Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The MACC is said to be making a recommendation to the government for an increase in the allowances of Ministers, Deputy Ministers and assemblymen as a means to curb the prevalence of graft supposedly from among some of them. If this is to be the recommendation, then public perception that Ministers, Deputy Ministers and assemblymen have for so long been involved in graft stands to be true.

I do not know what the Ministers, Deputy Ministers and assemblymen would have to say of such a recommendation that smack of belittling them. And if at all there is a need to raise their allowances, surely there are better excuses than the one recommended by the MACC. To me the recommendation is rather childish and one that makes little sense. Just ask anyone, and I bet their answer are more cynical than mine.

The recommendation also took into consideration the allowances received by MPs in neighboring Singapore. Why consider only Singapore that is having a population that is five times smaller than Malaysia, and whose GDP per capita is approximately four times larger than Malaysia. Why not look at Cambodia, Laos or Thailand? Singapore should not be taken as a basis for comparison for they are far ahead of us in almost ever aspect.

And why not also consider the quality of their MPs in comparison to our MPs and state assemblymen? I am not belittling our MPs and state assemblymen, but this is the reality that cannot be denied. The antics of some of our MPs and state assemblymen alone leaves much to be desired. A good example are the three PKR Perak state representatives that had ‘jumped boat’ and subsequently caused a furor to the PKR state government. In all honesty, can we claim that the examples shown by the three are good examples of an elected representatives? My honest and sincere answer to this is a big NO.

I think the MACC should wake up from their slumber, and quickly adorn their thinking caps, and to start saying things that are more sensible.



FMZam said...

I do not want to go on bashing MACC on this point because Nazri had denied about MACC ever made such a recommendation which we believe it had but we take it as Nazri has said it and as long as the matter is closed.

But as a discussion, yes I will always say that MACC is forever making unnecessary stupid recommendations as always I wonder if Mohd Said Hamdan will ever realised that he needs to first change his down syndrome moron face to start looking like a slick smart MACC's big boss to act like one. Otherwise he better remain quiet and let his UMNO masters do the talking!

Capt's Longhouse said...

What about this guys ??


Remember during Budget 2008 announcement last yr, our Finance Minister cum PM) announced that in order to assist KWSP members to reduce the burden in housing load repayment, KWSP will allow monthly withdrawal from members' A/C II for the purpose?
Sounds like a nice goodies!

When you apply for the monthly withdrawal, you only need to provide KWSP yr housing loan & installment details from yr bank and the bank a/c # you like KWSP to bank the monthly withdrawal into it. KWSP will approve yr application based on the available amt in yr A/C II and compute the withdrawal period by dividing the approved amt with the monthly installment amt.
Application process takes about a month and you will receive the monthly payout promptly into yr bank a/c!

Well everything appear to be nice and good. It was indeed a noble plan until you take to close look at yr KWSP Statement!

This is how the so-called KWSP SCAM works.......

Assuming you have RM100,000 in yr A/C II and yr housing loan's monthly installment is RM2000/mth.
KWSP will approve yr application of withdrawal from yr A/C II of RM100,000 and pay you Rm2000/mth for the next 50mths.

Everything appears to be in order BUT.......
What KWSP didn't highlight to you is that when the application was approved, the TOTAL AMT (RM100,000) is removed from A/C II! It appears to be transferred to an unknown a/c to effect the monthly payment from therein.

The impact to the member are as follows :-
1. You just lost RM100,000 from yr A/C II. Assuming the KWSP Dividend is 5%, you will lose RM4,000 in dividend during the 1st year. Based on the above example you will lose RM10,000 over the 50 mths period!

2. There is no statement to account for the amt approved vs. amt paid, hence you would need to keep the monthly payment voucher to reconcile against the approved amt over the 50mths period to ensure there is no missing amt!

Assuming there are 100,000 members who innocently fell prey to this SCAM, based on the above example, KWSP would have cheated the members of 100,000 X RM10,000 = RM1,000,000,000 (that's RM1 BILLION) over the period!

Furthermore, if you discovered this SCAM early and intend to stop the plan, KWSP would not allow any cancellation of the plan until at least 1 year. That would mean, once the application is approved, based on the above example, you would have lost RM4,000.

100,000 members would have lost 100,000 X RM4,000 = RM400,000,000(RM400 MILLION) in One Year!!!

If you're a victim of this KWSP SCAM, would suggest you call yr MP to raise it up in Parliament!

For others who have not fallen into this SCAM, pls continue to watch out and alert yr family & friends about this.


,,,This is another form of corruption !!..or cheating ??.

Orang Tanjung said...

Never ending story...

Say that Gomen increase the allowances in year 2010. Towards end of 2010, report on bribery inflate again. Then MACC would recommend allowances to be increased again.

It is a stupid recommendation from stupid agency to stupid gomen.

Mej Org Tanjung (Rtd)

PM said...

Even though their pay and allowances are increased they will still be corrupted. Reason there is no guarantee. The more they are paid the more they want.

Haiyah why don't they increase all the svcmn pension and we all keep quiet..Ha Ha Ha

FMZam said...

I just read one BN blogger said this beautiful phrase in his blog, in conclusion of something he thinks PAS has done wrong. He said:

"Whether, there is corruption or not, is not the issue here, the mere fact that he allowed his son-in-law to be employed by a state company where he has direct control and influence as menteri besar is not only morally wrong, it is against convention and may even be illegal."

I like this part of his phrase:

"....where he has direct control and influence as menteri besar is not only morally wrong, it is against convention and may even be illegal."

I think his beautiful phrase should have been used to describe this government in much better way if I may use it to say this:

"Whether, there is corruption or not, is not the issue here, the mere fact that MAHATHIR, PAK LAH AND OTHER UMNO LEADERS who allowed his sons, son-in-laws and any of their siblings and family members to be involved in businesses that have anything to do with this government, where they have DIRECT CONTROL AND INFLUENCE as Prime Minister or Minister or Menteri Besar, or IGP or Military Generals, IS NOT ONLY MORALLY WRONG, IT IS AGAINST CONVENTION AND MAY EVEN BE ILLEGAL."

John said...

If you follow the MACC logic, corruption can be wiped out by increasing everyone's pay in Malaysia!!@!! What simple and utterly silly logic. If they could only do what they are supposed to do ie catch the big fish, I assure you corruption will be considerably decreased. Even the dispatch boy can tell you that. Shows how mediocre the thinking of MACC is!

cyclops said...

MACC...hmmm the govt has wrongly assessed the MACC DG. No decision fm him actually but fm his masters. Probably he is only equivalent to a young officer in the army who is given the senior rank much too early. Opps sorry..