Wednesday, November 19, 2008


“Ten BN members of parliament spent almost RM1 million each for various festive celebration including open houses in their constituencies in 2007” says Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Johari Baharum in parliament Tuesday, 18 Nov 2008. I salute them for being spendthrift, and be able to show off to their constituents that they care, regardless of where the money is coming from.

RM1 million for just 10 BN MP’s, and if we include the remaining BN MP’s, guess how much will it cost, at the expense of taxpayers money? This extravagance among BN MP’s maybe just the tip of the iceberg. We do not know how much they spent, if they go on a foreign trip, travelling in style and with their spouses included. Some may even decide to bring along one or two ‘coffee boys’ along, all at the expense of taxpayers money.

I suppose, they all must be blind to the plight of thousands of hungry Malaysians. One need not go far……just visit the squatter settlements littered around the city of Kuala Lumpur, or visit the low cost flats that resembles prison cells. Just imagine, a family with 4 grown up children living in a two bedroom low cost flat? Why don’t these lavish spending MP’s stay just a night with these families and to be deprived of the luxuries of their ‘palaces?

It was only yesterday, that my wife who had just returned from the market walked into the house grumbling, saying that she had spend RM100 for just a few food staff. “Everything is so expensive and nothing seem to be coming down” she said.

I doubt very much if BN MP’s have had to go to market to understand the peoples plight. I believe they don’t, and certainly most do not have much problem with money. I can say this because I am yet to hear their spouses grumble because of rising costs, just like what my wife and many others had done.

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maurice said...

The expensive cost of foodstuffs these days are due to the shortsightedness of the Government in raising the price of petrol by 70 sen a litre a when the price of crude petrol went up to USD140 per barrel.

The decision by the Government had overnight caused the the prices of foodstuffs to jump by a big amount.

Now the price of petrol had come down to its original price, therefore logically speaking the prices of foodstuffs should also follow suit.The whole-sellers and traders have other ideas.I think Sharir Samad, the Minister of Consumer Affairs is powerless to control them in a situation of free market economy.

What we can do is to boycott these traders at Pasar Tani and Malam.We should instead go to Pasar Borong where things are still reasonable.

If you have green fingers I think is worthwhile growing your own vegetables in these austere times.