Thursday, June 24, 2010


I have been on a brief holiday in Singapore recently and have not been monitoring my blog. I did received calls regarding the responses to my last write-up, and the anger that I had caused among some of my readers.And while in Singapore, it was raining 'cats and dogs', but was fortunate not to be caught in the flash floods at Orchard Road.

Honestly, I am not hurt by what people say about me, because I believe that everyone is born different. I hold by what my late father had once said to me, “that if you are angry about something, just keep quiet. Venting your anger at someone will only expose you to your weaknesses”. And throughout the whole of my service, I have lost my temper only twice, and I regretted every moment of it.

For anyone not to believe in the reasons for the establishment of RAFOC, this should not cause a stir and a reason for venting personal grudges at the establishment and the people that are involved with it. If one does not believe in RAFOC, so be it. There is absolutely no compulsion in joining, and joining is only for those who believe that friendship does not end upon one leaving the service; rather it continues until the last day of our lives.

I know that there are disappointment and discontentment while in the service, and because of this one develops a dislike for someone. I too had the same feeling, but said to myself that I cannot go on disliking people over some disagreements in the past. And the people that I have had some disagreement and had caused me some discomfort while in the service, are today my greatest friends. And believe me, even if we were to talk of the past and our disagreements, it is merely to strengthened and enlivened our relationship.

For me, age has made me a much wiser person in my relationship with people. And for those who still harbors ill feelings against someone because of the past, my sincere advice to them to think again whether to harbor such ill feelings will make them a better person.

And I have just been reminded by someone not to forget to attend the RAFOC AGM this Saturday, June 26th 2010 at AFSC Haigate beginning 1400 hrs. See you there.



mangchikla said...

Well said Sir, alhamdulillah :D

Capt's Longhouse said...

Salam Dato ! Welcome back. hihihi

...guess, we were having some fun cat or pussy fight together-lah. Be cool guys, take it easy.

FMZam said...

Arshad Raji,

As expected you had come up with a silly excuse for your long absence from your blog. OK you cited about your father's word may I ask did your father teach you not to be a LIAR or didn't your father teach you not to be a MUNAFIK. You can say you're not telling lies about your short BRIEF break in Singapore, but you didn't tell the truth either why you keep mum for for 11 days on this RAFOC thread.

When was the last time you informed us readers whenever you are taking a break from your blog. Why now you went without telling? Yes it's your prerogative to tell or not and it's not our business, but isn't that strange for you to behave that way. Or wasn't it someone telling you not to bother your blog until after the 23rd of June when a particular tender evaluation is over?

Damn you Arshad Raji if you've read the blogs didn't you notice I have two charges on your integrity and credibility.

Now where the hell did you hide the word LIFE JOURNEY just below CRUSADE AGAINST CORRUPTION? Why did you delete it?

Orang lain U boleh tipu lah Arshad Raji.

FMZam said...

Arshad Raji,

You are getting older but not any WISER. Never mind me for not being wiser for standing against you now, I don't care to be wiser like anyone else to treat you with respect anymore because you've proven to me you don't deserve respect. And I can point it to you why you are a FAKE crusader against corruption.

aofuad said...

Dear FMZam,
As a matter of interest, do you have a blog of your own?
Even if Pak Chad is a fake, at least he is a fake that speaks out.
Anyway, to most of us reading his blog thus far, he seems a rather straight guy.
I have never served together with him, but a few of my friends that have served together with him, speaks highly of him.
I too have a lot of respect for Pak Chad.
Hearing your comments of him , irritates me.
I am sure there are others who shares my sentiments.
I would love very much to read your personal blog.

FMZam said...

Mind you, I was one of the staunchest supporters of Arshad Raji then but now when he recently behaved himself a liar that waht made me like this. It's not the matter about whose blog is this, I can comment on anyone blog against the blogger himself, nothing's wrong with that for that's what blog is.

And see, as normal, Arshad Raji cowardice is letting others speak for him while he cowed under the blanket. Why is he so afraid to answer me?

Go on guys jump on me and when done, Arshad Raji will still not answer me, but will sway away into other things just to take the heat away.

Will you Arshad Raji swear on the Holy Quran, in the name of Allah that you are not cheating us about your crusade against corruption? I dare you.

Arunzab said...

Great to have you back. Looking forward to some intresting reads from you. For me the one on Brig Gen Jimmy Yusof was of great intrest as I served under him as a junior officer.


abdulhalimshah said...

Dear Pak Chad,
As a veteran soldier, I know that you are an officer and a gentleman who is cool under fire. No matter what others write in order to provoke you, I know you are able to take it in your stride. But that does not mean you should tolerate rudeness and insolence.
I totally agree with AOFUAD that what FmZam wrote is uncalled for and a slur to the reputation of the officer class. I am not an ex-serviceman but I graduated from the hallowed home of future leaders in Sungei Besi and I am proud to have undergone the life of a soldier. We share the same ideals and we care for the future of the nation. Only the unschooled and the untutored behave like streetfighters. FmZam, you have a right to express yourself, but only respect begets respect.I think although you had gone through the school of hardknocks but you there's nothing much to show in what you have in the upstairs. Pardon me for having to say what I sincerely feel about things hereand I am no lackey for Pak Chad as I speak from the heart. Wallahuwa'lam.

FMZam said...

Let me make a little bit of sense why Arshad Raji is backing off from fighting corruption now. Arshad Raji was doing a "selective crusade" by using his blog against one man - Mail Polin. That was why since he started this blog 2 years ago until Mail Polin retired last May, he made most attack throughtout the tenure of Mail Polin. He not only had shown his stand in his blog BUT he had voiced out his hatred on that corrupt general Mail Polin in person to some people he met personally when he went to Mindef and elsewhere.

Now that Mail Polin is "dead" as someone in this blog had said it, and the new era of military leadership is dawning and this new leadership with ZZA as TPTD is "a GU" to Arshad Raji that may help in whatever way for Arshad Raji. I bet you Arshad Raji will not talk on corruption in the military in this new Army leadership like he used to talk on most military corruption cases during Mail Polin era.


You have the right to respect anyone you want but to me my respect to Arshad Raji has been granted to him when he was a man of honour, not when he is now a devious and dubious man. I don't blame you or anyone because you do not know Arshad Raji like I know him now and that I now make my stand against him regardless of what you all think and talk about my sudden change on him.

When Arshad Raji dare not swear on the Holy Quran and silent on such a serious charges I've made, UNLIKE when EVILISNOTME and anyone else had done to him where Arshad Raji had not missed to reply, but when with me why he is all so fear to pen down his defence?

I am being honest and state it with all my conscience against Arshad Raji which actually had broken my heart to go against a man I've respected just like a son going against his father. Surely I know that I would receive whiplashes from you all, but then in fighting a war there must be sacrifice, and I am your sacrifice.

Arshad Raji,

Since this blog is called CRUSADE not JIHAD, maybe you would consider making your vow and would swear on the Holy BIBLE instead of the Holy Quran. I'll be happy to be proven wrong by you, because only you know what I am talking about, and only you know what you have been doing to us all.

Mazwandi Mustaffa said...

Orang macam hamba ini boleh komen ke dalam blog dato ni. Ni macam utk ex-army punya blog shj....?:)

Pertama kali dalam kehidupan gejuis hamba beri komen dalam blog yg telah lama dibacai. Namun komen hingga 50-an pengunjung berkenaan RAFOC, memeningkan orang awam seperti hamba ini...... untuk dibacai

Arunzab said...

Saudara FMZam,
With respect, you are behaving like a 'Rottweiler 'going for the jugular. Once you clamp your jaws on your 'enemy' you just will not let go. You have already made your point in more than one way, and you are entitled to your opinion in the same way as Dato' is entitled, in wanting to maintain his silence and not wanting to react to you. You know you can prode a man, by issuing all kinds accusations and dares, but you cannot force him to react.There is something about silence that was said by;

(William Hazlitt:)......Silence is one great art of conversation. He is not a fool who knows when to hold his tongue; and a person may gain credit for sense, eloquence, wit, who merely says nothing to lessen the opinion which others have of these qualities in themselves.”

Time to unlock the jaws and let go bro, lets all move on. Life is too short.


abdulhalimshah said...

One of the etiquette that a blogger must observe is to refrain from character assasination no matter how close you know about the ins and out at a personal level of the other blogger. The language used must be civilised and to run down the person in blogosphere there must be a boundary which is self-regulated.
If you feel you have been wronged Zam, then you should slug it out in private domain by writing direct to Pak Chad. Even if he had done a "selective" nit-picking on an individual for whatever reason,he did it without malice. If I am not mistaken you were the one who had brought up the name of this guy in Mindef umpteen times who seemed to be downright corrupt and not Pak Chad.
If the present leadership is bent on doing the right thing and doing it right in the MAF, that is what everyone had been hoping for, especially you ex-servicemen who's doing business with your former employer. It would be much better that you do business elsewhere because some people just wanted to derive pleasure from denying you the opportunities. It is unfortunate that you have taken this course of action by name-calling Pak Chad and behaving like a spoilt child.

benadam said...

Saudara FMZam,
You seemed hell-bent on the offensive against the owner of this blog. You had forcefully asserted in an earlier posting,”…I can comment on anyone blog against the blogger himself, nothing's wrong with that for that's what blog is…”
If I can liken a blog as a place of human domicile, than one can perhaps be agreeable that all civilizations have its etiquettes that governed entry as a guest. Hence Sdr Zam, if your emotive laden mind is in agreement to this notion you certainly had – wittingly or unwittingly transgress that boundary. I admire your tenacity but in this particular case that trait of a fighter is misplaced. I am with Pak HalimShah and Arunzab on this. You know Dato’ Arshad so my humble suggestion is that you settle the issue personally with him. Just don’t add more “paku pada tembok”.

FMZam said...

Tuan2 Abdulhalimshah, Benadam & Arunzab,

You are all established bloggers though Sdr Arunzab has yet to start a posting I am sure in near future Arunzab, by his great potential as a good reasoner, may build himself into the rank of the prolific blogger. In fact this blog has been blessed with a good score of blog runners being attracted into it, likewise this blog has somehow surfaced a number of talented speakers among readers, in a way this blog has contributed in generating a substantial number of those we can call them "scribe". I admit that I enjoy reading all your postings here and in your own blog and I admire how you all had shown me the single most invaluable (tidak ternilai) quality of a man of principle, is his "consistency".

There are ocassions whereby a person be it a blogger or a scribe, is diverting from his original stand, changing allegiance to the cause he had vowed, making a U-Turn from his true direction, I am sure you all had read even Arshad Raji himself had said of his displeasure to one well established blogger whom he thought had been a "divertee". As much as Arshad Raji had been hating INCONSITENCY, I am sure you all and me are just like all of us who just can't take a person who is of 'unconstant' mind.

Arshad Raji can keep his silence on me but what matters is I have said what any MUNAFIK would fear most is to swear on the Holy Quran.

Go on Arshad Raji with your blogging carrying the FALSE banner of CRUSADE AGAINST CORRUPTION in a new facelift of HISTORY and DOWN MEMORY LANE theme until such time when you will call for the crusaders to rise again to fight for your purpose.

I sincerely hope that one day I would come to Arshad Raji and kiss his hand, and that day would be when I am proven wrong by him.

Salam to you all tuan2 and thank you.

Mustang said...

I do not want to talk about being fair, as nothing is fair in this competitive world.

I do not want to talk about being Professional because those who talk about Professionalism & Rule of Law are acutally the ones who are selfish.

Least I want to say "Please" be reasonable, more so be reasonable to Brig Jen Dato Arshad Raji [Retired].

Have a Lovely & Productive weekend

Arunzab said...

Saudara FMZam,
You are a remarkable person, able to can clink sabers with almost any one without loosing sight of your argument.I may not agree with you on your views of Dato' Arshad but still I respect the consistence in which you articulate your views.

WIRA said...

Dear Dato''
If you were indeed the 'proverbial' stone, you would surely be full of holes by now. For like nails, words, when delivered deliberately and laced with ill intent can really hurt...
However, I am confident if there is anyone who can stand and absorb these nonsense, you can.
Please soldier on Dato'.
This is your blog, you are entitled to write on whatever subject you prefer. Even if you choose to remain silent on specific issues, it is your prerogative!
We are merely guests!!
We thank endlessly you for being so accomodating.
But have'nt you heard the saying growing senile with age....