Thursday, August 20, 2009


Have anyone observed how the Malaysian flag have been bustardised and desecrated? It is the same flag that we in the Armed Forces salute during our periodic parades. It is the same flag that is raised during our National Day celebration and to be accompanied by the national anthem. But yet we have failed miserably to honour and maintain the sanctity of the Jalur Gemilang.

I have used the word 'bustardised' and 'desecrated' to describe how serious is the problem, and how idiotic some people are for not acknowledging the significance of the Jalur Gemilang. We all know that the national flag is being designed with a specified specification. It does not come in an oval shape. It does not come in a triangular shape. It does not come in a rounded shape. It comes in a rectangular shape with specified dimensions.

But what we see today is that the Galur Gemilang comes in assorted shape and sizes. Have you not seen people making a dress made out of our national flag? Have you not seen our national flag being plastered on cars. Have you not seen our national flag being made into large 'bantings' and dripping down on the sides of tall buildings. Are these our national flag that we salute and honour?

My answer to all this is that we have failed to understand the significance of the national flag. And do we not know that not a single nation in this world is without a national flag, and to recognised the reason why the national flag is so significant to a nation? If we are to know what the national flag signifies, then we would not have dared to bustardised and desecrate the Jalur Gemilang.

I will leave to my readers to comment if my arguments above are relevant and bears any meaning.



FMZam said...

Dear Dato'

I must be talking cock to say that our people have been misunderstanding the National Flag since Merdeka because of the word FLAG (Bendera) while it should be called National COLOURS, but then have we the right meaning for the word colours in this sense, other than "warna"?

In the military we have been calling it colours but still in Bahasa the military too called it bendera.

And yet we learnt to learn the meaning of all its significance, by colours.

If we compare our National Flag with that of any of our military unit's colours, we see that, our National Flag is just a piece of painted cloth, while the military unit's colours is so strikingly crafted with embroideries, insignia and high quality silky material to give it that glowing shine and image when hoisted up the air.

But if we talk about simplicity is the reason for our Flag then I must be talking cock to not to say UMNO's flag is revered more than the national flag in all aspects. And I must be talking cock to not to say only the military people treat our military colours as SACRED.

It's all about discipline and the people of this country are largely indisciplined lots. We should have learnt how other DEMOCRATIC countries, like Singapore (I know you don't like it) turned their people into strict disciplinarians, and that also took them years to develop, not overnight through political oratory.

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

I used to wear the flag proudly on my shoulders, saluted it during retreat. At an attention without flinching, with my eyes cast upwards. But then, people later, the politicans wanted us to fly it on our cars, lorries, builldings, homes etc etc. They cheapened it, it disgusts me to to listen to that call by politicians, mostly UMNO ones, who said by flying the flag meant that one was patriotic. Bah! Humbug!. They are corrupt to the core. I feel more patriotic and loyal by not flying the flag nowadays, just to spite them and just because of them. Incidentally, I will not be flying it ever until my country treats me equally, without considering my race or religion.

komando said...

The Fighting Seventh says it BEST!

We are proud of it YES!
BUT we are not ready to be cheap skate!
until then we will keep it in OUR need to show anything!

FMZam said...

Dear Dato',

Bustardised (and Bastardised) yes...can now use this word more often to describe anything that is every issue in our country, is being bustardised one way or another, and most of them issues are bustardised by Malays...race, religions, politic, education, economy, businesses, development, crimes, justice, security, defence, peace and harmony.

I cannot remember exactly who was that British High Commissioner who said this in 'War of The Running Dogs', Templer or Gurney:

"We cannot expect the support from people we cannot protect!"

bukitbayor said...

I agree with you Sir; Malaysians by and large are ignorant of the meaning and purpose of any flag much less the National Flag. Handling of the flag leaves much to be desired. making a dress or a t-shirt out of it is really despicable. I could go on and on.

setiakawangolf said...

Dear Pak Chad and All,
That was a good observation you raised concerning our flags. Whilst you feel that our flags should just be flown in its true form of the star and the crescent moon on the left of the flag, as viewed by us, I kind of like the buntings that we can hang from the poles except that I feel the star and crescent moon should be facing to the right, as on the flag, instead of upwards.
Whatever our preference and political leanings, flying the flag at our homes would be a good way to show our pride in our nation and the coming Hari Kebangsaan. Along our lorong I noticed only 2 of us have flown the flags but none from the rest. Later kot or just no Merdeka spirit. I leave it to them.

Koljohn said...

I feel that whilst wanting to take pride in our nation especially on Hari Kebangsaan, we show off our Jalur Gemilang. Many ways are done, including wrapping it around the Angkasapuri, then having it flown from vehicles. If it enhances the stature and feelings for the flag it should be alright. Instead we would soon see a lot of these flags lying on the roads, tattered and muddied.It gives an impression that our flags are just a piece of rubbish. We should avoid creating this situation by not sticking it on our cars and other vehicles as it tend to be blown off. Have conditions that whenever we want to do that it should be done properly, secured by possibly screwing it on.Otherwisw don't.

Peh Hoo Guan said...

Malaysian also do not respect our anthem, Negaraku. Making fun with our anthem, sing it in rap edition and use it to sing out dissatisfaction on this country.

In formal function, whenever Negaraku is played, we can still see those who do not stand at attention properly and even talk with other people and doing something else.

I can still remember when i was in ROTU, whenever we had our morning parade which is always in the public area in the university, when all the cadets sing Negaraku in our morning parade, those civilians around us who passing by didn't even bother stop walking around and stand at attention to respect the anthem, still could see them walking around or doing their own business and turn a deaf ear on the anthem.

I guess the problem is, we are lack of education. Mass Media should play their role on educating the public. but, mostly, as we can see, our media is full of SHIT and entertainment. That's why most Malaysians are so indiscipline with brain full of crap.