Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Nor Yacob – I have this to say to you…….resign and take full responsibility for the most idiotic act of your Political Secretary, Hasbie Sattar. No right thinking Malaysian would believe that you are not in the know as to what your Political Secretary has been doing to enrich himself. Regardless of whether you know or you do not know about the RM2 million, and the enormous wealth Hasbie had accumulated in the period that he was the Political Secretary, the damage to your good name and office is bad enough for you not to remain in public office any longer. Hasbie has brought you shame and the shame is hurting the offices of your other colleagues in government, and in particular to the party that you belong……..UMNO.

The shameful act of Hasbie will only reinforce public perception that UMNO is corrupt, and if the due process of law is not taken against Hasbie speedily, leaders in UMNO and in particular PM Najib, will be seen as a weakling, without the slightest desire and will to fight corruption, and this will further strengthened the belief that corruption is now an embedded culture in UMNO.

The period where UMNO was seen as the champion of the Malay race is about to be over. It is now seen to champion individual causes rather than the Malay mass. Getting into UMNO politics is a sure route to richness, and Hasbie has proven to us all that in his 30’s, he is already a wealthy person. And do you think that we, the older generation of Malays that have tasted the turbulent period of our country’s history would want to show respect to a person like Hasbie. Certainly not this Hasbie fella, and I for one view him with despise and who had shamed the Malay race. My greatest sympathy to his parent who had raised him to be an exemplary son, but what the parent received in return is only shame.

There is already a theory in circulation that Hasbie has been framed, and that the money was ‘planted’ by someone out to discredit him and his minister. I don’t buy such a theory for the simple reason that he was noted to have amassed properties beyond reasonable means earlier, and for which he has been under surveillance by the MACC. He must have felt the heat was already on him, but being a close aide to a senior minister, he thinks others are foolish and would not dare to act against him. Hasbie certainly hasn’t taken the lesson from Norza who is also being charged for corruption, and coincidentally a former Political Secretary to the same minister, Nor Yacob. What a misfortune to have both his Political Secretaries being entangled in corruption.

Once again to you Nor Yacob, my brotherly advice is for you to resign from office. It will certainly hurt your ego, but I am sure people will respect you more for accepting responsibility for the misdeeds of Hasbie Sattar.



samsaimon said...

Salam Dato'

Is this something new? Yes, no?
It is the culture of umno.
Ask najib, pak lah and mahathir!

Fathol said...

Resigning as an act of repentance for a sin committed or to take responsibility for an error is something foreign insofar as Malaysian leaders are concerned.

The few who have done so are a rarity; a rare breed, so to speak. Least of all are politicians from the BN stable.

As for Umnoputras, that's the last thing on their minds. When they have been enjoying the trappings associated with their offices and positions making an exist doesn't make sense.

So, rest assured, this Mohd Nor Yackob fella from Penang will cling on to his tables and chairs like a leech clinging on to a flesh wound.

And what is required to remove this pesky bloodsucker is a pinch of salt. That's the only remedy available for a bloated leech besides stomping it with a lighted cigarette butt. Ask any infantry soldier and he'll tell you how.

Yang said...

I am sick and tired to hear all these corruptions in UMNO. This have been going on for umpteenth years and the big fish always seems to escape from prosecution while the small fry get caught. But then this is Malaysia and UMNO culture.Unfortunately, there are still many UMNO lovers especially the Kampung folks who have no access to other news other than racist UMNO propaganda paper, the Utusan, TV3 etc. How can we dissemminate these sickening news to them and make them realize that UMNO are the one that betray the Malay race.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,unfortunately the present breed of UMNOputras lives and survive within their corrupted system, thou being able to distinguish between right or wrong was a relative simple subject but frankly it does not matter to this breed of human.
,,,We were used to every action was supposed to be considered on its own merits, and thus justice could be applied to everyone regardless of their economic or social status.
,,,unfortunately in present Malaysia today, however the guidelines for human conduct were based on circumstances; on rules or laws established by those in power, and designed by them to sustain and extend their power.
,,,Under this bias system, individuals were not protected by absolute principles. Their lives and their fortunes were in the hands of changeable circumstances, as these circumstances were created by those in authority !.
,,,Circumstantial ethics also meant that anything you could get by with was all right and did not leave a sense of guilt.
,,,Under this racist UMNOputra system, the overruling obligation was the APPEARANCE of doing the "RIGHT" thing; not actually doing it. Form took precedence over content and what you saw or heard was often a facade instead of reality.
,,,Morality in the UMNOputra context became something like a show. The primary concern was NOT to get caught in doing something that would be criticized or for which you might be punished. DOING something WRONG was no big deal cos there was NO SENSE of GUILT !.
,,,my final take is UMNO must be desolved and a NEW political system or party be recreated with new political leadership that value morality and respect of the law for justice to all Malaysians.
,,,Racial and in fact also religious based political parties should also be 'Out-Lawed' in this country.
,,,Perhaps a two party system might work ?.

i rest my case. (and am an apolitical type of individual)

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

RESIGN? Well Dato' there is no such word in umno brain-drain. What they have is asking others to resign.

Sorry to say Dato', they will be freed later on, close files and no further action.

This is a land of Malaysia Boleh... Boleh Blah!!!...

samsaimon said...

Salam Dato'

From the writings of the ex-servicemen, we know their mind. But, the 'postal votes' tells other stories! are they really free to vote?

EXRMC said...


Agak sukar nak difikirkan ya....
Negara kita ni negara ISLAM. Rakyatnya pun majoriti Muslim.....Tapi RASUAH di kalangan mereka semakin menjadi2. Saya salute mereka ini sebab mereka berani mengambil RISIKONYA.
Bukan dia paa tak tahu balasan Allah S.W.T nanti. Nampaknya kesenangan di dunia yang dikejarkan...

Tak apa Dato....saya tetap akan bersama Dato' untuk meneruskan Perjuangan Menentang RASUAH melalui blog ini...

WIRA said...

Dear Pak Chad,
You have just wasted your precious breath in advising Nor Yacob to resign. Is he likely to heed it. Not in a million years.
The reasoning is as simple as it is straight forward. It is his pol sec that got caught with the goods, not him. So why should he carry the can.
I remember him only as a diligent and conscientious govt servant, some sort of saviour to the nation not unlike the candle that burns himself so that others may see light. Isn't he the one chosen by Pak Lah to steer the nation towards economic recovery during the days of MTEN?
So is he likely to be like the rest of them.
I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt. That guy has honest eyes..
As regards his Ferrari driving son, it could just be that he borrowed it from friends untuk melaram..
Biarlah si Hasbie tu sahaja yg menjawab soalan2 MACC.
Entah-entah dah lepas kot. Duit begitu banyak tak kan tak boleh hulur sikit. Iman MACC tu bukan tetap sangat. Tengoklah apa dah jadi kat Khir Toyo..