Sunday, August 16, 2009


'MACC MAN FED UP WITH POLITICIANS' reads the title of a report in NST dated August 16th, 2009. And it appears that MACC's head of investigation Datuk Shukri Abdul has decided to suspend temporarily several on-going investigations involving politicians with an excuse being that “his men felt that they could not carry out their duties effectively in cases involving politicians as they were being slammed no matter what they did”. This is a statement uttered by a defeatist, and if this were the sorts of statement uttered by a military field commander in the midst of battle, the commander would either be court martialed or even send to the gallows.

I am surprise that for a person who have served more than 20 years with the ACA and now MACC, he could no longer withstand the pressure of his work, that he has vowed execute. It would have been more honourable if he resigns, rather than to utter such a statement and be mocked by society.

I have somewhat watched the antics of MACC officers especially after the March 8, 2008 General Elections, and it is obvious to me that the MACC seemed to have practiced selective investigation, rather than to act as a neutral body free of any political interference; inferred or otherwise. Believe you me, this is also the general perception of the man in the street; the people that I meet and talked to daily. Most are not politicians, and some are vehement that the MACC is indeed a political tool. The MACC will never understand this because their outlook is so blinkered, and are oblivious to the pulse of the ordinary people. Honestly, power has corrupted them; hence they have lost sight of humility, humane, rational thinking, caring, patience and understanding that is highly desired of them in the performance of their duties.

Now with Datuk Shukri's statement, where will the ongoing investigations lead us to. What will become of the PKFZ investigations that is so serious and politically linked to the MCA, and by inference with the government? Will it be kept in wrap, only to be reviewed comes doomsday? What about the investigations of alleged corruption of the two former Perak PKR state assemblymen who jumped boat, and are now in the safe clutches of UMNO? What about the alleged corruption of former MB Selangor Khir Toyo and his multi million ringgit palace? What about the RM500,000 allocation spend by each former Selangor BN state assemblymen within 2 months prior to the March 8, 2008 General Elections? Are these not important cases that are clearly linked to the political parties of the present ruling government? And why the extreme silence?

I recognised that I am a retired government officer and that does not mean that I should remain blind and mute to the corrupt practices of those in power. I will not be doing justice as a loyal citizen of this country if I fail to voice my feelings regarding corruption to others who cares. If someone were to ask me as to why I should be seen to display an anti government stance. My answer would be that I am only taught to be loyal to the King and country; not to be subservient to any politician.

I have served the nation as a military officer and had seen duties with the United Nations in troubled Cambodia. I had been in the Malaysian jungles seeking out the enemy months on end, and only to return home awhile to see my little children running away from me. I have never been involved in corruption; nor have I taken a cent from any businessman. My father had once said to me that if ever he knew that I am corrupt, he will disowned me. I am glad that until the day he passed away, I was able to honour what he said of corruption.

I know my writings on corruption have hurt some people, and my only answer to them is that they should not be hurt if they are not in anyway involved in corruption. It is only those who are involved will be hurt by what I write, and my guess is that those who are hurt are indeed corrupt.



Anonymous said...

Macc is rlevant if it act without fear or favour ,if not it is wise to disband and let the monkeys rule the land.

FMZam said...

Shukri made the statement showing MACC is top heavy with sins and Shukri is SINFUL for threatening to resign instead of just resign. And he cunningly made a statement he knew could drag in some mindful UMNO politicians to come to his aid, and true enough. What a drama!

This man got no balls I knew him I've had 3 or 4 "close encounters of the third kind" with this alien being from outer space. He is unreliable despite having the face of an Ustaz.

I better not talking more about MACC, I have talked a lot in previous thread, it bores me to death.

komando said...




komando said...

The not so clever Minister of Home Affairs asked the Shukri to continue the investigations...despite his complains of political pressures..

Can anybody out there tell me why this statement can come out, as though, he the minister needs to affirm things others do!

It speaks clearly that, some body higher is giving the orders

So Kerismudin needs to play act and show he can handle it!

Another round of SANDIWARA.







Remaung Enam Renjer said...

Datuk Arshad sir,
Congratulations for being brave enough to express your opinion in this very interesting blog of yours.I found your blog from 7th Ranger. Keep it up and once again Condratulations for being "rare and commendable"

Capt Rtd Ayong
PS. I am linking your blog to mine..

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Capt Ayong (R),

Thanks for introducing me to your blog. Had a look at it, and I sense you have gone into politics. Well done. I was in politics for a while, but decided to quit soon after I found that my years in the Army does suit the 'game' played by politicians.
What I like most is that you have put your writing skills to good use, and despite having retired, you still have the urge to speak out.
I am however just curious to know who you are, and I suppose we have met before will in service. Keep up with your writing.

captazhar said...


I would have shot that civil servant Shukri for the crime of bringing dishonor to the King and Country. And you know I would have.

Ah, but how times have changed.

komando said...

Capt Azahar, there is no more need to shoot anyone..

Let them all misbehave .

We shall see the end game soon!

FMZam said...

I am not surprised if MACC is a failed agency because MACC has been designed by Pak Lah to fail and fail miserably. Why? because to Pak Lah the BPR bosses were all INDISPENSABLE as if our country is so short of able people to lead MACC. Pak Lah has built MACC from the ruins of BPR, thus "reinforcing failure". Najib is merely a "pawn" in continuing the legacy of Pak Lah's MACC until he is able to wake up and make full use of the meaning of "Transformasi UMNO".

MACC don't even know where corruption starts in any tender process like I do (sorry if I boast a bit, Allah forgive me!) and I can tell you where corruption starts in Mindef Tender. It starts when generals are so bloody crazy of playing golf and spend most of their times playing golf and playing in places with people who have lot of money, not playing with his poor subordinate officers. Yes you may tell me golf is a sport but I too may tell you golf is an efficient communication tool for corruptors and corrupted.

The next second place where corruption starts is in Menara Selborn the moment you submit your tender document to any of the PEROs there (sounds more Pharaoh).

Then the Tender Evaluation Committees and finally the Tender Board.

In most cases you will never get to see the transaction of money, but you can always catch (if MACC really wants to) when you see a general live beyond his means, check in hotel with pleasure woman or girlfriend, have sibblings work in cronies' companies, and who cares to check his assets hidden and scattered under assumed names.

MACC is so ignorant to go to that deep because they are all the government people. And MACC boss is a rotten fish too with a shadow over his son's filthy case happened years ago in Australia.

And Najib is not less dirty than them all.

tuahjebat said...

Dear Dato',

I salute you for being loyal to this country, have served the nation with your life and blood and safely stay away from corruptions.

I share the same sentiments and also served many years ( a bit more than you ) and I have never been disloyal to this country, obeyed commands and orders from superiors.

I WILL NEVER join politics though many tried to rope me in. I become very wise to steer away because politics would change men and I always want to remain myself. I don't make friends to-day and turn them to be my enemies to-morrow. I am a very simple person who would never promise to "build bridges for my supporters even though there are no rivers".

I see this country has been destroyed by some very selfish politicians. We have sacrificed our
lives to save this wonderful country but politicians, both BN and PKR, indiscriminately made many
disasterous blunders which can never be forgiven by the rakyats.
They go round calling names and making promises with the sole aim to grab power.

With power comes corruptions which we can never accept and pardon. Some politicians take up politics to become rich and only God knows the ugly corrupt activities they would do as long as there are financial gains. Young politicians with party stickers on exotic cars such as BMWs and Merz are now common sights in towns and kampungs and "how do they get the money"?

Of course, there are very few clean politicians which we find it hard to hit whenever we throw stones.

MACC? Sorry, you can brand this agency by any name but as long
as the basics do not change, this agency is going to continue to be a laughing stock. The DG and his men/women from MACC keep changing uniforms, dresses and make-ups, even wearing peak caps and sporting 4-stars on the shoulders,
but their faces are the same!

Unless we go for TOTAL CHANGE, including to exercise the power to bring the PMs and DPMs to justice if they were deemed to be corrupted, the MACC is just a
"paper tiger" subservient to the ruling party.

You and I share many common traits on corruptions and join many honourable citizens to steer away from the disgraceful act, Dato'. We will continue to hurt, prevent and dispose those corrupted

FMZam said...

If anyone says that in fighting corruption, I have done so much for nothing, I ask those who do nothing about it than just watching, to pray for me.