Thursday, November 6, 2008


“Anyone can be PM. It is up to the people to decide, just as the Americans had done through the democratic process”, say Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi in answer to a question by a reporter who had asked him whether a person from a minority race can become the PM of this country.

Now, if that were the words from an opposition leader, what do you think will be the reaction from UMNO?

My guess is that the entire UMNO leaders will be calling for press statement condemning the opposition leader. Some will even suggest that the ISA be applied on the opposition leader, and if the opposition leader was a Malay, he will be accused of being a traitor fit for the gallows. Some may want the Malay opposition leader to disassociate himself from being a Malay. That was exactly what UMNO leaders had asked Zaid Ibrahim to do for raising the issue of "Ketuanan Melayu"

Strangely, there wasn't a whimper from a single UMNO leader to what Abdullah Badawi has uttered, and I assume they are all in agreement with their leader.

I believe Abdullah Badawi wasn't alert when he uttered those words. He must have thought that he was replying to an all American audience.

If indeed Abdullah Badawi meant what he said, UMNO should no longer be taking about “Ketuanan Melayu”. Instead, UMNO should start to propogate “Ketuantan Malaysians”.

Posted at 8.41 pm on Nov 6,2008

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