heat is on this man from Java.

Najib has more to lose by letting this Javanese dentist with just a slap on the wrist. His expensive Disneyland trips too are being investigated.

It's about time that MACC goes after the sharks rather than the minnows.

Malaysian said...

Is it true that Mr. Toyo is still being investigated? Why such case should takes such a long time to investigate? What about PKFZ case? What about the infamous Lingam case? I can't believe we don't have enough evidence to prosecute the Lingam case.

If we can investigate on Anwar "Sodomy" case with all the resources why can't we prosecute people that stole millions of dollars? Is Anwar case political motivated? I don't know and I don't care. I'll assume that the government is prosecuting a rapist. However, it seems that we do not utilize the resources on more critical cases. We're more worry about Sodomy, RPK cases, etc than corruption cases than involved millions of ringgit. It's time that the government doesn’t assume that we're damn stupid or ignorant. Ingat kita bodoh ke?

Fathol said...

The problem with the ruling party (re:Umno) is that it can't differentiate between the words persecution and prosecution. It's persecution for Anwar, RPK and the Opposition. When it comes to Umnoputras a different set of rules are used. So Wak Parjo Toyo aka Toyol gets away with murder, literally.

However, since Toyo's case is sitting on a pile of fireworks Jibby has little option but to keep it afire lest we, the "stupid" and "naive" rakyat will bugger his conscience.

Jibby has gone a little too far with his 1Malaysia, People First and Performance Now gibberish (reminiscent of one former army chief's "Satu Peluru Satu Musuh" nonsense decades ago) that anything less would be construed as a "sandiwara". A "sandiwara" which Umno has perfected into an art and one which our army brass have emulated to the hilt.

Some of the party's men (re: cronies)are so flushed with funds that stashing them in gunny sacks and paper bags seem the most suitable alternative as keeping the money in banks will attract unnecessary attention. Remember another army chief who kept his money in the strong room of his flatten house? Hope your memory serves you well.

MACC needs to charge both servant and boss. This is the same fella who almost bankrupted the Central Bank with his foray into forex.

Had it not been for Maha Firaun he'd have been "persecuted" a long long time ago. But today he's a minister in charge of our treasury.

Why must thief be entrusted with our money? Pray tell me why?

taming said...

We know what a Political Secretary to Minister is. Not only he is the 'gate keeper' or 'toll-collector", he is also a 'runner' for the Minister.

The Minister should also be investigated for allowing his surbodinate massing with corrupted
cash to the extent of owing many expensive bangalows and exotic luxury cars within short span of time. But I can bet the MACC would not dare investigate a Cabinet Minister!

This is the whole damn thing wrong with this country. Only small fishes would get into the net whereas big sharks are allowed to go free!

I would only respect MACC if they have the balls to bring the PM, DPM, Cabinet Ministers and Senior Government Officers including PAT and Service Chiefs to justice if they were involved in any form of corruption and abuse of position and power.

But who gave the MACC guys the jobs? The MACC guys WILL NEVER bite the hands that feed them. So where do we go from here? Pi mai pi mai.....


Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,lets see if they have any balls ?.

,,,lets kick them hard, to get them balls rolling, if they ever have any !.

,,,are they scared of the malaysian professional criminal gangs running the country ?….not unless they are in relationship as sanctioned gang members to the malaysian yakuza, as their bosses, AND not to the public or rakyat at large ?

…… “hello MACC, this is the rakyat speaking”…..can you hear me ?. Also the “pretend it didn’t happen” ploy is unethical for MACC to use for avoiding an undesirable situation with the well known malaysian yakuza or their family members too. YES, including their blinking wifes.
,,,JUST bloody GET them all !. WE are pretty sick of it and the nation is being bleed to death right now. Don’t wait sampai kami pun sudah mati nanti !.

,,,STOP this stupidity in kowtowing and submissiveness to the UMNO warlords, it should not be made as part of our traditional malaysian culture !.
,,,JUST get down to the job in hand NOW !….INVESTIGATE them all.

ucis said...

Dato I have been following your blog for sometime and decided to chip in.I would very much hope that your blog is being followed by other bloggers who are not from ex servicemen or servicemen as their comments may create this blog more interesting.Keep on your good job Dato.

EXRMC said...


He was caught with 2 million cash in his possession in his apartment.
Hopefully MACC will conduct a very fair investigation. But...I am not surprise that there will no case against him. "FOR THE BIG SHARK, the result of the investigation is ALWAYS NEGATIVE.

The Rakyat are yet to see those corrupted culprits end up in JAIL.
This happen because MONEY IS POWER and can do wonders....guilty or not guilty.

Never mind ..... God will punish them later. Amin.......

Malaysian said...

Hmmm .... What happen to the ex-Selangor MB Muhammad Taib "Me speak no-English" incident Rm2.4 million? Didn't he joined back UMNO? BN will always allow crooked to join back their political party. Remember Negeri Sembilan ex-MB and Chua Soi Lek. BN is hopeless and they'll never reform.

SysOp said...

Dear Sir,

Nor Mohamed Yakcop son own a Lamborghini (err... donno if he get it by his own or else...) MACC better check it out..


abdulhalimshah said...

Dear Dato' Arshad Raji,
Your steadfastness in carrying out this will to stamp out corruption is divine-inspired and as such there should not be any letdown.
Just forward all the facts and proof of the people who commit such a crime to the MACC and let them carry the responsibilty and they would have to account for all the action or inaction. At least you have done what you resolve to do. My utmost respect for your commitment.

Mustang said...

Dear Dato,

Interesting to note. There seems to be a conspiracy to hit real hard at the PM's People. Too many scandals of Jibby is surfacing now!!

The country is rotting due to all these. I would suggest:

- Concentrate on the younger generation and educate them on the Evils of Corruption / Make the younger generation realise to move along the lines of Level playing fields [which includes education / learning skills / attain knowledge / foreign language and most importantly having vast experience to be marketable globally].

- Instill on the younger generation on the needs to compete in Level playing Fields [Irrespective of Race and Religion].

- Make the Bumi Muslims fully realise that they have been played out for 52 years and only the so called Putras [UMNOputras] benefitting].

Hope things will change drastically in the next GE but yet its the younger generation we need to cultivate!!

Dato, You have move this far trust that you can leave a Legacy to Upgrade the Minda of the Younger Generation.

Salams Dato

Fathol said...

There's little this blog host can do except to prick the conscience of the perpetrators (re:Umnoputras). They have benefited tremendously from the gravy train and will do anything possible to make the train continue in their direction.

The Police, Judiciary, MACC (and soon the armed forces) are used as their first-line of defence. It's we the rakyat who should stand up to all these devilish attempts at usurping power from the people.

The youths of the country need to be educated 'cos a large number of them are still not registered as voters.

Haris Ibrahim has formed a movement known as "Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia". This is the forum for them. Check it out on Haris's blog, People's Parliament.


taming said...

How many political secretaries or the 'gate-keepers' or 'runners' do we have in this country?

Each ministry has one political secretary and therefore there are many political secretaries doing what Hasbie Sattar was doing.It is therefore logical to conclude that many more political secretaries are being surveiled by MACC and we would expect more cases will be exposed. Well done MACC.

Common sense would tell that Hasbie Sattar is not an exception because we often see political secretaries do nothing but running errands for their ministers. May be Dato' Sri Najib should make quick decision to get rid of all political secretaries and help to save some of the rakyats' funds.

Political Secretaries, BEWARE! MACC
is trailing you and your days are numbered... if you continue to commit sins like what Hasbie Sattar has done, you will be the next one.

Congratulations to MACC for a job well done.

WIRA said...

Dear Dato'
As I have indicated in a previous comment, nothing would come of the investigation of Khir Toyo over the bungalow issue. Dia tu kebal.. Lagipun orang Jawa banyak ilmu.
We have also long suspected that the MACC is nothing but a front used by the govt to tipu the rakyat that they are serious about combatting corruption. But alas, the reality is clear today. The MACC is nothing more than an instrument to be used against detractors and small fries (selective prosecution). They are nothing more than a dog on a leash..
Quite expectedly people in high places or those weilding political influence or power will not be untouched. Khir Toyo is a classic case in point.
Apa nak bukti lagi?
So nampaknya apa yang kita lakukan ni sia-sia belakalah.
Kalaulah keadaan sedia ada ini dikekalkan, usaha kita membanteras rasual tak lain dan tak bukan seperti salakan anjing keatas bukit... ia tak kan runtuh.
Kata orang kampung den .. ngabiskan bores ajo...
Gamaknya negeri kita ni seumpama donggeng Si Lunchai... Tak berdaya hendak berbuat apa2, kita mungkin terpaksa mengambil pendirian supaya membiarkan gormen yang ada ni terjun dengan labu-labunya. Nak buat apo lagi jang...Serah pada Tuhan....