Thursday, November 20, 2008


Tun Mahathir has finally decided to submit reports of money politics in UMNO to the party's Disciplinary Committee, as well as to the ACA. He cites that should nothing come out of his reports, he will reveal the names of those involved together with his report in his blog.

I want to congratulate Tun for his daring move to expose the wrongdoings of UMNO members that has brought shame to the party, and in particular to the Malay race. What is the meaning of UMNO screaming about Ketuanan Melayu, when it leaders are corrupt and shows total disregards for the very thing that is against Islam. Don't they know that corruption in Islam is a grievous sin, and to feed their family with money that is obtained through corrupt practice is sinful as well?

I was in Segamat, Johor recently and met up with some UMNO youth members. The moment we started talking, the issue of money politics in their recently concluded divisional meeting became hot topic. Everyone that I spoke to, without any inhibition declared that money politics was rampant during the meeting. They say that the money was provided by the Wakil Rakyat themselves, who wanted to make sure that those elected will support the Wakil Rakyat. If this is the game played by the Wakil Rakyat, one can imagine the character of the Wakil Rakyat who himself must be a highly corrupt person. Is this what UMNO wants of it's leaders?

I am also privy to talks among UMNO circles which says that the UMNO Disciplinary Committee is powerless and is merely a show. There are more powerful hands that decides which cases are to be dealt with, and which are to be thrown out. If this is true, it makes a mockery of those who sits high in the Disciplinary Committee. Little wonder, Tun Mahathir's report of money politics that had deprived him of being a delegate to the last general assembly was thrown out without Tun being called to testify. What strange UMNO people!

From what is happening in UMNO today, I have little hope for UMNO being a winning party in the next general elections. And certainly, I am one who have doubts in casting my vote for UMNO in the next elections, unless there is a drastic change in its choice of leaders.

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maurice said...

Regret to say UMNO deserves the death sentence if it cannot continue to exist on sound moral principles anymore.

I don't think TDM can do anything to reverse the situation because as saying goes "nasi sudah menjadi bubur".