Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I had on two occasions written an article in this blog, concerning to the plight of LCpl Maarof bin Ahmad, a retired and disabled soldier who seeks care and attention from the Armed Forces; in particular the Army. The articles are as follows:

1.September 19, 2008 titled 'Is the Armed Forces so ignorant?'

2.October 7, 2008 titled 'LCpl Maarof bin Ahmad need support and care'

It saddens me to know that despite me writing to the Chief of Army concerning the soldier in my letter dated October 6, 2008, nobody from the Army has called nor visited the soldier to really understand the sufferings that the soldier is going through.

On November 18, 2008 (Tuesday), I received a call from the soldier requesting that he meets me at my office. I obliged, saying that he is most welcomed, and I asked him how is he coming since he is disabled. He replied that he is coming with a friend who will aid him move on the wheel chair.

The meeting at my office was long, and as he relates his problems to me, I could see the sadness portrayed on his face. I noted down some of the things he said, which I now want to share it with my readers.

1.He received a cheque for the sum of RM212.26 from Veteran Affairs Department on July 4, 2008, being his disability pension for the month of March till May 2008. However, he returned the cheque citing his displeasure at the sum awarded to him which amounts to RM99.71 per month. He is yet to receive any money for the subsequent months of June till present.

2.He also informed me that since the change of the Selangor government to Pakatan Rakyat in March this year, the ADUN Teratai, YB Jenice Lee Ying Ha has visited him on four occasions. Prior to this, no BN Yang Berhormat nor any UMNO politicians have cared to visit him. This certainly reflects poorly on BN and UMNO.

I am also reminded of a recent statement by the Deputy Defence Minister when he said that ' the Armed Forces will not neglect the welfare of ex-servicemen' and this statement was reported in one of the Malay dailies the third week of last month. I also recall the same being said by the President of the Ex-Servicemen Association some months earlier, and I believe too that he is aware of the plight of this soldier. I hope these statements made by politicians are not merely rhetorics?

As an ex-servicemen myself, I can only report to the relevant authorities; in this case the Army, of what I know of the soldier. I am in no position to force anyone to help the soldier, but at least please give the soldier some hope that someone from the service still cares for this retired and disabled soldier.

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maurice said...

Pak Chat,

Please do not give up.Keep knocking at their doors.Sooner or later somebody will open the doors for you.

Suggest try the Chief of Personnel Staff (now known as AKSPA) Mej Jen Dato Aziz Ibrahim. He can be contacted at 03 2071 2350.He should have all the details on Lkpl Maarof Ahmad since Jabatanarah Rekod dan Pecen (JRP) is under him.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Maurice,

Thanks for you endless support. I will continue 'knocking the door' until something is done. Surely, I will call AKSPA. Regards.