Thursday, August 27, 2009


I have expected the sacking of MCA Deputy President Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek by the party disciplinary board and was endorsed party presidential council. Chua was found guilty of tarnishing the party’s image for his sex DVD scandal last year. I believe the decision taken by the party is correct, and despite him being the party Deputy President does not make him immune to party disciplinary action.

MCA leaders have certainly set the right examples for its leaders to follow and makes no compromises. And this is where the difference lies between MCA and UMNO where the latter is known to have different set of disciplinary rules for different people who have committed a similar offence and is found guilty. This was evident during the last party elections where the party disciplinary board decision against those found guilty for money politics is different between individuals. Whatever the reasons given, it does not make sense to me.

We also had a case of a senior UMNO politician who was accused of fondling the ‘back’ of a lady waitress reportedly in a hotel, and although the victim did not launch a police report (for unknown reason), the case was therefore not investigated by the party disciplinary board. Yet the case was reported in several print media. And can we not see the difference in how MCA and UMNO treats a sexual related case involving its party member? And mind you, in the case of the MCA, it is the party’s Deputy President and in the case on UMNO, it is just a Member of Parliament. And what amuses me is that the UMNO member is being rewarded and is appointed to a prestigious diplomatic post in some foreign land. This UMNO member must be someone of great influence, as if there is no other better person to take up the diplomatic post. And let us hope he behaves himself while he is overseas.

And in another case, the MCA President Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat is now embroiled in a war of words over the controversial PKFZ project issue with an MCA Member of Parliament Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing. Here again, we see that MCA makes no compromises in issues affecting the good name of the party, regardless of the parties involved. I just wonder if it is UMNO that is involved in the controversial PKFZ project; will the party leadership have acted the way MCA President did? Your guess is as good as mine.



FMZam said...

Where MCA has been made to stretched-to-the-limit, they are willing to sacrifice "lions for lambs" whilst UMNO is forever with its unshameful Malay feudal attitude in never admitting mistakes and would rather sacrifice "lambs for lions".

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

This is a 'red herring', OTK is deflecting attention on the RM10million he received, the PKFZ fiasco and for his unpaid joy rides. What image has MCA? It does not have any image to salvage, the sex scandal is nothing. Remember Mr.1Malaysia's trysts in Port Dickson, with a singer? What is the sin of Chua, when people more poweful than him have done worst things, murder, eg.C4, MACC, Kugan, Teoh Beng Hock etc etc. Anyway as I was saying, what image is there to salvage, after all UMNO has been using the MCA as toilet paper, preferred word is as 'arxx wipes'. They have been the running dogs of UMNO far too long, the writting is on the wall for MCA, just like MIC, which is in the abyss, MCA is sure to follow. Drum rollllllllllllllllllll, UMNO too, will sink into that shxx hole. I can only rejoice. Chua's sin was the sin of the flesh, yes his moral standing plunged, so what, you know what? He had the cojones to admit his wrongs, that vindicates him. I have only abhorence for men who cheat on their wives and have more than one wife, in Chua's case I have more contempt for MCA and UMNO than for Chua himself. They looted and are destroying the country. The people suffer for that. That includes you and me.

FMZam said...

Dear Dato',
By this time we should hear something from Mindef, MAT meeting today to appoint the new PAT. Maybe bro TuahJebat is following very closely on this and I am all for the PTU. But if Mail Polin, then I should have known I cannot trust the Defence Minister.

komando said...

Whatever will be will be folks!

UMNO is above GOD ! They play GOD everyday, all day, all the time & EVERY TIME!

bukitbayor said...

Sir you speak without fear or favour . Kudos to you!!Keep it up Sir!

tuahjebat said...

I take of my hat off to MCA President and the entire party leadership for making bold decision and abide by the "DS solution" to sack the Deputy President.

Politicians getting involved in crimes, sex scandals and corruptions or perceived to have been involved MUST never be allowed to stay on to polute the party and the country!

Chua Soi Lek may be a good politician but a good man MUST not get involved in sex scandal! Sorry Dr. Chua, you got to go.

If this were to have happened in UMNO we can guess what would be the outcome.... UMNO leaders live in the world of denials, they would
render immunities and allow
"political sinners" to continue and rot their own organization.

I know FMZam is curious to know about the appointment of the new PAT which I am sure most readers would have already received the radio karat by now. FMZam, our prayer is positively answered and Ismail Polin, inspite of many dirty tricks launched by his army cronies, WILL NOT be the PAT, alhamdulillah. He should pack up and go instead of supporting business cronies to accumulate wealth while in service!

Minister Zahid Hamidi...please watch the PTD.

We must congratulate the new PAT and I hope this non-army PAT takes serious notes and learn lessons from the outgoing army general. If you were also involved in any form of corruption in supporting business cronies, we the crusaders, will also go after you!

FMZam said...

Dear all bro crusaders,

Please be aware that the new PAT has only 1 year to serve and will probably stay another year on extension. The PTD, Mael Polin will serve until his ROD next year. A man like him will certainly try every "good try" to get his chance at PAT rank, as he has been trying hard to lobby for it, he has failed but he'll keep on trying while he is still alive.

Anything can happen next year, Azizan could not get extended and Mael Polin could slip into it if he could play his card well. This man has no shame to do anything for PAT rank. Don't write him off yet.

I like it if he stay long enough for me and my people to take our case to court. If god cannot make this man repent, let us human carry out god's will to punish this man for what he did to another human.

He is not fit to be PTD and he is not even fit to lead our soldiers and not fit to be one.

Maj. Ramachandran Ramaswamy Iyer (Retd) said...

Dear Dato'
If I remember the case well a police report was made by the waitress and later retracted. curiously, CCTV footage "disappeared". Karpal made a report that to make a false police report is a crime. As usual, nothing was done by anybody. Remember the term "condonation"? Alas, the tangled web we weave, when we are promised to deceive.

FMZam said...

Let me say this that I am saying my heart out, the way I am saying many Malaysian Army officers' and ex-officers and soldiers' and ex-soldiers hearts out, that the most terrible of all our army's generals is none other than Mael Polin. I hope he read this because if he doesn't read, his cronies generals and cronies officers who read this will not dare to read it for him.

From now on until his ROD next year, Mael Polin would certainly do all he could to put all his cronies into the influential circle in the army's and Mindef's top management. He would promote cronies generals and officers before he expires, like he used to promote his cronies to top ranks before, including those I have listed out in my case file, like Raja Affendy and Masrani. He intends to continue his legacy of corrupt cronies generals even after he is no longer in the Army.

And he is not without his accomplices in the civilian in the like of the Mindef KSU himself who is no less sinful than him. The PERO is really sounding as PHARAOH living in the pyramid called SELBORN Tower.

As long as my case stand to live and Mindef choses to keep it unanswered, you all better see it properly that if I am not righteous, all my actions should have been acted upon by the authorities in the appropriate manner. Why are they afraid of me? Because they have everything to lose while I have lost everything to lose nothing more to fight for the truth.

It takes a soldier to fight a soldier and in this case it takes an ex-soldier when there is nothing I am afraid of anymore and no one else is braver than me to do it.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear FMZam,

I honestly do not know the cases that you have with Army,and the manner you vent your anger at the Army; is must be serious.
If you believe that you have been a victim in your dealings with Army, then I say that you have every right to be angry, and I fully support you for your actions.

tuahjebat said...

Just like my respect to the President of MCA and its top leadership in making bold and right decision to sack its Deputy President for getting involved in sex scandal I have the highest respect for FMZam for pursuing his right to fight the army leadership over his case.

To-day's world is "very small" and from what FMZam has been sharing about his case, I think I know you FMZam and also your case. You have every right to fight as a soldier as already demonstrated by your actions. Your courage and good army training to fight don't go wasted, you have a clear case and our prayers go with you. Many others whom I know, fell victims to almost similar dirty network of corrupted officers but were defeated even before they could open their mouths.

In this Holy month of Ramadhan, may our prayers are positively answered to give you victory in your fight for your right and truth.

FMZam said...

Dear Dato, Bro TuahJebat,

The seriousness of my case is that I am a godsend to be damned to a fateful ending like all other crusaders who fought and died for others to live. Like all other natural human beings taking the beatings of doing supernatural feats. The seriousness of my case is that I am ready to be bundled by this government and dumped into a dungeon to be "grinded" by MACC and end up like any other "enemy of the state" of this draconian government, who prosecutes not the murderer but the one who reports murder.

I can take my case to the opposition party and the newspaper, but as a soldier and a good citizen, I chose to go through the proper channels in reporting corruption only to realise that this government is lying all out in calling for people to come forward to report, only to realise that while the PM is crying wolf for the war against corruption, all the wolves in this government are devouring the "lambs of corruption".

I was made the lamb to lose everything to fight my case, because of one bloody greedy general and his corrupt cohorts of a bunch of selfish military bastards in Mindef, who don't give a damn about the welfare and the well being of ex-soldiers, they made me lose my job and soon maybe my family, yet all these while they have been propagating and championing the efforts to care for ex-military people. They lied! It's the military itself who doesn't care about us ex-soldiers because we have so many corrupt generals and officers whose intension is nothing but to live prosperously by any means when they live the service and live with the fruits of their corrupt labour, with all DIGNITY!

I have a cause to fight, not because they made me lose my job and maybe soon my family, but because they made many other ex-soldiers losing jobs and families. They are "The Little Emperors" of the military that we all must fight against. They tend to serve the nation by serving themselves first and at the expense of all soldiers.

Now does JHEV knows how many ex-soldiers are jobless? That if we could group ouselves together we can band into a bunch of robbers, marauders, professinal killers and maybe another Al-Maunah? with the skills of a killing machine the military had provided us?

We can't go on having reunion parties for the rest of our life to see the corrupt generals and ex-generals sucking our blood and walking tall like gods in our midst and do nothing except to go on with many more and more "meryy meaningless reunion parties!"

I'd rather suffer fighting for a meaningful cause than joining the "suffering ex-military association" that is no better than a "dead soldiers' association (DSA)".