Wednesday, June 9, 2010


At a time when the nation is struggling with its ‘book-keeping’, talks of relocating the Parliament House to Putra Jaya is abuzz that will cost the government an estimated RM800 million. At least Khairy Jamaludin is sensible enough to break ranks, and to disagree with the proposal which he says the money can be used for more beneficial purposes; I suppose that to mean people oriented purposes.

It puzzles me to hear the millions to be used, with zeroes keeps adding at every new project. Where on earth do we get the money now, and from what I gather from friends working in the various ministries, their operating expenditure has been drastically curtailed? I was told by a school teacher recently that even duplicating papers are running short with some teachers having to buy papers from their own pocket. Schools with a filthy rich PIBG will have no problem of course, but is this the responsibility of PIBG?

The existing Parliament House is a historical landmark with its fine and well manicured garden that is prominently perched on a hill overlooking the city and with lots of greenery around it. It also proudly displays its deer stock that roams freely within an enclosed compound. What is wrong if the parliament building is renovated to accommodate a larger gallery to cater for an anticipated increase in the number of MPs? All these renovation works will not take up RM800 million. And my other concern is the fondness of the government to change something that is working well, and several millions have been used up for major renovations works over the last few years; of course not forgetting for the leaking episode. And does building a new Parliament House got anything to do with this country being a developed nation by 2020?

Rather than move Parliament House, why not think of moving Mindef to Putra Jaya instead, and the present complex be taken up entirely by the Armed Forces, thus giving some breathing space for the Armed Forces. At the present moment the complex is not Mindef per se, but it is also the HQ of the Army, Navy, Air Force and the Joint Force HQ. And surely this will not take up RM800 million……….see you have some savings here.

I would like to suggest that given the tight financial constraint of the nation, let’s stop taking about grandeur projects for a moment. Think of creating smaller projects where more medium and small scale contractors can participate directly without having to take on sub contract works from the much larger contractors. More importantly, the project has a direct impact on the ordinary people.

I am told that the larger and costlier the project, the better it is for some because these super rich contractors being small in numbers, has a better chance of getting such contracts. It is the medium and small scale contractors who will be placed at the mercy of the super rich contractors.

And as I had mentioned earlier, it is the construction industry that is the most corrupt industry in this country. I just do not know how much of the RM800 million will go to grease the pockets of corrupt officials.



komando said...

Election Fever coming ..
Since ratings is 70%
Very good chance of winning with pants down !
Hands in the pockets !
Already shook up the Cabinet and shore up with new faces from the EAST !
Good investments to secure a victory for BN !
Sabah & Sarawak goody bags!
A given PUTT !

New projects - new money income, the more the better the bigger the merrier!

Lets go X'mas shopping after this,, 8x8, new helis, new camps, new fighters, new subs, ALSO new WIVES !

Oooops that one a NATIONAL SECRET !

nxforget said...

At one time, the government said the country is going bust before 2020. The government have to be prudent in spending by cutting subsidies although the numbers does not tally coming from different sources.

Now, they are telling the have the funds for mega projects. That is to build a another parliament house. WOW ... surely it's prudent from the tax payers to subsidized the super rich pockets.

I just love this government to be voted out.

Malaysian said...

In America, they still use their old building for their legislator. Similarly, UK also uses the old parliament. Why do we need to move? So many great leaders gave their speech there and I think we should continue using this parliament. This building is part of Malaysia history.

NXforget: I totally agree with you. So, are they telling us to tighten our belt and they continue spending like crazy? Kesian orang biasa!


norzah said...

Who's Idris Jala to say that the country will go bust by 2019 if our expenditure is not drastically shrunk? The PM had already stated that what Idris said was based on projections while Awang Kecik summarily dismissed the possibility, firm in the belief that our economy is too resilient to undergo such a fate.
So, Dato', what is another RM 800 M for a new Parliament House when government is talking about spending another RM 30 B for a new MRT plan. Our debt is now more than half the GDP. Maybe some of our leaders think that a balanced economy is where National Debt=GDP!
Where's Royal Professor Ungku Aziz? Where's Tun Daim who had saved our economy many times? Please bring some sense into the nonsense. Tun Mahathir had said that reducing the subsidy bill gradually is necessary to save the economy. Will it mean anything at all if we keep opening up the outlet channel indiscriminately?

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,we really need a new Government not a new Parliament.

i rest my case !

Malaysian said...


Do you think the real cost is going to be RM800 million? Remember other mega project that cost more than the listed price? It's a shame that UMNO wanted to save their race yet they trying to bankrupt the country to enrich themselves!

It's time to change the government!


Anonymous said...

.... I am with Capt Longhouse, will surely not vote this present Government for the next 5 years . I am a different bred of Johorean and would like to see things differently......

Anonymous said...

There seems to be no end to such insanities! Just the thought of the thought of building a new parliament boggles my mind. Even if it just cost 80 million nett!

This must be the latest joke to divert the public's cursing and swearing of an already full plate of insanities on the table.

Didn't I read somewhere a quote that says there is no limit to the amount of stupidity that one can spew or something to that effect?

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato

I second statement from Capt's Longhouse.

Why do we need such a RM800 million zoo for those monkeys.

Thank you.

komando said...

TRUTH OF THE MATTER - The current Zoo Negara desperately needs a new building and a new site !

The old building we will keep it for all the corrupted : Prime Ministers, Deputy Prime Ministers, Ministers,Deputy Ministers, Political Secretaries, Private Secretaries, Senators, Party Presidents and all the other hoodlums from the MAFIA party called - BN ( Barisan Najis )!

samsaimon said...

Yes Capt., Komando, Malaysian, Walimuar and all,
We need a new government.
But Dato' is of the view that umno is the custodian and protector of the Malay Rights !

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,the bloody special RIGHT to be spoon fed ?...i think and hope that fair minded Malays can't be conned into it again and again by the UMNOputras anymore.
,,,how to rid of these racialists political parties and so simple typical mindset ?.
,,,any solution or better idea please eeerrrmm !! i would vote for a care taker government with selected professionals to manage the nation and put a stop to all the nonsense.
...Its long over due. Can we advise our Agung to do so ?. After all, he is the King. Can he do it !!. That is a MAN's job in my books.

2Lt Peh Hoo Guan said...

govt like to spend on something with ecstatic value just to show off....

They should put more fund on something fucntional.... like research and development facilities, education facilities, and etc.

samsaimon said...

Salam Capt,

Yes, its long overdue, but whose to blame when we always loose our footings. The oppositions are always at loggerheads to the chagrins of the umnoputras.
You said Agong, Capt? We to advise him?
He is already dreaming fuc**ing in his new millions istana. You think he cares of us?
Its a MAN's job, yes I agree! Are we to it ?

WIRA said...

Another mega project in the offing. (Part of fund raising exercise for GE).First Istana Negara- already under way (believed to be RM 600 odd million), then Mega Rail project RM 30 Bil, currently under consideration, Parliament house-RM800 mil with anticipated cost escalation of 1 Bil, then what? New Mational mosque perhaps.....
At the rate we are going, we would go bankrupt even without reducing the subsidies.
Nampak-nampaknya our grandchildren akan makan pasir juga nanti dibuat kerajaan ini!!!!

Capt's Longhouse said...


Just for you, a repeat of what i wrote about the situational or circumstantial policy of UMNOputra.

,,,unfortunately the present breed of UMNOputras lives and survive within their corrupted system, though being able to distinguish between right or wrong was a relative simple subject but frankly it does not matter to this breed of human.
,,,We were used to every action was supposed to be considered on its own merits, and thus justice could be applied to everyone regardless of their economic or social status.
,,,unfortunately in present Malaysia today, however the guidelines for human conduct were based on circumstances; on rules or laws established by those in power, and designed by them to sustain and extend their power.
,,,Under this bias system, individuals were not protected by absolute principles. Their lives and their fortunes were in the hands of changeable circumstances, as these circumstances were created by those in authority !.
,,,Circumstantial ethics also meant that anything you could get by with was all right and did not leave a sense of guilt.
,,,Under this racist UMNOputra system, the overruling obligation was the APPEARANCE of doing the "RIGHT" thing; not actually doing it. Form took precedence over content and what you saw or heard was often a facade instead of reality.
,,,Morality in the UMNOputra context became something like a show. The primary concern was NOT to get caught in doing something that would be criticized or for which you might be punished. DOING something WRONG was no big deal cos there was NO SENSE of GUILT !.
,,,my final take is UMNO must be dissolved and a NEW political system or party be re-created with new political leadership that value morality and respect of the law for justice to all Malaysians.
,,,Racial and in fact also religious based political parties should also be 'Outlawed' in this country.
,,,Perhaps a two party system might work ?.
...Yes, about our young Agung, he really don't like the way things are going about BUT he needs our support to put his foot down too. Well, he changed the Trengganu MB but again we have a non-performer by the looks of it.

komando said...

The house is on fire...let it burn..let it burn....we will get a new house...better than the old one....wonder if insurance does cover that old house?


sakura desa said...

RM 800 million should be spend for PULADA's development of the camp and training ground's the nation's security. PLEASE sepnd the nation's money wisely.