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Are we not ashamed to see Malaysia's Corruption Perception Index (CPI) for 2009 dropped nine places; from position 47 in 2008 to position 56 this year? What tickles me is that despite this appalling performance, Transparency International Malaysia (T-IM) has the audacity to 'acknowledge Malaysia's efforts to deal with corruption', despite the results proves otherwise. It is just like telling your son that his class performance this year is outstanding despite having dropped to 20th placing, compared to being top of the class last year. I am one who would not be easily fooled by what T-IM says, or are the people in T-IM fools themselves?

Ashamed I am, when our neighbour Singapore is tied with Sweden for a third placing, after Denmark. How is that Singapore is able to achieve such high ranking in its CPI, while we continue to drop? Sure, they are highly paid for their job, but they deserve so because they are a hard working people. This is unlike us, being reasonably well paid but at the same time, most act like thieves. Singapore has anti-corruption laws like us, but just look at how they enforce the laws; without fear or favour. Can this be the same with us?

And I have little hope that we can perform any better with the prevailing state of affairs that is inflicting our society, and the much hyped 'practice of good governance' that is so often heard, but never in practice. The Auditor General's yearly report tells it all, but nothing drastic has been done to bring the culprits to justice. Or has our justice system failed too?

Talking about corruption, I remembered back in 1984 when I was a student at the Indian Defence Services Staff College, where I had to hire a car for the year that I was there. To be able to drive, I have to obtain an Indian driving license, despite having a Malaysian license. I sought the advice of the car owner on how I could obtain an Indian driving license. His answer was simple i.e. get two bottles of good Indian whiskey, wrapped it in paper and hand it over to the person in charge of approving the license. And sure enough it worked, and I got my license approved at the wink of an eye.

Now, with all the corruption that we hear happening in this country today, and the magnitude getting into the billions, we certainly have outclassed the little experience that I had in India with just two bottles of good Indian whiskey.

Some years ago, I was told of some enforcement officers from the Road Transport Department could get their car tyres changed for free by just sending their cars to some selected tyre shops. Even this free car tyres are certainly much more expensive than the two bottles of good Indian whiskey. This proves that Malaysians have a much more 'expensive taste' than the Indians, and true enough; what we hear of a few hundred ringgit in corruption some years ago, has now ballooned to billions this present day.

And if we are not careful, the billions will just ballooned to trillions at the wink of an eye. God save us all.



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razak said...

The fact that negotiations are still going ahead despite calls by Zahid Hamidi to curtail "Direct Nego" speaks volumes for the minister's level of control over the Defence Ministry. Obviously unseen hands belonging to people with more clout are directing the KSU to proceed. So what's new? The KSU has been behaving like a 'kerbau cucuk hidung' ever since he took office; led around by the powers that be. Then one might want to ask the question who could be more powerful than the Defence Minister in the Defence Ministry? Your guess is as good as mine.
This situation also brings to the fore the much debated issue of how impotent the MACC has become.
My final comment: Datuk Zaid, jangan cakap lain bikin lain.

xpara87 said...

God bless Malaaysia.
Malaysia Boleh.

abdulhalimshah said...

Dear Dato' Arshad Raji,
Many many years ago when Allahyarham Noordin Sopiee was the Chief Editor of the NST, he ran a series called " Man Against Corruption " and he remarked privately that he was unsure how long it would last. True to his prediction, it did not last for long not for being directed to stop it but there were simply not enough people who could qualify to be the role model.
Now we have slipped into the low ranks of the CPI and no matter how much effort is being taken by the Government, it is an exercise in futility. Ultimately it rests with the people of Malaysia, whether we are being sucked into the whirlpool or take a 180 degrees turn in changing the situation.

Hansac said...


I am not sure of your point in bringing up your participation in a corrupt practice in a foreign country in the past. What's the point? To me it only goes to show an anti-corruption crusader like yourself have also participated in this deed...

How did we go from there to here, ya?

eli said...


Corruption is a 'MUSIBAH' in 1Malaysia Bolehland. Islam tapi fasik.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Hansac, got me this time. I was young then, and I never thought that the two bottles of good Indian whiskey was corruption. I take that as a lesson and never, never again will I indulge is such a practice. God forgive me for my stupidity.

Orang Tanjung said...

Congratulation to 1Malaysia for getting higher mark in the said "exam".

I hope next year 1Malaysia will score higher than 56 unless something is done by the power of rakyat in PRU-13



FMZam said...

Dear Dato',

Don't feel sorry for that minor thing for you have "skeleton in your cupboard" like many others too who have skeleton in the cupboard, but the point is the skeleton in your cupboard that always act as a reminder to do things right and you are using it in doing the right thing once in your life time.

Don't bother about what people want to say onto you and onto your personality when you made an honest confession. Let them say anything onto you because remember in blog, we are not important, what we write is. So never get deviated by personal attack, keep your focus on the subject matter.

There in many other blogs are more BN Cybertroopers paid to attack on personal things rather than addressing the issues.

Keep going Dato' when the goings get tough and you are a tough!

Hansac said...


Let me get one thing clear: I have followed your blog for quite a while and for all intend and purposes, I agree with most, if not all, the things that you have posted.

[comments below for FMZam]

Secondly, I am not a mercenary.

Thirdly, it is a simpleton mindset that just because "you don't agree with us, you are not one of us".

This kind of mindset is captive and forever shall remain captive, captive of inability to be objective and rationale in argumentation. It is true that what Mat Sabu said, there is no added value to the Rakyat if the government is changed but the same corrupt practices, warlords, mindset remain.

FMZam said...

Don't worry Hansac, if you are of good intent, go on say your piece, never mind me I merely said that to keep Dato' Arshad's mind free to think of better thing rather than getting involve in personal battle. Dato' Arshad is not the target I don't see the logic why anyone want to attack him. Why can't we attack on what he posts and the related matters.

And please don't start commenting on my way of thinking when I am not important to be talked about in here and you cannot stop me from writing what I want to say.

No hard feeling OK?

komando said...

The next big case coming F1..just wait for it to happen..all big plans for big failure and big money to be made.




razak said...

Dear Pak Chad,
Pse do not worry too much about the whisky episode. The main thing is you had the courage to admit to your mistake. It was an inadvertant indiscretion and a very small one I might add. Everyone is entitled to make mistakes as long as they are resilient and courageous not to repeat it and to learn by it. Allah itu amat mengetahui and amat mengampuni...
Sure there will always be someone who will want to take pot-shots, but they are but minor irritants. (more intent in diverting from the issue than to compliment it)
Macam juga dikir barat, persembahan tak lengkap kalau tak ada tukang karut.
I would also like to remind you of a famous indian saying.. when in India, behave like Indians. Anyway, Cheers...

Anonymous said...

It's been sometime since Mahathir make sense of what he says.I am in full agreement with what he heard from the ex-senior UMNO member.But isn't that an open secret, or more accurately "common knowledge" Dato General?

What I failed to understand, until today, is Why Do We Malaysian Voters Keep Voting Into Power These Corrupted And Arrogant UMNO And The Other BN Component parties!Are most Malaysian voters masochists or what?

Perhaps with your more intimate knowledge of politics and power-play, you can help me understand, Dato General?