Thursday, August 6, 2009


Home Affairs Minister Hishamuddin Hussein has called upon the Malaysian Multimedia and Communications Commission (MMCC) to investigate the video clip aired on a website, showing a man being brutally assaulted by a group of men that allegedly occurred at a police station. I saw the video clip only once, and I refused to see it the second time. And I do not think it was play acting, but a dastardly inhumane act against a fellow human being. One is reminded of the brutal act of the US soldiers upon Iraqi prisoners at Abu Gharib prison camp that has shocked civil society.

What amazed me is the statement made by Hishamuddin that “the investigation is necessary to identify those involved in the clip, and stern punishment must be meted against those responsible for putting it online”. My understanding of that brief statement is for punishment to be meted against those responsible for posting the video online, and not upon those who brutalized the man. This sounds funny isn’t it, or do I understand it wrongly and if so, I stand to be corrected.

I would have understood if Hishamuddin had said that the people involved in brutalizing the man will be severely punished if the investigation proved to be true. But to punish somebody who leaked out the truth is insane to say the least. And I believe the video clip must be an inside job.

It is pointless for the authorities to deny that it is not an act by the police or any other government enforcement agency. It is crystal clear that a dastardly act has occurred, and it is only appropriate for the authorities to investigate thoroughly the people behind the act, and if the act did occur, appropriate punishment must be meted. This is the only way for the Home Ministry to redeem the trust that the people has for the police and other government enforcement agencies, that is now lost due to their own careless and unwarranted acts.



FMZam said...

Before we put this to the floor for comments please be right that what Hishamuddin meant was that the video put online was alleged to be the brutality done on Teoh Beng Hock while in custody but later was confirmed the brutalised man was not Teoh. Someone has put it online to stir public emotion on Teoh's case using the video alleged as Teoh. So what Hishamuddin meant was in reference to the wrong depiction.

However, I fully agree with you that in denial of the video depiction on Teoh, Hishamuddin should not have acted like a spoilt child to make a stupid statement like that. He has depicted to the public in TV news that he was a vengeful police chief "going after the informant of a murder case instead of the murderer".

That's the mentality of our home ministers and the police top brasses since long ago, when confronted with a situation, they waste to raise to the occasion and never realise how important to win public symphathy by being humble. All they know was to show off their muscle to the public to make them feel better.

komando said...



WE SHALL SEE ?????!!!!!

FMZam said...

Yang dihormati Dato' Arshad,

Kita sudah begitu lama mendengar tentang kes penderaan dan kematian tahanan yang dilakukan oleh pihak berkuasa terutama PDRM yang sekarang ini sudah tergantung 10 atau 11 kes yang masih belum diselesaikan dan nampaknya akan semakin bertambah, bukan berkurangan. Kita masih ingat kes Kugan yang kini sudah hampir setahun tanpa berita tentang kesudahannya, dan terbaru ialah kes Teoh Beng Hock.

Apa yang berlaku ialah satu situasi dimana kebanyakan kes berkenaan hanya menimpa rakyat berbangsa India dan Cina. Apa yang berlaku ialah satu situasi dimana kes ini "belum berlaku" kepada rakyat berbangsa Melayu. Apa yang berlaku ialah rakyat berbangsa Melayu yang menjadi "authority" yang mewakili kerajaan yang menjadi pihak yang bertanggungjawab diatas kes-kes ini.

Namun begitu, bantahan dan suara lantang dari rakyat yang mengutuk dan meminta kerajaan bertindak menyelesaikan situasi ini datang dari semua kaum bangsa Malaysia. Tapi kerajaan menganggap suara itu adalah suara parti pembangkang yang dicap sebagai mempolitikkan situasi ini dan sebagai tindakbalas jentera parti kerajaan telah diaktifkan untuk memainkan sentimen politik sehingga terdengar suara yang menyokong tindakan kerajaan sebagai sesuatu yang berpatutan, dan suara itu adalah suara bangsa Melayu.

Di satu pihak dimana semua bangsa Malaysia mengutuk situasi ini dan di satu pihak dimana bangsa Melayu menyokong kerajaan dalam menangani situasi ini. Yang nyata sokongan bangsa Melayu kepada kerajaan tidak mengurangkan malah menambah lagi situasi ini terjerumus lebih dalam.

Begitu juga keadaannya dalam apa jua situasi, apabila terdesak, kerajaan akan memainkan sentimen yang situasi itu dipolitikkan, maka secara spontan jentera parti kerajaan akan bertindak "menterbalikkan keadaan". Itulah caranya kerajaan ini menyelamatkan diri dari sesuatu situasi yang kritikal dengan melaungkan perkataan "dipolitikkan", sehingga isu sebenar, pembunuhan, rasuah, salahguna kuasa dan sebagainya, tenggelam dan hanyut begitu saja.

Nampaknya kerajaan lebih beruntung apabila sesuatu situasi itu dipolitikkan atau dilaung oleh kerajaan sebagai dipolitikkan. Nampaknya kerajaan ini lebih mementingkan keuntungan dari segi politik untuk bertindak diatas apa jua situasi dari melaksanakan tugas dan tanggungjawab yang diamanahkan untuk kepentingan rakyat dan negara ini.

Jadi saya tetap percaya dengan apa yang pernah saya kata dalam blog ini dahulu:
"this government is not the government of the people, by the people and for the people, this is the government of the ruling party!"

maurice said...

It seems the government wants to install the Internet Filter merely to block access to pornographic websites.A commendable action on the part of our government to protect our children from being exposed to immoral culture.

However , the concern with this plan is the possibile use of the Internet Filter to block other websites considered undesireable by the government.The government would certainly lose a lot of supporters if they embark on this course of action.

The government must accept crticisms on its policies and performance and improved upon them for the public good.

For example this website provides an excellent platform for the government to receive direct inputs/feedback from the people on corruption issues affecting the Malaysian Armed Forces. It would be a great tragedy if the government decides to put a gag on this blog.This would give a big moral victory to those people engaged in corrupt practices in Mindef and the MAF.

FMZam said...

Gud morng maurice,

The government had been threatening to impose filters on government-bashing blogsites since before the last general election but the people countered it as an oppression to freedom of expression.

Now the government has got a very good excuse to impose the filters - to block porno sites. What I know of porno sites (or adult sites) is that they are so widespread and can be indirectly interconnected and intertwined to the non-porno sites, including some blogsites, by "links". I would not be surprised when some blogsites would be blocked for this reason.

Why must government now is so very attentive to combat porno sites? Will that eradicate incest, rape, prostitution, adultration and social degradation? The porno CD business will love this move! The demand for porno CD will soar and it will be even more difficult for the government fight its war against illegal CD.

I remember seeing this in internet - BEFORE THERE WAS INTERNET THERE WAS PORNOGRAPHY!

Anonymous said...

Saudara FMZam.

Saya ingin perbetulkan kenyataan tuan mengenai kematian didalam lokap Polis tidak melibatkan orang Melayu.Untuk maaluman tuan Lt Kol Baharuddin Sulaiman Tudm (B) telah mati/dibunuh (menunggu inquest kalau AG buat) didalam lokap balai polis Ampang beberapa bulan yang lalu.Ketua Polis Selangor telah membuat kenyataan bodoh mengenai kes ini.Veteran ATM sekalian membisu seribu kata dan seolah olah membiarkan sahaja perkara ini berlaku.Inquest masih belum ada bayangan ? Kenapa sistem perundangan kita double standard?

maurice said...

Sdr WaliMuar,

Olih sebab kebajikan persara-pesara ATM dibawah JHEV (Jabatan Hal-Ehwal Veteran) maka sepatutnya Ketua Pengarah, Mej Jen Dato Zulkipli mengambil berat dalam hal ini.

Sebagai rakan persejuangan kita ingin tahu apa yang sebenarnya telah berlaku dalam lokap tersebut.Isu-isu seperti ini patut disentuh dalam newsletter yang diedarkan olih JHEV kepada pesara-persara dan bukan hanya sekadar menumpukan kepada aktiviti bagi tujuan image building.

maurice said...

Sdr FMZam,

Good morning.Of course you can never eliminate porno but at least with the Internet Filter it will make it more difficult for young kids to access the porno websites.I have seen kids as young as 3 year old very suave at surfing the internet.Surely the parents of such kid would not want him to stray into the porno websites.I certainly support the Government if this is the intent.

With the adult group I have really no comment as this their personal business if they wish to indulge in buying porno CDs.What they do in their private lives is none of our business.It may not be a bad idea to legalize the matter so that both government and society benefit.

FMZam said...

PESARA TUDM MATI DI LOKAP BUKAN DIDERA POLIS. KUALA LUMPUR 2 Sept. - Kematian seorang pesara tentera di dalam lokap Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah (IPD) Ampang Jaya kelmarin bukan kes dera, sebaliknya dipercayai percubaan mencederakan diri sendiri, kata Ketua Polis Selangor, Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar.

Menurutnya, lelaki itu dikatakan bertindak menghantuk kepalanya beberapa kali dan tangannya turut menumbuk dinding menyebabkannya cedera.

''Dakwaan bahawa anggota polis mendera lelaki itu sehingga menyebabkan kematiannya adalah tidak benar,'' katanya ketika dihubungi hari ini.

Mangsa, Leftenan Kolonel (B) Baharudin Sulaiman, 57, merupakan seorang bekas pegawai Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (TUDM).

Polis dijangka mengambil keterangan daripada isteri mangsa yang membuat laporan polis kerana meragui punca kematian suaminya esok.

Laporan bedah siasat yang diperoleh semalam menunjukkan mangsa meninggal dunia kerana sakit jantung.

Allahyarham yang menghidapi penyakit Schizophrenia atau gangguan mental, disahkan meninggal dunia di dalam lokap tersebut pada pukul 7.10 malam, kelmarin.

Pada hari yang sama, mangsa ditahan oleh polis atas dakwaan mencabul kehormatan seorang pelanggan di sebuah kedai serbaneka di Keramat AU2 dekat sini pada pukul 12 tengah hari.

Salam saudara WaliMuar,

Terima kasih atas maklumbalas saudara dan mohon maaf atas kesilapan kenyataan saya itu. Saya sertakan tempelan berita diatas sebagai mengesahkan yang perkara itu telah berlaku.

Nampaknya perkara ini telah terlepas dari mendapat perhatian rakyat kerana laporan pihak polis itu sudah cukup untuk menutup perkara tersebut dari menjadi perbincangan. Hairan juga saya mengapa perkara ini tidak disentuh langsung didalam blog ini yang lazimnya sensitif dengan hal-hal yang berkaitan warga tentera.

Walau apa pun sebab kematian Allahyarham, satu kematian telah berlaku didalam tahanan polis. Bezanya masyarakat bukan Melayu walau sejahat mana pun tahanan itu, tetap akan menuntut keadilan mengapa tahanan itu mesti mati didalam tahanan polis. Bezanya masyarakat Melayu boleh menerima kenyataan yang dibuat oleh seorang manusia Melayu lain yang menggambarkan Allahyarham seorang yang tidak siuman, menghidap penyakit dan telah ditahan diatas satu perbuatan keji. Kenyataan itu sudah cukup untuk mematikan apa saja "api" dari masyarakat Melayu untuk menyemarakkan persoalan lain.

Maka matilah Allayarham tanpa apa-apa penghormatan atau sedikit kata-kata terakhir yang baik untuk Allahyarham, tidak dari kawan-kawan Allahyarham, tidak dari JHEV dan tidak dari blog ini.

Begitu lah hidup ini kerana manusia mati meninggalkan nama. Seperti kata Napoleon Bonaparte, "Manusia kalau tidak menjadi raja, akan jadi mainan orang".

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

Alfathihah to the late Lt Kol Baharuddin Sulaiman Tudm (Bersara).

PBTM Wilayah Persekutuan headed by Brig Gen Dato Fahami Hussin (B)did wrote a formal complain letter to the PM then Dato Abdullah Badawi regarding this case and he in turn directed Hamid Albar to investigate formally.That was the respond from the authority and the case fall silent after that.I heard the family sued the Government and the Police as a subsequent action.I feel sad for him and his family as his fellow ex ATM brother officers never lift a pen to voice their grieve and anger toward the police brutality.I uphold God Laws which say that "an eye is for an eye and a tooth is for a tooth" I curse the policemen who committed this heineous crime and may they go to hell for this murder. No veil of stupid reasoning uttered by the police chief will pardon his policemen crime.I will never forgive this crime.God knows what is happening in the lockup..........

maurice said...

Sdr FMZam,

If arwah was suffering from schizophrenia why was he not taken to see a psychiatrist in a government clinic accompanied by the police when he bacame violent in the cell? Why did the police allowed arwah to cause the fatal injuries?

FMZam said...

Saudara maurice,
That is it. You yourself can think rationally like few good men and with that kind of intelligent thinking, why are the case is being swept under the carpet?

How many more old soldiers will have to die in police custody before our Home Minister start using his brain to think like you may dear maurice?

maurice said...

Dear Dato Arshad,

Please consider the idea that JHEV is responsible for the welfare of ex-servicemen.We should try to persuade Mej Jen Dato Zulkifli Ketua Pengarah JHEV to do something about the suspicious circumstances leading to the death of our colleague in the Police lock-up.With his legal background, I think he will only be too happy to look into it.

Or if you think that is not possible, why not you take the lead Dato'?

komando said...

If and only if the veterans Dept has any integrity left, I suggest it better fold up and not waste tax payers money!

FMZam said...

Bro Komando,

I kinda like to say this in addition to your swift remark on JHEV;

Let JHEV be headed by a Veteran, not by a serving puppet!

Anonymous said...

Dear All,
I would suggest we send a memorandum to the present PM,Minister of Defence,AG and IGP regarding the late Lt Kol Baharuddin's case.This memorandum to be sign by as many as possible ex Officers of ATM and submit copies to the press.This is the least we could do to protect the innocent and condemned the criminals.

FMZam said...

Very good WaliMuar, that will serve as a warning to the relevant authorities that this case is going to stand until resolved in the name of justice for all Malaysians.

I guess this will be quite a daunting task for you to round up ex-servicemen for their signatures.

komando said...

We shall petition that PAK CHAD take over for a start..any takers?

Anonymous said...

Dear FmZam,

Thanks for the support to my idea of sending a Memorandum to the Government,signatures could be simplified by sending our full name,last rank and service no by SMS to Dato Arshad for him to compile and attached to the Memorandum.This Memorandum could be despatched by courier or send by registerd mail to the addressee and no need to gather a rally of exservicemen to do that.From then on let us wait and see.........

Abah said...

Dear Comrades,

Affirmative, myself agreed with what Walimuar suggested that we should send a memorandum to the present PM,Minister of Defence,AG and IGP regarding the late Lt Kol Baharuddin's case.

This actioned should stated by our top JHEV/PBTM management itself and its will followed by X services clubs such KVKM etc...etc...etc