Monday, November 10, 2008


Mohd Ali Rustam and Muhammad Muhd Taib has succeeded in securing enough nominations to contest for the post of UMNO’s Deputy President. It will now be a three cornered fight with Muhyiddin Yassin as the third candidate. Whether the nominations will translate into votes for the candidates, will be left to the delegates attending the party’s election in March next year to decide.

With three candidates vying for the post of the party’s Deputy President, the concern will be the extend of politicking by supporters of the candidates from now until the election date.

With money politics and corruption being reportedly rampant during the party’s recent divisional meetings, the fear that the same will prevail in the run up to the party’s election.

Some party insiders cites that the amount of money likely to be transacted to delegates is certainly not small. If one were to note the recent statement made by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah with regards to money politics, the amount of cash being ‘thrown’ around to buy votes runs into the millions. A similar concern is also been voiced by Tengku Ahmad Rithaudeen.

Although Muhyiddin Yassin has repeatedly said that he will not indulge in money politics, there will be his supporters and the ‘unknown hands’ that does the dirty tricks. Supporters being what they are, will not want to see their candidates lose the election, and losing will deprive them of the benefits that they are likely to get by being loyal to their favoured candidate.

As for Mohd Ali Rustam and Muhammad Muhd Taib, I see no logic in them contesting for the post. Assuming either one wins the contest, it is unlikely that they will automatically assume the post of Deputy Prime Minister.

Now, how could it be possible, say for Mohd Ali Rustam to be made the Deputy Prime Minister when he is not a federal parliamentarian. And in the case of Muhammad Muhd Taib, he is neither an elected federal parliamentarian nor a state legislative assembly member. I just wonder whether by appointing him a senator, he is eligible to become the Deputy Prime Minister.

But in Malaysian politics everything is possible, and one should not be surprised if Muhammad Muhd Taib finds his way up to be our next Deputy Prime Minister.

Posted at 15.30pm on Nov 10,2008


maurice said...

I think some wayward and money-eyed UMNO Divisions just taking Ali Rastam and Muhammad Taib for a ride by nominating them as their candidates for the Deputy President.

At the end of the day,I am confident the delegates will vote the most suitable and qualified candidate for the Deputy President post regardless of money politics.Being grassroots politicians, the delegates know how to play their cards from the prism of party and national politics.

maurice said...

Tengku Adnan's statement in today's dialies (15 Nov) tickles me.I do not know whether to laugh or cry.

Apparently he alluded to the fact that UMNO is really sick now and needs strong dosage of medicine to make it well again.If this is his belief then he is really off the mark.

As I see it UMNO need major surgery.It needs a skilful surgeon to cut away the rotten parts of the body.Not just giving dosages of medicines only!

If UMNO is really serious about wanting to regain the confidence of the middle class Malays, the following might be useful:

1. Sell your posh and big houses,and stay in normal houses like normal middle class families.
2. Sell you Mercedes and buy Protons.
3. Stay away from doing business.
4. Do not create cronies around yourself.
5.Send you children to normal Malaysian schools and not to elite private schools, local and abroad.
4. Be humble and not boastful and proud.

Just thinking aloud.