Thursday, November 13, 2008


Nazri Aziz has come down hard on Tun Mahathir for the latter’s comments on money politics cum corruption by candidates for UMNO’s party election scheduled March 2009. The issue of money politics is not new in UMNO and Nazri Aziz knows this. And besides Tun Mahathir, Malaysian from all walks of life have also been making similar comments. Even within UMNO itself, veterans such as Tengku Razleigh Hamzah and Tengku Ahmad Rithauddeen have openly said that money politics is rampant in UMNO and the amount runs into millions of ringgit.

I just wonder why Nazri Aziz has chosen Tun Mahathir for his strong remarks, and sought to remain silent over the comments made by the two UMNO veterans? Why didn’t Nazri Aziz asked Muhyiddin Yasin or Mukhriz Mahathir to shut up too? And isn’t he not surprised at the sudden surge in nomination for the two other candidates (with the exception of Muhyiddin Yasin) for the Deputy President post? I sense something is not right here.

My advise to Nazri Aziz is to begin looking into UMNO itself and try to solve the many problems faced by the party today. He has to admit that UMNO is no longer the party that many elder Malays like me would want to be associated with. It is now a party where the only thought among its members is to make quick money, and is no longer the party that cares for the Malays, especially the rural folks.

UMNO has to admit this, and to correct the wrongs within UMNO today will take a lot of courage by its leaders to make drastic changes to the mentality and mindset of all its members. Will Nazri Aziz have the courage to make the changes? I doubt it very much.

Posted at 15.02pm on Nov 12,2008


maurice said...

An associate who just got elected as Deputy Head of one UMNO Division told me money politics is very rampant at the Divisional level.He said it is already an embedded political culture and as such impossible to eradicate it without firm leadership actions.

The way he sees it there must a comprehensive programme to reform UMNO of this negative and self-destruct culture.

Does UMNO have the poltical will to embark on this kind of reform?Your guess is as good as mine.

Anonymous said...

Why not UMNO be disbanded, so that only clean party will represent the raayat in Parliament and lead this country.