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I am sadden by the death of Mohamed Naim Mustaqim Mohamed Sobri, a 16 year old student of the Royal Military College (RMC) in Sg. Besi, Kuala Lumpur, reportedly from being bullied and physically abused by his seniors on Wednesday, 24th June. I could feel the ordeal that Mohamed Naim had to suffer that caused him his life, and the shock and disbelief that his parents have to endure at the loss of their beloved son.

Now, nothing can bring back Mohamed Naim, but this unfortunate incident brings to question the need to seriously review the relevancy of RMC as a secondary boarding institution established in the early 50’s whose charter is ‘to prepare young Malaysians to take their places as officers in the Armed Forces of the Federation, in the higher divisions of the Public Service and as leaders in the professional, commercial and industrial life of the country’

No doubt, the Boys Wing as it was previously known have produced a number of luminaries in all sectors of the Malaysian society, and it will continue to do so in keeping with the charter of RMC. But with the establishment of many other secondary boarding institution; both private and public, the stated charter for which RMC was established has somewhat been ‘diluted’. And to now say that only the cream of the country’s secondary students are taken into RMC may no longer be true.

The Boys Wing that we know of in the past has been a stiff competitor of academic excellence and sports to the likes of MCKK, STAR and probably VI. Today, with the rise of MRSM and other controlled public schools, there are now greater choices for secondary school students to be recruited into the best schools, besides other private institutions that offer similar academic and sporting facilities par excellence. In other words, RMC has now lost its competitiveness and attractiveness as one of the country’s best secondary boarding school, and is now made worse by the unfortunate death of Mohamed Naim.

Many questions will be asked into the causes of this unfortunate incident and hopefully nothing will be left unturned. For those involved, they will have to accept their fate but more importantly, RMC will have to device means and measures to avoid a similar incident from occurring, if RMC is desirous of remaining relevant and true to its charter.



Noor said...

RMC has gone to the dog.

abdulhalimshah said...

Dear Pak Chad,
I am of the conviction that the RMC is still relevant because the charter which was coined in the years before Merdeka is the only one which is found loud and clear in any public institution which prepares the young minds to take their places as leaders in all walks of life.
Many others who were Budak boys had walked through the hallowed portals of Dewan Tun Templer and came out to play the vital role as leaders in the armed forces, industry, government and commercial fields. It was unfortunate that the powers that be had neglected to focus their serious attention at maintaining standards and improvement of the physical infrastructure for the Boys. Until today the water shortage is still there and talk of constructing more reservoirs remained talk.
The glaring problem faced by those who wanted to make things happened in the RMC is the lack of funds and commitment by the higher ups. The complex where the Boys Wing are had been many times threatened to be taken over by the powers that be in Mindef and that in itself reflect the attitude of the insensitive decision makers. Instead of making the RMC a shining star, many were just too happy to see it degenerated into a third rate "Sekolah Budak Jahat". It is us the Malays who destroy the legacy of the best traditions of our colonial masters which had been manifested by the establishment of the Federation Military College by none other than Field Marshall Tun Templer.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,many years ago one of my flight student upon getting his wings was posted to RMAF Kuching where he was ragged untill death !.
,,,my fight against bullies in the Airforce resulted in many incidents whereby i was targeted as a "thug" by some of the senior officers but i stood my ground and never gave up the struggle. It was hard to survive and at times my service life was made very difficult too. Survived I did for 11 years in the Airforce, with some battle scars but it was worth it.
,,,i shall never give in to any kind of bullies or to nutty case too.
,,,However, i don't like to live in the past, am just living for now and the future.

Arunzab said...

Dato'& All,
I would like to share this letter I wrote when the NST broke the story of torture of a trainee air force pilot in Alor Star in Feb 2007

Wrong to infringe on trainees' dignity
New Straits Times, Mar 12, 2007 | I REFER to the report "All in the way it is interpreted" (NST, March 5).
It's shocking that a retired armed forces chief should say that "in the military, ragging is seen as a way of instilling discipline, character-building and esprit de corps".

He was, however, quick to add that ragging must be done in a disciplined way and not by abusing one's authority.

Many will want to know the rules for this mob violence called ragging, where the seniors gang up against the juniors and, under the guise of enforcing discipline and teaching good army traits, subject them to all kinds of mental and physical abuse.

How does one conduct ragging in a disciplined way, when those conducting it themselves lack discipline, have no authority and are not bound by any rule?

Perhaps, unknown to us, there is a standing operating procedure for conducting ragging in a disciplined way.

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst is one of the oldest and finest officer training schools in the world. Many heads of state and royalty have been students at this school.

Our present king and his predecessor are both graduates of Sandhurst, and so are a few of our former armed forces chiefs.

I never had the privilege to study at this prestigious school, but those who did told me that there was absolutely no ragging of any form and new cadets were treated with respect.

At home, the Malay College Kuala Kangsar is reputed as the premier college in the country.

MCKK Old Boys Association president Datuk Seri Megat Najmuddin Megat Khas said: "There has never been any ragging at MCKK." He said the juniors were always protected by the seniors and teachers.

This must surely send a message to those who support ragging, especially the senior army officers, that you do not toughen soldiers by infringing on their rights and dignity.

Kuala Lumpur

ArshadRaji said...

Dear All,

I share the concern of many "Budak Boy'that who had called me to say that there is nothing wrong with RMC. Their concern is that RMC has been left to 'neglect' and the authorities have treated RMC as another boarding school, and have conveniently missed out on the charter for which the Boys Wing was established. If only Sir Gerald Templer is alive he will be the first person to have stood up for RMC. I think all 'Budak Boy' should come out to make their voices heard loud enough for the authorities to realise that RMC is not like any other boarding school; it is different, and what ever has gone with RMC wrong must be put right.

Capt's Longhouse said...

dear dato,

,,,its happening with almost all boarding schools in the country unfortunately and the Authorities plus the Government/Political Leadership and Parents must combine our efforts to put a complete STOP to this bullying/ragging nonsense.
,,,its happening in the military too, resulted in a few death b4!.
...Are WE malaysian that barbaric and sadistic to the helpless kids or youngsters ?. This is NOT the way to act in any situation. PERIOD.

Arunzab said...

Dear Capt's Longhouse,

I am with you on this . It is no use going into the forensics of all what ales the college. The issue at hand is that ragging has gone out of control at RMC. The behavior of a few sadistic students who take pleasure in the psychological and physical suffering of others has resulted in the death of one student. This has brought shame to the once proud name of RMC and Mindef must act to curb ragging once for all. In this case the first head to roll should be that of the Commandant of the school.

polris said...


Anonymous said...


Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

Ragging is synonym with boarding school or in any hostel especially in army's life.

For me, I could accept ragging mentally but not physically which has resulted we the juniors had a "world war" with senior in one of the boarding school in SP those days.

Everybody including the teachers were surprised to see our batch stand together to fight x-treme ragging which our batch gained respect from others.

Well, I think RMC is still relevant but the quality of the student is far below from those days. Where is other friends of the poor student? Why keeping quite to see their friend being bullied? They should retaliate and stand together not being coward and selfish.

komando said...

The word is to "train" not burden and worst to strain!

A lot of trainers forget what is training and what is ragging and bullying!

The so called officers at this Institution must owe up and be accountable, responsible and answerable, do not sweep it under the carpet, the lies of Altantuya, TEOH BH, Kugan and Amirul's plus all The others we have in this country!

Otherwise we are a REAL Pariah state ! Teach the right values, not otherwise !

WONDER WHO THE CI IS? HOPE HE WILL ONE DAY REGRET FOR SAYING WHAT HE SAID...! When his own kid suffers such misfortune...

The responsibility of feeding, nurturing, educating, molding potential leaders is what RMC was meant to be....NOT MAKE FUTURE BULLIES FOR THIS NATION !

bambam said...

dear polris,

OMG !!!!!, who is that bladdy CI, why just keep quiet, you should report on this statement to higher authority, as an army officer i think the army never teach us to be that bladdy arrogant.

Why are you so scared..these is the type of people who make to public that RMC is not the top choice for their son.i feel that this type of officer shouldnt be in the army, one day he will end up with the same 'perangai'like the former PTD.

MHA28 said...

Dear Dato'
I wish to comment on your statement "The Boys Wing that we know of in the past has been a stiff competitor of academic excellence and sports to the likes of MCKK, STAR and probably VI."

I have no doubt that RMC, MCKK, STAR are reputable schools - so too is Victoria Institution.

Victoria Institution is a benchmark of both academic and sporting excellence, past and present. Numerous corporate figures, law makers, professionals, artisans, entrepreneurs, politicians (both good and bad sadly!) had walked through its hallways. It's designation as a smart school today is an acknowledgement of its achievements.

True Blue Victorian

Capt's Longhouse said...

well well well, 2 cents worth ?.

,,,we need to produce true blue blooded malaysian too from all the schools in our country not only from RMC please ?. It starts off with our own kids yaa !.
,,,enough of stone heads but the water type too, hahahhha yaa Dato ?.
,,,unfortunately, when people live amidst injustice and conflicts, they tend to become insensitive to cruelty and eventually they may even perpetuate evil themselves !.
,,,My guess is that the senior's obsessive ragging/bullying missions outweighed everything else, even their conscience and moral laws.
,,,eeerrrmmm !!!Perhaps this explains why they become heartless plus willingly commiting such atrocities. THIS MUST COME TO A bloody STOP !!!!.
,,,WE as parents MUST relay this message loud and clear to our children plus ACT on it. No 'but but but' unless you want a bloody kick at the real butts ?.

benadam said...

Dear Dato’ and All
I was at RMC on Saturday that coincides with the OP-PP annual do though not for that purpose. My presence was as ‘escort’ to retired Col Ronnie McCrum and his wife to see the officer’s quarter where two of their sons were born when Ron was instructor at the Cadet Wing 43 years ago. I read about the unfortunate demise of Mohamed Naim Mustaqim Mohamed Sobri and was hoping that would not part of my interaction with Ron. But true to form, Ron bluntly asked me if bullying by seniors at the Boys Wing was Rampant. I told him that I have no knowledge about that and instead asked him if ragging is done at RMA Sandhurst since he was at the academy as student and later as instructor. His response was verbatim as Saudara Arunzab had wrote “…there was absolutely no ragging of any form and new cadets were treated with respect.”

Below is something to reflect on taken from the Medical News.

Brain Scans Show Bullies May Enjoy Watching Pain

Scientists in the US examining brain scans of teenage boys with and without a history of aggressive conduct disorder found that their brains responded differently while they watched scenes of people in pain and suggested that bullies may enjoy watching people in pain.

Using a type of brain scan called fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging), they studied the brain activity of 8 teenagers with aggressive CD and another 8 matched controls that did not show symptoms of CD, while they watched animated scenes showing people in pain and not in pain. All the boys were aged between 16 and 18.

Scenes of people in pain were of two types: deliberately inflicted and accidentally inflicted by another person.

After the scan the participants filled in questionnaires and rated how painful the scenes were.

The results showed that:
• Brain scans of both the CD and the non-CD group linked perception of pain in others to activation of the pain matrix (anterior cingulate cortex, insula, somatosensory cortex, supplementary motor area and periaqueductal gray).
• The pain matrix showed a particular level of activation in the CD group, and this was accompanied by significantly greater activation of areas of the brain associated with reward (the amygdala, striatal, and temporal pole).
• Watching intentionally inflicted pain was linked to increased activity of the medial prefrontal cortex, lateral orbitofrontal cortex, and right temporo-parietal junction in the non-CD group (the controls). This are of the brain is linked to self-regulation.
• The CD group on the other hand only showed activation of the insula and precentral gyrus (involved with basic motor pathways).
• Analysis of connectivity showed less amygdala/prefrontal coupling in the CD group compared to the non-CD group when they watched people inflicting pain on others.
The researchers concluded that:

"These preliminary findings suggest that youth with aggressive CD exhibit an atypical pattern of neural response to viewing others in pain that should be explored in further studies."

Decety said in a statement reported by UPI that:

"This is the first time that functional magnetic resonance imaging scans have been used to study situations that could otherwise provoke empathy."

"This work will help us better understand ways to work with juveniles inclined to aggression and violence," he added.

Decety said that the brain scans of the CD group, the boys with a history of aggressive and bullying behaviour, showed their reward centres lit up when they watched pain being inflicted on others, suggesting that they enjoyed watching pain.

"Atypical empathic responses in adolescents with aggressive conduct disorder: A functional MRI investigation."
Jean Decety, Kalina J. Michalska, Yuko Akitsuki, Benjamin B. Lahey.

Alfatihah untuk Mohamed Naim

Arunzab said...

Saudara benadam,
Thank you for sharing this very informative insight into how the brain scan called fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging)works.
It is amazing as to how those with sadistic minds can be detected by FMRI.

I am sure all of us will join you in reciting Alfatihah for Mohamed Naim and may Allah bless his soul.

Arunzab said...

I had stated in my posting on June 27 that, "In this case the first head to roll should be that of the Commandant of the school".To day in the STAR Wednesday June 30, 2010
Mindef replaces RMC commandant after student’s death"

Arunzab said...

This is how Indians deal with raggaing. Perhaps we can/should adopt some of their rules.

1 2009, 01:58 hrs Lucknow: India Uttar Pradesh(UP)
The UP Government passed a Government Order (GO) on March 26 imposing a complete ban on ragging in colleges and universities across the state. The order also mandates colleges and universities, including government-aided and private institutions, to include the information about the GO in their brochures or prospectus’.

Moreover, no interaction between freshers and seniors would be permitted after 9 pm for the first three months of an academic session.

Kamran Rizvi, Principal Secretary, Higher Education, said that there would be a state-wide awareness drive to put an end to ragging.

He said that students indulging in ragging would be barred from the college premises and would be expelled in the event of serious charges being proved.

The registration of the said institution would then be cancelled and all aid to it immediately stopped.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Hansac said...

Ragging is so widespread in Malaysia now even in PTD course pun diorang disuruh minum air stokin!!!

Siapa lagi yang start culture minum air stokin, ludah dalam mulut, kencing dalam mulut, melancap beramai-ramai, kalau bukan Angkatan Tentera Malaysia, termasuk pegawai-pegawai nya yang supposed to be gentlemen???

Come on. Janganlah buat tak tahu pula. Either most of us here are disconnected with reality or refuse to believe the truth.

You officers are the first to be blamed for all the misfortunes that has befallen our armed forces, past, present and future.

There are no bad soldiers. Only bad officers.

Arunzab said...

I had a Chinese schooled friend to tell me what this means,( 芸茂 said...
he told me that these are all porn site advertisement. They are just lure people to enter their site. I feel you should remove them immediately from you blog

ucis said...

Ihad mentioned before that you must only allow comments in BM and English in your blog,see now what happened.Fikirlah sendiri

Anonymous said...


WIRA said...

There is absolutely no reason for anyone to question the relevance of RMC. It is a secondary school and should be run as such. The strong military influence that is emphasized in the curiculum should also remain because that is its 'forte'.
Closing the school over the ragging incident would be like 'bakar kelambu kerana marahkan nyamok'.
Just get rid of the nyamoklah...

taming said...

Dato' Arshad,

Where are you hiding and keeping deaf and blind by allowing some unscrupulous readers bastardising this blog?

Please get rid of those ugly comments in alien characters which look more like pornographic advertisement or terminate this blog completely!


Arunzab said...

Point the cursor at the dotted line with Chinese characters and watch what happens!!!!!! porn site
pix and all.

Akuromeo said...

ragging.. make me stand tall
till today..
i luv the word 'RAGGING"

Mawar_Rimba said...

Akuromeo...i totally agree with you on this.. Military officers "orientations" or so called "ragging" is to break a civilian into a military officers. From a "pariah" he or she is transform into an officer and a gentleman/lady. Alot of knowledge is been put into you during this period.... On top of that.... your mental and physical limitation is put into test. i am sure most of your officers commenting here one way or other has been "ragged".

ucis said...

Practically most of us had gone through this exercise of orientation or ragging in any boarding schools or instituitions.Normally only yang sombong,degil,malas and uncooperative landed into troubles.Does one rare incident justified to question the relevantcy of RMC.Come on be reasonable sikit.Nvertheless ucapan takziah kpd keluarga terlibat.

Anonymous said...

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Mawar_Rimba said...

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kuangkeng said...

Dear sir, I'm Kuek, a journalist from online news portal Malaysiakini. I can't find your email address in your blog, is it ok to give me your email so I can contact you via email? Please email me at
Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

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Mawar_Rimba said...

look what happen when you respond to 夏康如. So... after this just ignore this Bastard...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Haezrikal said...

Dear Dato' Pak Chad,

Your blog is getting corrupted by scrupulous comments. Please get rid the junk comments immediately. Thank you.

Dato', why a sudden silence....?

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

Has this blog died a natural death? Or harm intended? What is going on? Pse someone,anyone enlighten me. Thanks.

ucis said...

What I heard is Pak Chad nak bermenantu.Sudah ke belom.Mungkin ia busy for the celeberation.

Malaysian said...

Regardless if the blog is dead or not, we must continue to fight corruption. It's our duty to continue discuss about our corruption condition in this country. As all of you might know, our fuel price have increase without informing the people. Though the government stated that it's for the good of the people to reduce subsidy but the subsidy to big company and well-connected company continue. Is the government truly interested to help us? Why do we need so many minister and deputy minister? Our country will definitely be bankrupt due to corruption and not subsidy.

Malaysian said...

Apparent, we're reducing our subsidy because we could use the money to fund our new MRT project.

Excerpt from Malaysian Insider:
The savings from the Najib administration’s subsidy cuts could boost the prospects of the new RM43 billion KL MRT bid put in by Gamuda Berhad and MMC Corp, said OSK Research.

ucis said...

Dear Malaysian.
Agreed the fight must go on.Ingat kita menaroh harapan penoh kpd PR tapi nampaknya sama aja dgn govt of the day.Yg teruk tu baru 2thn dah macam-macam berlaku.I was very happy when they formed CAT,SELCAT n PAC cos the objectives of this org ultimately to fight corruption.Sadly they failed.Sibuk dgn perkara kecil like appt of local councillors which never happen before.Tu hari dgr PI Bala nak pergi ke France bagi statements on the submarines issue sampai la ni abok pun tak ada.Nevertheless I will support wholeheartedly this crusade n hope Pak Chad will continue this blog.Salam

Malaysian said...


Hopefull, Pakatan will buckle up and do more that truly help the middle and low income Malaysian. Though I may be a Pakatan supporter but I still pray that there are a few "good leaders" in UMNO will finally lead BN again. As of now, I don't see any hope from BN.

As of now, I'm still curious about the selling of Sungai Besi Air base, financial health of Petronas, the continue subsidy of private power company, etc.

This is our home. We must not let anybody destroy our beloved country.

Anak Malaysia

Malaysian said...

Interesting reading on KL MRT by Anil Netto:

With this possible Mega Project, I'm assuming there will be cost overrun again.


Anonymous said...

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Arunzab said...

楊儀卉 Please don't try to pass of as a well read man.You copied this Quote from the internet Google search and modified it slightly. The correct version is:.......

We could learn a lot from crayons; some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull, while others bright, some have weird names, but they all have learned to live together in the same box.”
March 10, 2009

Just stick to what you do best "porn peddeling" for as lond as Pakshad does not do housekeeping.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nothing comes from nothing.............................................................

Malaysian said...

Recently, the government talked about cutting our subsidy. They've asked us to tighten our belt for the sake of the economy. Common folks like us can't do anything but to entrust them to take care of our economy. However, for the past decades our foreign direct investment have been dropping. Furthermore, our local investment are looking outward for investment. With the rate of our FDI, our country economy looks gloomy. Sadly, we've people focus on race unity, sodomy, religion, etc. Why are they not focusing on the core problem? Corruption and abuse of power! Can we blindly entrust them to take care our of children future.

Malaysian said...

This is a report on Malaysia Foreign Direct Investment. This will give you a better picture our economy.

Anonymous said...


ucis said...

Dear Malaysian.
Due respect RPK was my favourite before but nowadays his creditability had gone.Just look at his commentators,of his blog,who are they?.I am not a racists but try to lend a little sp to govt they hamtam you left n right eventhough some of the facts were just a sweeping statement.Seterok-terok UMNO leaders taklah sekeji PR yg sanggup memohon bantuan luar untuk kepentingan peribadi.Kita ni telah dilarang untuk berpolitik dari dulu,nak berpolitik skg tak faham tapi saya jangka orang UMNO ni pun fikir masa depan cucu n cicit mereka.Malaysia tak akan bangkrap.Perkara ni masa Mahathir pun dah timbul dan dgn foreign res dekat 300 bil InshaAllah we will survive.Back to RPK he is history to me.He is having a luxurious life in London and yet his son is suffering in the jail.Tak boleh ke Godfather kat sini bantu sikit.Tiada kepentingan politik tak boleh,tapi Ben Hock boleh lak,juta duit negeri habis untuk lawyer fees dan pakar forensik.Entahlah orang cam ni nak diharapkan.Fikirlah sendiri.

Akuromeo said...

how's life...

'Lu Fikirlah Sendiri" quote from Nabil

Be a man Be a Superhero
Be a gladiator Be a ..

deng deng deng

Lu fikirlah sendiri...
RMC belongs to The Man World

Malaysian said...


I'm curious if you were right about UMNO do concern about their descendants future. I assumed they only enrich their own family and not regular fellow Malaysian (even their own race).

The government asked us tighten our belt in order to reduce deficit. Thus, they reduce our subsidy two weeks ago. However, they plan to provide financial help to water company known as Syabas millions of dollars. Why should we bail a private company? If they fail then we should let it bankrupt. I understand it's a Bumiputra company but I'm sure we can use our money wisely to help other "Bumiputra entrepreneur".

You stated that Foreign Direct Investment have been low since Tun Dr. Mahathir so we can ignore it. How can we ignore it since back in Tun period the investment is around 300 Bil? You do know there is inflation right? Thus, we must strive to attract more foreign investment. We can't sit around do nothing. We need to ask ourselves why Singapore is attracting more investment than us?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Learning makes a good man better and ill man worse.............................................................

Zach said...

What's happening with you? Chickening out? Sorry for that.

Malaysian said...

It has been more than a month dato have not write anything on this blog. Hopefully, he's alright.

bambam said...

dear dato and fellow friends,

sila lihat sebutharga ini dalam e-perolehan tutup pada 29-7-2010 dikeluarkan oleh Markas Lojistik Tentera Darat:


Keperluan membekal dalam masa 7 hari dan ada syarikat yang masuk tender ini boleh membekal 1700 pasang dalam masa 3 hari..

percaya atau tidak..friends and dato'. let see what is your comment !!!!! believe or not. To me kalau dah plan tak payah la keluar dalam EP beri saja la pada yang dah standby untuk hantar saja..jangan buat kami pengusaha macam kambing hitam , just to get the corum cukup 5 syarikat

bambam said...

dear dato and fellow friend,

this is another wrong doing from what i heard in procurement mindef:

No. Tawaran: 32/2009
Tarikh Iklan: 19 May 2009
Bil. No. Tender Tarikh Tutup Harga (RM) Nama Perolehan / Butir Tawaran Status File PDF
1 KP(PERO 4) C/T 193/2009 18 Jun 2009 50.00 Membekal, Menjahit dan Menghantar Pakaian Siap No. 5 (Celoreng Harimau Belang) Untuk Tentera Darat

(Kod Bidang: 050299) Dibatalkan

this tender to supply camouflage uniform has been cancel and verbally information gathered that the ministry of defence has give the LOI to 3 company to supply this uniform.

dont you think it is weird that the tender has been cancel and yet LOI has been given to 3 no-name mentioned company for this requirement. i hope to get a true infomation from somebody inside who can and willingly to confirm this so that we can proceed to report this to SPRM

Mawar_Rimba said...

Please accept my most sincere condolences on the Natural Death Of Mind No Evil. The Rakyats has been praying for her for quite some time. Unfortunately for us who are left behind, the answer to prayer was not the one we were looking for. Only Mind No Evil truly knows the Glory of the Heavenly Kingdom as has been "promoted" to eternal bliss by the natural death. I am never good at "these things", but I felt compelled to let you know how much I appreciated your dedication to "CRUSADE AGAINST CORRUPTION" and how incredibly helpful it was to us from the first day of it postings. Led by our Glorious God and inspired by MIND NO EVIL'S courageous battle you have provided a ministry to those suffering from this wretched disease. The Rakyats will never be able to thank you enough for sharing your talents with those less fortunate than you. Through "CRUSADE AGAINST CORRUPTION" , MIND NO EVIL's memory will be eternal ....................

God bless and keep you, MIND NO EVIL...

Mawar Rimba
Stay Airborne

samsaimon said...

Did you hear' the Last Post' for mind NO EVIL ?

samsaimon said...

Dato could not take it anymore after being lambasted by FZAM.
There must be truth in it.

Malaysian said...

Who would take up the role on crusade against corruption? Can we continue our discussion or frustration about corruption on other blog? Any suggestion - FMZAM, Capt, Kommando, Bambam, Mawar rimba, others?

We must not let evil win. For the sake of the country and military, we need to continue to fight on!

Hope nothing happen to Dato....

Anak Malaysia

xpara87 said...

dear anak Malaysia,

Harapan mu sungguh murni.
How are we to fight against corruption when the system is corrupted.

Setakat la ni. Sesiapa yang rajin nak lawan koruption lah yang akan kena tembak dulu.

Kalau tak percaya tanya kawan kawan yang pernah coba coba nak melawan.

bambam said...

dear friends,

apa yang xpara87 cakap tu betul. tetapi kadang-kadang banyak issue yang melalut ke tempat lain. tujuan sebenar kita ialah untuk memerangi korupsi didalam jabatan kerajaan terutama sekali didalam kementerian pertahanan tetapi telah terpesong ke tempat lain ini yang menjadikan tujuan sebenar lari daripada tujuan asal. Saya ingin mencadangkan FZAM atau komando mengambilalih blog korupsi ini diruangan lain but never-never reveal you personal identification to public.


Ir. Hanafi Ali said...

kelakar pulak persembahan hari pahlawan tahun ni. Ada ke veteran suruh berbaris tengah panas tengok drama bodoh. Masa servis kena baris, pencen pun kena baris.

Malaysian said...


Saya rasa sungguh sedih melihat aktivit2 korupsi yang berlaku di negara kita. Terlalu ramai askar dan rakyat biasa korban untuk negara kita semasa perang dunia kedua, zaman darurat, etc dan kita tidak boleh melihat negara dihancurkan oleh tangan rakyat Malaysia. Remember "Sungai Besi Air Force base" .... is corruption involve?

How can we fight coruption? We can first exchange thoughts, ideas and present corrup cases online. Only through online blog, we can inform fellow Malaysian and hopefully others will share it with their friends and family.

However, I would suggest that we use Bahasa since we want to reach a bigger audience. We must increase the number of readers.

[b]"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."[/b]

Arunzab said...

I too observed what sudara Ir. Hanafi Ali has related. It makes a mockery of showing respect to these old timers, and drama bodoh it sure was.That item is more befitting to be an episode in 'Jangan Ketawa'

samsaimon said...

Dear Malaysian,
We are actually sick and tired of these corrupt practices, in every possible ways done by our leaders,
government servants in all agencies and even men on the streets.
We said it many times that we need change, yes we have to change this corrupt government through the ballot box.
Dato fights against corruption with this 'mind NO EVIL'. But in one of his postings he did say that he hopes UMNO is the protector of the Malays. Umno is corrupt, how can he fights againts corruptions when he relies on Umno, his master ?

bambam said...

saudara samsaimon,

inilah masalah dengan you, why only accused UMNO corrupt what about PKR, what about DAP and what about PAS or what about other party boleh dikatakan semuanya sama. bila kita narrow down to UMNO apakah party lain tak korup. jangan lah terlalu atau pun awak sengaja nak menimbulkan perbualan yang tidak sihat lagi. what is our aim actually..corrupt to whom and where. UMNO tak korup, PKR tak korup, PAS tak korup dan DAP tak korup tetapi orangnya korup. so janganlah nak menyalahkan party pulak..kalau gitu cuba fikir ..korup in the army..korup in the polis and also other government agency yang sedang berlaku sekarang..apa pandangan saudara. be sensible la bila bagi pandangan janganlah " membabi buta" saja hentam itu hentam yang ini. "LEAVE FOR SOMETHING OR DIE FOR NOTHING"

Look... our aim to fight corruption in government focus towards that aim.

Kita orang melayu di tanah melayu hidup sehingga sekarang disebabkan siapa...siapa!!! lain la kalau you bukan orang melayu i dont blame UMNO but i blame the corrupt person in UMNO and also in all the parties because they dont look after the people 100% or more. and i feel that they have tried their best but not everybody is prefect so mereka kena lah baiki dari hari kehari dan resultnya bukannya sekarang it takes years to be prefect.


Anonymous said...

Lets cross the bridge when we come to it............................................................

samsaimon said...

UMNO tak korup,PKR tak korup, PAS tak korup dan DAP tak korup tetapi orangnya korup. so janganlah menyalahkan party pulak........

kita orang melayu di tanah melayu hidup sehingga sekarang disebabkan siapa....siapa!!! lain lah kalau you bukan melayu, i dont blame UMNO but I blame the corrupt person in UMNO.......
bambam said @ August 6,2010 8:51pm

Saya orang melayu yang tangiskan kehilangan Tanah Melayu, siapa menjualnya?
Saudara Bambam, awak merupakan orang melayu yang mentalitinya telah dijajah oleh UMNO dan tidak berupaya untuk melihat dan menerima realiti sejagat. I dont think you undertand what I wrote!

I rest my case.

Arunzab said...

Saudara bambam,
With respect, I am sure you must mean "If you don't LIVE for something you'll die for nothing ..." You can check on GOOGLE search.


Kamal Sanusi said...

We need to change the corrupt system for betterment. It is just like re-formatting your computer when too many mal-function happen.

In doing so, I would suggest we change the total administration of KERA-jaan 1Malaysia as pretty sure you are unable to fight the current corrupt system. At the end, you tend to join the system.

We have been patient for so many years and tears keeping falling from the our eyes and getting worst.

So, in the next GE-13, just ensure Putrajaya will be having new faces. Why worry?

We have been suffering for years, might as well we take a risk for just 5 years. If no improvement, in GE-14, we change again.

Let see Kelantan. Are they suffering being under PAS? Only those who "gila kuasa" are suffering but the rest like me, okey ajer.

So, I challenge all of you to take this simple method in fighting the corrupt system as what you have been telling here. Have a gut or have no ball?

Re-format your computer...

bambam said...

dear sir,

1. the system is not corrupt, but the people is corrupt, dont blame the system. the system is set to be followed but the person concern does not follow not only from the governemnt but also from the oppostion sama saja cuma mereka ni gila nak ambilalih kuasa saja. We dont change the government, "you dont like it, walk away", we change that particular person and i think the new premier know very well who is working and who is not working and you can see in the next GE13, new faces will be there to work.

2. can you guarantee when you change the government you can live like what we have been living until today and our next generation will live and enjoy the perks that we have been enjoying all this while or maybe when you change the new government maybe you are the first person and your family will migrate to other country to live better life and leave us and our generation face more pain and suffer as what you said.if you can guarantee maybe i will vote for you to become the next premier. what say you !!!

3. are you sure the kelantanese is not suffered. please check the fact and figures first before you want to compare the life and living in kelantan. there is alot of people who suffer outskit of kota bharu..have you visited kelantan state at the rural area how they live and how is their condition, ada yang masih makan nasi berlaukkan budu dan daun gajus dan ada yang masih menggunakan perigi untuk mandi dan sebagainya. See for yourself how the water condition in kelantan maybe in kota bharu area ok la but what about other rural area. Kelantanese mentality is not like other state to them "what to do if the government cant afford to ungrade the life and living condition, let it be be la, yang ada pun dah bersyukor".

4. they are not gila kuasa, but it make them crazy because they cannot help the people of kelantan to upgrade their live and living condition in kelantan. You know all the youngster have left kelantan to work in KL the most they went back maybe once or twice per year on aidul fitri and aidul azhar and they dont care anymore what happen to kelantan because their life have change in modern capital city and maybe their parents is more confortable to live as it is basis in their hometown and sometime their children like it be that way also. sekali sekala balik kampong with the same condition kan menyeronokan. macam you ok la because you dont have the reponsibilities towards the people and masyarakat sekeliling. Lain la kalau you dah YB atau bekas YB dikelantan.

5. you did mentioned choose the new government and kalau tak jadi the next election tukar yang baru..apa main bolasepak ke ..kalau pemain tak berupaya tukar is easy to say but you must remember apa yang akan berlaku dalam masa 5 tahun entah entah lebih teruk daripada itu.

6. to me i stand as what it is now:



sorry bro..i am from there also.

Malaysian said...

I'm not a Malay. I'm a Malaysian and I understand we view things different but overall we hate greedy official or politician.

I blame UMNO for all our ill because they hold the power. They can change Malaysia direction today. What have they done after March 8th? They only incite more hatred between all races and religion.

I prayed we UMNO leader like TUN DR. ISMAIL! Sadly, we only have leader that blame our country ill on other races.

Once again, I love my country and the people (Malay, Chinese, Indian, etc). Certainly, I dislike Pakatan's performance too. However, BN is worse than Pakatan!

Lastly, we need to select quality leaders with principle regardless of their political affiliation. Thus, I'll elect a fellow UMNO that truly fight corruption and help the poor regardless of their skin color or relgion!

Anak Malaysia

Mawar_Rimba said...

Dear bambam sir, with due respect sir, what I have written here is all my personal view with my limited knowledge of politics but a broader view and knowledge of the “The Rakyats’” condition without any outside influence.

1. How can you walk away if you don’t like the Govt, walk away where? To Thailand?... Singapore???? Indonesia??? Is that what Democracy means? I don’t know, you tell me. Sir, just wondering aloud, if the new premier know who is working and who is not, why wait for GE 13, why not send them to the firing squad now.

2. Sir, how are we living today? And what perks are you talking about? Maybe you are living a very good life with a lot of perks, have you been to the rural kampongs and estates and see how the rakyats are living.

3/4. Sir, FUCK YOU.. jangan nak hina the Kelantanese , what do you mean by “Kelantanese mentality is not like other state”?
"what to do if the government cant afford to upgrade the life and living condition”. What are you talking about bambam sir, who is the Govt and who is holding the finance.. cakap macam budak2 hingusan..

5. We have MERDEKA for the past 53…. Why are the Rakyats still living in very bad poverty, why are Rakyats of different race still hates each other until today even after 53 years of MERDEKA????
So what kalau main bola sepak… that’s the beauty of Democracy.
Bambam sir, “apa yang akan berlaku dalam masa 5 tahun entah entah lebih teruk daripada itu.” Entah2 juga lebih elok daripada sekarang. (Just thinking out load).




文王廷 said...


Kamal Sanusi said...

Sorry la bamban, your view is yours but my view is mine which not necessary to be in line with yours.

I guess you don't really understand my point which I don't blame you for being so......... (maleh nak cakap, nnt org kata kasaq sgt).

Comment by Mawar Rimba speaks for itself and I don't need to elaborate further.

I am a soldier, oppsss... ex-soldier and I'm not a poliTAIK man. Therefore, I speak like a soldier, oppsss... ex-soldier. My way of thinking is still like a soldier not poliTAIK man.

Get what I mean?

Kah kah kah!!!...

Kamal Sanusi said...

One more this bambam, please don't vote me should I'm the candidate during GE-13 because if I win and become a premier, all prison in 1Malaysia will be packed with people like you.

Furthermore, you will disappoint yet again coz I'm not a guy who like to entertain pencacai/penjilat like you.

So, again, please don't vote me, okey I'll pay you for not voting me.

Kah kah kah!!!...

bambam said...

dear mawar rimba,

bukan nak menghina orang kelantan..MENATANG BERUK !!! saya pun kelantanese also, sorry because you started to use the bad words nak tahu pergi la rasa sendiri kalau tidak tak la seramai lebih 300000 orang kelantan di Kuala Lumpur ni.

i think you still left behind on the situation in kelantan. nevermind see for yourself la malah aku nak cakap lagi. i think you dont understand what i am trying to say. jangan ingat kamu saja yang betul. jalan raya tak semua nya straight ada bengkok juga.

for mr kamal sanusi..nak gelak pun ada juga anyway i agreed you comment and view belong to you and my comment and views belong to me..demokrasi brother.


bambam said...

dear sir, mawar rimba

actually apa yang masalah nya dengan UMNO yang you marah sangat, apa yang telah berlaku kepada saudara cuba cerita sikit kita boleh berkongsi masaalahnya. what have they done to you so far until to the extend macam nak berperang saja dengan UMNO. Kenapa you tak benci parti lain or tubuh your own party and fight for the people who cannot fight for themself and be a leader. Jangan cakap saja proof la.

Mawar_Rimba said...

Dear bambam sir, firstly what is “MENATANG BERUK”? Kawe tak pahelah tueh…. ADEIIII SAYYAAAAA

Sir, have you ever ask yourself why are these 300,000 over Kelantanese in Kuala Lumpur, is KELANTAN a different country? Aren’t KELANTANESE paying their yearly income taxes? Than why is Kelantan not being finance for development? I think you know the answer…. You collect income taxes from the Kelantanese Rakyat, than you should pay them back with development.

Sir, with due respect, nobody is left behind on the situation in Kelantan. Everybody knows what is happening on the situation in Kelantan and everybody knows why Kelantan is lacking in development. Sir, the rakyat is not BODOH. Dulu bolehlah.. sekarang… Dunia Sudah Maju, Zaman Sudah Berubah.

Sir, you said something about UMNO, what is UMNO? Tak fahamlah? Like I said before “ I AM NO POLITICIAN… I AM JUST A SOLDIER”. Sir, just wondering, why are you bring UMNO here… BODEK IS IT????? Sir, kalu nak bodek pun buat cara lainlah. Sir, can we just leave politics out of this.


bambam said...

dear mawar rimba,

yes i think you better stop to curse about the politic..i also dont like it. you are a ex-soldier so pelase show to public that all this while you serve the army and the country with full hearted. so no need to discuss about politics..stop or kill the subject. let focus more to the mismanagement of tender and government procurement. than i feel there is alot of thing to talk to and giving ideas etc. that is all about for this blog titles.

saya minta maaf la dah dekat nak bulan puasa terpaksa lepas perkataan itu..we are matured enough so those bad words shouldnt be out in this or any blog.

Malaysian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Malaysian said...

Bambam/Mawar Rimba

I agree we should focus on corruption and mismanagement than politic. I realized that the best way to curb corruption is to have open tender system. Are we using open tender system for all procurement? We wouldn't all of you agree that open tender system will help us curb corruption.

Anak Malaysia

pendita said...

Malaysian, If you a govt of today, would u like to see all tender be an open tender?

Dato', please comment.

pendita said...


If you a govt of today, would you like to see all tender be an open tender?.

Dato', please comment.

Ir. Hanafi Ali said...

The way I see it kan, none of you has credibility, except one or two who put their real names and/or pictures. If you dare not put your name to your thoughts, who would listen to you?

So this is Malaysian mentality, baling batu sembunyi tangan. Culture surat layang.

Stand up and be counted. Kata pegawaiii. Gagah berani. Gentlemen.

Mawar_Rimba said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bambam said...

dear tuan ir hanafi,

if i may correct you, this blog is not for you to listen but is for you to read.

to give the view on PENDITA request if i am the govt right now i make sure that not only open tender, the whole group of tenderer for that particular tender will witness what is going on and if there is tenderer who fails to follow the requirement ..kat situ juga i will tell them that their tender document is disqualified.

answer to MALAYSIAN, i agree with you but my view is that even make open sekali pun tak jadi juga, sebab banyak cara dan mekanisma yang diguna pakai untuk mengelabu mata orang lain boleh dibuat.

saya ingin memberikan cadangan proses yang dijalankan sekarang untuk satu-satu tender di kementerian pertahanan. Inilah proses yang dijalankan sebagaimana yang saya tahu seperti berikut:

1. tender dikeluarkan pada umum dan ditutup dalam masa 21 hari dari tarikh diumumkan dalam akhbar dan juga laman sesawang.
2. tutup pada 21 hari selepas tender dikeluarkan-hantar dokumen dan contoh ke bahagian tender - Bangunan TH-SELBORN tingkat 1, (semasa menghantar tender disini la bermulanya masalah sebagai contoh satu-satu tender memerlukan contoh sekiranya petender tidak menghantar contoh atau sebaliknya dan sekiranya diperlukan 3 contoh tetapi petender hanya menghantar 2 atau 1 sahaja, kenapa diterima juga contoh mereka ini. sepatutnya di reject sahaja sebab tidak mengikut peraturan diperlukan.

3. kemudian mungkin 1-2 hari berikutnya lembaga pembukaan dokumen tender diadakan, pada pandangan saya sebelum dokumen tender dibuka pengerusi pembukaan dokumen mestilah terlebih dahulu mendapat pengesahan secara bertulis daripada bahagian penerimaan contoh, syarikat mana tidak yang menghantar contoh mengikut peraturan dokumen tender. so dokumen petender yang tidak menghantar contoh yang diperlukan seharusnya tidak dibuka kerana tidak mengikut peraturan ini sebagaimana yang termaktub dalam syarat tender dan secara otomatik terkeluar daripada tender berkenaan. jadi kalau dokumen tender yang diterima contoh sebanyak 50 petender tetapi hanya 5 sahaja petender menghantar contoh yang diperlukan di dalam tender tersebut, hanya 5 syarikat sahaja la yang akan dipamirkan di papan kenyataan keputusan pembukaan tender kenapa senarai petender masih lagi dipamirkan sebanyak 50 harga petender. jadi disini mana nampak ketelusannya. sebab semasa diperingkat awal lagi semasa menghantar contoh tidak di batalkan penyertaan banyak perkara yang mungkin akan berlaku sebagai contoh syarikat yang tidak menghantar contoh tiba-tiba diakhir proses diberi surat setuju terima sebab ada kemungkinan salah satu dariada petender yang menghantar contoh daripada awal akan kehilangan contoh mereka semasa dibuat lembaga pemilihan pisikal sebelum dimajukan ke STRIDE untuk proses seterusnya.

Untuk maklumat semua daripada proses tender atau sebutharga ditutup sehingga sampai ke proses untuk dibawa ke mesyuarat lembaga tender A atau B, nobody knows nothing what is happening. maksud saya disini sebagimana yang saya maklum tadi sekiranya terdapat 50 petender yang mengambil bahagian kita tidak tahu samada ada petender yang langsung tidak menghantar contoh tetapi pada akhir proses mereka akan mendapat tender tersebut.


Mawar_Rimba said...

Well Gentlemen, most of the discussion here lately is more centered towards "Contracts" and "Tender". Since Pak Chad is MIA and after reading FMZam's post, i think we know what kind of people we are dealing with here. Its so sad to see the path MIND NO EVIL is heading.

And for you bambam sir, i am no ex-soldier and i am not a "he".

To Ir Hanafi Ali sir, with due respect, if you don't put your real names and/or pictures it doesn't mean you don't have credibility, sir these is blogging. Even if you put your real name and your pictures, it doesn't mean you have better credibility than the others.

Thank you gentlemen, Selamat menunaikan IBADAH PUASA semoga Ramadhan yang mulia ini akan lebih baik lagi keimanan dan ketaqwaan kita kepada Allah SWT……

Mawar Rimba
Stay Airborne

Ir. Hanafi Ali said...

Mawar Rimba:

Tak usah lah post berkali-kali benda yang sama.

Yes of course kalau letak nama betul tak semestinya ada kredibiliti. Saya setuju tu.

Tapi your voice will be louder kan kalau we know who is talking. Seriously people will listen more (or READ more, just in case we like to nitpick, cross our t's and dot our i's.

Lalalala selamat menuang puasa.

bambam said...

dear IR hanafi ali sir,

in my humble opinion, look at you sir, you said we got no guts to put our real name and picture. but what about you dengan gambar askar kalah perang..apa you cerita !!!!ni.

Ir. Hanafi Ali said...

Itu gambar askar kalah perang ke? Tak tahu pulak. Hahahah.

Itu gambar budak para bagi tu. Yang ada wing gold gold tu.

Marah dia tu kalau dia tahu ada orang cakap itu gambar askar kalah perang.

By the way, ATM pernah masuk perang ke?

Perang by definition is a declared hostile action by a country to another. Without a declaration, tak panggil perang lagi. Main tembak-tembak je lah kot.

bambam said...

dear IR Hanafi ali,

OMG..rupanya umbon-umbon mu masih lembut. i think you better go and find a book and read the Military History or history of ATM since 1933 hingga sekarang or hingga 1989..what is the committment of ATM duty from that period.

Ada juga orang yang berpelajaran tinggi tetapi tidak ambil tahu mengenai history of our ATM..sorry tuan saya MCE je

Ir. Hanafi Ali said...

I specifically said "ATM" for a reason.

angkatan tentera MALAYSIA.

Whatever variant or version before 1963 are not ATM, or after the federation collapsed (and the federation WILL collapse), is not ATM either.

Tradisi ketenteraan ATM? Langsung takdak tradisi. Every PAT will ensure that.

Remember my name ya. Remember it well.

Ir. Hanafi Ali said...

By the way, the fight against Chin Peng and his ragtag army was not "perang". It was just skirmishes. Paham tak istilah "perang" ni? Itulah kalau takat MCE, depa tak ajaq makna perang ni.

Sebenarnya tak perlu nak ilmu tinggi kalau nak paham istilah perang. Perang is declared hostile action from a sovereign entity to another. Paham???

Sebab tu USA kata Taliban tak terlindung di bawah Geneva Convetion, sebab tak ada sovereign entity nya.

Anyway perbahasan ni berat ni, takut pulak pegawai-pegawai ATM yang sedia ada tak berapa paham. Itu yang saya ni campur cakap Melayu sikit. Spiking nanti ramai yang nganga.

Melangut pandang depan.

bambam said...

dear ir hanafi ali,

oh rupa-rupa nya nak pekena orang la tu.

no class la bro.

Ir. Hanafi Ali said...


Takde niat nak pekena sesiapa. Tambahan ramai di sini lebih tua dari saya. Walaupun saya tak berapa suka banyak perkara tentang Melayu, tapi darah Melayu saya ni still ada unsur hormat pada orang-orang tua.

We speak our minds, with respect to everyone.

Kecuali pegawai-pegawai muda bodoh ATM.

Mawar_Rimba said...

Ir Hanafi Ali Bodoh, dari posting awak, now i know your standard and your credibility. Sorry lah aku panggil awak bodoh sebab awak senang2 panggil orang lain bodoh. Betul ke awak ada Ir, or its just a nick name. Entah2 some askar weekend trying to be a regular.
BODOHNYE Ir NI........

Arunzab said...

War by definition is conflict between states or nations (international war) or between factions within a state (civil war) We probably fall in the latter.

Malaysian Armed Forces were involved in two major conflicts after WW2 ended . The first was the Malayan Emergency in 1948-1960.The other was the Confrontation 1962 -1966,often referred to as an undeclared war over the future of the island of Borneo, between British-backed Malaysia and Indonesia . When contacts took place between these two warring factions the numbers were small and it was often referred to as skirmishes. This was because there was no major battle between two opposing forces as in a full scale confict.

Based on this I would say that saudara Ir. Hanafi Ali is right but only up to a point.

Now I noticed that some of us are also involved in a war, a WAR of words. Relax bro this is the fasting month, let,s give some space to each other. I am sure every one means well.


bambam said...

dear ir hanafi ali,

bladdy hell you, you telah menghina semua pegawai-pegawai didalam angkatan tentera malaysia dengan mengatakan semua pegawai bodoh, apa you ingat you pandai ke atau IR tu sengaja diletak and asking people to respect you..bullshit la i think what MAWAR RIMBA say is right entah2 some askar weekend trying to be a regular. ini must be the bladdy TA la ni or ASKARPUNG.

samsaimon said...


My god, no wonder jambatan roboh, bangunan roboh, Expressway (mrr2) retak! Ni kerja IR lah ni!

Darth Trust said...


I pun nak pakai nom de guerre la. Glamor apa.


The two conflicts you mentioned were not "wars". The Malayan Emergency and up to 1989 was not a war. (how could it be war when the Field Force were roped in to help? among other anomalies). The Confrontation was not a war too.

So, where was it the idiot who said ATM was involved in any type of war???

Beruk Rimba:

takde nya aku nak jadi regular.

Taat setia membabi buta is just not my cup of tea.

于庭吳 said...


Malaysian said...


You're right about having open tender doesn't mean corruption will be curb. However, it's better than having nothing at all.

The next step we need to have is freedom of press. With freedom of press, our reporters can report corruption openly without fearing their press license will be removed. Is the government willing to do it.

Anak Malaysia

Malaysian said...

If we do want to fight corruption then we need to start with ourselves first.

1. We need to stop giving duit kopi to our traffic police for our traffic violation.
2. We need to stop giving duit kopi to "car tester" to get our driving license.

Arunzab said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Arunzab said...

Saudara Darth Trust,
I am a student of military history having spent 33 years in the army. I believe that I am fairly conversant as to what constitutes a 'WAR.'

When the nation is at war as in our case, be it an undeclared war,a guerrilla war or a limited war, the nation uses all its resources at it's disposal be it the Home Guards, the Territorial Army, the Special Branch, the Field Force, etc.
What anomalies are you referring to ?

War does not ONLY mean a total war as as the Arab-Israeli war or the Pakistan- India war to name a few, which was a full scale conflict. These wars are generally short and decisive.The kind of wars which we fought are often referred to as procreated wars (fought over a long period of time) but they are still referred to as wars.

Before you call someone an idiot about his understanding of WAR you may want to read this book, and also how Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia describes the Emergency.

Confrontation, the WAR with Indonesia 1962-1966 [Hardcover] Between 1962 and 1966 Indonesia and Malaysia fought a small, undeclared war which came to involve troops from Australia and Britain.
By: Nick Van Der Bijl (Author)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Google search)
The Malayan Emergency was a guerrilla WAR fought between Commonwealth armed forces and the Malayan National Liberation Army (MNLA), the military arm of the Malayan Communist Party, from 1948 to 1960.

Even if we want to clink sabers in verbal combat lets all try to keep our language civil and polite. As the saying:
“Be polite; write diplomatically; even in a declaration of war one observes the rules of politeness.”
(Otto von Bismarck)


bambam said...

dear malaysian dan mr arunzab,

i think this person using the identity IR HANAFI ALI is only a scavanger so need to respond to his writing and further more i think he already change the name to DARTH TRUST

Kamal Sanusi said...

Hi guys

I too think this Ir Hanafi Ali a.k.a Darth Trust is a person who want an attention from other by posting provocative comments. He would be happy if there is a person respond to it.

By the way, where is Dato' Arshad? Anyone know his where-about?

Darth Trust said...

Arunzab said:

"Even if we want to clink sabers in verbal combat lets all try to keep our language civil and polite"

Fuh. You must be a rarity in the Malaysian Army.

I doubt it if the present crop of military officers (especially the army corps) could begin the comprehend half a sentence of everything you said.

You, sir, deserve my salute. Not that you need it, though.

To the rest: Remember my name, remember it well.

Arunzab said...

Sudara Kamal Sanusi,& bambang,

Ignoring Darat Trust, or constantly rubbing him the wrong way will not help.I would rather you engage him in a meaning full debate.Counter his view points no matter how radical or provocative they may be with that of your own. The use profane will not help and the moment you use it, you have lost the plot.

Of course the degrading and insulting the entire officers by any one is not acceptable. Having said that, the reality is that there are a number of those in our fraternity who have not lived up to the ideals of an officer and a gentlemen and are disgrace to the officers corps.

By saying "Remember my name, remember it well." Darat Trust has I believe thrown down the gauntlet, if you want to pick it up remember my advise and you will find him a creditable adversary.

Insulting our own Terriers, week end soldiers by calling them "bladdy TA la ni or ASKARPUNG"is not the way to go mate. Perhaps you will remember that that a TA unit has produced a soldier who was awarded the medal for valour.One Private Ielias Ibrahim was awarded the medal Panglima Gagah Berani (PGB) for his action in a firefight at Grik, Perak on August 15, 1977.He retired as Regimental Sergeant Major of PALAPES in Universiti Sains Malaysia

Three Infantry units of the TA the 12th, 13th and 14th were mobilized during the confrontation period in 1963 and went on to serve with honour till 1989 and were then converted into battalions of the Royal Malay Regiments.

Saudara Darat Trust,
Crossing sabres with you was a meaning full exercise. Thank you.


Arunzab said...

I would like to share with you all something which most of us probably do not know. I took it from a paper . MOSTLY UNSUNG Australia and the Commonwealth in the Malayan Emergency 1948-1960 By Lt Col Niel C Smith,AM Melbourne 1989. Which in part reads ..........

Was the conflict in Malaya a War or an Emergency? It was a War, but there was a curious reason why it was never declared as one. Out of regard for the London insurance market , on which the Malayan economy, based on rubber and tin relied for cover, no -one ever used the word . The misnomer continued for twelve years , for the simple reason that the insurance rates covered losses of stocks and equipment through riot and civil commotion in an emergency , but not in a civil war.

bambam said...

dear arunzab,

ok tks i take your advice maybe i am a bit emotional but to mentioned that pegawai ATM bodoh, that is bladdy unon la. even if he or she is the regular or TA also he/she shouldnt said that. Where is the " espirit de-corp" between brother officers that we used to have and maintained before.

yes i respect the TA then turn regular office and soldiers and even once i was the adjutant of one of the TA regiment but i never come accross this type of person if he or she is the TA office or other ranks. i give my respect to those TA officer and soldiers because they are so obidient to their higher ranking officer and organization no matter either officer or other rank senior than them but this person he/she if comes from the same categories, it really make me angry by insulting with his words to the regular officer and even to the TA officer and also to the ATM as a whole, he/she must know that there is a lot of TA officer with the higher ranking not only within the ATM itself but also in corporate world in Malaysia , with his word mentioned 'pegawai ATM bodoh it will reflect to all regular and TA commissioned officer concern. and also as mentioned there is a lot of TA officer turn regular and other ranks sudah berjasa kepada tanah air..malaysia.

OK ..this is the last i will give my comment toward he or she..bye bye IR Hanafi ali or Darth Trust.but if need be i be there to against you IR HANAFI ALI or DARTH TRUST

to all TA officer i opologize to use the words..slip of my tongue because so angry with the statement " Kecuali pegawai-pegawai muda bodoh ATM mentioned by IR Hanafi Ali a.k. DARTH TURST.


Darth Trust said...

What do we have here. An adjutant who can barely spell.


I rest my case.


On me being hostile to the military fraternity in Malaysia, it actually came from first-hand experience.

ATM officers are too loyal to their superiors. They dare not question their seniors, on anything, for any reason. This taat membabi buta is self-destructing, firstly to the armed forces itself, secondly to the spirit of the country.

There is good and bad in this. The good thing is that the ATM can never be counted to mount a coup d'etat. Well and good for democracy.

But the bad thing is, ATM is neither a defender for democracy itself. ATM lay blind eyes to rampant and systematic destruction of this country. Their measly gaji at the end of the month is far more important than the morality that officers of any armed forces anywhere in the world are known for.

SAF has evolved to become a far more civilized force, catering to every whims and fancies of its citizen soldiers (from obesity-focus to halal food preparation in their mess, compare that to non-existence of other religions in ATM).

US military has Muslim chaplains with ranks of Captain!

What is KAGAT for other than baca doa?

All these are systematic and endemic failures of ATM. A force that is divided is a force that is spent well before the actual battle has begun.

What good is an ATM officer of the RMR corp if before reaching the age of 30 he failed his BMI but still managed to pakai mejar??? He got his rank because he consistently touched his sudu AFTER his seniors/commandants/commanders touched theirs. Ini pegawai yang berkualiti?

Fine you can jump out of airplanes and marched FBO for 160 km but what good does that do if at medan you makan berhidang juga?

There are no bad soldiers, only bad officers.

But the distance between officers and non-officers in ATM are so far they can barely hear each other even if they are seated next to each other.

In US military the officers makan berbaris at the same mess with non-officers! Do you even dare to dream this will happen in ATM in the next 10 years???

RMC has gone to the dogs but that is only symptomatic from ATM as whole.

In fact, ATM is a reflection of how bad this country called Malaysia has become.

The senior officers of ATM are more occupied to what contract they can get their hands on, or which UN mission they can go to, or which former soviet bloc countries they can go to so that they can get their master or phd in military subjects so that they can be promoted to LTC and above?

Pray tell, what left is holy in ATM? Corak pangkat pun bertukar-tukar. Name tags changes with every PAT.

I am a nobody. I never did claim to be an officer, nor did I claim to be in TA. Just because I know some military terms does not make me a soldier.

But I have the right to speak of any statutory institution in this country because I PAID TAXES AND INDIRECTLY I PAID FOR YOU SALARIES.

Ingat-ingat tu. Nanti jangan orang kata tak mengenang budi. Pantang besar orang Melayu tu.

rapcord said...

why blast at atm kalau kau sakit hati dengan tukang gunting rambut yg dah tipu engkau ir cakap berdegar2

Malaysian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Malaysian said...

Have anybody heard from Dato Arshad? I think a lot of us are worry about him. What about komando, Capt, FMZAM, etc? Is everybody ok?

benadam said...

Dear Malaysian and Friends,
Pak Chad said "berehat sekejap...badan tegap sehat. Makan banyak supplement..." in response to my sms on 14 Jul. So we can take for granted that he's enjoying the self-imposed hiatus whilst reading our contributed diatribe in his cyber space and come back with a bang I suppose whenj he chooses to.
Selamat berpuasa to all muslim friends

Malaysian said...

Thank you benadam! By the way, I would also want to wish all my Muslim friends Selamat Berpuasa.

Malaysian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mawar_Rimba said...

“On me being hostile to the military fraternity in Malaysia, it actually came from first-hand experience.”

First –hand experience? Wow, must be in Viet-Nam or in Iraq or in Afhanistan? I salute you lah Ir. Hanafi Ali @ hansac @ Darth Trust.

“ATM officers are too loyal to their superiors. They dare not question their seniors, on anything, for any reason. This taat membabi buta is self-destructing, firstly to the armed forces itself, secondly to the spirit of the country.”

Of cause there are too loyal to their superior, that’s how there are trained.. for a civilian it might be “babi buta”. For a civilian, they don’t understand and will never understand the relationship between an officer and other rank or a relationship between a senior officer and a junior officer.

“SAF has evolved to become a far more civilized force, catering to every whims and fancies of its citizen soldiers (from obesity-focus to halal food preparation in their mess, compare that to non-existence of other religions in ATM).”

Ha ha ha… what you know about SAF, basically SAF is a “One Race Forces”, if your “eyes” don’t match the others you are a 2nd class soldier and you are not trusted to any appointment with very high security classification. What halal food preparation are you talking about, they don’t even bother whether you are a Hindu or a Muslim. Jangan hanya dengar cerita. I was there, and very often I hear this from the SAF soldiers themselves.

“What is KAGAT for other than baca doa?”

If you are a muslim and a soldier, then you should know what KAGAT do other than baca doa. I think you are not one….

“Fine you can jump out of airplanes and marched FBO for 160 km but what good does that do if at medan you makan berhidang juga?”

So what??? That shows how well we are organized and the logistic people are up to date. Lu civilian mana faham all this makan berhidang di medan.

“There are no bad soldiers, only bad officers.”

Everyone knows about this quote. You don’t have to teach us.

“But the distance between officers and non-officers in ATM are so far they can barely hear each other even if they are seated next to each other.”

Did you watch closely, actually there are wearing the ear piece with a hidden microphone…
That’s why we have senior ranks…..

Mawar Rimba
Stay Airborne

Mawar_Rimba said...

“In US military the officers makan berbaris at the same mess with non-officers! Do you even dare to dream this will happen in ATM in the next 10 years???”

Do you know something; the US officers and soldiers really envy the MALAYSIAN ARMED FORCES for well organizing the messing set up. You know what they say: “This will never happen in our ARMY even for the next 50 years”, after looking at the messing set up for the Officers, Senior NCOs, Junior NCOs and Other Ranks. Thanks to the British.
I think you are watching to many HOLLYWOOD movies, Try watching BOLLYWOOD pulak, I think its your kind…

“In fact, ATM is a reflection of how bad this country called Malaysia has become.”
Its not the ATM….. it’s the corrupted Engineering Consultancy Companies that is destroying MALAYSIA.
And also some unprofessional 510 officers “wanna be” soldiers that are destroying the ATM

“I am a nobody. I never did claim to be an officer, nor did I claim to be in TA. Just because I know some military terms does not make me a soldier.”

Betul ke ni? ……. Aren’t you the frustrated one who “wanna be and officer” yang tak layak…

“But I have the right to speak of any statutory institution in this country because I PAID TAXES AND INDIRECTLY I PAID FOR YOU SALARIES.”

Ha ha ha… lu ingat lu satu orang saja bayar TAX kah?… we soldiers pun bayar TAX… gaji lu and the "petrol subsidi" yang lu put into your car, some of the subdidi money and your gaji come from us soldiers tax money which we earn tru our blood and sweat…

“Ingat-ingat tu. Nanti jangan orang kata tak mengenang budi. Pantang besar orang Melayu tu.”


Jangan Hanya Pandai Cari Kesalahan Orang Lain....

Nasib Baik Bulan Puasa...

Mawar Rimba
Stay Airborne

benadam said...

Well said Mawar Rimba. Ir can claimed that what he knows and wrote about ATM "...came from first-hand experience.." to me appears to be 50% not true, 30% possibly true and the remaining 20%still doubtful. That’s why saya malas nak melayan orang yang berpelajaran tapi bersikap bongkak (ma’af terpaksa sebut juga).
Our Ir alluded high mark to the American . But my experiences with the American troops on two occasions (25th Inf Div US Army Western Comd Hawaii 1981 and Bolling AFB Washington DC 1989) is something else. Suffice it is for me to mentioned that what is first being flown to the “theatre of war” together with the advance party is their PX, what I refer to as the comfort of home. So just draw your own conclusion mates!!!

Kamal Sanusi said...

Well done Mawar Rimba... and bravo benadam...

Life in the military and civilian is different in many ways. We cannot compare our army's life with US Army or S'pore Air Force as we are not the same. Every country has their on set of rules in line with their culture and lifestyle.

I still trying to figure-out why this so-called Ir. engineer or what ever name used is so disappointed with Malaysian Military.

Maybe he/his company could not get any job from MINDEF or he/his company kena cantas pasal kontrak ngan MINDEF or simply because he is unable to be an officer or unable to graduate from RMC. God knows better.

Arunzab said...

Saudara bambam,
Thank you explaining your stand on the TA. It takes a big heart to apologize.

Saudara Darat Trust,
On your quote ........."There are no bad soldiers, only bad officers."

This was General George Patton's favorite quote : "There is no such thing as a bad soldier, only a bad officer." Meaning the person in charge is always to be blamed.

However Field Marsha Sir Claude John EyreAuchinleck had this to say about about it: I think the great lesson of my life as a soldier is that there are very few, if any, naturally bad soldiers, although there may be a number of indifferent, or even bad officers.

There is nothing strange in this, as it is certainly much harder to be a good officer than a good soldier; so much much more is demanded of the officer than a soldier. With good officers even the most seemingly unlikely material can be made into reasonably good soldiers. The blind cannot lead the blind, therefore young officers must perfect themselves before they perfect those they command

Before we even start to prejudge our army it's officers and the role they should rightly play lets look and analise some of it's functions.

The army is the instrument by which the government defends the state against external forces and it's own policies , which serves as a stabilizing factor in the maintenance of law and order in the country

As soldiers our first and foremost duty is not only obedience to the orders of the lawful government of the day, but also to see that our personal conduct does not betray the trust that have been placed in us. Meaning also that if a different political party wins and lawfully forms the next government, the army is duty bound to give them full loyalty.

A soldier does not take part in the politics of the country-as distinct from taking keen interest in them - either directly or indirectly for he knows that if he does so he will get involved in conflicting currents and the team spirit which is the driving force in any army will be difficult to keep alive. This restrictions however does not debar soldiers from holding opinions on matters that that concern them as citizens, but from the expression of such of them as are likely to jeopardize the interests of the state.

The soldiers profession is like no other. It is duty of the soldier is not to reason why this or that order has been given to him, but to do as he is told to do, even at the expense of his life. Those who find it difficult to to obey the orders of their superior officer conscientiously are not to remain in the army and should be discharged .

Having said that the superior officer must also realize that he has a great responsibility for the lives of his men. He should not be (bodoh sombong) and be prepared and eager to learn and be open to correction even from his subordinates. He who is willing to abandon his pride before the dictates of judgment is in my opinion a true 'pukka' officer. I personally have learned much from my other ranks.

I agree that soldiers and officers should always keep themselves fighting fit at all times. For me there is nothing so disgusting in the appearance of a soldier than to see layers of fat under his skin and a protruding bell to match. Urging him on with the battle cry 'Gempur Wira" is not going to move this fat wira far forward , let alone do battle. Yes fitness is paramount

We have traditionally inherited the British mode of soldiering as much as all other countries in the commonwealth. This has served us well all these years and we want to keep it that way.There is no reason that we should follow the American mode.

These are just the thoughts of an old soldier who had seen it all and done it all. Salam & Regards

Arunzab said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Arunzab said...

Last part:

Hopefully with what I have written we will all understand that there are real and time tested restrictions placed on those who wear the uniform for good reason. As I have said earlier the army is not to be involved in politics. We do not want to end up like Burma, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand just to name a few countries.

Malaysian said...

Well said Arunzab, the military must not involved in politic. We can't follow the path of Thailand, Burma and Pakistan.

I think we should focus on corruption and other issues that affect our life.

I for one know that even folks in the education sector takes bribe. It's sad that headmaster and headmistress take bribes from suppliers. All you need to do is observe the car and house they owned.

Anak Malaysia

Anonymous said...

看了你的日誌 覺得今天好充實 晚安瞜.................................[/url]...............

ucis said...

It is sad to hear that some people degrading the TAs,.Pse reflect your mind on East West Highway.To me due credit has to be given to them for their sacrifices bearing all the shortcomings that they had faced in ensuring the highways were built safely.The Inf Bns did our Ops along the highways for slightly 2 mnths snd RTB, but the TAs continued their tasks.Come next Ops tour you met them again.Sometimes we jokingly called them Station Stores of EW Highway.They fought against CTs from Elements of 3rd Coy of CPM Proper with distinction,such example case of Pbt Alias PGB.The establishment of the Border Regt was the recognition of their services to AF.

bambam said...

dear darth trust a.k.a IR Hanafi Ali

"I am a nobody. I never did claim to be an officer, nor did I claim to be in TA. Just because I know some military terms does not make me a soldier" this is what you said and knowing a little bit of military term, does not mean that you can kutuk ATM officer bodoh and also for your info i serve in KAGAT corps, the existing of KAGAT corp in the army has changes tremendously the way of life of each individual officer and soldier if not all but more than 99%. so jangan jadi "scavanger" tangkap kat sana sikit, tangkap kat sini sikit dan lepas tu kumpul dan bercakap macam dunia ini awak punya.

Darth Trust said...

What is KAGAT for if not to cater ONLY for Muslim soldiers in ATM? Do we have a KAGAT OFFICER WHO IS NOT A MUSLIM?

Seriously bambam if you want to talk cock, go somewhere else.

Just because KAGAT managed to officially make all military installations in Malaysia to be a dry outlet does not mean beers and liquors are not consumed in the camp. Come on. Jangan jadi ignorant sangat.

Darth Trust said...

This disrespect for my rank as an "Ir" is conduct unbecoming of any military officers. For your info, I earned my "Ir"/Professional Engineeringship through my own effort and experience, not through butt-licking and kowtowing to any and sundry.

Salute the rank, even if you dislike the person.

bambam said...

dear darth trust,

the rules and instruction has been set to follow and this is democratic country for the moslem is banned and for the non moslem that is their right we cannot stop them as far as i know but i dont know now but if they consumed elsewhere are you going to standby at their side and tell them to not drink alcohol. i think you are talking doubly cocks men.

tau pun marah bila kena kutuk on IR, IR is not your rank mind you, your earn it by degree or what ever but we earn our rank awarded by SPB Yang Dipertuan Agong Commission and to me also no matter officers or other ranks we earned our rank in the army after 12 months for officer and 6 month for other ranks and we undergo professional tranning that not everybody has the chance to go through it.

we have our own way and you have your own way so we have the resposibilites towards the country and tanah air by joining the Army...not you..ok

if you are so ego with your IR or infrared for the matter i think take it elsewhere not here to debate about the rank or what ever.

the army have the engineers corps and no need to have the IR they can do all sort of engineers jobs. At this blog we dont use ranks or position, we exchange views and solution to share not to show who is with high rank or with IR for that matter.

bambam said...

dear darth trust,

in the army i only salute my senior officer not you..ok

bambam said...

dear darth trust,

and 1 more thing to teach you, in the army , navy or airforce i only salute my senior officer not you..ok

Darth Trust said...

Inilah namanya mangkuk.

I did not ask anyone here to give me tabik springgg but only to respect the title Ir and not to belittle it. Attack me as a person, fine, but not my rank. You know why? Because when I attack "pegawai bodoh" you tahu pulak marah. Why the double standard? You said I have double standards, what about you? Pot calling kettle black?

Learn the art of languages first and then come to me for a verbal spar.

Otherwise you disgrace your own pangkats.

Darth Trust said...


when I got my Ir, there were a number of airforce officers who got their Ir too, their ranks were majors and above. Kitorang sama-sama naik pentas mengadap timbalan menteri JKR masa tu in 2003 untuk ambik scroll Ir.

If these officers whose commission was "awarded by SPB Yang Dipertuan Agong Commission" feels their commission was sufficient to serve the nation, why in hell do they think it was befitting for them to get Ir whilst still in service?

Kan nak mintak recognition tu???

Malaysia Army Corps of Engineers main bomb and pasang pontoon over rivers, amongs other things.

I'd rather not speculate who supplied C4 to snuff out Altantuya, but I am sure it wasn't any Ir. That I guarantee.

Darth Trust said...

When I said "salute the rank" I meant it as a metaphor.

Bukannya aku nak suruh engkau tabik springgg kat aku, paham.

Mawar_Rimba said...

Hello Darth Trust or shall I call you Dark Arse, you can take your Ir and stuff it up your arse. What is the problem with you, why are you so against the MALAYSIAN ARMED FORCES.
One more thing Dark Arse.. for your information, the MALAYSIAN ARMED FORCES we don’t use C4, I think you guys are watching too much HOLLYWOOD movies.

Mawar Rimba

bambam said...

dear darth trust,

when you do the talking you think that you are clever because you have the IR sorry i dont recongnize that, but i think you are more double stupid.

we the armed forces has our own class not like you. we undergo professional tranning and not all malaysian have the chance to enter only the elite person able to go through it, not you la IR or what ever you call it.

to me the process is the same kalau you betul betul stupid let me tell you if you want to proceed to take you IR..or what ever do you got your IR or what ever straight from primary or secondary school. you have to go through a few process inorder to come to that stage IR or what ever la you named it.

if you see that time there is few airforce officer who que to received the scroll from the timb menteri kerjaraya itu dinamakan kursus-kursus tambahan yang disediakan oleh ATM..dapat stupid.

A Commission officer awarded by SPB Yang DiPErtuan Agong is not to handle the whole world, is the tranning for 12 months in all aspect mainly on weapon, field tranning etc on all army matter to equip for each indivual officer before they can lead a platoon, a company, a batalion, a brigade or the army for war..bodoh. kalau tak tahu tanya jangan jadi bodoh sombong.

dart trust said "This disrespect for my rank as an "Ir" is conduct unbecoming of any military officers. For your info, I earned my "Ir"/Professional Engineeringship through my own effort and experience, not through butt-licking and kowtowing to any and sundry.

Salute the rank, even if you dislike the person"

bambam answer : Bullshit, i will only salute my senior office in the army, navy and airforce only.

your IR is not the rank it is only on paper written. jangan jadi bodoh sombing la..take your IR and fly kite somewhere else.

bambam said...

dear darth trust,

sorry the last part wrongly type:

your IR is not the rank it is only on paper written. jangan jadi bodoh sombong la..take your IR and fly kite somewhere else.

bambam said...

dear darth trust,

IR in military term is call infrared only.

ucis said...

Something wrong somewhere with this Darth Trust.Definately he is not ex service cos dia tak tau kita guna PE[belacan] bukan C4.May be another ex MB Perak kut cos tu hari dia ada surface in this blog.

benadam said...

Assalamualaykum semua,
Hee hee hee saya tergelak sendirian kerana bila komen dalam blog ini melepasi angka 130 semalam saya membuat telahan ianya akan melampauai 150 komen. Dah terbukti sekarang dan saya rasa satu rekod untuk tuan punya blog ni. Bulan apa saja nak diffusekan komen komen yang tengah mengeleggak ni.
Selamat berbuka puasa/iftar sdr/sdri semua.

Darth Trust said...

Adoiii... BODOHNYA.

PE is the term malaysian army use.

From wikipedia:

"Common plastic explosives include Semtex and C-4"

Apasal bodoh sangat niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.


Just because you use "PE" word does not mean you dont use C4 bodohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Bahlullllllllllllllll.


Darth Trust said...

By the way, since we are on the subject of BODOH, whose stupid idea was it to change the loreng uniform to a new pocket patterns? Kan senget semua barang kalau letak dalam poket? (Or poket askar ni sebagai perhiasan saja, bukan untuk letak barang, :D).

Signifikan pangkat: Banyak orang tak tahu significant pangkat ni apa dia. Pangkat ni kena nampak jelas dalam pertempuran supaya anggota boleh tahu dia nak ikut arahan siapa. Kalau pangkat kat depan, mana nak nampak. Sebab itu pangkat kena kat bahu or lengan. Askar US siap letak pangkat kat belakang helmet sebab pegawai/NCO akan ke depan dulu.

Jadi anggota yang dari belakang boleh nampak apa perintah komander kat depan. Dah lah pakaian loreng, pangkat pulak tak nampak, nak ikut arahan siapa? Prebet Abu kat depan pun nampak sama dengan Kapten Leman. Dalam pertempuran semua terjerit-jerit, peluru dan mortar berdesing, baju dah macam tak nampak.

Dan apasal mansuhkan pakaian no. 4? Senang-senang saja nak mansuhkan tradisi.

Mawar_Rimba said...

Ha ha ha Dark Arse.. there you go again with your stupidity. With a quick check in Wikipedia you come to a conclusion that MAF is using C4. Hey Arse ‘Ole Ir, I am telling you again, we are not using C4 or Semtex, the Plastic Explosive or PE the MAF is using is known as “Plastic Explosive 4” or PE4 and not C4 or Semtex. Put this into your stupid head. BTW Arse ‘Ole Ir, have you ever seen PE4 before.

Talking about the pocket pattern on the new Celoreng, have you ever worn a celoreng before? If you have, then you should know why the pockets on the new celoreng are “senget”. Do you know how easy it is to access to the top pocket with the new Celoreng rather than the straight cut of old celoreng. Have you ever crawled in full FSMO and trying to reach something from your top pocket. Lu bukan askar mana lu tahu, lu tau cari kesalahan saja.

Signifikan pangkat: “Askar US siap letak pangkat kat belakang helmet sebab pegawai/NCO akan ke depan dulu.”
There you go again with the US soldiers, hey Arse ‘Ole Ir, stop watching Hollywood movies, it’s bad for your grey matter.
Ir Bodoh, tak kanlah Pbt Abu tak kenal Kapt Leman Platun Comd dia kalau Kapt Leman tak pakai pangkat. Dalam hutan kat Malaysia diwaktu malam, hang pakai pangkat seluruh badan pun lu ingat boleh nampak kah? Use your common sense. Even the US and British Special Forces deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan don’t wear ranks and insignias on their uniforms during any missions. Don’t go so far, ask the Malaysian SF wallas, even they don’t wear any ranks insignia during any mission. Don’t talk tru your arse, cakap pakai otak, if you have any.

About No 4, be practical lah, No 4 was used basically for training and Drill, if No 5 can be used for training, and No 3 can be used for drills, why have No 4? And for your information, No 4 is still there in the dress code, it’s not removed from the dress code. Do you know how much burden it lessen the soldiers.

Ir Dark Arse, jangan hanya pandai komen, think before you say something stupid. Whatever you say here it only shows your stupidity.


Darth Trust said...

Again, a check with Wikipedia reveals this:

"The British military uses a plastic explosive referred to as PE4. Like C4, it is an off-white coloured solid and its explosive characteristics are nearly identical to C-4. The type and proportion of plasticizer used differs, and PE4 has a more rapid velocity of detonation, 8210 metres per second."

So, Brits used that term, and the bitch here would defend high and mighty that PE4 is not C4.

Colloquial la bodo. It is just a term. Chemically they are similar.

Of course we wouldn't expect you to understand that.

Jumping out of a plane or riding a bike does not make one a better soldier.

Ack ptuihhh.

Darth Trust said...

special forces means nothing in a full scale invasion or offensive. Small mission boleh lah. Anyways SF takkan pakai uniform kot? Hahahahah. Kalau uniform pun tak pakai, buat apa nak pakai pangkat, bodoooo.

So if war declaration is not sacred, Geneva convention is just academic, why bother with a standing army?

bambam said...

dear darth trust,

tengok la sibodoh ni..kalau nak tahu macam mana sebagai seorang tentera ..kenapa tak masuk askar daripada mula lagi..belajar tinggi tingi tetapi bodoh sombong. or if i may suggest enlisted yourself in the Pasukan Simpanan Tentera Darat then you can learn what is ARMY all about.

nak bagitahu sikit setiap anggota tentera terutama sekali didalam kor-kor barisan hadapan..setiap pegawai dan setiap anggota tahu siapa their immediate commander daripada Lance Corperal hingga kepada ketua platun dan sehingga la kepada pegawai memerintah, sebagai seorang ketua pelatun mesti tahu 100% setiap anggota dibawah perintahnya.dan kalau tidak pakai pangkat pun tidak mendatangkan apa-apa mudarat kepada pelatunnya didalam masa latihan atau pun pertempuran sebab setiap anggota pelatun tahu siapa ketua mereka.maybe person like you than will shot your own commander, i guess so sebab you kata tak nampak pangkat..hahahah

"Signifikan pangkat: Banyak orang tak tahu significant pangkat ni apa dia. Pangkat ni kena nampak jelas dalam pertempuran supaya anggota boleh tahu dia nak ikut arahan siapa. Kalau pangkat kat depan, mana nak nampak. Sebab itu pangkat kena kat bahu or lengan. Askar US siap letak pangkat kat belakang helmet sebab pegawai/NCO akan ke depan dulu.

jawapan dari bambam: aduh !!!!!bodohnya sedara ni (tak semestinya sebab didalam medan tempur "rules of engagement and regulation" on the commander hand apply on that particular ground and that particular situation)..why want to follow US Army you dont compare the rules and regulation with other army, we have our own rule and regulation.

didalam pertempuran tiada jeritan oleh setiap anggota tetapi jeritan oleh setiap komander dalam pelatun adalah..bodoh..untuk tujuan melaksanakan serangan.

nak ajar sikir orang bodoh ni..dalam peperangan ada 2 type of warefare iaitu open warfare and counter insurgency warfare..cari la sendiri dalam wikipedia apa makna nya.

dan didalam latihan atau peperangan tak ada jeritan kecuali kalau kena tembakan dan sebagainya sebab ada alat komunikasi antara komander dengan seksyen kommander yang lain, lain la kalau awak nak menjerit untuk lari dari perang.

hahahahah what a stupid charater.

pakaian no.4 dimansuhkan ada sebabnya why you want to question, who are you. you are not the policy maker. keep your mouth shut la. kalau tak tahu sebabnya jangan nak merapu tak tentu hala.

Darth Trust said...

mawas rimba cakap no. 4 masih ada.

jamban cakap no. 4 dah dimansuhkan.


bambam said...

dear darth trust,

itu la yang dikatakan bodoh, dimansuhkan pun tak tahu apa makna nya ..mari saya nak sekolahkan sikit sibodoh ni..apa yang dimaksudkan "dimansuhkan" ialah tidak digunakan lagi tetapi didalam carta jenis-jenis pakaian setiap anggota masih tercatit belum dihapuskankan atau dalam bahasa computer belum di "delete" faham, maksud mawar rimba kata masih ada makna didalam senarai pakaian masih lagi tercatit tetapi tidak digunapakai...

faham !!!!!!

Darth Trust said...


cakap berbelit-belit ni apasai. Langsung tak congruent. Sat lagi orang habaq hang bodo, hang ralit.

bambam said...

apa yang berbelit-belit...cuma hang je yang tak faham sebab itu nak bagi hang faham atau sengaja kamu tak mahu faham.

Mawar_Rimba said...

Ir Dark Arse, i have never come across anyone as stupid as you in my whole life. No wonder 510 and BPS rejected you as an officer, sour grapes. No wonder you hate the MAF so much.

Hey Arse 'Ole Ir, you say something about C4 and Altantuya in your previous post, can you elaborate on that please....


Darth Trust said...

Finally mawas rimba you got your intel working for you. Ingat tadi bodoh sangat. Tak berapa bodoh rupanya.

Darth Trust said...

I feel good not being commissioned as an officer in ATM, because quite a number of you are such a disgrace to your profession. Seriously? Takkan tak mengaku kot, all the raggings done in the name of nak break civilian mindset.

Kalau itulah alasannya, child soldiers of sierra leone or liberia are better trained lah gamaknya.

Darth Trust said...

But it is good to know my regiment or BPS rejected me as an officer.

I don't hate ATM. I don't hate. Hate is a vile word.

I just detest the wrongdoings in ATM. From rasuah, jual barang-barang issue right in the camp itself, to a mejar-jeneral having safes full of cash during the landslides some times back.

Come on, you think all these things just occured yesterday?

It was systematic destruction brought about by your blind followings of your superior orders.

Mawar_Rimba said...

Ir Dark Arse, oh really? 510 is your Regiment??? So, you are what? a Pbt in that Regt or a Rikrut???
Or even that was rejected???

hey, what about the Altantuya thing, tell us what you know...

He he he he!!!!



Darth Trust said...



bambam said...

ciri-ciri untuk menjadi seorang anggota tentera samada pegawai atau LLP bukan terletak kepada beberapa besar sijil yang ada tetapi yang utama sekali keinginan hati untuk berkhidmat kepada negara, nusa dan bangsa, sijil atau ijazah yang ada come second to support you.

walau pun sijil besar poncho sekali pun tetapi kalau hati hanya mengejar pangkat dan gaji, dont dream la.

you want the respect, respect others first then they will respects you..

bla bla bla

Arunzab said...

Hi Guys,

When silly and insulting arguments turn into unending stupid arguments with the sole aim of who can lay the bigger insult, contempt and disdain on the other reminds of an episode in the sixties in London. That was the time when there was friction between the 'blacks' often called by the derogatory term 'niggers' by the white man. The 'battle' started in one public toilet, whereby the white man would scribble insulting profane and graffiti about the black man. The next black man would scribble even more vulgar graffiti and profane about the white man. This went on and on for weeks with one out doing the other.

Then one black man wrote such horrendously outrageous filth and graffiti that the next white man simply had no answer. The duel finally ended when the white man wrote."Sir I concede,toilets are indeed the right place where you dam niggers can really shine" I wonder who is going spew enough insults to out shine the other in this blog? Let's see who is going to be the white man and who the black man here.Obviously my advise on 'Clinking sabers in verbal combat does not work here!!!!


Malaysian said...

Sadly, we're still going through this senseless argument when corruption continues or worsen.

Please let go of your ego and focus on our country core problems!

Anak Malaysia

rapcord said...

Ex in one "uppedmanship". Biarkan siLuncai terjun dengan labunya

Mawar_Rimba said...

Gentlemen, if somewhere, someone ignorant writes something wrong about something, someone have to right the wrong. It is not like writing graffiti on the toilet walls or trying to proof who has the last word.



Arunzab said...

Saudara Mawar Rimba,
With respect I think you have may not have understood,what I was driving at. I am just trying to give an example of how two group of black/white men people trying to out out do each other using bad language, and in this case it just happenes to be in in a public toilet.
Of course every one has a right to defend him self when the other party makes insulting and unsubstituted claims. In no way am I suggesting that what has been written is compared to graffiti in a toilet as my sentence suggest " I wonder who is going spew enough insults to out shine the other in this blog?"
I always have a problem with people trying to get the hang of what I mean. But I do apologize to all if what I have written have been misunderstood and perhaps need to be more careful.


Darth Trust said...


*tabik springgg*

Mawar_Rimba said...

Whatever lah Saudara Arun Shab, your apologies are accepted. I donno, maybe I misunderstood your posting as you said. Or maybe… well you know the best.

BTW Darth Trust… come on lah.. tell us what you know about Altantuya.

bambam said...

dear Dato,

please change to a new topic for this month August 2010, to me RMC is still relevant. have to maintained because that is the pride of the ATM.

And i suggest that the Armed Forces should have increase this type of school and may be every state have 1 each.

and make this school as the route or special path to be accepted to join UPNM. Priority 1 will be given to RMC student and balance come from the public maybe 10% - 20% only.

xpara87 said...

dato, where are you.? Takkan tak nak lawan korupsi lagi.Ada benda yang tak kena ni.....bagus juga kita stop sementara waktu perbincangan perbincangan sempena Ramadan ni...

Jumpa lagi selepas Aid fitri.

bambam said...


mana boleh berhenti mesti diteruskan kalau tidak within the gap berapa banyak mereka akan sapu..

"LIVE FOR SOMETHING OR DIE FOR NOTHING" sorry bro..i just get the correct words not LEAVE but LIVE, ini rambo 4 punya hal..sebutan dia tak betul.

Arunzab said...

I sent you the correct version
on August 6, 2010 11:26 PM what took you so long.


Arunzab said...
Saudara bambam,
With respect, I am sure you must mean "If you don't LIVE for something you'll die for nothing ..." You can check on GOOGLE search.


August 6, 2010 11:26 PM

Darth Trust said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bambam said...

sorry arunzab just got the confirmation the correct pronounciation was made by slyvester stallone in rambo4.

so what next are we going to keep silent , dah la dato pun silent so what about others, keep silent also. memang la silent is golden but no gold is coming to you.

Another matter that i want to advice especially the contractor who have dealing with government contract or tender...please be carefully during negotiation period. they are very smart to slaughter you in the contract. have a gut to say no if the term and condition is not to your favour. if not you will swallow the "kepahitan" throughout for 3 years contract.

Is there anybody have a gut and willingly to take over to fight the mis-management and corruption in the government agency ?

bambam said...

to All,

i want to highlight one of the procurement procedure in the tender and quotation that has been endorsed by the ministry of finance as follows:

rujuk SPP bil.9 tahun 2009 seperti berikut:

12. Keutamaan kepada pembuat/pembekal Tempatan

12.1 Lembaga perolehan agensi hendaklah memastikan dasar dan peraturan mengenai perolehan bahan/barangan/perkhidmatan tempatan dipatuhi dan mengambilkira perkara tersebut semasa mempertimbangkan sesuatu tender.

12.2 Pembuat/Pembekal tempatan di bawah SPP ini dimaksudkan seperti berikut:

(i) Pembuat. Sekiranya terdapat pembuat tempatan (local manufacturer), tender hendaklah dipelawa dikalangan pembuat tempatan yang berdaftar dengan kementerian kewangan dalam kod bidang berkaitan. syarikat pembekal hanya boleh dipelawa sekiranya tidak terdapat pembuat. Pembuat dan syarikat pembekal tidak boleh dipelawa bersekali.

(ii) Pembekal/Agen. sekiranya tidak terdapat pembuat tempatan yang ingin menyertai tender atau sanggup membekal terus kepada agensi, agensi hendaklah mepelawa syarikat pembekal/agen yang berdaftar dengan kementerian kewangan dalam kod bidang berkaitan.

a. my arguement is that why certain agency or department does not follow the rules and procedure that already been table and approved by the ministry of finance. for example a tender to supply field uniform for national service just imagine there is 98 contender who participated in this tender and my question is that, is it true that we have almost 98 uniform manufacturer bumiputra in malaysia..if yes i hope ministry of finance can explain this..and the tender was announced to public as 050299 (manufaturer)or 050200 (supplier), which mean a manufacturer company and supplier company can enter this tender at the same time.

b. So in this case what happen to the SPP 9.2009 that already been pass and approved to all ministry and government department to follow or the person concern is ignorant or lazy to follow the SPP or is there new ammendment to this SPP.

I hope the key person in Ministry of Finance together to explain this.

Just imagine to follow the procedure by the Ministry of Finance to setup the manufacturing capabilities even small or big is not joke my friend..3 months before inspection by the officials from Ministry of Finance, the company has to buy the machinery and get the workers in, salary has to pay for +- 5 months or more in order to follow the procedure than after 3 months only can registered and have to wait another 1 months for inspection than have to wait another +- 1 months to get the approval with black and white approval certificate, so all together a company have to wait almost 5 months to get the letter of approval without any job in hand..kalau ada pun hanya membuat sample sahaja...this is because we have to follow the rules and procedure..yes we follow no problem..but when we see tender coming out in newspaper or eperolehan we feel disspointed and regret, certain ministry and government agency does not comply with the letter from Ministry of Finance "SPP Bil.9 Tahun 2009" and i feel the SPP Bil.9 Tahun 2009 does not defeat any purpose just to show off to public that they have the procedure and have to follow. They implemented the rules and procedure but they also does not follow. " macam peribahasa - meludah ke langit jatuh ke muka sendiri" - correct me if i am wrong if the peribahasa is correct, for this peribahasa only.

bambam said...


tolong delete tinggal kan satu sahaja masalah internet connection sorry sampai 3 kali klik

mask said...
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mask said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mask said...

Delete sendirilah bodoh....

bambam said...

hello mask,

siapa yang bodoh, kamu ke saya..bladdy stupid..this blog is been control by dato arshad and only he can do that. and dont come out with the word..macam orang tak ada agama.

mask said...

Tu lah ko orang... tak abih2 pasal agama. Sikit2 agama, berzina sana sini, berasuah bagi anak bini makan, mabuk sana sini, balik2 cakap pasal agama. Boleh belah lah bambam.

bambam said...


Manusia dijadikan oleh allah S.W.T sebaik-baik manusia dan sebaik-baik insan didunia ini..kalau kamu mencerca sesama manusia bererti kamu lebuh teruk daripada insan yang kamu cerca tadi. so muhasabah lah diri kamu sendiri. kalau kamu kata orang itu bodoh ..kamu lagi bodoh kalau kamu kat orang tu setan..kalau la bapak daripada segala setan.

so renung-renung la sendiri. hanya allah yang maha berkuasa. so jangan lah suka mencerca orang lain.

blog ini bukan untuk mencerca atau menghina , blog ini adalah tempat untuk berdiskusi, bertanya, berbincang dan sebagai dan mengambil iktibar yang mana baik dan yang mana buruk.

Malaysian said...

I guess this blog is truly dead.

Royal said...

Dear all,

This is my first time to leave my comment but b4 i like to read all posting from u all.

A lot of thing that i've learn and gain knowldge from here. But no new posting from pak chad since this last posting.

even pak chad dikatakan berehat, but y. Did pak chad no feeling well or what. i miss ur idea.

Pls dato' say something.

Legion™ said...

The 3rd posting above mine is not from the real Dato Arshad as the username is not the same and the username "Arshad_Raji" was created on September 2010.

Darth Trust said...


I attended the PO course in PLAW/Puswatan in January 2008. The PTI still made us do the side roll during PTs. The JLK (Kapten Azman Hafiz Salahuddin, now Mejar, RAMD, now serving in Lebanon) still made us do star jumps and squad jumps at 1 am/3 am in the morning. Kapten Azman is a fellow that will easily fail the BMI, height 5'4" or 5'3". How in hell did he get promoted to Mejar? He was a Malay with STPM. The other JLs made us drink water socked with stockings (air stokin), made us drink oats mixed with saliva and kahak. Sarjan Ahmad, Sarjan Mazzlan, Encik Saiful, I will remember your kind deeds forever. Sarjan Mazzlan stroked my helmet twice with a thick wooden pole. The helmet was dented (WW2 helmet, not the NATO/kevlar variant). Sarjan Mazzlan made us drank air stokin. En. Saiful made us drank kahak and saliva. There were more tortures and raggings, all in the name of "persediaan untuk perang". If that is the case, child soldiers of Sierra Leone are better trained than Malaysian Army. I applied for and got Attend B, but I still went through all the trainings. One female student cracked her arm and got Attend B throughout the course. One male student cracked his feet and got Attend B, too, but was prevented from being cast because that would made him RTU, and Kapten Azman didn't want any of his students to be RTU. We were engineers, lawyers, degree holders, people of standings in the society. We do not need to be broken down like darjah 6 recruits. We understand it the first time you tell us (well, most of us anyway. Some were really darjah 6-standard recruits, despite being chosen to go to this PO course).

After going through that hell, I was failed, given an F grade, the only one failed out of 63 students. The reason given, "gagal menyampaikan perintah". "Failure to command". I was made platoon commander during the conventional warfare module, and my platoon did not complete the diggings of foxholes in time. This was considered a big sin. Never mind the JLK made a stupid tactical mistake in choosing the location (hard ground hill). Mejar Cheong Lai Hock, (Ranger, now LTC), obligingly failed me. Mejar, you too, I will remember.

The Puswatan Komandan at that time, Leftenan Kolonel Zolkapli Rahmat, now Brig-Jen, was too busy playing golf in the camp grounds and couldn't stay a few minutes of 10 am sun for group photo. You too, kernel, I will remember forever.

I was a private when I attended the PO course, and still a private when my ROD expired in January this year (2010), after 8 years of service in TA. The fond memories I have serving with my rank-and-file sometimes could not mask the pain and sufferings I went through in that month-long PO course.

1. I rented a van (Nissan Serena) for my use during that PO course. I am a Muslim, a conservative Muslim at that, but I gave my van to Christian students on that PO course so that they can go to church on Sundays. Kernel Zolkapli or Kapten Azman did not provide that. Perhaps Mejar Cheong Lai Huat was a Buddhist.
2. There were three Hindu students, who were regularly served beef, this despite them asking for vegetarian meals a few days ahead of time. They must feel very 1Malaysia, ya?

6 months after the course, stung by the fact that I wasted 1 month in hell, and could not get a commission, I sent letters to Najib, PAT, PTD, AP of BPS, of my predicament. I only received two letters "Siasatan sedang dibuat".

Kapten Azman got promoted to mejar. The seargents get their warrants. The WO2 (En Saiful) happily retired.

What do I get?