Tuesday, February 16, 2010


A friend called up to invite me to attend a gathering in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur this February 27, 2009 in support of PERKASA, a Malay rights group founded by one Datuk Ibrahim Ali. I remembered that name well; a fire-brand Malay politician from Kelantan (is neither an UMNO or a PAS party member) who is now left without any political base to shove his wavering political career.

When the name Ibrahim Ali was mentioned, I said to my friend that I have no liking for him, and if he (Ibrahim Ali) is sincere in his cause to champion the Malay rights, he does not need PERKASA. He could have done it in his capacity as a member of parliament, of which he is one. Why than does he need PERKASA is something that I could not fathom. Anyway, I do not trust politicians heading an NGO or rights group.

Being a politician without any significant political base and who is likely to be ousted in the next general election, I think he needs PERKASA more than any other Malays. And if it is true that his argument to form PERKASA is to champion the cause of Malay rights, why than do we need UMNO? Isn’t UMNO the ‘outfit’ to do the championing, or has UMNO lost that cause, and has instead being relegated to a toothless Malay political party?

I sense something strange in this person named Ibrahim Ali. I believe it is not about championing Malay rights which he says is slowly eroding. Does he not know that the Malay rights are well entrenched in the constitution? What is eroding is the support that people has for him, and this has caused him to fear losing a place in national politics and to be thrown into oblivion come the next general elections. I am sure his constituents in Kelantan have had enough of his antics that are filled with rhetoric, and less of substance.

I apologized to my friend that I will not make it for the gathering, and my presence or absence will not be a lost to Ibrahim Ali himself. I think I have greater things to do that day than to listen to some misguided politicians whom I have little regards for.



Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,this guy is an embarrassment to the Malays as well a danger to the malaysian society.
,,,the ISA is still needed for such character and I wonder why he is still allowed to walk around free to creat racial tension btw peace loving citizens. Infact, in his recent speech it clearly exposed that he is treacherous and cannot be trusted to lead the Malays.
,,,the biggest challenge the Malays is facing is getting rid of such hazardous racialistic individuals.
,,,any gathering with such a character is partying with ulterior motive which is very unhealthy to other peace loving malaysian.
,,,indeed, you did the right thing Dato.

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Salam Dato'

I am not going to talk about a person. I just want to touch on corruption which has been thickly embedded in our blood and souls.

One of my friends an ex-RMAF pilot confided in me how even the Nazir Masjid without feeling shy asked "duit kopi" for cleaning the carpets of the mosque. Very ironic isn't it.


The Crusade against CORRUPTED SOCIETY continues..........

S.B.Jaafar said...

Isn't he known as "The Frog"? Ibrahim Ali Katak I heard someone call him. A man void of principles as on which side of the fence he is sitting on. Now that he is repulsed by both sides of the fence, he creates a society on the pretext of fighting a cause...

But, still, he manages to garber support from some poor disillusioned Malays...

EN. Ramli is so right, corruption seems to run in the blood of the Malay...

abdulhalimshah said...

Dear Dato' Arshad,
I had a short experience of working with Ibrahim Ali when he was a Deputy Minister and as a person he is a completely different personality if you take off his political antics.
I had been to his house Kelantan and on one of the walls was a picture of him wearing the "Pendekar" garb and he was very proud of it. Maybe he had grand illusions of being a saviour of the Malays and their constitutional rights regardless of his political fortunes. Probably he wants to portray himself as one of the famous Malay warrior who lived during the golden age of the Malacca Sultanate. This is just my personal perspective of the man.

Malaysian said...

Why do we need Perkasa? Did PERKASA condemn about corruption? Did PERKASA fight for improving the quality of education system? Did PERKASA voice up discontent about high crime rates and rape cases? Have PERKASA build any non-profit dialysis center? Have PERKASA work on building better relation with other races?

I rest my case.

Malay/Chinese/Kadazan/Iban/Indian/Thai/dan lain-lain

komando said...

They became corrupted because they had an excellent "Tok Bapak Guru" who advocated that Malays should be RICH !

By hook or by crook !

His motto : "The End Will always Justifies The Means".

Want to guess who this Billionaire IS ?

Incidentally his off springs made it to the A-LIST of the most richest Malaysians and The Top 10 Melayus !


DATO' PAK CHAD...let them enjoy the sunshine and make Hay while they still can..

The end is drawing nearer by the Minute...

pendita said...

Dear Dato',

Jalan-jalan Cari Makan concept!.

pendita said...

Dear Dato',

Jalan-jalan Cari Makan concept!.

taming said...

Seperti ramai orang-orang politik yang gagal, Ibrahim Ali ini akan melakukan apa saja asalkan dia dapat penyokong baik daripada pucuk pimpinan atau pengikut-pengikut. Lawan Sultan, Raja, PM atau siapa saja? Beliaulah "hero"!

Saya sangat kenal Ibrahim Ali ini dan ramai anak-anak Kelantan yang berwibawa dan terhormat sangat meluap dengan tingkah laku "katak" daripada Pasir Mas. Tun Mahathir, semasa menjadi PM, sangat bijak menggunakan Ibrahim Ali sebagai
"monyet untuk mencakar orang" dan
terlalu banyak memberi muka sehingga beliau naik toncang. Manusia Ibrahim Ali ini amat memalukan orang Melayu, khususnya anak Kelantan.

Di Pasir Mas beliau dikenali sebagai "Abang 'Him" yang banyak berjasa kepada rakyat. Mana tak berjasa, kalau projek diberikan dengan senang oleh Kerajaan Pusat untuk beliau meraih sangat banyak keuntungan, sehingga menjadi kaya raya dan penyokong beliau di Pasir Mas dapatlah merasa kuah-kuahnya.

Saya rasa kita orang Melayu jangan terpengaruh sangat dengan pertubuhan seperti "perkasa" ini yang kononnya memperjuangkan orang Melayu. Kita patut tahu dan sedar agenda sebenar diseblik pemimpin politik usang yang telah hilang kredibiliti di kalangan kawan dan lawan.

Malays and all fellow Malaysians, this beloved country of ours has been ruined by "political bullshits" such as Perkasa!

Tamingsari dan Anak Melayu

Termite said...

What he does to PAS speaks volume of him. Ungrateful!

Termite said...

In the last election (GE12), Ibrahim Ali contested under PAS. After he won, he went against PAS. What can you make out from this sort of person? If he could do it to PAS, he will do it to anybody else.

samsaimon said...

Ibrahim Ali's political life is as good as 'dead', unless umno give him a save ground to contest. But, do umno trust him?

puaka said...


This Ibrahim Ali is a survivor. He should be in the "Survivor Series". He will do anything to survive, and in this case to survive in national politics. He jumped here and there to survive. He checked-out of PAS and became BEBAS as a first step to re-join UMNO. I strongly believes this. Its just not the right time yet. Some of the UMNO warlords still hates him. He knows what the Malays wants and he knows the Malays constitutional rights are being strongly challenged by other races. He capitalized the issues. And he took the next step - PERKASA. These are all about his survival in politics.

The Malays don't need him, but he needs the Malays.

komando said...

Those days the only way to deal with a TRAITOR is to ....s h o o t them !
I Think he will be shot down pretty soon!
Just a matter of who, when and whom pulls the trigger!
He is fighting against everything the PM wants...good for him!
He kills many birds with all his stones.
See which stone returns and knocks him off for good !
We shall all see soon!
Hos dancing and jumping days are numbered !

ucis said...

Dato,Salam,Can we forget about this frog.If you by any chance had more info from your sources,pse furnish us on Mohd Nor Yacob link with DSAI,Rahim Ghouse and ABRAR gp in addition to what appeared in Rocky Bru's blog.Thanks

ommo said...

Salam Dato'
Most of Us got Ibrahim Ali wrong. He is a tool of either Mahathir or Najib. Previously Mahathir used him to create certain antics in order to get the public feedback. The same goes for now. But it gets a bit more serious now and can backfire to create serious consequences to the country. The Malays are now at another crossroads if correctly taken the country would be in safer hands Insya'Allah. But with leaders we have now it's time the Malays wake up! The only way is to choose better leaders, by using the voting opportunity that we have. But the problem is; are we good enough to make a wise choice i.e. more than 50% of Us must make the wise choice. Now before it's too late i.e. when a new government is created i.e. other than BN the shift if taken too late can make Malaysia economically weak.

The Malays must realize there many better alternatives i.e. other better Muslim leaders. If we trust Allah then we are on the right track. At the same time UMNO must fix it self maybe that will take more than 25 years. The Opposition must show it can be trusted to deliver to all esp the Bumiputras (be politically correct but at the same time be efficient and fair). Damages can occur overnight but healing takes a long process. Thats all for now Peace to all.

ommo said...

Just to add, this Perkasa could be a diversion to other hidden agenda. So be alert.

Malaysian said...

Tun Dr. Mahathir always stated that the Chinese is selfish and stingy. Is it true the Chinese are stingy? The Chinese are not selfish or stingy because in my hometown the Chinese (especially the Chinese educated) community donates a lot of money to dialysis center that serve all races. I believe that 50% of the patients are Malay. Thus, whenever anybody states that Chinese doesn’t help other race then he or she needs to come to my town. Similarly, Malay does help other races too. I know some doctors that help Chinese to get free medical care. It’s sad that you don’t read this type of news in main newspaper.

By the way, do you know corruption does exist across all races? Isn’t that 1MALAYSIA?

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,what we need is more malaysian writing or talking, does it matters who they are?.
,,,communicate as humen beings, that's all we are asking, is it too much ?.
,,,o.k pls respect the law plus equal justice for all and not something extra special for the Elitists, who the hell they think they are ?. in fact, we should not care a rat shit for it. and i don't have any ulterior motive for any of it. Just be fair and that i care.

pendita said...

Assalamualaikum Dato',

Saya terpanggil untuk berkongsi dan menyampai (...dan mungkin juga berguna untuk sdra-sdra) sebagai renungan dan peringatan.

Suatu ketika, Muaz b Jabal ra mengadap Rasulullah SAW dan bertanya: "Wahai Rasulullah, tolong huraikan kepadaku mengenai firman Allah SWT: "Pada sangkakala ditiup,maka kamu sekalian datang berbaris-baris" Surah an-Naba':18Mendengar pertanyaan itu, baginda menangis dan basah pakaian dengan air mata. Lalu menjawab: "Wahai Muaz, engkau telah bertanyakan kepada aku, perkara yang amat besar, bahawa umatku akan digiring, dikumpulkan berbaris-baris menjadi 12 barisan, masing-masing dengan pembawaan mereka sendiri...." Maka dinyatakan apakah 12 barisan tersebut :-

BARISAN PERTAMA - Di iring dari kubur dengan tidak bertangan dan berkaki. Keadaan mereka ini dijelaskan melalui satu seruan dari sisi Allah Yang Maha Pengasih: Mereka itu adalah orang-orang yang sewaktu hidupnya menyakiti hati jirannya, maka demikianlah balasannya dan tempat kembali mereka adalah neraka..."

BARISAN KEDUA - Diiring dari kubur berbentuk babi hutan. Datanglah suara dari sisi Allah Yang Maha Pengasih: "Mereka itu adalah orang yang sewaktu hidupnya meringan-ringankan solat, maka inilah balasannya dan tempat kembali mereka adalah neraka..."

BARISAN KETIGA - Mereka berbentuk keldai, sedangkan perut mereka penuh dengan ular dan kala jengking. "Mereka itu adalah orang yang enggan membayar zakat, maka inilah balasannya dan tempat kembali mereka adalah neraka..."

BARISAN KEEMPAT - Diiring dari kubur dengan keadaan darah seperti air pancutan keluar dari mulut mereka. "Mereka itu adalah orang yang berdusta di dalam jualbeli, maka inilah balasannya dan tempat mereka adalah neraka..."

Bersambung....(jika ada permintaan)Terima kasih kerana membaca. Muga kita sama menhayatinya. Wassalam

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

salam pendita,

Kita kat dunia 63 tahun sahaja. Umur Nabi. Yang tak ada penghujungannya di akhirat sama ada di syurga ataupun di neraka.

Teruskan, ingatkan hati-hati yang karat, dah ruh nanti susah nak dicabut, pasal cinta dunia yang sementara ini.

Allahu Akbar.

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Salam Dato'

Di MINDEF,nama Dato' popular menjadi sebutan jeneral. Nampaknya ada yang risau dengan blog MIND NO EVIL ini.

Tak kisahlah siapa yang jumpa Dato' SB Bukit Aman ke, RISIK BSPP MINDEF ke, kafilah kena terus berjalan.

I meet many people in my life from Tan Sri to penyapu sampah and buruh ALAM FLORA.

Kebenaran daripada Allah

Katakanlah telah datang kebenaran, dan musnahlah kebathilan, sesungguhnya setiap yang bathil akan runtuh.

Dato' mungkin faham konsep ISTIDRAJ. Ia adalah daripada Allah. Firuan ISTIDRAJnya adalah kekuasaannya. Dikira kekuasaannya akan kekal. Tetapi akhirnya dia karam di Laut Merah semasa mengejar tentera Nabi Musa a.s.

Allahu Akbar!

Malaysian said...


You're right about us writing and sharing views. Because of this blog and many more, I realized that Malaysian of all races do love their country a lot. I just hope that Malay know that even the Chinese educate Malaysian are patriot and non-racist. It's sad that the politician painted the Chinese educated Malaysian as arrogant people. To move forward, Malaysian must not rely on the government to foster understanding between races. We need to have more NGO that help foster unity between us.

As long as Malaysian remaining divided, our country is bound to fail. I still believe in achieving WAWASAN 2020. I'm not going rely on PAKATAN RAKYAT, BN or Tun Dr. Mahathir. We hold the future of this country and if we continue listening to politician we'll fail.

Anak Malaysia

Malaysian said...

Question for PERKASA:

As our country running out of oil and gas, our health Ministry is running out of money to fund our health care system. How do we maintain or improve our current health care system? We all know that health care cost is increasing everyday.

That's why more and more Malaysian are buying health insurance.
People that can afford buying insurace are the lucky ones. Sadly, a lot of low income Malaysian (all races) cannot afford to buy them.

I foresee these Malaysian will be sidelined in the future. Thus, my aunt and her children will not be able to receive quality health care.

How can we ensure that we can provide quality health care to poor Malaysian? What about our soldiers and veteran?

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,pls view my new blog and my stand !!!http://captslonghouse.wordpress.com/
,,,my son is studying in Chinese School, thinks and write in Manderin too!. Meself, I can fairly comm. in chinese/tamil/french/dutch and learning japanese plus picking up russian.
,,,my conclusion is that its the individual and not the society.
,,,change oneself 1st and our society will gain from it-lah.
,,,don't get into the 'blame game' but do something positive about it.
,,,i have been running an half-way house for society rejects i.e drug addicts/pco and homeless for past 20 years on my own account without any financial assistence from anyone BUT we earn it ourselves in a win/win situation. (in fact, I have spend rm3/4M to develop the place, with zero profit income todate)
,,,so the bottom line, my friend is go out and do something about it yaa.

Capt's Longhouse said...

and Malaysian,

,,,i used to work for Shell and our reserves for oil is 30 years plus and gas for another >100 years ! perhaps this was not officially disclosed by the authorities for reasons best to their interest ?. our deep water reserves is aplenty in the middle of the South China Seas, such the yellow submarines and other military built-up yaa...and we have had encounters with Brunei/Indonesia/Phlippines/China/Vietnam in the open seas of late too, again kept pretty quiet by the authorities eerrmmm !. Singapore had just won a big area whereby oil might be availabe too. Further up North of the Straits of Malacca, we are dead sure there are some more of the juice too.
,,,our dams of fresh waters is big money in the coming future too.
...minyak kelapa sawit?. lots to play with. More MIGs for it.
,,,we just need some darm good leadership and we will smooth sail across the world-lah. Get the "corruption culture" by the neck and Malaysia will be fine.
,,,Starting from the Royal House (timbering away our jungles !), Putrajaya and dirty businessmen the cunning foxes out in theopen..yaa nail them accordingly.
,,,enforcement of existing laws, very simple but the Authorities must ACT without fear or favor-lah. VERY simple solution-kan ? Its the bloody DEWARAJAS in power that is not playing a fair game with the rest of the rakyat.
,,,GE 13 !..the solution for it.

Malaysian said...


It's good to know your doing something for the community. Please do set up a website so people like me can do online donation to your half-way house. I can't do much to help but I can certainly donate several ringgit every month.

So, we still have so much oil/gas huh? What's going to happen to them? Hopefully, the younger generation can enjoy this wealth.


ommo said...

I agree with Malaysian that we can hear what the politician has t say but not to listen to them blindly. But we have to make a wise choice. A choice that will make them realize we mean business.

Voting for corrupted or tainted or inefficient politician for the sake of one's race can lead to more problems and as time go by it will get worse until the Barakah is removed (Allah knows best) then it's too late.

The problem is the dissemination of information and with internet now' BN does not have it all the way. However those informed people are still small percentage wise' but time will give the truth Insya'Allah.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,thanks for the offer but I can manage with whatsoever income we earn via blood, sweat and tears at Capt's Longhouse plus now am constructing an old folks medical home for my daddy as well as for others that don't have the financial means to cater for themselves. Its should begin operations by 1st qtr next year.
,,,my petrol station in klang valley will start off soon too and i plan to employ single mothers only.
,,,the thing is my friend, there are thousands of opportunities out there for all malaysians to participate fairly. I refused to be party to any corrupted dealings and indeed its still possible to make it !.
,,,some of my so called buddies thinks that am just crazy for not getting into such money making dealings !. Kick backs in millions of ringgit but i can't go to sleep peacefully if ever i did. We have to earn an honest living and its really possible and am a bloody good example for it !. Not many malaysian is willing to own up to it but why not ?. Never be shy to help others in the honest way yaa.
,,,money is important but its not everything in life and living. So do come over and lets go sailing with me !!. YES indeed I have honest MONEY hehehe..no worries, i have tons of it. Don't be stupid, its so easy to make good honest money yaa !. Any ex-servicemen is invited to my capt's longhouse for business training FOC and get paid too...all are welcome.
,,,just SMS me 102-3770214 for timings cos. i take in by batches or set them up with other surrounding resorts BUT note my training is lots of fun under the hot sun.
,,,any of you guys having spoilt brats, just send them to me too, i will fix them up and make a man out of the boy. Send them with only their tooth brush with no money in their pockets, let them earn it here.

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,correction; tel 012-3770214

Malaysian said...


Not many people choose to earn the money the right/hard way.
A friend of mine that sells book told me that he have to bribe the school headmaster or headmistress in order to get businesses. If he doesn't then he'll have to stop doing business. What choice does he have?

It's a common practice for Malaysia to bribe certain official to get business. Do you think he can report to MACC? Nevertheless, we can't blame on one side only. I'm sure there are unscrupulous business folks that try to bribe officers for government contract. I’m also certain we’ve good officers that don’t take bribe too.

Maybe it’s good for Penang started open tender system. This way we know who gets what and how much they bid for it. What do you think Capt? Is open tender a good practice to curb corruption? Does anybody know if the open tender system in Penang working?

Also, we need Freedom of Information Act. This allows us to monitor any business dealings that our government is involved. Is UMNO willing to implement Freedom of Information and open tender system? I know this suggestion will benefit all Malaysian. Thus, a project that worth RM100million will not be charge extra few million ringgit for some well-connected Ah Chong/Ali or Muthu. Both suggestions definitely will benefit all Malaysian. Would PERKASA lobby for both suggestions?


Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.

,,,1stly the individual oneself ?.

,,,2ndly STOP the blame culture and be PROACTIVE oneself.

,,,3rdly be POSITIVE in life & living.

Major said...

Mr KING FROG lebih byk merosakan UMNO,drpd membantu UMNO mendapat sokongan bkn melayu . MCA n MIC dan Lain2 parti bkn melayu amat ttekan dek kerja2 KERJA BUAT Mr KING FROG .Nak men dapat sokongan melayu 'YA' tapi melayu yg mana? melayu kampong ,melayu tok2 UMNO,Memang blh makan dgn kerja buat Mr KING FROG .PRU 13 nanti alahai takut2 TUMBANG PUTRAJAYA.TTNK TANK UMNO CERDIK LAH SIKIT.....

Legion™ said...

Dato' has not posted anything in a while, I wonder if he is alright?

aah said...


Your article "Perkasa - A Misguided Rights Group " ,how come this misguided MP manage to unite 78 Malay NGO's.And I wonder whether you and all your blogger friends who are very hostile towards Ibrahim Ali can do such things.

To condemn people and say bad things about other people is very easy but you forget one finger pointing to others, another four finger pointing towards onself.

I feel sad that your writting of late has gone without facts and strong evidence,it just hearsay.

If you have all the evidences please pass it to me,am ever wiling to launch a police or SPRM report.

komando said...

After 77 years of existence the Malaysian Army has come a long way indeed.


Are we going to have dynamic leaders who only fear GOD the Almighty and can say no to mere mortals who dress up as politicians & wants to corrupt and cheat the POOR RAKYAT !


Dato' Pak Chad, seems that you are MIA ?


Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,don't be a hypocrite yourself, if you are brave enough just identify yourself to the rest and we can even discuss issues face to face, with the police or without.
,,,in fact, most of us have done more than all the bloody dirty politicians in contributing to this nation and some of our buddies paid with their lives too.
,,,we all have our right to say out what is not right in our eyes. But if you think that we are pointing fingers, yes indeed we are for the betterment of this nation and the main focus is against corruption which has unfortunately become a culture !.
,,,now be brave, identify yourself ?.Or do you want us to hunt you down as did against the CTs ?. We went to Hell and back, so don't kid around matey ! Its not funny.

pendita said...

Sdr Capt's Longhouse

Sekarang baru saya faham, bagaimana sukar dan pahitnya hendak menelan `KEBENARAN'.

Malaysian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Malaysian said...

Dato MIA? It's doesn't matter if Dato continue publish on his blog or not. We're not ignorant reader that need Dato to enlighten or inform us. His publication only reinforce our view on government corruption and everything else. We can read and analyze news from Utusan, Sin Chew, Berita Harian, The star, Malaysiakini and other alternative blog or news. We don't read blindly but we do read between the line. We know if media is lying or not.

Save the country!

Anak Malaysia

Malaysian said...

(Please do let me know if I make any wrong statement - salam)

Finally, I found the article 4 of Perkasa charter
• Memperkasakan Islam sebagai agama persekutuan (Is Islam not the country official religion?
Maybe I don't understand the meaning of memperkasakan ...)

• Memperkasakan Bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa kebangsaan
(Is Bahasa Malaysia not national language? Didn't all school teach Bahasa)
• Memperkasakan kedaulatan Raja-Raja Melayu
(Who is threatening the Sultan? Did Tun Dr. Mahathir or BN threaten or shrink the Sultan's power?)
• Mempertahankan hak-hak keistimewaan orang Melayu
(What is hak Keistimewaan jika inflasi semakin meningkat? What is hak keistimewaan jika kualiti pendidikan semakin merosot? Harga minyak, nasi, gula semakin meningkat? What's Malaysia university ranking in Asia currently compare to the 70s?)
• Memperkasakan kaum pribumi
(Haruskah kita lupa slogan PM Najib - 1Malaysia?
• Menyatupadukan kaum pribumi dan perpaduan rakyat Malaysia
(The right way to say is menyatupadukan semua rakyat Malaysia.)
• Mempertahankan kedaulatan Negara.
(What Perkasa stood for definitely contradict with Rukun Negara)


BAHAWASANYA NEGARA KITA MALAYSIA mendukung cita-cita hendak :

* mencapai perpaduan yang lebih erat di kalangan seluruh masyarakatnya ;
* memelihara satu cara hidup demokratik ;
* mencipta satu masyarakat adil di mana kemakmuran Negara akan dapat dinikmati bersama secara adil dan saksama ;
* menjamin satu cara liberal terhadap tradisi-tradisi kebudayaannya yang kaya dan berbagai corak ; dan
* membina satu masyarakat progresif yang akan menggunakan sains dan teknologi moden.

MAKA KAMI, rakyat Malaysia, berikrar akan menumpukan seluruh tenaga dan usaha kami untuk mencapai cita-cita tersebut berdasarkan atas prinsip-prinsip yang berikut :


WIRA said...

Dear Dato'
Judging from the posted comments, I can't help but conclude that Ibrahim Ali's Perkasa antics have toughed raw nerves.
To my mind, the biggest challenge faced by Malaysia today is not eroded Malay rights, sultan's rights, the MALAY language or Islam as suggested and championed by those participating NGOs. Our deadliest enemy is CORRUPTION.
Clearly Ibrahim Ali's role in Perkasa is political.
There is nothing new to this ploy. Its like playing an old record. Sure Mahathir used the Malay platform to great effect..So YB Ibrahim is probably having similar thoughts. Good luck..
The only problem is the educated masses of this country have grown weary of racial politics. Maybe this approach will work with the folks of Ulu Kelantan, but I doubt very much it will receive much response elsewhere, let alone support.
To me there is only one race in Malaysia..Malaysians... irregardless what their ethnicity is. If we want to talk about rights, it must be the rights of Malaysians.. especially the poorer ones. If we want to talk about language, it must approahed along practical lines and not to be politicised. Similarly if one were to discuss issues relating to the position and role of Royalties, then it must be discussed in the context of '1 Malaysia' because the 'Royal Institution' does not and should not only serve the Malays as Perkasa seem to suggest. From the reaction of readers, one can see that the audacious attempt by YB Ibrahim Ali reignite Malay and Bumiputra rights issue through Perkasa is clearly misplaced.
I personally feel the racial card is too worn out to be of any use to anybody.
YB Ibrahim, if you are not too blinkered to see, politics today is all about multi-racialism....If you cannot survive in this multi-racial, multi-lingual and multi-cultural mainstream, leave politics or rejoin PAS.
You will be doing this country a big favour.
Hidup Malaysia

So doubt if there is such a word

komando said...

Cannot blame him, he is a typical "ME-LAYU", which means withering !

aah said...

Dea Capt's Longhouse,

I am a retired Royal Malay Regiment Officer,RMC class 1970 and was commisioned in 12 ROYAL MALAY REGIMENT,Minden Barrack,Penang in 1972.Served His Majesty The King and Country for more than 20 years.My service number is 410911 and aah stands for Anuar Abdul Hamid.Just for your info Lt Jen Dato Sharun RMAF is my batch and due to retire this year.

Theres no need to hunt me as you did to the CT'S.I think during my service in the Armed Forces I did more hunting than you did.

I am no bloody Hypocrite as you claim and I fear nobody except ALLAH.

Since my retirement am involved with Jihad in war torn and disaster countries all over the world as a volunteer.Thanks god so far ALLAH still protect us eventhough we were caught in a deadly ambush that killed two of our personnel in Iraq.That does not deter me to still go to DARFUR,Sudan and Lebanon at the peak of ISRAEL - HIZBOLLAH WAR in 2006.

I believe if you do sincere things and no hidden agenda ALLAH will always be with you.

Sentiasa bercakap benar kerana ALLAH suka kepada makhluknya yang bercakap BENAR.

feitosa said...

Mana pergi bekas CO 6 Renjer ?...lama tak dengar cerita !!

Capt's Longhouse said...

dear aah,

,,,it was a matter of speech, am not really out to hunt any body-lah !. Salute to your services to king and country too. But somehow the PERKASA and this character AI don't make sense to me and also dato from our prespective in making this nation better for all malaysian.
,,,too much racism in politics is destroying our UNITY of purpose in making Malaysia better for the future generation.
,,,you have seen far worse things in your life-time and am sure we should help make this nation better too.
,,,how do we fight against corruption ?. Via morality and fear of God and indeed be truthful at all times.
,,,we are fighting the same battle buddy.
,,,do suggest more ways too ?. Yes I don't think that you are a hypocrite. Sorry, maybe i got carried away too. (Lt Jen Dato Sharun is my cousin)

氣死我 said...


feitosa said...

To imagine what is not important, imagine what can be an important

ucis said...

AAH TAAT SETIA May ALLAH blessed you always.Umbut Campur Ikan Seluang.s

feitosa said...

Nak dengar juga cerita anggota 12 RAMD yang kena ambush kat balai raya Kg. Legong Baling tu..sedih sangat sebab kawasan yang sama tu ler kita selalu singgah sebelum kejadian ...
Taat - Setia

aah said...

Salam UCIS dan feitosa,

Saya rasa saudara berdua kenal siapa saya ? am still fit everywhere(FE) and ever ready to go to battle.

Feitosa,12 Melayu tidak pernah kena serang hendap di Kg Ulu Leggong,12 Melayu kena ambush dikg Kuak ulu Keroh.

Platun dari B kompeni 22 Melayu yang kena ambush di ulu leggong,Baling.Pada masa itu saya menjadi Ketua kompeni A dan sedang beroperasi di kawasan GUBIR.

Dua Tahun lepas saya ada buat mobile clinic di Kg ulu leggong, Baling.Kg ini telah dibangunkan dengan cantik sekali dan ianya telah menjadi pusat pelancong yang datang untuk bermandi didalam kolam HOTSPRING.Waktu siang tak ramai orang sebab ianya terlalu panas,pelancong dari seluruh Malaysia dan luar negara akan datang pada waktu malam hingga lewat pagi baru balik atau menginap dichalet atau homestay.

josephng said...

Dear aah

Perkasa is totally misguided and do you think is so great to pull together whatever number of NGOs. UMNO can create 1000++ of NGOs and they are master in that.

So, back to yourself and i know you have served the country bla bla bla and I appreciate it. that was past but present is more important. are you having similar mindset as Ibrahim the katak..? all about perkasa this and that and so paranoid over malays losing power? or more of these elites umno losing projects and money?

If you claim to be fear no one but Allah, do you think this Ibrahim fear Allah and follow the proper teaching? If he does, which part of the quran speaks about perkasakan kaum Melayu?

aah said...

Dear Josephng,

From your tone and choice of words my conclusion about you is that you are a true racist and kiasu chinese.