Thursday, June 3, 2010


“Two fifths of civil servants suspected of graft”, says CUEPECS President Omar Osman. In terms of numbers, this would be about 418,000 civil servants, or 41% of the 1.2 million that is alleged to be involved in graft. This number is indeed alarming, and if one is to calculate the amount of money involved, it will surely be a frightening figure. Yet, in measures to cut subsidies that are currently being hotly debated, little is said about dealing with this scourge. I would say that the major cause of this country likely to go bankrupt is undeniably because of CORRUPTION, and this scourge can be extremely cancerous if the attitude of the relevant authorities to fight it to the very core is lackluster.

High profile cases of abuse and corruption has been reported many times, but the end result is somewhat predictable i.e. insufficient evidence, hence the case cannot be pursued any further. These are multi million ringgit cases, not the few ringgit that is so commonly reported done by our policeman, or some lowly rated enforcement officials. These multi million ringgit cases involved people in high places carrying multiple honorific titles against their name, and until we see such people being locked up in the prison cells, corruption among the lower ranks of the civil service can never cease; on the contrary, it can get even bolder.

Every year we read the Auditor General’s report which cites numerous cases of abuse and corruption in the purchase of items, equipments etc. by various ministries and agencies of the government. These are glaringly acts of abuse and corruption, and what actions taken to punish the offenders are seldom revealed. For as long as there are no punitive actions taken, abuse and corruption will continue to linger.

I believe there are fears among many of the so-called bosses to act against their subordinates for offence of abuse and corruption. They fear that their action will cause them to lose popularity and the resultant hardship that the offender’s family is likely to suffer. Such a mentality is common among Malay bosses, and I think this is partly the reason why Malays form the largest number that is involved in corruption. Shame though we are, but this is the reality that no one can deny. And going by the exposure made by Omar Osman, it is not surprising that a large portion of corrupt civil servants are those of my race. The same can also be said of the Armed Forces.

The fear of the Almighty’s wrath in the hereafter seems so remote among the Malays, and this is alarming. To say that the Malays have not had any religious grounding during their formative years is not true. Like all Malay parents, an early exposure of their children to religion is a must. Even my grandson had his exposure to the Koran at a tender age of 5, and is still attending Koran reading and religious classes till now, and I am hopeful that his early religious groundings will safeguard him from the evils and vices of this modern society.

But what I have observed happening today is certainly not what I have desired the Malays to be. For those mired in corruption, I do not really know whether their regular 5 times a day prayers means anything to them. Or are they just making a show that they are the true followers of their religion? I am not going to preach the good moral values that Islam propagates, for I am not anything close to being a preacher, but merely to voice my concern of the moral decay that is so rampant among my race today.

The army had taught me extremely good values that have guided me through life; hence my deep concern for the military that is now being seen to be no better than any other profession. Hence, I started my weblog and my persistent critical writings about abuse and corruption in the military, and how much it has riddled the honorable military profession. I blame this occurrence on some of its leaders who are themselves dishonorable and lacking in integrity, and can be easily swayed by money by some unscrupulous businessman. They have all been overcome by greed, and greed knows no limit.

Integrity is one sacred quality that all military officers must possess; without it, he/she is nothing more than a scum. I have said this before, and I will never cease saying it again, and many time more. For any military officer to be involved in corruption as a uniformed servant of the King and country, is a betrayal of trust that has been entrusted upon them by King and country, and my only hope is that this is well understood by all serving officers of the Malaysian Armed Forces.

And a final word, never fall prey to the temptations of money offered by some unscrupulous businessman. Remain steadfast as an honourable gentleman of the Malaysian Armed Forces.



EAGLE said...

This CUEPACS head was misinterpreted by the media. This served him right and he must know that when ever you engage the media people- remember that this media can make you look good and like an idiot any time they want, so just watch it- "they" don't care who you are but they care very much of the agenda who ever is their master!!! This CUEPACS guy head can be on the civil servants chopping block!!!
But it is not becoz the Malay is the boss or the Chinese or anybody else as races not the issue but have we forgotten that "the fish rots from its head"
The eyes are wide open and who the bosses want to bullshit as " the fish rots from its head" like Brahim ALi said, I say it three times and one last time that "the fish rots from its head"

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Eagle,

You are right in ever sense of the word.....'The fish rots from its head'. You will also agree with me that this idiom is also applicable to the AF.

abdulhalimshah said...

Dear Dato' Arshad,
In 1997 an Egyptian who was with the World Bank told me that Malaysia was joining the club of countries suffering from systemic corruption. Examples of countries in that category is Greece, Nigeria,Indonesia and many Latin American countries. When corruption becomes rampant in politics, economic and social life of a country and there are no recourse to any alternative system but to deal with it, then systemic corruption has taken root.
The most critical ingredient in eradicating the scourge is leadership. Words count very little in fighting corruption, what mattered is action. If the highly visible cases of corruption is not dealt with by custodial sentencing, then just forget the whole idea of even reporting. The war on corruption must be a total effort encompassing all agencies tasked with bringing the guilty to book. Even if they held the number one position in the country just like what happened in South Korea and Japan, where jail sentences were meted out to past top leaders. If this can be done here, than only the people and the country be rid off this devil's scourge.

Hughsen said...

Do u think we can fight corruption if our no 1 man, attempted to bribe sibu voters with RM 5 million in his campaign recently if they deliver BN the winner????

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,indeed, "Money Politics" is political corruption and its a bloody crime.

,,,How can we accept such a person as our no.1 Leader i.e. as our PM ?.
Is this the kind of leadership or person we want to run our beloved country ?.
I have never expected for the PM himself to sink to this level, ever in my life time !. Geeee man !.
I cry for UMNO. What a bloody shame yaaaa ! really it was a noble party before in the early days during my mother's time!!!!!.
Am sorry... In fact, am very very sad nowadays plus disappointed too.
,,,It would appear as if Malaysia has not become enough of an international laughing stock in recent times chalking up a lengthening list of most shameful episodes ever since ?.
...guess GE 13 is our only avenue to make the change. If we all still loves the country.

eli said...

Dear Dato'

If 'fish rots from its head', then give a guess who are the culprits involved at the Ministry of Defence. For sure, one of them is the KSU and he shows the way for the others.

WIRA said...

Whether or not the CEUPACS head made a mistake in his estimation of the corruption level of the civil service, the reality is there for everyone to see.
The moment you drive out of your driveway, we see the stark face of the corruption in the form of permanent hawkers selling Char Koay tiow and greceries by the roadside and sidewalks. We also see blatant traffic offenders in the form of youngsters riding motorcycles without helmets and licence going against traffic flow and red lights, why?
Maybe the city hall and AJ Municipal enforcement officers have suddenly become blind or simply too corrupt to enforce the law and in so doing deprive themselves of the lucrative monthly toll that are collected from these illegal traders. Never mind that these illegal hawkers create an unsightly environment, the fact that they also leave behind an unkempt and filthy neighbourhood pose a health hazard as their ramshackle stalls become breeding ground for aedes mosquitoes. (Taman Setiawangsa and AU 1, AU2 are today denggi prone areas)
Maybe PDRM is really short of personnel as were often claimed by the IGP.
No problem here, simply disband the PFF or the General ServiCe Police or whatever they are called now, issue the chotar and blue uniforms back to them and employ them on beat duty. What is the rasionale keeping them in place? The Communist have surrendered... WE HAVE WON THE WAR LAH MUSA!!!! nAK JAGA BABI HUTAN KE? Similarly, to overcome the problem associated with personnel distribution you can start by pulling back some of the cops assigned for VIP escort (Mptocade and such like roles) and delegate the duties to Auxiliary Policemen. Tan Sri Musa the Emergency is over and done and we taxpayers do not need to be called to pay for such services as was accorded to VIPs during Henry Gourney's time. The Queen of England travels with only one outrider in front and another covering the tail end of the motorcade. Are you trying to say we must maintain these colonial protocol and norms and risk transforming Malaysia into a Bananna kingdoms?
In modern democratic societies, enforcement agencies like the Police and City Councillors heed the cry of tax-payers and serve their interest. At the rate things are going, I don't know where our destiny will be whether to continue being a democracy or degenerate into the chaotic ways of autocracy?
MACC where are you? Still trying to hide behind the proverbial forefinger?
So Syabas to the CEUPACs head. I dare say you have hit the nail on the head!!! Well done SIR.