Thursday, November 19, 2009


Can someone tell me whether Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz is a court jester or is he saying things for real, when he offered Karpal Singh to prosecute lawyer Datuk V. K. Lingam (correct, correct fame) for brokering judicial appointments as shown in the infamous Lingam Tape? History will be created if the offer does gets through, where Karpal Singh is supposedly to act on behalf of the government, setting a precedence for future cases.

I am not a lawyer, but any right thinking person would say that this Nazri fella must have had a bad tummy or suffered sporadic migraine to say such a thing. Or was he thinking that Karpal Singh is the newly appointed Attorney General?

Despite the findings of the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) comprising of five eminent Malaysians who are former judges, lawyers and including a renowned historian, that there are enough evidence to investigate the people implicated in the case; yet Nazri who is himself a lawyer by training, thinks otherwise. He acts like the most supreme Judge, that is well above all other Judges in this country.

Whatever comments/remarks that Nazri has made with regards to dropping the case from being further investigated is mind boggling. It would appear to me that the RCI is nothing but a show, and this would make any future RCI's worthless.



Anonymous said...

Legally it can be done as what u said if the AG consent to the act.In England where most of these idiots go and read law the judicial court of England uphold the principle of "without fear or favour".Immaterial who u are they will prosecute,but in Malaysia it all depend on your standing.If you belong to the "Brahmin Caste" you can walk on water because u are untouchable.One legal system for u and one legal system for me, the classic example is the SPRM investigation of Khir Toyo and Nik Aziz corruption allegation.SPRM seem to be draging their feet in Toyo's case but not in Nik Aziz case where an immediate investigation was conducted.Engkau jawab la depan tuhan bila mampus nanti..............

FMZam said...

If we remember Nazri Aziz, he's the product of Mahathir, a product that has gone wrong. And of course both of them have that big nose and their big noses are of a snobbish. During Mahathir time, Nazri was his most trusted confidante. The moment Mahathir left we started see Nazri turned a fierce dog towards Mahathir even Mahathir himself admitted it how Nazri had been misbehaving. Now in Najib's time Nazri are less vocal but not less focal towards Mahathir because Najib maintains good relation to both Nazri's ex bosses, so Nazri has to behave a bit. For a man who has served 3 PMs and not moving up his career ladder, Nazri has developed a skill only he is good at - "the resident dog" nang bo ti nang kui bo ti kui (orang tak serupa orang, hantu tak serupa hantu).

Likewise Zahid Hamidi, also a Mahathir's product but unlike Nazri, Zahid is very loyal to Mahathir anytime from since Mahathir Era until now. Remember how Zahid was treated during Pak Lah time when he was dubbed as Mahathir's man and he was frozen for a while until he changed allegiance and slowly climbed back and accepted to the fold of UMNO. Now in Najib era he has no obstacle to climb to prominence and started to wear back his egoism like before because Najib is Mahathir's mule.

Nazri and Zahid are two breeds of good dogs amongst all other Pariah dogs of UMNO.

abdulhalimshah said...

Dear Dato' Arshad Raji,
Having had the experience of dealing with Nazri Aziz when he was a Deputy Minister, he is not a person of substance, even though he is a lawyer, but if he were to fight cases in Court, most probably he will end up losing.
He had been taken to task before for making uncalled for statements, such as saying that politicians are the superiors of civil servants. If not for the fact that he represents the quota from Perak, he would have been dropped a long time ago.

mohd idris bin hassan said...

Yang Bhg Dato'
Nazri Aziz is UMNOs loose canon.You never know when the next volly is comming or who the target is.He is the type to tembak dulu, belakang kira. Dia punya mentor Tun Mahathir pun dia bantai!!!!
apa lagi pak bai Karpal

EAGLE said...

We have problems with the politicians leading the nation and we have problems with leaders in the Armed Forces and the civil servants.
The ruling politicians behave like an idiot so do the government servants be it the Security and the civil servants.
Good recipe for disaster and it is the tipping point!!!

razak said...

I have never indulged in serious politics in the past and probably never will. But I do know the difference between a scholar and a clown and Nazri is definitely no scholar. One might then ask why such a person is in govt? The answer to this is very simple indeed... If you relate the story of how the arse won the competition for leadership of the human anatomy (body) defeating such prominant organs as the brain, eyes and mouth, you have the answer. The reality life is you don't actually need brains to lead... but you must have the right connections...

komando said...

If these moron is not in politics I guess he would be selling _ JERING/PETAI/PISANG/DURIAN & TEMPOYAK in Kuala Kangsar!

How he made it to law school is a grave mystery, who ever passed him must be very RICH today.




Capt's Longhouse said...
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