Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I was at the KTM Commuter Station at Tasik Selatan this morning and a quotation by former Prime Minister Tun Hussein Onn printed on the top right hand front page of the NST caught my eyes. The print reads quote “The power entrusted to us is not to be used against others, not to improve our position and not to make us rich” unquote. These are ‘saintly words’ by our endeared and a forthright leader who is well known for his honesty, incorruptible, clear and principled attitude. I have ceased buying NST for more than a year now, but I was so taken by Tun Hussein Onn quote that I forced myself to purchased the paper.

Although I do not know him nor have I ever shook his hands, I have however been told of his forthrightness and honesty by some relatives of Tun Hussein Onn. He is a person who is known not to have enriched his own relatives and friends. Cronies wasn’t invented then, and even if there were cronies, Tun Hussein Onn was not the person to be linked with any of them. I was told that he even avoids meeting with relatives if he knew that they want to meet him to talk about business and favours. He discourage relatives from meeting him at his office, but would welcomed them to his house for casual talk.

I do not know what is the reason for NST to print such a quote, but I do believe that such quotes must be read by everyone who aspires to be a leader, especially politicians and for Hishamuddin in particular. I am not implying that Hishamuddin is corrupt, but the words of his late father will haunt him if he decides to willfully ignore it. I certainly do not see Hishamuddin having the attractive traits of his father or his renowned grandfather Onn Jaffar, but certainly his face and his mannerism is unmistakably that of Tun Hussein Onn.

I would certainly like to invite all aspiring leaders and politicians in particular, to take serious note of the saintly words of Tun Hussein Onn, and if need be to print such quotes in bold and to have it plastered in their offices. I will certainly do just that.



FMZam said...

If RAHMAN Prophecy has any truth in it, so far it has proven truth in the name of our 6 Prime Ministers - Rahman, Abd Razak, Hussein Onn, Mahathir, Abdullah and Najib. Strange coincidence but strikingly accurate! Maybe anyone here can precisely arrange all those initials of all our PATs to see if our military too is prophecised in certain manner, who knows.

Lets not stop, lets play on with this human prophecy and add up RAHMAN with all possibilities like M, H, M, K, with no vowels in it because UMNO has no more vowels left. If we have to fill it with vowels to make the prophecy pronouncable, that vowel is A and I - Anwar Ibrahim.

Anonymous said...

To me this "Rahman Prophecy" is Tahyul, an idea or perception which came from a wavering "akidah" as a true Muslim.We should trust in God the Almighty who decide and dictate our faith,and our future is not determine by the first alphabet of our name.

komando said...

Well said WaliMuar.

The name is just a game !
We should think about what TGNA said, he does not care who becomes the PM..CAN BE CHINESE, INDIAN, MALAY, ENGLISH MAN, JAVANESE, PORTUGUESE? EVEN RUSSIAN..





Maj. Ramachandran Ramaswamy Iyer (Retd) said...

DPM uses military helicopter to visit UMNO branches in E Malaysia and feels no guilt. So, where art thou principles?

FMZam said...

Hang this quote on the wall in the office of the general in Wisma Pertahanan:

“The power entrusted to us is not to be used against others, not to improve our position and not to make us rich”

and he will transform it into this:

"With the power entrusted to us we don't need to use against others, we make others use it against themselves to improve our position and to make us rich".

Haezrikal said...

Take away the "NOT" in the quote, and that is what happening after Tun Hussein Onn.

We got to place back the "NOT" in the quote after Najib. It will be Annuar. Hopefully.....

Alizul said...

There was another Tun Hussein quote in yesterday's NST:

"Without integrity, a leader will use his position as a commodity to peddle influence and to achieve status, name and riches."

How apt, considering the corruption syndrome that is enveloping the political parties today.

Sadly, his son (Hishamuddin) has shown traits that are nowhere near his father or his grandfather. The way he is handling the current political instability illustrates this point.

FMZam said...

Tunku Abdul Rahman, the first PM 1957-1970,
Tun Razak 1970-1976,
Tun Hussein Onn, the shortest serving PM 1976-1981,
Tun Mahathir, the longest serving PM 1981-2003,
Tun Abdullah Badawi 2003-2009, Najib 2009-2013,
Muhyiddin Yassin 2013-2018,
Hishamuddin Tun Hussein 2018-2023,
Mukhriz Mahathir 2023-2028,
Khairi Jamaluddin 2028-2???

My prophecy?....Ha..Ha..Ha..Ha..

komando said...

The BN is the end no more after next GE 13!

The new name starts with A - again!

Haezrikal said...

Dear FMZam,

Come GE 13, after Najib the rest will not have the chance even to sit on the opposition chair.

My prophesy... A.B.D.U.L.

FMZam said...

Bro Komando, Bro Haezrikal,

If it is not popular and not overwhelming, it is an ALARMING prophecy, that Najib is going to be the last UMNO's PM, and that's RAHMAN Prophecy. And by your own propecies if you do not want to call it prophecy, whatever you call it, your thoughts are in line with RAHMAN Prophecy because you are thinking for the same vision that Najib is the last UMNO's PM, right?

And not only that you see him the last PM, Najib is the shortest serving PM and the number 13 is Najib's unlucky number - GE 13 in 2013, right?

Najib will have difficulties to avoid the No.13 if he is so feared of that number, he can get rid of 2013 by bringing the GE 13 one year earlier but still GE 13 remain as GE 13.

Don't worry brothers, there is nothing TAHYUL with that and what is so tahyul with prophecy, vision, prediction and foresight? It's all in our mind, between "to believe" and "to pray" for something that we hope can bring change for the better of our country. Are you not praying to Allah for that "prophecy" to happen and hope Allah will answer your prayer? What else can we do when we are in a dire situation than to pray for the "divine help" from god? That prophecy is not TAHYUL when you pray to Allah for help. So pray brothers, pray to Allah for the help you prophecised.

That is the point I led you all to this discussion. Thank you.

komando said...

Najib is not available to comment he is not around for the past three to four days no first lady no fist man!

Any news where they are? Kindda funny, with the hula bula of the election word from him only TPM and others doing the fire fighting on his own behalf, the poor Rohaizat been defended by others!

Any info?