Monday, August 3, 2009


There is presently a raging debate as to whether there is a need for the government to further extend the services of the IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan. From the statements made by various quarters including politicians from both the political divide, there is an obvious split with one party in favour, while another is against an extension. The opposition is firmly of the view that Tan Sri Musa Hassan's services should not be extended, and the government has yet to to make a final decision, although rumours are abound of a probable extension.

The opposition alleged that Tan Sri Musa Hassan was involved in trampling evidences and miscarriage of justice in the Anwar Ibrahim's 'black eye' incident in 1998 involving former IGP Rahim Noor. But the investigation on the aforesaid allegation carried out by MACC in March this year, cleared Tan Sri Musa Hassan and AG Gani Patail of any wrong doing. Anwar Ibrahim who is now facing a second sodomy charge is ardament that Tan Sri Musa Hassan's extension of service may have influence the on going trial that would favour the prosecution; a fear that will normally be felt by someone who is likely to face a 20 years jail sentence, if found guilty.

Tengku Razaleigh in an article posted in his blog dated July 14, 2009 had claimed that the “extension of service is meant to be an extraordinary measure. It is in danger of becoming a norm. This is bad practice”. And he went further to list out 5 astonishing reasons for his disapproval, and the one that caught my attention was when he wrote that “Public servants owe their allegiance to King and country, not to politicians. It is by an accumulation of bad practices like this that the once independent ethos of the civil service has been eroded”.

I have no reasons to argue and to disapprove what Tengku Razaleigh had written that is wise, bold and truly a masterpiece of a statement that cannot be ignored by the government, and more so by the head of the public service. It is a strong and damning statement, but somehow politicians in their new found fame as the Yang Berhormat have forgotten that they do not own the civil service (Armed Forces included), and neither should the public service to be treated subserviently by the political masters. A conflict of interest between public servants and politicians have been known to occur in the past, but in the end it is the former that is to suffer the consequences. One has only to follow the consequences that led to the charges of bribery labeled against Tourism Board Director General Dato Mirza Taiyab, to understand what politicians can do to an innocent public servant, if the politician's personal interests is not served by the public servant. It is a demeaning act by a politician, to say the least.

The Armed Forces is now facing a similar predicament as with its police counterpart. It is rumoured that the Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) who is presently on a year's extended service, and scheduled to retire in September, is said to seek a second extension. If this is true, the Chief of Air Force who is the most senior of the three service chiefs, and a likely candidate for the exulted position of the CDF , is most unlikely to get a promotion, and neither will it be the Chief of Army, since both are scheduled to retire next year. And if a second extension is indeed granted to the incumbent CDF, it will be the Chief of Navy who will most likely succeed the post of CDF upon the retirement of the incumbent CDF. This gives the navy a second opportunity to the exulted post of the CDF, and never once for the air force.

If someone were to ask me of my personal opinion regarding the above, I would just say that the practise of extending the services of the chiefs including the CDF must cease. There is no justifiable reason, nor does it makes any professional sense to offer an extension, because the post of the CDF could be taken over by either one of the three service chiefs who are competent and capable enough to take over the post of the CDF at any given point of time. And by virtue of their high ranking position, seniority and experience, it is absurd to now say that neither one is ready to become the CDF, as a justification to retain the incumbent for an extended term. In short, I would say that no one person is indispensable in the Armed Forces, regardless of the position one holds.



komando said...

The politicians decides who they want it is not up to the service itself.

Many a times, this debate has bee put forward and the end is always who THE PM wants!

One Whom he can "deal with" ! One that does not be necessary competent!

So CDF post is as good as IGP..controlling the assets and firepower !


komando said...

ANOTHER DISASTER ! NEW US AMBASSADOR! LATEST UPDATE..we are finish the NAjis sent another JArjis to take his place there, eventual retirement home planning, rompin and pekan connection thru the KONEKSION !

no1crusader said...

extension is not an option.... i strongly believe others general is also capable to be CDF....tq

ommo said...

Salam, Agreed nobody is indispensable, but who really cares?
Let me say this if we Muslims (Muslims who are Malays, not Malays who are Malays) or Malaysian for that matter; still hope or believe that the present BN leaders can lead this country without repenting their major errors i.e. Sins i.e. Insaf then I feel sorry because the Muslim for that matter the Malays will lose n lose n lose. Lose what? Barkat from Allah SWT (i.e.blessings) then it's too late Insya'Allah. Unless, Insya'Allah if there are still those that have Islam, Iman and Ihsan without which you cannot believe in Allah SWT.
So gentlemen be a slave to Allah SWT not your nafs, masters, race or situations that are corrupted that makes you deaf dumb and blind. Did you notice we are ruled by an empire i.e neo-colonialist.
This comment is intended for Muslims of Malay origin but when we believe in God it applies to all. It's not the group but us as individuals where is our substance as humans i.e integrity and humanism. Not all opposition are good nor are all BN are bad. If we look carefully it's 70 /30 for PR in spite of their differences. It's all about governance n sacrifice for the people i.e. Taqwa to Allah SWT i.e responsibility to God. Were some of the points above considered when selecting. But can unqualified people select good leaders.Think carefully....the bad choose the bad Amin

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Ommo,

Thanks and I share your views. I have always believe that we Malays have deviated so far off from the teachings that Allah has shown us. We are no better than the Arabs, perpetually fighting, but yet they claim to profess the same religion. Look at how UMNO leaders criticizes PAS,and likewise PAS criticizing UMNO leaders. When will this end!!!!

x-para said...

Dear Dato,
The UMNO / PAS fighting will stop after DAP rules but it will be too late..

By then we are all gone.

komando said...

If UMNO had followed the true teachings of ISLAM, PAS would not have existed, IT IS AS simple as that.

Being a MALAY does not promise you heaven, so is being a MUSLIM!

So tepuk dada tanya selera!
What do we really want?


FMZam said...

This kind of people they are not afraid of god, they fear their political masters more than god because they are dogs not human. They don't listen to what people say about them, they listen only to the hands that feed them. They are indispenAble as long as their masters exist so they must make sure their masters keep existing for them to remain indispensAble. That's why they are made invincible and formidable, not edible.

tuahjebat said...

NOBODY is INDISPENSABLE and so are the CDF and IGP!

Not so long ago, the President of a country in Eastern Europe fired the top 200 government officers, including the IGP, who were corrupted and those who failed to deliver. After 6 months the said country became much better because government officers suddenly
"bucked up".

This country should do the same.
The PM should remove the top 100 PTD, Police and the military officers who are deemed corrupted and fail to deliver! This country will be better off without them!

IGP Musa Hassan and PAT Aziz Zainal
should give PM Najib a smart salute
and say " Sorry Sir, I am loyal to you and I love you, but my days are over, I am not going to
'tongkat langit' and please get a better officer to take my place now!"

komando said...

I am not too sure we have this qualities as required!
The IGP AND PAT are long overdue for retirement..melayu kata tak tahu malu..orang dah kata dah busuk nak jadi wangi macam mana?

so we wait and see ?!!!!

komando said...

Dato Arshad what have u got to say about the newly appointed AMBASSADOR OF MALAYSIA TO USA?


FMZam said...

Yes tuahjebat, fire them all those 100 top heavy dirty bastards, including PTD Mail Polin, MACC Ahmad Said, Mindef's KSU and most of all the PM himself.


FMZam said...

Dear Dato',

I hate to say this, but I suspect that you are somehow behaving like a paid BN blogger because the more you post you deviate from the true course of your crusade against corruption, you don't really mean your crusade, because you don't have answers for many questions we put in here.

I suggest you better erase the words "crusade against corruption" from your blog if you are not ready to make it your LIFE MISSION to fight corruption.

This blog will be better without those words so you are relieved from its burden and we all can talk in a more relaxed environment away from the great expectation of a holy course of action.

Be very honest with ourselves that we need a holy man to lead a holy war.

maurice said...

For me the blog would already achieved its purpose if it is successful in raisng the rakyat awareness about the issues of corruption and abuse of power in the military.

It is not shameful to go for limited objectives when faced with a lot of uncertainties.

FMZam said...

Dear maurice,
May I ask is crusade a limited war? We don't make crusade with just a constipated result! Please be serious. Go on maurice lets make this blog a heated one.

tuahjebat said...

We have been talking about PAT and IGP going to continue to "tongkat langit" ...shhhhh....somebody just sent me sms about the army buying more ASTROS MLRS from Brazil! Oh NO, NO, NO!!!!

I hope it's NOT true!

What's going on with the army?

Who is behind this? PAT or PTD or both? Somebody including the fat "mat saleh" is making quick bucks and I know Zahid Hamidi is not included!

maurice said...

Dear FMZam,

I am sorry to say your kind of crusade could only be done when you have a big followers behind you.At the moment this crusade is nowhere near what you want to imagine.Remember no soldiers will follow you into battle when the rsources are not available.Be realistic in what we want to achieve.Remember Rome is not built in one day.

maurice said...

Dear TuahJebat,

I am afraid I am hearing the same thing.

I think you have hit the nails on the head, except you have missed out one Englishman (who is a Jew) and an Indian gentleman.

FMZam said...

Dear maurice,

Our experience in developing fully computerised wargame system was that no one company in this country is a wargame development company. Now maurice, I ask, is there any now? And do you know what it takes to establish one? How many competent computer experts in the discipline of MSG (Modeling, Simulation and Gaming) we need to design the game in computer language (not in drawing)? How many OR (Operational Researcher), SA (System Analyst), Computer Engineers, Model Formulators, computer programmers and most of all do we have the expert to organise the team and what to design and what to 'customise" for Malaysian Army ORBAT and Malaysian Terrain Data for maps. And how long to design with computer language to make a war game icon move from point A to point B, and in 3D visual and 3D map and 3 D terrain of the whole face of Malaysia?

Developing a wargame system is an R&D environment if we want to start from scratch. Do we know what is R&D Environment? We can work and die and our children continue with our work and die to finish in an R&D Environment, But in Malaysia's R&D Environment, we see our people get posted and get replaced every now and then.

And then after years of development we get only PROTOTYPE rolling out from our factory.

That is why our neighbour develops their wargame from OEM products they purchased and learn the development from the knowledge and experience gained. They work smart and we can only envy them, nothing more. That also their workforce has cost them more than the cost of the OEM products they purchased.

I have experienced all these and had seen an instance where a person tasked to develop our game came up on the presentation day, to present a sample development of 2 years works and he simply presented a blank computer screen and said "sorry gentlemen our system crashed" right before a visiting General who was fuming mad.

Will the government give the contract to a company to develop and if you say on COCOM (BOT, BOO - civilian term), I don't want to say what will be the project cost, I just want to say that bloody company will have to have hell lot of money to upfront the development first and ready to lose that kind of money.

I don't talk cock like those who simply say we go for development. I am ready for lengthy discussion if that will make you all happy!

FMZam said...

Dear maurice,
I am not talking about crusade, to me what difference is a crusade than a war, when we must sacrifice our life to fight in it. I am talking about the spirit of fighting and I don't have to wait until I have many followers to have that fighting spirit. The spirit is first and let the spirit do the gathering. Unlike you, to me what is the point of having followers but with no fighting spirit. See, I am different from you, that's why I can fight even when I am alone.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear All,

I think I have generated enough discussion/comments on the piece of article that I wrote. I can absorb any amount of criticism, but please do not refer to me as 'a paid BN blogger' which I am not. Politics is never in my blood, and I will always remain apolitical in my views. My stand is that if you are right, I will support you all the way, but if you are wrong, I will say so without any inhibition.
I am not alone in my crusade against corruption. I have several others who have backed me, and I know that my crusade is being felt along the corridors of Mindef. I do get feed backs and, I know some people are not pleased with what I write. I will not stop writing...this I can assure you all. But please, let us be serious if you want to see an end to corruption in Mindef. Help me get the facts, and I will go all out to nail those corrupt officers, regardless of their rank and position.

no1crusader said...

dear Dato'
i strongly believe u r not
'a paid BN blogger'.PLEASE DO NOT STOP writing...
...then please check is there officer which serve more than 5 yrs at ALAT, level 14.... kenapa serve lama sangat ....pelik.

komando said...

Let them buy whatever they choose too buy.

Unless the PM is scared shit he will still say ok and proceed, who gets money into THEIR pockets we all do know about it.

So let them all eat duit haram dan anak bini pun makan duit haram jugak..maka nanti masuk neraka jahanam itu sahaja!



FMZam said...

Dear Dato',

I realise I am the venomous pen in your blog and I certainly had liven out the old saying that "the pen is mightier than the sword". But then you too and all of us who dare to write without fear or favour in this blog, have everything in common - the Uncommon Valour.

I am glad I was wrong in thinking you are one hell of a paid BN blogger and I am even more happy to learn that your blog has a following and being felt along the corridors of Mindef building. It's a moral booster for any one soldier fighting in the distant frontier to get to know our voice gets louder to send out the tremor across the walls of that damned building.

And I urge you not to stop writing (fighting) and make criticism your allies, not your enemies for criticism is what that makes one determined fighter stands on guard. Praise is only to Allah!

And I take your word and assure you that I am more than ready to provide you with facts and see that you nail those devils regardless of their status. Everything has been properly documented and all the necessary had gone through the knowledge of BPR, PTD, KSU Mindef, KSP MOF, KSN, Minister of Defence and even the PM, by the proper manner and procedures as requested by the government from a good citizen. I don't expect you to do the donkey works because all those works had been done by donkey me.

The only thing need to be done now is for the report either go to the Cabinet or to a court of law, other than that, if Dato's way is to submit to MACC for reinvestigation, then you better forget it because I have reasons and proofs not to trust BPR now MACC again which can be elaborated to you, in person, if you insist to know why.

I have started the war on the government of Malaysia not just Mindef because the government ministries and agencies collaborated among themselves to frustrate me in exposing scandals in Mindef. I am only a layman and they are the Goliath and they have underestimated the plight of a determined rakyat.

Lets see if Dato' can make Najib seriously fulfill one of his 6 NKRA - Combating Corruption. I have nothing to lose to fight this even if it takes 10 more years, I am not stopping unless they stop me with a bullet in my head or dump me to rot in jail.

My life mission is two words - Mail Polin!

maurice said...

Dear Komando, this is not the way to go.

We should use this blog as a sounding board to the rakyat on issues related to the defence of the nation.

The question is how can we reduce defence expenditure (and indirectly opportunities for corruption) and yet have a credible deterrent military capability?

We should look seriously at the Total Defence Concept.This concept if implemented will force the nation to have a small standing Armed Forces and nation-wide citizen soldiers.

No need then to buy expensive weapon systems whose utilization are uncertain in any military conflict in our national territories.

tuahjebat said...

I am not too sure which one is
"mail polin"?

I suspect this could be the same guy wearing green uniform with many negative stories about him circulating through out Kuala Lumpur. Stories about him favouring certain contractors to win Mindef tenders and "cruel" treatment towards surbordinates seem to take a centre stage.

FMZam may wish to confirm. Even if only one of these negatives stories were true, he is the last person to succeed the PAT and better person should take over!

These stories could be just mere speculations to tarnish his image
and it would be unfair to this guy if he is innocent. However, some readers may have solid facts for "crusaders against corruption" to execute the next move to render
this person responsible and accountable for his disgraceful conduct.

Can Dato' Arshad and readers suggest which direction should we take if facts were available? Seeing Zahid Hamidi and PM with media to support?

FMZam said...

Bro tuahjebat,
I am not going for him with blank rounds to tarnish his image, I am specific and only for thing that I have proofs, not heresays, although I heard lot of bad things about him. I am not like those who dare only to say bad things but so afraid to go into the open. I am opened I made report officially and signed.

Maybe one day, when I have the means I will use it to stick to him like leeches to find out more about him and for that matter any good for nothing general.

When I said my life mission is him I refer to my case specifically and I refer to him and all those who are involved in it.

He is deep, or maybe deeper and I know it's not easy to land a big fish out of the water but I am the only one left to do it...the last man standing!

ArshadRaji said...

Dear TuahJebat,

Just let me have the facts and I know what to do with it. I can be contacted at 012-3876061 or email If you are out to fight corruption to save this nation, please have no fear. It is only Allah that we fear on earth and in hell.

komando said...

Maurice, guess you have gone off tangent...
so sorry to say that...
not blind and not deaf, far from being dumb...
just hope you get it right!
1 malaysia left