Thursday, February 4, 2010


One is not surprise these days to find that some senior military officers living a luxurious life that far exceeds their monthly salaries. I am told that there is one particular senior officer who is in a position to influence the purchase of a capital equipment in his or his bosses favour, and finds enough cash to buy an expensive home, and flashing a deposit payment that is far in excess of the usual 10% required by the developer to purchase a home.

One cannot hide the fact that if a person is a one star general, his housing loan entitlement is only RM360,000. One can say that he also took a bank loan which is quite likely. But as a one star general, can he afford to pay for two loans, besides having to pay for his car loan (unless he has settled a full payment), the children’s education and other house-hold expenses. One can also say that as a one star general, he may not need a personal car because he is provided a service car that he could drive home with it and use it at his leisure. Of course, he has to pay for the fuel at nominal rates if the car is not used in an official capacity.

Some had just called in to say that this particular one star general had his hands deep in influencing the acquisition of the Vera-E Passive Air Defence sensor that I had written several days earlier. It is believed that this particular senior had justified (or was it on the instructions of his superior) that the Czech Republic manufactured Vera-E Passive Defence sensor is the only system that has a full 3D location capability to detect an approaching airborne target; whereas there is a similar system i.e. Kolchuga manufactured in the Ukrine. If this is true, we then have a compulsive liar in the person of a one star general, and liars are damn from being a member of the nation’s noble armed forces; just like 'corruptors' that have line their pockets will ill-gotten money.

There are also some favoured companies dealing in the supply of defence equipments that have in their employment retired military officers that double as proxies to serving military officers to facilitate the constant flow of defence contracts to the favoured companies. I do not wish to name the companies here as it is well known among the military and civilian circles, and where even some family members have been known to be employed by the companies. There is no hiding the facts, and it does not need the MACC to track the money trail to understand how such companies operates in cohorts with the powers that be. There is an entire web of people (military/civilian staffs/corporate figures) that are involved to cheat and rob the government off its coffer.

There have also been talks that some senior officers (military/civilian) having been made rich have now become bold and arrogant, as to have excess cash kept neatly in money clips, and showing them off to their partners after a round of golf. The bet is no longer single digit, and I am told it can go as much as 2/3 digit of zero per hole. Just imagine, if one is to lose all 18 holes, the accumulative lost could be in the hundreds and thousands. Can someone tell me in all honesty that senior military/civilian officers can really afford such a loss, or dare place a bet for such kind of money? My answer is yes, if only they are thieves and corruptors.

Just as I am about to sign off this article, I received an sms that says a recently retired one star general from the RMAF had purchased a house in Taman Perwira, Ampang; had the house demolished and a new exceedingly large house build. I do not know who this retired general is but simple arithmetic says that the costs to acquire the house, demolished and rebuild a new house in a posh area like Taman Perwira, Ampang could easily surpass a million. Now, how the hell can this person afford that kind of money is everyone’s guess, unless he had saved his salary in full for the last 10 years.



Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,mind you, its very easy to earn good money by investing properly but do it the legal way. in fact, i myself made tons of it and can offer to charity of my choice with it too. So its not a big deal to earn big money in this nation, even a fool like me can do it too !. Really not a big deal indeed Dato, very very easy.
,,,BUT those that are dirty and corrupted shall never have that peace of mind, no matter how big is their dream house or the millions in the bank.
,,,keep writing about their immoral acts and words will reach them somehow, indeed their dreams will turn to nightmares !.
,,,nothing taste better with the honest money earned too.

maurice said...

It is stupid for the Defence Minister to make a statement about foreign espoionage in his Ministry.Now we want to see whether he has the courage to reveal which country is doing it and who are the MAF culprits.We want action to be taken against the personnel(s) because presuamably they have violated the OSA.They should be put away in prison period.

The DMI should do his job without the need to have a political umbrella over his head!

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,its most frustrating to see such unprofessionalism from those running all of our ministeries.

,,,just kind at times wonder, what would it takes !.

F said...

Thats what we get when we are led by spinless and gutless politicans.
For years this country's defence has been neglected and gambled with by politicans who continue to neglect the men and women who serve and protect us. It would help if we had an opposition who could ask the right questions and raise the right issues regarding national defence.

All this talk about sexy big ticket items like fighters and missiles when the average infantryman has sub standard quality boots and webbing and even lack the essential in todays battlefield like body armour and night vision. We bought thousands of M4s in the first batch but couldn't even allocate the proper funds for scopes! Yet the politicans continue to pour money down the drain on questionable projects and at the same time say with a serious face that this country's security will not be taken for granted and that those who serve are appreciated.

maurice said...


Pegawai satu bintang itu tentu buat apa aje yang diarah oleh ketuanya.

Sambil itu dia ambil kesempatan ambil habuan yang dihulurkan oleh Sydney Franklin.

Saya dengar Sydney Franklin dah jaga semua Dato!

maurice said...


Orang Melayu banyak mempunyai kelemahan; kaki perempuan, berjudi dan malas.

Jadi tak hairanlah kalau berjudi di padang golf guna duit rasuah.Jadi businessmen itu sengaja kalahkan diri supaya duit rasuah berpindah tangan.

Nah macam mana MACC nak tangkap orang berasuah macam ini?

PM said...

With the present substandard equipment and poorly equiped, what defence secret do we have??? Don't you think the ASEAN countries do not know what we have and our capability??? shsssh

All our purchases are monitored.

F said...

PM, its not defence purchases our friendly neighbours are interested in. Hush hush stuff countries are
eager for include stuff like troop rotations, personal data on senior officers, radio and radar frequencies, cipher keys, etc. Once you know where to look and what frequencies to look out for, eavesdropping on a country's comms and monitoring his electonic activity via SIGINT and ELINT is easier.

Actually not all the stuff the MAF gets is subs-standard. A lot of the stuff bought is actually gold plated, though overpriced. Despite its failings, the PT-91M actually has one of the most capable fire control systems in the world, the Savan 15 - linked to a high end 360 degrees panaromic sight. The problem is due to several factors, standardisation is a word which is not in our vocab, and we tend to buy a bit but never enough of anuthing. At present the RMN operates the following calibres,
57mm, 100mm, 40mm, 30mm, 76mm and 30mm! The RMN also has about 5 different comabat management systems on its ships! A logistics and support nightmare that no doubt makes thee suppliers and their local agents happy. Until the FH-70s were retired, the army had 2 different calibre 155mm howitzers with ammo that was not interchangable.

EXRMC said...

Salam Semua,

Kalau seseorang 'Retired General' ada banglo/villa besar dan kereta mewah, kenapa kita perlu hairan. Sangka yang bukan-bukan -RASUAH???
Kalau ada usaha yang gigih , to be a millionaire is not impossible. Cuba kita lihat manusia yang berjaya, mereka rajin, kerja keras, komited dan sanggup berkorban masa/tenaga. Maka mereka boleh hidup mewah, ada banglo dan kereta mewah dan life style wau...cakap pun tak guna.

Setuju dengan Capt's Longhouse. "So it is not a big deal to earn big money in this nation, even a fool like me can do it" Tapi kalaulah yang masih berkhidmat dengan kerajaan dan hidupnya mewah dan ada banglo besar dan kereta mewah, itu kenalah disiasat terlebih dahulu. Mungkin ada unsur RASUAH yang dilakukan olehnya (Jeneral yang dimaksudkan)

Jangan cakap cam tu, " Orang Melayu banyak mempunyai kelemahan; kaki perempuan, berjudi dan malas" Sensitif komen tu, sebab saya orang Melayu tak macam itu. Saya nak tanya sikit you tu bagus sangat ke ? Cuba elak isu yang sensitif..


Capt's Longhouse said...

maurice !..please,

,,,the question today, as the rational malaysians in search of a new way in changing our political culture, can we somehow come up with a new basis to our national narative that can deliver us a new malaysia that is inclusive, accommodating, prural and indeed diverse without falling back on the staid and stale stereotypes of racialised differences ?
,,,cos untill we have done so, can we together claim to have transcended the ever confining/constricting stupid logic of past colonial governmentality that in fact once served as the premise of a racially-divided malaya that was unequal/unstable and bloody at odds with itself ?.
,,,That was their basis of divide and rule being carried forward by the likes of the existing dirty and dangerous racist politicians too !. Let it just history and let it be, please don’t repeat it. Why must we still suffer for it !.
,,,lets all be smarter to over come it ?….since indeed now we all have an common enemy !….in the likes of manipulative individuals and corrupted politicians. Wrong is wrong and lets correct it together in line with fair justice and rules of Law and not to take the law into one’s hand.
,,,Time to put a full STOP to this ‘babi and membabi’ for the good of humanity and fair justice for all malaysians.
,,,,”Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”,,,,

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Salam Dato'

It is an open secret that every military attache is a spy with diplomatic immunity. Full stop.

Is this news?

PM Najib Razak Mengatakan Kehilangan Enjin Jet Pejuang F-5E Milik Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia Itu Rupanya Bukanlah Aset Strategik Negara Kita

KUALA LUMPUR, 6 Feb [3.20 pm] - Semua usaha diambil untuk menemui semula dua enjin jet pejuang F-5E (foto) milik Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (TUDM) yang hilang, yang dikesan di Uruguay walaupun barang-barang itu bukan aset strategik kepada negara, kata Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. Beliau berkata kedua-dua enjin itu untuk kuasa jet pejuang F5 berusia lebih 35 tahun kerana ia dibeli pada tahun 1972. Bercakap kepada pemberita selepas melakukan lawatan tinjauan di Kampung Baru di sini hari ini, katanya nilai enjin tersebut ialah kira-kira RM303,000 setiap satu. "Kedua-duanya adalah enjin yang sangat lama...bukan enjin canggih. Jadi ia bukan satu aset strategik kepada negara. Ia bukanlah seperti enjin Sukhoi atau F-18", kata beliau. Katanya enjin pesawat itu bukan lagi untuk pesawat barisan hadapan dari aspek kemampuan dan teknologi. Semalam, Peguam Negara Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail berkata kerajaan Uruguay telah mengesan dua enjin yang hilang itu dan usaha-usaha sedang dilakukan untuk membawanya balik. Enjin itu dilaporkan hilang dari dua kemudahan TUDM pada 20 Disember, 2007 dan 1 Jan, 2008. Dua orang telah didakwa di Mahkamah Sesyen berhubung dengan kehilangan enjin itu dan kedua-duanya meminta untuk dibicarakan.

Capt's Longhouse said...

dear guys,

,,,all of these recent events, further demonstrate our psychological relationship within the context of our typical malaysian neo-feudal psychology and ruling UMNO/BN feudal thinking and values,,,,,, kind off from my take-lah !?.
,,,as such the ‘expectation’ of the rakyat’s loyalty to the elite leadership, divinity and kingship in the realm of their modern Dewarajas concept ?. Reminding the rakyat on its greater consequence in the relationship between the rulers and their subjects on selective discourse to suit their hidden agendas via concept of adat orientation/derhaka or treason against the ruler for instance as a mean for the elites to further perpetuate and hold on to power or rule ?.
,,,perhaps feudal minded malaysians are finally trying to free themselves from their burden of traditional plus historical baggage that unfortunately may have stunted our political development with changing times in this global world ?.
,,,again some still lacks the rational, objective and democratic language to put across in the reform/change process, which indeed is happening right now across the nation.
…yes indeed, go ahead in your/our enlightenment to the rakyat in general but please find the right words to explain ?.
,,, (don’t be ‘kurang ajar’ would be best-lah guys yaa kot !?)
,,,eeermm Najib with his lost F#'* engine !!

S.B.Jaafar said...

Hmmm.... "The corruptness" of mindef is well known. I used to work for a contractor and we needed so much grease when dealing with mindef... my employer dah terlongkop la ni... Tak boleh nak cope with the other greasers... hahaha.

Anyways, it looks like melayu suka makan rasuah and cina suka beri rasuah. Not to be racists but to the Chinese it's business. But what about Malays? The "administrators of this country... Some of us are ever so willing to bend over and turn tricks for a life of luxury, unachievable on a government salary..... It's an attitude problem, or should we increase the salary of "orang keja gomen"?

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,its the 'corruption culture' and mentality that we must address.
,,,nil morality and spiritual values that causing these issues rather than to just increasing in pay.
,,,on has to live within one's means or find a job or business to honestly earn the hard cash. My old orang gaji, now sells lemang along the road side and she makes rm500/- profit everyday !. Burger boys selling on their own makes rm200/- clean daily. Even jaga kereta drug addicts makes rm100/- daily as minimum income. Part time local fishermen can earn average rm5000/- per month !. Pendatang haram and tak haram can earn rm30/- to rm50/- per day too.
,,,jual apa apa pun boleh cari makan in Malaysia, just some hard honest work, that is all needed fron anyone to earn a living in this country.
,,,but if you want to kaya cepat cara kurang baik, than you answer for it, bila kena tangkap. Crime does not pay !
,,,in business, it does not kira bangsa or bangsat, if you are bad, you will be caught finally. Period !. you get my drift, so don't be foolish. Just work of the money, its there for all-lah.

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

Okay, call me a fool.
1)Who owns the jet engines? Shipped overseas without payment to sellers and guarantees?
2)If two camps are burnt due to negligence, do we not worry,because it's not strategic?

3)What are the latent roles of a DA and embassy/high commission staff? Don't we know? Someone shot himself in the head by announcing it publicly. Don't we have covert counter intelligence measures? Am I missing something?
Once a famous Malaysian said "I am not corrupted, but I did not say I am not corruptible".Me resta my casea.

Malaysian said...

Agree with Capt ... Tidak kira warna kulit or agama.. if you break the law then you must go to jail.

Capt's Longhouse said...

dato, may i share this too !,

,,,Geee !! we now can see the stupidity of the PM’s tactic to pervert the cause of logical comprehension through the subverted use of spurious logic, perhaps in an effort to convince the more simple amongst those kampong baru folk that all is in fact A-okay with this most hunky-dory of thefts of not one, but two, maybe fully or partly depreciated national security type assets called fighter jet-engines, from not any of your average storage facility mind you, but from the secure perimeters of an RMAF base at sungai besi. (iron river!)
,,,Based on that curious reasoning, can the bloody insecured PM perhaps tell us how he intends to stop any of these “really strategic assets” from also being stolen if they are now also termed as old stuffs ! Guess, the Skyhawks, MIG 29, Alouette 111 plus many Navy ships etc etc can now be considered non-strategic items that could be stolen and the crooks not be charged for treason ?. So called new aircraft purchases with exchange programme be the standard as an approved corruption protocol i.e. to gather party fundings at the expense of the poor rakyat ?.
,,,Billions and billions of not ringgit but US$ mind you, worth of military equipments gone down the drain, for what ?. Day light robberies indeed and we have had enough of these nonsense !. Its just an criminal act ?. Period !!. Its the jailhouse for all of you corrupted evil dewarajas….your maharaja cells are just awaiting.
,,, Guess who will have the last laugh ?. We the rakyat has finally awoken from our restfull sleep. Its your bloody nightmares now finally !. Just wait for GE 13 or resign now. Either way is the end of the road-lah. We have gave you enough time to change/reform BUT you never had it, in your heart to really do so !. Just talk talk talk nonsense after nonsense….where got actions and deliverables ?…where, where, where !!!!. its just too late now.
,,,Rakyat Raja, Raja Rakyat,,,days of UMNO/BN Dewas & Dewarajas are its end game !. BUT we will still keep our real Rajas Berdaulat in place, no worries about them. They have their roles to play in this nation of ours. Its the dirty corrupted politicians and individuals we are after !.
,,,its not a play, its war against evil. Together we shall make it happen. Every single Malaysian should register for the GE 13, get cracking on it,,,,o.k. buddies ?.
,,,Every vote counts ! and may God Almighty bless you and this nation of ours.

Salam Muhibah to all Malaysian.

maurice said...

Fasal isu intip itu, DMI janganlah bergantung sangat kepada Menteri Pertahanan untuk nak mejalankan tugas saudara.

DMI sudah ada kuasa untuk menangkap anggota yang terlibat dibawah ISA.Buatlah apa yang telah diamanahkan kepada saudara tanpa Kementerian Pertahanan buat heboh seluruh serantau.Malulah.

Sekarang Menteri Pertahanan dah kata kes isu intip sudah tutup dan diselasaikan melalui saluran diplomatik.

Tapi Menteri Pertahahan perlu memberi penerangan kepada rakyat: siapa anggota ATM yang terlibat, adakah mereka itu akan didakwa di bawah perundangan AKTA72, jenis maklumat mana yang telah terlepas kepada si pengintip, apakah tindakan Kementerian supaya perkara tersebut tidak berlaku lagi etc.

Kalau anggota yang bertanggungjawab terhadap kehilangan 2xunit enjin F5E kena tindakan perundangan negara, mengapa pulak anggota yang membucurkan rahsia negara tidak diambil tindakan keras?Tentu kesalahan mereka itu lebih serius dari 2xorang anggota yang terlibat dengan pencurian enjin jet F5E itu?
Menteri Pertahanan perlu memberi jawapan terhadap soalan-soalan tersebut bagi menyakin kepercayaan rakyat trehadap keutuhan ATM.

maurice said...


Projek VERA-E itu dijalankan sekali gus dengan pembelian 1x Regiment MLRS Avibras secara rundingan terus mengikut keperluan Tentera Darat.

Agent kepada kedua-dua projek ialah Sydney Franklin.

Kalau MACC nak gerodak bukanlah susah sangat kerana mereka yang terlibat dengan projek-projek tersebut masih ada lagi termasuk Sydney Franklin sendiri.

Tapi saya kurang pasti samada MACC ada kuasa untuk menahan rakyat asing yang disyaki terlibat dengan aktibiti rasuah di negara kita ini.

F said...

Capt Longhouse, I totally agree with you with regards to corruption, accountability and going after the real corrupt ''villians'' as opposed to just the ''small fish''. The problem is in my view, the oppposition at the moment hardly inspires any confidance in me.

Instead of forming a united front and having a common agenda the oppposition is involved in ''in house'' bickering that seems to be getting out of hand. DAP and PAS have different agendas and can't even agree on how to run this country!! And yet they are offering themselves as the next government... Has Anwar publicly stated his opinion on PAS's plan to implement hudud? Has Anwar or other opposition leaders explained how they are going to clean up the mess in MINDEF and ensure this country's security is not neglected?

All the opposition parties seem to have adopted a monopoly on truth and morality - saying ''what we say is the truth and is right and what BN says is total fabrication and is meant to fool the rakyat as all they want to do is just mantain their grip on power to continue fattening their bank accounts''. On the other hand despite its many promises and reforms, BN continues to stick to its old ways on many issues and continues to mismanage many important issues facing this country.

So where does that leave the common rakyat?? Or is it just as simple as ditching BN in GE 13 in the hope that the opposition will sort out their vast differences and will really keep their election and campaign promises?

puaka said...


I tend to agree with F. The 'Barisan Alternatif' is NOT the best alternative for the present govt. Not yet. They have to pull up their socks and stay as one, strong and united. The rakyat are still not convinced at the moment.

Malaysian said...

It seems as though the BN government is truly not interested to combat corruption. I doubt UMNO have any interest to even help their own race. I'm actually a little bit disappointed with the current situation in Malaysia. We've economic crisis yet we've so many stupid court cases, constant sabotaging of Pakatan state government, corruption cases, racial problems, etc. Have you seen any improvement from the government? Can't they run this country properly? ........... Goodbye and Good luck fellow Malaysian.....This country is bound to be doomed if corrupt politician continue to run this country ... Maybe we should just forget about this blog since we can't really prosecute the corrupt officials. We can only bitch about it online.

puaka said...

Dato, Sir and Gentlemen,

Correct me if I am wrong. Corruption is the oldest crime in the history of mankind. It is just as old as the oldest profession - prostitution. It was created by the system, any system and therefore it stays in the system. The system that we lived in is operated by humans - men, women, old and young. Humans have desires. Desires evolves all through history. Today, its all about money for money can buy anything, including Moms and Dads! Anybody will take you as sons or daughters if you are rich.

To fight corruption is a crusade. We need to change the system. We have to create a new system where there are no humans involve all through the process. Develop some kind of programs that use only machines, computers or robots to do everything from A to Z.

But then again, that too will not guarantee us clean of corruption for machines, computers and robots have ON and OFF switches. Those switches are at the tip of human fingers!

maurice said...

Dear Malaysian,

I disagree with you.UMNO leaders over the years have done a lot to change the socio-economic position of the Malays.

UMNO's problem today is that of money politics.UMNO's leaders have to sort out this problem if they want to be successful in the next election.

One cannot rely on the government alone to stop corruption.As citizens we have an important role to play; to highlight instances of corruption, provide evidence to MACC and to use our MPs to highlight the issues in parliament etc.

Don't say we don't have a hope against the corruption.Countries like Hong Kong over the last few years have been able to eliminate corruption through transparency, good governance backed by a fully independent anti-corruption monitoring and enforcement body.

Malaysia could emulate the example of Hong Kong if only our fellow Malaysians are active in putting pressure on the politicians.For this to happen, all citizens must participate in the fight against corruption thorugh education, socialization and active anti-corruption programmes.I believe this blog is playing a role in that programme.

PM said...

F, I am sure our neighbours have
all the data. I was told they could jam MAF frequencies.. esp troops on exercise down south and even the naval missile firing systems could be jammed.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,modern warfare is via the economy no more with bullets !
,,,our politician plays the biggest role here, yet most of them are just fooling around !. where is their priority ?. Sodomy pulak jadi their main game eeerrmm !!.
,,,its terrorist threats that's what the Armed Forces must prepare for-lah.
,,,its about time, we and the Singaporeans be friends again !...most of us and them are related too. Its Dr M that caused all the troubles, in fact if we work together its a BIG win/win. O.K LKY is another interesting guy but he has brains !..darm good gray matter yaa !.
,,,its back to the Indons. which we have to be extra careful, there are approx. 3 millions of them in the country too !! haha watch out !
,,,our Filipinos too, are pretty dangerous, still claiming Sabah.
,,,Thailand is not really an enemy, but are ! in the Southern part of Thailand and many islamic fanatics on both sides are giving problems to the Thais. Been going on for ages and many killings are happening even today itself.
,,,our worse enemies are within ourselves, fellow malaysian !!! don't forget that yaa !. Unless we are UNITE, we are all in trouble.
,,,fanatics of all kinds and tribes are just waiting to cause trouble !...cow head/pig head next maybe your/mine too ?...o.k. just kidding hehehe.

Capt's Longhouse said...


Today in Malaysia there seem to be some who wish to inflame the situation in the country with blatant acts of provocation, intended to arouse the ire and hate of the rest of us. We have witnessed the sad and shameful spectacle of cows’ heads being severed, and now pigs’ heads have been cut in anger too.

,,,While the authorities have the responsibility to stop this cycle of violence from spiraling any further, we - every ordinary Malaysian - have our own responsibility as well when it comes to choosing how to react to these acts of provocation. In times of overheated rhetoric and anger such as these, cool heads and calm tempers must prevail. Now is the moment for each and every one of us to be rational that is in all of us. Now is the time for the spirit of the wise pacifist to prevail - and it is not a spirit of passive defeatism that is called on, but rather the active and deliberate will not to fall into the trap of provocation.

,,,The cycle of hate and violence can only end when we choose to break the link before us, and refuse to allow ourselves to be made into pawns for some sick and potentially deadly game that is being played by puppet-masters who have neither the courage nor principles to identify themselves in public.

,,,Enough is enough. One severed cow’s head, or pig’s head, is already one too many. As Marina Mahathir has noted in her article ‘Let us Not let them Provoke us into War’ (27 Jan 2010), let US - Malaysian citizens of all walks of life and belief - regain our will and autonomy and reclaim our nation from the hate-mongers, cowards, bigots and chauvinists. Hate will not be defeated by more hate, and racism will not be defeated by more racism.

,,, we must show that love - for peace, for others - is a mighty force that can defeat the demons among us. And like Yudistira, we must understand that Pacifism is NOT weakness, but rather the strongest expression of an independent intelligent will that refuses to compromise its dignity and autonomy by blindly walking down the path of irrational hate and anger.

Malaysian said...


I totally agree with you that UMNO done a lot of things for not only the Malay but the country. If you noticed most of my comment is always wishing politician of both sides start focusing on helping the people again. I always admire a lot of great things the leaders from UMNO had done such as Tengku Razaleigh (Petronas), Tun Razak (NEP), Tun Dr. Ismail, and even Tun Dr. Mahathir (Industrialization), etc. (Ok Maybe I'm a little tired with Tun Dr. Mahathir racist remarks ... on me and others)

Once again, I love a lot of great things UMNO leaders have done but they're not perfect right especially the some of the current leaders ... ? The reason I complaint about government not focusing on helping the Malay because within this last two years we've Shah Alam - Cow Head, Church Burning, Boar Head at the mosque, calling "Chinese" racist, etc. I'm not stating that government has any role on all these incident ........ We've so many things happening after General election and you'll realized they're more focus on how to destroy the Pakatan than helping the people. Also, Anwar shouldn't have say anything about BN MP switching ship.

I just felt that federal government can focus on generating jobs, curb corruption, reduce crime rates especially rape cases, restore judiciary independent, etc. Furthermore, didn't a lot of our fellow servicemen/women on this blog stated that corruption is getting worse within the military ...I'm just saying that things are getting worse and not better since 90s. With all the commission money, we can improve Sekolah Kebangsaan at kampung, provide tuition assistance for city children, improve public transportation, etc. Lastly, UMNO done a lot of great things for the country but things have changed ... is it because of greed .. I don't know anymore?

Ok now ... need to focus on cari duit. Inflation too high even price of Milo went up.

p/s: I'm a minority and sometimes it sacred the shit out of me reading Utusan Malaysia. So, I wish they can stop being so negative towards me. Saya juga anak Malaysia, right?


Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,frankly, its all in one's mindset and thinking. We just have to be positive in life and living.
,,,the 'can do' attitude will being lots of reward, big or small, it all matters !
,,,we have to look at problems as opportunities and being positive indeed helps yaa.
,,,just reflect/recall all the difficulties we all have encountered in our life..fantastic yaa !..and how we made it ! wow.
,,,lets us all make this world a better place for the future generation ?. no matter how little one contribute..just planting a tree will do ?. we don't have to build the twin tower for sure !!!.

F said...

Capt. Longhouse, short of any MILF/ASG insurgency problems getting out of hand in Mindanao and reaching the shores of Sabah, the Philippines is not a threat, irrespective of their long standing claim to Sabah. The Philippinos have enough problems of their own internally to want to pose a threat to us over Sabah.

The problem is due to the government neglecting our national security the RMAF only has only 4 Beechcraft MPAs to patrol our national waters and EEZ!! We created the MMEA but had no money to fund new patrol boats for the MMEA! Despite all its claims on not neglecting our security the goverment has yet to provide the MAF with the adequate means to safeguard our sovereign waters and shores. Another case of guttless, shameless politicans who roam the corridors of Putrajaya and MINDEF who can only talk the talk but cant walk the walk!

But the key question is...... should the opposition gain power, can they walk the walk and do a better job than BN? Or is it all just paying lipservice to potential voters to aid their quest in forming a new government? Has Anwar or the folks at DAP given any indications as to what approach they will take towards our national defence?

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,for sure, the Alternative Govn. will further cut on defence spending and rebuilt the economy first from their talks to-date !.
,,,guess, that would be a wise move too since there is no money left right now Yop Oii !! We are in the negative, mind you. BIG trouble indeed buddies !!!.
,,,mismanagement of nation's fundings by present govn. is no big secret. With nil 'political will' for way forward too, so how ?.
,,,anti-terrorism should be the priority right now and forecoming future that is the real threat this world is facing and our nation is not excluded !. Just up-grade our troops on the ground with better personal battle gears and re-educate them accordingly. Professionalize them immediately=lah.
,,,Just forget/delay about new aircrafts/battle tanks etc etc but the Navy must be up-graded with smaller faster marine crafts.
,,,Bloody submarine is just stupid pride and a waste of taxs payor money indeed-lah. Ada orang nak commission saja, tak perduli apa.
,,,we need professional infentry, that's it !. not like the stupid RELA types Geee..boy scouts could do a better job !.
,,,if the Alt. were to come into prw, major changes can be expected, like in present day Japan and the nation will have a new start. If not, we are just digging a ever endless deeper grave. Sorry to say it but that's my take after monitoring the situation and from previous professional LIRA studies carried out as part of the key job function previously - as the regional strategic logistics strategist in an international oil major. We perform such indepth studies b4 any investment decision be made at the board room.
,,,Malaysia is still in the Green but close to becoming Yellow, but if in RED, the oil majors shall bail out within 24 hours. No kidding here too.
,,,the Philippines at best would need an external enemy to keep their nation together, now managed by bandits from both outside and inside their Armed Forces. If only they were more united and stronger, we would be facing them eye to eye !. Their type of corruption is now being implemented somewhat here from the looks of it too ?. Our troubles brewing too?....eerrmm.
,,,don't ever fool around with Vietnam or China, they can give us more than a black eye !. But we are on good terms with both presently but the new deepwater oil & gas fields are over lapping claims nowadays. Again potential conflict here !.
,,,do read the Indons. pancasila carefully and don't be surprise that we are still not 100% out of their gun sight. Our war ships and their are not fooling around each other too, from a few incidents to-date.
,,,in fact, Singapore is our best bet, to be friendly with but UMNO politics is not helping. Again too much pride at stake here, kind of stupid if we all want to survive together ?.

F said...

Capt. Longhouse, all due respect but how exactly do you propose further cuts in the defence budget. As it is the operational budget has been slashed by 30% and this in the long run will result i lower operational readiness.

The pilots, infantryman and sailors in the MAF need to exercise regularly to mantain and sharpen their kills and it can't be done with a reduced operational budget. Any more lowering of the budget will result in our pilots spending less time in the air and our ships spending less time patroling our national waters. As it is, even live firing of small arms have been curtailed leading to a detoiration in shooting standards.

As a former RMAF pilot and a professional pilot in civvie life, you of all peolple realise that such specalist skills and operational experience built up over time can't be regained overnight once lost. Any further lowering of the defence budget by BN or the the opposition would be irresponsible and criminal. What we need to is spend our cash more prudently instead of buying a bit of eveything and enough of nothing and letting the politicans instead of the folks in uniform to determine what is bought.

Personaly, I would disband RELA....
But I yes I agree with you on Singapore. Our politicans need to indulge in some realpolitik and for a strategic relationship with Singapore instead of always cozing up to the Indonesians.

I disagree with your comments about the uselfuness of submarines [though I'm sure many got rich due to the project]. As proven over the last century in several conflicts, submarines provide navies with flexible options in times of peace and in war to act as a detterent as well as other tasks like surveillance and as a patrol asset.Its not just counter insurgency but assymatric warfare skills the army needs to develop to face non-traditional threats.

F said...

Capt. Longhouse, ''UMNO politics'' is not the only reason why several longstanding issues with Singapore have yet to be resolved. ''PAP'' politics can be just as vicious and vindictive as UMO politics. Whether its over water or over the new causeway the Sings are not the easiest of people to negotiate with and will not budge on certain issues. When the present leadership retires and is replaced by a new generation of leaders who have less personal and sentimental ties to Malaysia, resolving these disputes will be tougher.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,managing the economy and the budget in a smart manner would be the proper word I guess ?. Its the CAPEX that should be reduced but perhaps increase in OPEX budget !.
,,,Am not pro-Sing. but many lessons can be shared too, their aircrew are allowed to leave early and fly commercial but still are retained as reserves and they do come back for service retraining/flying, Such the nation human capital were never wasted plus win/win for everyone too !.
,,,in our case, our RMAF does not even borther to recognised those that had served with bravery, shot at, even killed in action !.
,,,I have personally presented/invited the serving officers about how to properly operate the Sikorsky S61A-4, on how we operate the even older Sikorsky S61N Offshore Chopper, in all day/night & bad weather condition, as to how we perform at the offshore flight operations/max. performance usage/ops. profile etc but none took the challenge for step change.
,,,Even offered/wanted to help train their aircrew during our free time, as long as they agreed to let us fly the Nuri since we were former instructors in the RMAF. Nothing happened and nil follow-up was the sad result.
,,,Pride again ?..Beats me guys, the key top leadership does not appreciate these kind of sincere offers too.
,,,Most of us in the early days left the RMAF, for a challenging career outside plus to Malaysianise the offshore helicopter fleet from the British company. In fact, only the bests were brave enough to leave and do it alone by themselves/oneself. BUT our hearts shall always be for the nation and still proud of the RMAF we had all served.
,,,again, I believe the attitude plus mindset must be positively changed for improvement and to put pride aside ?.
,,,many other examples can be listed out but unless we have good leadership manning the top post and willing to be open to new ways, its just a bloody waste of time and energy from such people like me, knocking at their doors, as if we have any hidden agendas !?...and F, i don't disagree with any of your views/comments either too, it all depends with timings and realities.
,,,there is a saying about there is 'no old and bold pilots' ! but mind you there are indeed many of us old bold pilots still around to fly any of the RMAF machines !.
,,,In fact, most of us have more than 20,000 flying hours experience as compared to those with more than 2000 hours if they are still lucky, while still serving in the service?.
,,,just think about it !.

F said...

Capt, its depressing talking about the present state of our country and the neglect shown towards those who serve. It think part of the reason is that the average citizen and those in power are too complacent and have the attitude that Malaysia's sovereignty will never come under threat.

I had a friend who was keen to join the RMAF and enjoyed flying. Problem was, after a while he found himself flying ''someones'' wife on shopping trips to a neighbouring country....

On the other hand, the ''golden child'' of the government now appears to be the police who seem to be getting more funding, more allowance and more equiptment whilst the MAF is neglected. I find it shocking that during the recruitment drive to attract more volunteers to the police, no one in the media or parliment asked if recruitment standards have been lowered to accept these new recruits. I live in P.J., and there has recently been an increased police presence to cope with rising crime. The problem is most patrol cars are now manned by coppers who seem to be getting greener and younger by the day.

F said...

Captain... perhaps we all should be bombarding Najib's blog with our griviences and see what he says!! Sometimes I really wonder if those in power and also the opposition leaders are really aware of what's happening on the ground or are they just in a different world?

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,in fact, its good to see the younger police officers manning the streets too and indeed most times I find them better than the older guys !. Less corruption from the younger guys for sure. At least, they can reason things out in a more constuctive manner!.
,,,like wise, we need more dynamic younger military officers to take the lead too.
,,,its the bloody older unprofessional guys that we must get rid off nowadays plus the dirty corrupted politicians.
,,,as I have mentioned too many times before, its 'EDUCATION' of the rakyat, to vote correctly for the right candidates in the coming GE 13 that counts and serving servicemen can play their part here too. Voting for the RIGHT candidates immaterial from which party-lah.
,,,via blogging, we can help the process since nowadays, many servicemen are on the net too. They are free to read and appreciate the real stories rather than just via the MSM, which at most time is politically bias.
,,,we have to layout the story line based on factual events/activies and let them make up their mind on who to be voted in the next round.
,,,quality blogging up-dates should be the order of the day and we must be honest/balance in our write-ups always !. STOP fooling around and be childish as some of us can unfortunately be dragged into at times !. Am sure, am as guilty of it too at times but one much admit to mistakes and readdress it correctly.
,,,self control in blogging comments, very very important-lah and all of us must be greatful to Dato, for the opportunity given via his blog site and issues raised by him, on leading the subject issues for deliberations.
,,,my salute to Dato, as always !.

Malaysian said...

How can we reduce operational cost? I've no clue about military equipment or strategy but I assumed even old weapons should be enough for defense. I think all we need is experienced and well trained soldiers and pilot. If we look at history a lot of small nation with well-trained soldiers able to defeat even the strongest army. I'm sure we still have some old veteran that are willing to train and share their experience with the young soldiers. So, did anybody take up Capt's Longhouse offer on training pilot?

Also, I read an article stated that small nation at South East Asia shouldn't be too comfortable with Indonesia. As of now, America started to realize the importance of Indonesia. Thus, America is bypassing Singapore and Malaysia for dealing with the region issue. I would agree with Capt that we need to work with Singapore. Both countries still share the same culture, language, history, etc. Even some of their citizens are from Malaysia. To survive, we must start working together before Indonesia realized that they should be kingmaker in SEA region.


Malaysian said...

Capt's you're right about educating Malaysian but how can we educate the folks that doesn't have internet access. How can we tell our side of the story if folks read newspaper that are bias? These newspaper doesn't really discuss about the real problem our country is currently facing. So, how can we educate folks without internet access? Even if we want to publish and distribute free paper then we'll face problem of getting the license. So, how do we educate rural folks?

Malaysian said...

video - English: Tengku Razaleigh interview with Malaysiakini on Petronas current issue

Video - Bahasa, 1970s: Tengku Razaleigh explained the purpose of Petronas


eli said...

Vera-E is a foregone conclusion. Let us hope the Army will not put more 'good' money to chase the 'bad money' in making the system works. From day one of the deal, it has been managing obsolescent anyway !!!.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,again, remember all Malaysian citizens of all walks of life and belief - to regain our will and autonomy and reclaim our nation from the hate-mongers, cowards, bigots and chauvinists. Hate will not be defeated by more hate, and racism will not be defeated by more racism.
,,, we must show that love - for peace, for others - is a mighty force that can defeat the demons among us.
,,,AND we must understand that Pacifism is NOT weakness, but rather the strongest expression of an independent intelligent will that refuses to compromise its dignity and autonomy by blindly walking down the path of irrational hate and anger.
,,,educate the younger citizens, our children and they will help change the older folk's mindset/attitude in the kampung/village/home of the importance in putting their RIGHT votes in the coming GE 13.
,,,and never ever give up hope and to ever under estimate the power of blogging positively too!
,,,we can actually make the differance, mind you. If NOT why NOT ?. We are all almost at the end of the road BUT lets make it worth it for our future generation and the nation.

Salam Muhibah to all Malaysian.

komando said...

Dear Pak Chad, Maj (Rtd ),.Capt (Rtd)

All Retired fellas not Retarded Mind You!

When the Chief is a BADUT what can one expect from the down line?

The Chief badut cannot have a any Badut smarter than HIM!

So what do we have in this country, right from the Kitchen Cabinet Minsters to YB's to Generals!

This is call BADUT-LAND !

LANUNLAND ( ONLY ATM GUYS KNOW THIS )sorry civilians hard luck!

So let them eat the duit haram lah buncit perut, mati nanti kena bakar api neraka, why worry be happy lah, you "REAP WHATEVER YOU SOW" !

Rest Easy brothers!

F said...

MKalaysian, Indonesia has always tried to be the ''kingmaker'' of ASEAN and sees itself as the ''senior'' of ASEAN. From day 1of the formation of Malaysia, it has tried to ensure it has more diplomatic and political clout than Malaysia. The good news for now, is that the TNI remains a largely a counter insurgency orientated military and has yet to develop serious force projection capabilities. As Capt. pointed out, Singapore is a natural ally. Its high time our ''statesmen'' conduct some realpolitik and form a strategic partnership with the Sings.

EXRMC said...


If "You think the average citizen and those in power are complacent and have the attitude that Malaysia's sovereignty never come under threat"......

As a Malaysian, I am strongly against that kind of statement. Jangan suka buat andaian....It seems that kita tak professional lah...

Siapa kata kita tidak ada ancaman....but mind you my friend, our Government and Leaders we have now " DO IT THE MALAYSIAN WAY"


I agreed with you that in the next GE 13 we must vote correctly for the right candidate. Masalah yang timbul dalam bab ini ialah...calon pilihanraya adalah BUKAN CALON RAKYAT. Bila bukan calon yang disukai rakyat maka kita juga yang kecewa. Kecewa yang berterusan. Tapi tak mengapa, kita teruskan PERJUANGAN KITA MENENTANG RASUAH hingg akhir hayat.


F said...

EXRMC, siapa yang suka buat andaian?

If the government is not complacent why have they allowed the rot to set in the MAF? When the Fulcrums retire, the numbers of fighters in the RMAF will be at an all time low since the early
80s, leaving a capability gap. Despite the Nuri crashes has the goverment allocated funds for a replacement or for a Nuri upgrade? Do the members of public, media or parliment members ask defence related questions for our common benefit? If the average man in the street had more defence awareness and didnt take our security for granted, perhaps the government wouldn't get away by neglecting the MAF and those who serve.

That is what I meant by being complacent... Its got nothing to do with being proffesional or not.

komando said...

My Dear Comrades,

A secret is no more a SECRET when more than One Person knows about it!

With the right amount it can be bought!

Ask the 3 frogs of Ipoh, Perak!

"Everyone has a number and price !"

I have said this before and I will still say it again !

They start with 2.5K, later 25K, they move on to 250K, much improved he demands for 2.5 Mil and he finishes with 25 Mil. Mind you that is not the end yet some have reached 500 Mil!

Is there any secret left?

So like corruption, everyone has a number also....!

They can start when they are Privates or sometimes From Sgt! Some end up as RSM!

Like the Generals, some start from 2Lt and keep improving as they climb the ladder, the numbers obviously becomes bigger and bigger!

"They continue even after retiring, they do not stop, this time they turn the tables, they bribe those in SERVICE Pulak "

Sampai Mati Bak Kata Orang, sampai malaikat Maut pun dia nak cuba rasuah, dalam Kubur ada Dua lagi dia nak cuba nasib JUGAK !


komando said...

Dear Fellas,

If, any only if all the idiot politicians are required to served a compulsory period as a soldier than only he will know what it is to be a soldier!

Like the American system, "You Ain't A Real Man Till You Do National Service !"
NOT PLKN - which is worst than boy Scouts and Girl Guides!

It is for the cronies of the powers that be to make RM700 millionn bucks yearly!

All we have is talk cock Ministers and Politicians !

WTF do they know about soldiering?

They will buy the product which gives the biggest percentage and kick backs to them Farking pockets!

They do not give a damn if it is going to be obselete in 5 years!

They do not care if all the Pilots die in the air crash!

They want to buy what they want, not what the end user wants, they give stupid excuses and justifications!

We have stupid Generals who nod their stupid g-heads to the political masters!

So what are we harping at and barking at?

It is already too late folks!

Unless we reenlist and take over !

komando said...

The DMI will be very keen to find out how old we are and if we are of any use anymore !

Keep trying !

Old dogs knows lots of tricks as they always say!

komando said...

When talking of potential threat, my take is we are more dangerous within, rather than from any where else!

Who wants a bankrupt country?

komando said...


What do we have now is a new culture called "Bodek" the boss, make him feel good and make him sleep.

Have a good life and enjoy the best you can!

2Lt plays golf, what more can we say, those days only Generals play golf, we just cannot afford it.

Now officers are forced to play golf with the boss, why?
Because the boss wants to bet and WIN big money from the juniors and his subordinates!

What kind of a boss and leader do we call them? If not scumbags and faggots/maggots!

They are the biggest shame and sham on earth!

So, after some years later when they become boss they turn the tables around and do it all over again to is a vicious circle of death!

Officers will talk and soldiers will also talk, so what respect do you expect from the poor soldier when his leader is a SCUMBAG!

Those days officers make it a point to play games with the boys: rugby,takraw, football, hockey, volleyball and even boxing and off course tennis with senior ranks!

Now soldiers are left in the padang to play by themselves, where is the "esprit d corp" !

See the difference?

We had a reason to soldier on everyday those days, we had a threat, we had the CPM.

Today we have nothing!

So we become complacent!

An Army without real jobs are worst than BOY SCOUTS AND GIRL GUIDES, they become softies!

Without UN missions it becomes worst!

Soldiers today only see blood and death when their buddies dies as victim of being a MAT REMPIT.

Have they seen and heard soldiers crying when a friend is shot and mortally wounded, when their legs are blown to smittens, how it feels to be on hot pursuit and your blood boiling! What it is like to be without C-Rations, bad weather, low clouds and Helis that can't land at LP's!


Somebody quoted this a long time ago, can't remember him he was a Armour Corp officer! He retired as a Very Old Colonel ! But he was absolutely a good officer and perfect gentlemen!

komando said...

There are No Bad Soldiers but Bad Officers!

Why do we say this ?

So basic, a very good example is that the soldiers only follow Orders, whereas the officers gives orders!

It does not work the other way around! Soldiers do not order officers around!

If the Good officer can give a good set of orders, and the soldier executes it to the best of his ability, then we have a professional bunch of very good soldiers!

Otherwise they are all HALF-PAST SIX! OR half baked !

So now we have Bad Generals!
Why are they BAD?
Because they are corrupted & self centered?

Not only that, they are NOT looking into the welfare of the poor soldiers & the men they lead.

It is not just about pay rise and more pay as the Min of Def is crying out loud, after the PRDM has another increment! That is Politics! With more votes assured!

Money is not everything, it is the real care, support, emotional support, affection, apathy & comradeship, which is most Vital!

Soldiers are not mere names and numbers, they are not robots or machines! So do not treat them as SUCH !

A leader losses his right to lead & command the minute he looses this traits!

We learn about Leadership Qualities and Traits in Cadet Wing, but we are nowhere near it today!

Just going around during Hari Raya to distribute cookies is not a big deal. That is call "SANDIWARA" for the MS media & press!

"A True & Good Hearted General" will always have the welfare of his men and troops FIRST AND his own the very Last!


How can we ever fight a war and win, the soldier will shoot a bad leader and officer from the back, that was how we were brought up & trained way back then!

A leader takes the lead from the front, he shows his men the way forward, leading the charge!

A coward stays in his bunker and gives orders!

The Great Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w was a General in his very own right, he eats his food from the same DULANG as his soldiers! He sleeps in a simple tent like his soldiers!


Saya rasa General Jeneral kita akan rasa "TERHINA"!

Soldiers are asked to conduct PT test, and expected to run & pass!

Generals are exempted, WHY?
They come out with excuses...too need...!

That being the case unfit soldiers are sacked, stop form being promoted, deprived of courses and yet officers are waived!

Does the soldier realize this? YES they know how many bad officer we all have, and they talk, they will KUTUK...alahai cakap tidak serupa bikin pi dah !

The US and other nations have Generals that run daily and keep fit, look at Singapore, Thailand, Indon, Phillipines...all our neighbours!

Our Generals play golf to keep FIT, riding on a golf cart! having Indon girls/lady caddies to pick up their BALLS!

Have a good look at the bulge when they wear their uniforms, with their wings & medals proudly all over the place? Tidak tahu pinjam ke honorary? Minta pi terjun tengok!

Now we have really young officers parading around with the body size and width of Generals also, can we blame them when we have REALLY BAD EXAMPLES LEADING THE PACK!

How can a General wake up a young officer and soldier when he himself is bloated, can we blame the system or people who wrote the system?

They wanted to get away with everything physical!

So write a specific instruction to excuse these goons, they get fatter each day, thank you sir three bags full of fools!

Does a soldier look good with a huge bulge and a fat pot belly protruding out in any uniform!
Does it create any fear in the potential enemy?

Or we say "aiyah ini macam punya askar buncit pun ada!" Sudah makan banyak rasuah kut!

Remember the ever famous Sheriff LOBO? How does he look LIKE.? Does he impress anybody?

So where are all the good officers?

WIRA said...

Saudara-saudara sekelian,
There seem to be a major misconception on the role played by Sydney Franklin.
True he moves around Mindef as though the place is his grandfather's domain; also true, he galivants freely with MAF senior officers socially and at golf. But the truth of the matter is he is not the princiipal agent for Avibras, Vera-E or BAE. Slippery Sydney is the agent provocateur of one Tan Sri Arumugam aka Black Ninja.
TSA or BN has been responsible for the following sales to the MAF:
28 BAE Hawks
2 x Jebat Class Frigates
2 x Lekiu Class Frigates
Jernas SAM Regiment
MLRS from Brazil(agency highjacked from EX-RMAF officer)
Underway projects:
2 x Unused but ultra expensive Corvettes that Brunei has rejected from BAE.(it is understood that some RMN officers have been invited to Scotland to view the vessels) No doubt their report will be glowing and full of praise.
3 x Embraer fitted with phased Array side looking Radar for RMAF AEW requirement.
POssible involvement in the Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft requirement this time fronting Bombadier of Canada.
So what becomes visible to everyone is actually Franklin conducting his "machai" role while the main players namely BN, one General Sir Charles Masefield of BAE and the usual players representing UMNO pulling the strings from behind.
So janganlah salahkan si Franklin tu sangat-sangat. Dia pun cari makan aja.....Kerja dia menentukan supaya mulut General-general ATM yang berkenaan ditutup..
Tak munasabah orang putih tua yang dah nak nyanyok tu dapat tarik cable begitu besar di Malaysia.
Now everyone knows betapa hebatnya BN tu. Bukan sahaja kaya, tapi raya bagai nak gila. Dengar kata dulu dia tu TNB technician aja. Tapi kawan rapat Tun M...
Ha ha ha..Semua akhirnya ada kait dengan orang tua tu..

F said...

The Jebat class and Lekiu class frigates are the same. On of the reasons the ex-Brunei frigates are expensive, apart from agents comissions and ''other payments'' are the higher grade of steel used compared to the Lekiu and Jebat.

WIRA said...

To F,
Thanks for the correction. I never realise they have special steel for different ships.
Maybe to further save cost the ships sold to the RMN by BAE uses scrap metal...
Den bukan orang laut...

Abdullah (hamba Allah) said...

ingat semua tu akan dijawab di akhirat...wassalam

Zack said...


Saya tertarik dengan tulisan-tulisan mengenai gejala rasuah didalam ATM. Tidak dinafikan pihak ATM ingin membantu bekas pegawai yang bersara untuk berniaga, terutama sekali yang berlaitan dengan ATM. Tapi yang saya marah sikit ramai yang membekalkan perkhidmatan atau produk yang mereka sendiri tak tau mengenainya dan ada juga yang dah dibayar tapi tak habis buat kerja.

Tujuan saya tulis ini berkaitan dengan insiden yang berlaku pada kawan saya yang mana beliau Pensyarah IPTA), yang pakar dalam sistem pengurusan rekod dan arkib, dipanggil untuk memberi konsultansi mengenai pengurusan rekod dan bahan arkib di TUDM. Malangnya beliau telah diugut oleh vendor sedia ada (bekas General 1960's) untuk tidak membuat presentation kerana projek itu dikatakan dia yang punya sedangkan syarikat beliau tidak ada pengetahuan langsung dengan sistem pengurusan rekod dan arkib ini dan selama ini pun projek yang di bagi kepada beliau dibahagian tersebut terbengkalai sekerat jalan. Dari maklumat yang diperolehi beliau telah mendapat banyak projek dari ATM termasuklah dengan RMN yang nilainya mencecah berjuta.
Persoalannya sekarang ialah kenapa begitu tamak dengan menghalang kaum bumiputra yang pakar mengenai perkara ini dan seterusnya membolot projek yang kurang dari 1 juta ini. Apa kuasa beliau sehingga berani ugut pensyarah tersebut (untuk ditukarkan ke tempat lain). Kenapa projek yang diberi kepada beliau terbengkalai dan tiada tindakan blacklist. Adakah sebab beliau bekas General TUDM (1960's) pihak ATM segan untuk menegur atau blacklist beliau.