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Last Thursday night, I attended a wedding reception of the daughter of a colleague held at Felda Perdana. The host being a retired senior navy officer, would naturally see his guest be predominantly Armed Forces retirees; most of whom I could easily recognized. Several former Chief of Defence Forces and Service Chiefs were at the reception, and I think the most senior of the lot is Admiral Thanabalasingam, the first Chief of Malaysian navy who now walks aided with a walking stick.

An occasion like this gives me the opportunity to meet some long lost friends and to discuss a myriad of issues. Of course, issues relating the Armed Forces, past and present are never lost.

I was stuck by a conversation centered on the lack of interest among non-Bumis today to join the Armed Forces, particularly the army. I recall having written something concerning this matter in a posting dated November 14th 2008 following a statement made by the then Deputy Defence Minister Abu Seman Yusop when he argued that “seeking flexibility in the job and not low wages” being the reason why non-Bumis shy away from joining the Armed Forces; a statement that I do not fully subscribe.

If one looks back to the period of the late 50’s and early 60’s, there clearly was an attraction by non-Bumis to join the Armed Forces. Some reasoned that it was the schooling system then, where there was greater interaction among the various races (especially in urban schools); hence non-Bumis joining the Armed Forces which were predominantly Malays then, wasn’t any problem.

The other reason was because there were no racial and religious issues dominating the political landscape then, and everyone held a common belief that Malaya, and subsequently Malaysia was their home and country. I personally felt this when I was in school then, and where the issue of race and religion was kept silent. In other words, there was greater realization of a 1 Malaysia before, than it is today.

To support the above argument, I would like to list some figures showing the number of non-Bumis that joined the army cadets, against their Bumi counterparts in the later part of the 50’s and the early 60’s.

For instance, the 1st Regular Intake (1957) of army cadets had a total 54 cadets and of which 22 were non-Bumis. The 2nd Regular Intake (1958) of army cadets had a total of 37 cadets and of which 19 were non-Bumis. And in the early 60’s, the 7th Regular Intake (1963) of army cadets had a total of 36 cadets and of which 18 were non-Bumis. On an average, almost 50% of the intake of army cadets during the aforesaid periods mentioned was non-Bumis.

I am not privy to the actual figures of army cadets recruited over the last decade, but I think the number of non-Bumi army cadets recruited has dwindled to less than 10%, or it could be even less. This to me is an unhealthy development in a racially diverse society, as this gives the perception that it is only the Bumis that have shown interest in joining the Armed Forces, whereas defence and security is the responsibility of all able bodied citizens of the country. The increase dominance of Bumis in the Armed Forces will further reduce the likelihood of the non-Bumis joining because of the racial polarization created, that undoubtedly has its roots in our present day schooling system.

I do not know what plans are there to increase the intake of non-Bumis to join the army. The nation cannot allow the imbalance in racial composition to continue unabated as this unhealthy trend can lead to greater racial polarization that can cause a serious impediment to the development of a harmonious and a tolerant Malaysian society.

My belief is that unless serious and proactive measures are taken to redress the imbalance in the racial composition of the army and the Armed Forces in general, suspicion and mistrust among the various Malaysian races will continue to dominate the Malaysian political landscape.

To the 30 odd non-Bumis of my intake, I think we all share a common belief in the reason why we joined the Armed Forces.



abdulhalimshah said...

The same goes for candidates applying to join the RMC where the PM had set the target of getting 30% non-bumis to be admitted. When I joined the then FMC, it reflected a well balanced ratio of Malays to non-Malays but not for the last decade.
It is a matter of offering the best choice to choose from and obviously the RMC had lost it's most enviable position as in the past. The effort to increase non-bumi will be futile if there is no proof in the eating and the quality of the people running it is largely inadequate in terms of meeting current challenges.
I am afraid we are going to face a daunting task of trying to overcome polarisation of the people in all walks of life, not only in the AF but in all spheres of society. We have got no choice to go back to the basics. Despite all the talk of Islamic renaissance, we see despicable acts of abandoned babies and drug addiction attributed mainly to Muslim Malays. Religion is in the heart,daily acts and behaviours of human beings and not high sounding platitudes or outward show of piety.There must be something wrong if it divides instead of unifying ordinary mortals.

EAGLE said...

There was this story related by a friend that served the Armed Forces and had retired.
Same place, same function - He said, quote " When my son was born, I was a captain and when he started to communicate with me, I was a major and when he graduated, then he asked, dad... am I colored blind? as I saw the rank on your shoulder has not change for so many years! and though I felt very uncomfortable but I have to be braved and speak the reality" Unquote. But he did not tell me what he told his son.
Now after being exposed to your blog then I guess he must have told his son that he is not the "true Malay"- agak nya la Dato', I dono but that is the feeling inside me.
Who created the imbalances with in the Armed Forces - I think you know the answer. It has to do a lot with job satisfaction rather than monetary gain and Maybe Armed Forces needs major overhaul and be fully convicted that the organization remain apolitical and the selection of leaders must undergo stringent, transparent and merit based rather than just becoz I play golf with my boss or my boss is always right and Just play it safe and blame others when you screwed up.It is happening now and if left unchecked than not only the non-bumis will shun the organization even the Bumis will not even bother to look at it. And the Armed Forces will be left with mediocre and only God knows what happen next.
As the new Army Chief is going back to basic and the Air Force Chief talk about RMAF next generation (what generation?- may be the parting off Sungai Besi base as the benchmark of next generation or the tip of the iceberg that has melted with the CDF) but seemed like talk only and the Navy continues to be with the Submarines fiasco frenchy les miserable, and to top it all with the emerging of the "true Malay"- do you really think that the Non-Bumis would be attracted to be part of the organization? Dono sir! what will your answer when some one ask you, in this small country but with the organization that is so big with majority Malays less Non-Bumis but headed by almost all Malay generals and keep spending billions every year will remain relevant? or what a waste of public funds? Why should we be part of the organization that is making your brained dead? Or may be the non-bumis are now asking whether they have got a place in the Armed Force.
They(?) always say " saya pun mahu jadi general, jadi Chief and CDF. Boleh ka? you think that CDF now is so smart ka? Aiyaaa....!!! No point talking is rubbish!"
Hush hush..... everything will be accorded with secret and sensitive... so be it! The talk of attracting Non- Bumis has been a topic in the Armed Forces but it dies off as soon as it came out of the Board room.
The next generation Armed Forces is is at the cross road-go or no go!!!

Meng said...

Dato you have said it in this posting which myself cannot accept.

Unfair policies in administratiion, the imbalance will remain.

Yap Poh meng

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

I am an officer first, a gentleman next, and then comes the others, be it race,religion,orang kampung etc. When and how did it all change? Let us go back to regimentalisation (for want of a word). We, the Armed Forces are a special institution, above the rest. In our hands rests the nation's peace and well being. Our loyalty,integrity and sacrifice to nation is beyond reproach. If there were unwritten rules of recruitment, who made those decisions? and for what reasons?I can ponder all these till the day I snuff it, but, I had great bosses,colleagues and most of all classic "cap jari"soldiers. I salute and thank them all.

Arunzab said...

This has been a well flogged subject which has so far not yealded any positive result . Will comment more later

Anonymous said...


Malaysian said...
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Malaysian said...

I don't really know much about Biro Tata Negara but based on some explanation by some fellow Malay bloggers helped me realized that its main goal is to promote "Ketuanan Melayu". If the government intention is to promote "Ketunanan Melay" then how do you expect patriotism from other races.

To join the army, an individual need prepare to sacrifice his life for the country. Thus, to ask an individual to die for the country that treat him differently seems to be weird.

I don't want to blame all our problems on the politician or government. We as individual also play a role on the polarization of the society. However, there are times I really wish we have leaders with principle that can lead Malaysian of all races to move forward as "Anak Malaysia". I prayed that maybe "PM Najib" can be this person but sadly he disappointed me.


Arunzab said...

I wrote on this subject some time back . Perhaps it would be of some intrest to visitors to your blog.

Chicken-and-egg situation New Straits Times, Jan 25, 2006 by LT-COL (R) MOHD IDRIS HASSAN
WITH reference to your report "MCA wants more Chinese in military" (NST Jan 12), I must say that the dwindling number of non- Malays, especially the Chinese, in the army and the police force is a well-flogged subject.

The crux of the matter seems to be that the Chinese are subjected to restrictions, thus depriving them of promotions. Others have suggested that an instinctive dislike for regimentation, hard discipline and insufficient pay as possible deterrents.

In a New Sunday Times (Oct 21, 1981) article, the general impression was that many Chinese find a soldier's pay unattractive

Defence Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, in an interview with a Chinese daily in 2002, was quoted as saying that the problem was mainly because non-Bumiputras, particularly the Chinese, were not interested in joining the armed forces.

On the lack of promotion opportunities for Chinese, Najib said the selection of Chinese candidates for promotion was a problem because there were too few of them in the armed forces.

The former chief of armed forces, General Tan Sri Zaidi Zainuddin, had in 2003 appointed a consultant to find ways to woo more non-Malays into joining the army, navy and air force. Obviously, that attempt also failed.

When the Chinese served in sufficient numbers in the late 50s to the 70s, many officers rose to become heads of service. For example, the Malaysian Signals Corps, the Malaysian Services Corps and the Malaysian Pay Services Corps were commanded by Chinese officers.

Some commanded infantry brigades and many held senior staff positions in the Ministry of Defence.

This is now a chicken-and-egg situation. Unless the Chinese serve in sufficient numbers again, both in the rank-and-file and the officer corps, they cannot pre-demand better promotion pros- pects.

The question of better pay is also subjective - how much pay is better pay?

I recall one of Lat's cartoons in the NST of a Chinese youth at a police recruitment centre, with a calculator in hand working out his pay scheme, with the caption "Mana ada untong?" (where got profit?).

That sums it up.


Kuala Lumpur

Copyright 2006

I would like to add that that I do not for one moment believe there is a question of lack of patriotism or loyalty to the nation . The Chinese and Indians have always given an excellent account of themselves during the good and bad times. They have helped make this a great country .The responsibility of defending our country should rightly and proportionally be shared by all Malaysians . It should be be treated as an obligatory participation. In this way no politician can call out the army in a manner to threaten non Malays as this will be nullified by the proportion of serving multiracial soldiers. This will surely auger well for creditability our nation.

komando said...

BAD Leadership !

1. That is the truth of the matter. Starting right from the top most Government Policies makers to all Heads of Departments of this country.

2. Why have to hire a consultant when I can give the answer in 3 mins! Another sure money wasting exercise, to enrich another moron!

3. Waste the right brains and keep the lousy ones, for easy manipulation and keep all the "YES MEN TYPES".

4. Discard good ideas, because nobody stands to gain any "FULUS"!

5. The ranks speaks loudest and is always RIGHT attitude!

6. They are very clan based in selection...not on merits but ....colour based !

ALL promotion exercise is an elimination process, not a selection process mind you! They find ways to chop you by default...tough questions to make you look damn stupid !

7. They still suspect the loyalty of the NON-BUMIS!

8. They cannot accept other ranks & junior officers suggestions and ideals!

9. They think they own this country..because it is their BIRTH RIGHT - TUAN MELAYU!

10. LASTLY, CHINA MAN SAYS what the F----K !

a. "I can make more money selling pirated DVD's and CD's.

b. Why cut short hair.

c. March till evening sun sets,

d. Have to fall in for every damn thing.

e. Have to stay under the HOT sun.

f. Have to sleep in lousy barracks.

g. Have to report for duties no matter what day or night, holiday or not.

h. Eat sub standard food.

i. Get shouted and cursed by the drill sgt.

j. Having being called names.

k. Really being hated by your other friends outside (running dogs)...

l. Your leave is subject to boss of bosses approval...

m. Your promotion is on quota basis!

n. You must be good to all bosses if even they are wrong say they are right!

o. Have to bribe and rub the balls of the bosses!

p. Must stand, sit and squat when ever the bosses say so!

q. Your opinion is not warranted, only to be seen not to be heard, unless you want to be branded a traitor or disloyal fellow or a "KAKI LAWAN or KERAS KEPALA".

r. What else can one do, just leave the organization early before they fired you on grounds which they can cook up and or make you REALLY suffer with SIBERIAN POSTINGS ! THE ARMY FAVORITE PASTIME !

s. Still worst, punch a very senior officer who is dumb and stupid, and get a dishonourable discharge without a single pension, no gratuity, no rank..just another encik....!

t. After having to go thru all these crap & shit...the worst of all is you get a very SMALL PAY ONLY !











abdulhalimshah said...

There is a way out of this problem, that is with just a stroke of the pen, introduce a conscription where all able bodied men are drafted to serve the armed forces for a fixed term. There must be a scheme where graduates are commissioned as officers like what is being done for ROTC in our IPTA.The perks enjoyed prior to the present salary scale should be restored and purchase of tax-free goods not just limited to consumer durables but to all. Then you will see the difference. Just do it.

mocha said...


Last Nov (2009), myself and another 10 of my squadmates left the service after completing our stint as Short comm officer. All except one left with the rank of Mej or equivalent. Out of 11, 6 are non-malays...
Am not too sure bout others, but the reason i left was because I dont see any future in the Army. As a non-malay, i might end up like most of my seniors and instead of moaning and regretting at the later part of my career, I might as well make my move now. It's now or never. The highest I would go (based on the current scenario) would be a Lt Kol. Imagine having to serve another 20 odd years and only getting another promotion. That would also depends on when my non-malay seniors would retire because we are only eligible to fill in their post. Never knew all this quota system existed but it does...
maybe steps should be taken to encourage non-malays to stay before we actively recruit new ones.

how many of your 30odds non-malays ended up as a general?

2Lt Peh Hoo Guan said...

During our stint we managed to mingled very well with other Bumiputra cadets even at first they doubt if we can stand the rough training and complete our 3 years training. But then we proved to performed as good others. 1 of us was even appointed as a 1 of the rank holders. There were no racial segregation and different treatment on us from the officers, instructors and our own squad mates. All of the well-being of China-men and Indian Man was well taken care of, especially our request for meals without beef and we even got our lunch during fasting month. There are not much mistreatment on us except for some name calling which all of us take it as merely a joke. :D

As far as I can see, there are in fact a lot of non-bumi who are interested to join in the armed forces, including army. The only problem is that, the non-bumi community usually don't have much exposure to the armed forces. Wht Mindef can do to attract Chinese and Indian into the force is by promotions.

Just look at any movie or drama regarding the army and armed force, so far, from what I can see from patriotics movies such as Darah Satria, Leftenan Adnan, Prebet Lapok, Insurgensi, Sarjan Hassan and Wira Angkasa. None of the movies portray Chinese and Indian as heroes who fight against the enemy. Chinese and Indians are shown as either bandits or poor civilians terrorized by bandits instead. While in the police drama like Gerak Khas, and Akademi Polis, there are chinese and indian characters as police personnel in the movie/drama.

As I know, during world war II, there are actually a lof of Indians who fought the japs during the landing at Kota Bharu and during the japs occupation, the resistance fighter of Force 136, with Chinese are parts of the members of secret unit. But then this story never get publicize. And if I’m not mistaken, there were 1 Chinese officers in Rangers who earned P.G.B. medal and 1 Indian officers who earned S.P. posthomously. But then, the perception on the Indians and Chinese are, we are just squatters who regards this land as a place to earn for living and we didn't even care to defend this land. While some of Chinese and Indians are doubtful with our government, the government also seems like actually doubtful on non-Bumi. One of my friend who was appointed position in the government as Diplomatic and Administrative officer told me that, there are no Non-Bumi who was posted to important agencies such as National Security Council and Cabinet.

Establishment of Askar Wataiah unit at UTAR, where most of the students are Chinese are very successful way in attracting them to join up. Just hope tht Mindef put more effort on promoting effort on attracting non-Bumi into regular forces. Recently, SPRM has successfully attracted Chinese as investigating officers with a lot of Chinese turned up for the entry exam. Armed Forces should also do more programme to do the same. And, while selection of army recruit are done at National School, why not have it done at National type school as well to attract Chinese and Indian in the community.

When asked whether they like to join in the forces, typical chinese and Indian would ask:

"Can Chinese and Indians become even Chief of Defence forces or Chief of Army??" (Can officers from Royal Rangers rise up to the position as Chief of Army, especially non-bumi officer)
"Would I receive fair treatment and opportunity compared to Bumiputra?"
"How's the career development in the army, If there any proffesional expertise in the army? or we'll just be dumped in any corp without consideration of our qualification?"
"what's the relevant of sacrificing myself for the country who regard me as 2nd class citizens"

and etc. etc.

komando said...

Now the Army assures that at least you will retire a Lt Col.

With the flexi scheme that is.

The rest if you kick the bucket too early you retire as a Major, if you have not reached 50+ !

No matter how much grey or gray matters that you have in between your eyes and ears!

They will be always selective promotions....non-bumis must regard and accept this as the unwritten laws of the LAND OF THE TUANS...!

Even Malay and Bumi officers have different categories....those who can swim, sing, golf, karaoke, dance and polish apples best !

Then again you must join the RIGHT CORP - RAMD that is !

Even inside RAMD we have different kettle of IKAN....kelah, baung, temperas, kaloi, lampam, temoleh, see there is so much criteria involved...




Malaysian said...

2Lt Peh Hoo Guan

It's very good suggestion on recruiting non-Malay. Is the government willing to do that? They're not even willing to give scholarship to top SPM Indian students. I doubt the younger generation Malaysian would join the armed forces especially racist comment from as Tun Dr. Mahathir, PERKASA, Utusan Melayu, etc. Even the current PM once said soak the keris with "Chinese Blood"!


mask said...

Ha Ha Ha... Dato' please ask yourself why the "Non Malays" are not joining the service. Firstly what do you mean by "Non Malays"? Is there also something like "Non Chinese" or 'Non Iban" or 'Non Indians"? And who do you categorize in "Non Malays". Are the Bangladesh and Indons and Myanmar and British and Norwegians included in the category as "Non Malays". It is like the whole world except the Melayus are "Non Malays". And who is really Melayu? Is Tun Mahathir a Melayu.... is Redzuan Tee a Melayu?
Back to the topic, if you have quota by race for promotions, do you think the so called "Non Malays" will join the Forces. Even how good the so called "Non Malays" can be, they are treated like 2nd class. The system is like that, you like it or not. Not only in the Services, the whole of Govt Institution.

1MALAYSIA, People First, Performance Now.

bambam said...

dear Dato and all,

kalau dia orang tak minat nak masuk tentera, biarkan la yang kita nak sebok-sebok discuss pasal dia orang buat apa. Melayu ke, Cina ke, India ke atau lain-lain bangsa kalau dia orang nak masuk berkhidmat, masuk la...kalau tak nak biarkanlah dan kalau tak cukup strength, kerahkan sepenuh masa. Saya rasa kita belum ada plan atau pun akta tentang ini. kalau tak ada pun Askar Wataniah ada kerah sepenuh masa...apa susah sangat.

do we depend on them, we only depend to malaysian who are willingly to serve the country...Malaysia.

Dulu lain sekarang lain. Dulu MCE grade III dah boleh jadi pegawai untuk lead the soldiers into jungle tapi sekarang tak boleh, platoon commander has to bring laptop pergi perang sebab kelulusan untuk jadi pegawai dah lain sama juga dengan lain-lain pangkat kelayakan dah tinggi.

dulu kita gunakan otak dan lead the soldiers now different only click the soldiers move just to go and buy golf ball.

MD said...

I just have a question. why is quota system imposed on a race which is already limited in number? logically, i can't think of that ans

komando said...

One is expected to fight, defend and die for the KING & Country but STILL treated indifferently !






Is that not called APARTHEID ala UMNO!

Mustang said...


Apa nak sibuk sibuk Cina atau India atau yang Lain Lain masuk tentera atau Kerajaan. Nak kah dah tahu Jawatan Jawatan didalam Kerajaan adalah dikhaskan untuk Melayu.

Untuk Cina / India dan lain lain nak pergi Termuduga he has to be much much more qualified than the rest. Bila dah kerja he has to do the doubly hard work to go up the ladder to compete with his Malay Muslim Officers. Sampai masa tak ada cable kena short circuit pulak.

When even the RAMD & RRDR [both being Infantry] has competition sitting in the same office in the Infantry Directorate trying to impress each other and pin down each other to go up the ladder what more to say about Cina / India & lain lain.

I was asked by my civilian friends why I left early when I had good track record. The answer is simple!! I do not want my Super Junior Officers whom I have trained and guided and knows his standards & capabilities to instruct me & I will be left with no choice but to say Yes Sir!!

Yet now having left the Armed Forces I am much more successful without any help from anyone. Maybe My brains was not required in the Army but in the Corporate World.

There are more than enough Cina / India & Lain Lain Officers rotting in the Armed Forces when in actual fact their Juniors are Colonel / Brig Jen / Mej Gen etc.

Lets be real ya. Its a fact!! If you are not a Malay / Muslim just forget about getting into the Kerajaan!!

Dato, this is not the era of the 60's & 70's or even early 80's!! Someone somewhere has created this bloody thing called Race & Religion thingy. Your guess is my guess. It is moving on and on.

I am not sure what Race / Religion/ Creed / Colour is Gen Colin Powell [Retired]!!

Capt's Longhouse said...

dear dato and all bro. n sis malaysian, can i have the last word here ?...

...there is active and passive sympathy and both kinds work wonders among people in high positions. amount of extra efforts can take over the place of this mysterious favour !. Few men/women can attain a high degree of lasting success without the support and inspiration of OTHERS.
...One of our greatest assets is our ability to SERVE, TO MAXIMISE OUR VALUE to society, and at the same time to gain RECOGNITION, ASSISTANCE, BENEFITS and BLESSINGS from others ; only then can we enrich both ourselves and others.
...WE have served ! My salute to all VETERANS...We really done so yaa, in our days !

bambam said...

dear dato'

i have serve and done my duty towards my country almost 18 years, i left the service becuase it is not that i dont like the organization but people who sit on the best chair in Infantry Directorate who made the choice whether you have to leave or continue. when you talk about races in the army, you can talk also about where do you come from i mean which cadet school. and one of the diretorate high ranking officer did mentioned before where i still remember 'if your name not in the list of promotion, you better find your own way' in other words telling you to leave the service, i dont know whether this human being still alive or not. but the problem is when the person promoted and go for higher appointment the policy changes. so what type of people are we working with, we salute you eveytime when passing bye...but actually this person does not have the principal and they think that they are clever.

we dont talk about first or second class officer, chinese, indian or other races even we are the malays also facing the same 'nasib'.

In the army there is thousands of procedure and SOP and instruction but the instruction just for them to views only not implemented. the procudure , SOP and instuctions is the only way to get rid of the officer who think that their chair is getting melted.

and another joke is that they start come out with BMI (Body Mass Index) you see a few high ranking office, is their BMI is suitable for further promotion etc. this people supposed to resign first because they are the one who setup the BMI, but what can you do they are the policy maker right..Dato'...komando.

and now i heard that there is flexi rank been establish and peoples i mean officer start grumbling in order to put on Lt Kol on flexi rank..ada pulak hussle nya. kena interview la dan macam-macam lagi policy yang perlu diikuti. They are not going to command a batalion anymore la. do not create a precedence to it la, kalau itu rezeki mereka berikan, why so fussy about it.

Sedarlah they have serve almost 30 years in the army do you mean that they are not capable to put on the rank Lt Col? Does it effect the pay increment so much that it cannot be given to them as a golden handsake after all maybe the person has another 1-2 years to phase out or golden handshake is only for Jeneral?. But if for the rank of Jeneral tak apa pulak, lagi 6 months nak berhenti pun masih boleh bagi 1,2,3,4 star Jeneral.

The answer is that because you people only think about yourself, sikap dengki, tamak haluba dan benci orang lain naik pangkat itu adalah sifat syaitan bukannya manusia yang dijadikan oleh Allah S.W.T.

Mawar_Rimba said...

YBhg Dato', thanks for bring up this issue again... everybody know why the "LACK OF NON-BUMI PARTICIPATION IN THE ARMY". From the top to down know the reason, but nothing is been done. This is just to show the Rakyats that as though the "Non Bumi" which is so called, that the Non Bumis are less patriotic than the MELAYUS.... In fact everyone knows the real problem... until the day the system is not changed these will go on....

For you bambam..... just two words "FUCK OFF".
What do you mean by "mereka" and "kita". ARSEHOLE...

Mawar Rimba
BE PROUD.......

bambam said...

dear mawar rimba,

'mereka'and 'kita' it nor meant for you but if you think that is for you then it goods..BFB read first and understand before you want to tell people with that 4 letter word. or maybe your are the one who sit on the policy and implement the other way round.

what i am telling the public is that not only chinese, indian or other races even melayu also face same fate..kalau tak percaya tanya la SO 1 Infantry 1992 i think.

bambam said...

i am talking about double standard been implemented in the Infantry Corps in early 1990's not talking about the lack of non-bumi joining the army.

Hansac said...
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Hansac said...

There are so many stories of conversion (to Islam) just so that the persons can wear a star or two on their shoulders. I met a few of these jenelel... Kesian juga tengok. The sons and daughters of these converted jenelels mampus tak nak mengaku Muslim walaupun IC depa tertulis Islam.

Anyways, our armed forces are is cannibalous - makan diri sendiri. The chiefs are not going to recommend people cleverer than them as their assistants or subordinates, and the vicious cycle continues.

Malaysian said...

Overall, we may have different skin color or belief system but we all love this country dearly. I know every men on this land would definitely die for this country. This is our home and this is the place where we die! Without Malaysia, I'm nothing and I owe this country too much (not the politician). Also, I owe too much to the old police and soldier that fought the communist. Though the politician call me "Orang Asing, balik cina, etc" but when the country needs me I'll be ready to serve her.

May God/Allah/Buddha dan lain-lain bless our beloved country.

Anak Malaysia

Malaysian said...


It's sad that we've double standard for everything. Reading this blog, I felt as though the Army organization before the mid
80s seem to run the organization a lot better. Is it because those generals back then were trained by the British? Please correct me if I'm wrong.


komando said...

For any of the ARMY officers to make it today to become a General, one of the hidden criteria is Over the Seas trained during Cadet-ship!

Or at least a Staff College or Defence College, even War College attendance in:


Arunzab said...

Dato'& all here is something that I would like to share.

As the debate rages on let me share with you all some interesting comments made some 28 years ago that appeared in the NST Sunday Times Oct 25 1981 ( Times Focus- Chinese in the Army.) Why the young men shun military life.

1. Tan Tiam Hock 25 Hospital Assistant " Most urbanized Chinese are not keen to join the army .They would rather earn their living by other means"

2. Clement Loh 22 Accounts clerk. " I am not fit for the army. I am not brave enough lah! Any way what I prefer administration work because the pay in this area is unlimited .
"If I join the army or police , the pay is not very good according to scale , very hard to climb scale you know.
"Also what I gain if I join the army ? I may not come back."

3. Wong Teck Chin 21 Office boy. " Never I am not interested in this kind of job . My parents would not allow me - they frighten I endanger my life .
" I wanted to join the police force but my parents also not allow me .
My mother and grand mother say no good because no prospect".

4. Ong Kah Hong 18 School- Leaver. " I don't like army job.Have to go through tough training .My parents also not like me to join because it's dangerous .Have to go and fight Communists in jungle.
Few apply to to join army and police because the Government give more places to the bumis.Very little chance, so not many apply-lah.
" Many Chinese prefer to go into business , can make more money that way "

5. Chung Ling Old boys' Association president. Toh Kek Yam said " Most men the prospect of their future position as being important when they choose a career.
"May be this is why few Chinese join the army . They feel prospects are more encouraging.

NST. Wed Dec 23 1981 THOSE APPLYING TO JOIN THE POLICE FORCE. Where have all the non- Malays gone ?

1. Mr GH Lam " Are you kidding ? What a preposterous thought !"

2. Mr Tan (not his real name ) "I was given the chance to as one of the rank- and file but turned it down .
"I can earn more as a construction worker and am my own boss . As long as I work no one is going to shout at me and I do not have to answer ' Ya Tuan ' to anybody."

3. ................

WIRA said...

Once again you have opened the pandora's box. In Malaysia, this topic is considered 'The mother of issues'.
The Malays vs the Rest. The issue of Malay Rights, the Rights of the Rulers, the NEP etc, etc. I wonder when we can actually put this politically explosive problem to rest. To my mind very difficult, as long as the Malays themselves do not want the/to CHANGE.
The fact of the matter is everyone must realise that today the racial issue has become more complex: one that is firmly embalmed in the insidious influence of religious beliefs and traditions.
Just look at Iraq and more recently Gaza. Arabs, who share one ethnicity, one language and one religion but conform to different religious traditions kill one another simply because they pray to Allah but 'differently'.
Compare that to the complexities confronting multi-ethnic and multi-religous Malaysia!!! Do we stand a chance at all? We should thank God that we do not have that many Arabs in our midst!!
Who do we blame for this mother of a problem that we face? The politicians? The British for setting us apart? Sultan Mansor Shah of Malacca (Parameswara)?
To begin with, we can't even identify ourselves as Malaysians. We lack a national identity. We are still identified by our ethnicity and our religion. Even the way our names are printed carry religious and racial connotations. How and when indeed can we free ourselves from this debilitating ethnic/religious profiling devised by the Colonials???? Anyone has an answer???
I think herein lay our problem.
Maybe the 1Malaysia concept propagated by PM Najib is not a bad idea after all. It might not be the 'panacea', but we do have to start somewhere.
Many years down the road, maybe and only maybe, when the wheels of change have turned, we will see less problems associated with racial inequality not only in the armed forces but across the broad spectrum of Malaysian life and society.
For starters, let us fair minded Malaysians give it a go. 'remove political power from the rag-heads (pseudo-Arabs).ha,ha,ha.

Arunzab said...
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Arunzab said...

Arunzab said...
Dear Wira,
With respect, the topic at hand is the
"LACK OF NON-BUMI PARTICIPATION IN THE ARMY" Where did this, The Malays vs the Rest. The issue of Malay Rights, the Rights of the Rulers, the NEP etc, etc come in ? !!!!!!

June 14, 2010 9:00 PM

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

Let me put it to you very frankly, no point asking this over and over again:
It is religious bigotry and racism by the majority.
It is religious bigotry and racism by the majority.
It is religious bigotry and racism by the majority.
It is religious bigotry and racism by the majority.
It is religious bigotry and racism by the majority.
It is religious bigotry and racism by the majority.
Repeat it many times, so that one is not lost for answers.
I have been there.

WIRA said...

Saudara Arunzab,
I think you are clever enough to grasp the actual/true meaning of my comments. However, Mej (Rtd) D. Swami has saved my day and done just that for you in the most stark fashion!!! Maybe that way the powers that manage the Armed Forces will understand and realise that Chinese blood, Indian blood, Serani blood and Iban blood if or when spilled in the defence of this beloved country of ours flows just as scarlet as the blood of Malays. Don't you think they deserve better!!!
In the United States, racism is alive and well. (if you don't believe me, go visit the Southern states of Lousiana, but it is not institutionalised. That is why Barrack Obama can become president.
In Malaytsia, Rascism is hardly visible, but it is institutionalised. Ask Gen Datuk Lai Chung Wah...
Thanks Mej D Swami for being so 'to the point'.
You just made my day man!!!!

Arunzab said...

Dear Wira,
My two earlier posting on the subject of LACK OF NON-BUMI PARTICIPATION IN THE ARMY has been specific to the subject at hand. I did not think this was a venue to thrash out all that ills the nation. If we do that there will be no ending. Like you, Mej (Rtd) D. Swami and many others I am aware all is not well in our country and many specific remedies need and should be put in place. In all my life in the service I have not supported religious bigotry and racism in any form then and now. Often when the need arises I write in open forums which are exess nation wide on controversial and subjects , without hiding behind pseudonym/ anonymous. I believ Swami and Dato' are well aware about it.

As for my being clever enough perhaps not.None of us really are cleaver enough and can learn from others.In the service Private soldiers taught me many skills of jungle survival which no military school could ever teach.

Thanks mate


komando said...


"KERAH SEMUA WATANIAH" cukup untuk negara ini jika berlaku apa apa!

Do not joke around here my dear friend, how many years did you serve ATM, if I may ask?

Only fools would believe & trust you with that kind of a statement!

Lets not get into details for we will bring great shame to our own selves as well as the country.

Please stop the nonsense!

An Army cannot and is not built over night, let alone be prepared for any WAR !

Guess you are a real TA wallah !

Hansac said...

Alah ATM officers bawak laptop untuk buat presentation saja. Itu je kegunaan laptop bagi mereka selain facebook, chatting dan download porn.

Malaysian said...

My parents once told me that back in the old days we're less divided. We achieved independent from the British yet our politician make us see each other as enemy. The gathering at Kuala Terrenganu "Bangkit Melayu" show us how people like "Tun Dr. Mahathir" want to remind us the "Evil Chinese" proved that it's the politician that want to destroy Malaysia.

Can we really achieve Vision 2020 with our current leaders?

Anak Malaysia

EXRMC said...


Mawar_Rimba said...

EXRMC, Define "CORRUPTION". Is setting quota System by race for promotion in the Forces a "CORRUPTION"? I donno, you tell us.