Monday, November 16, 2009


If the PKFZ scandal is dubbed the ‘mother of all scandals’, what then would the electrified double tracking rail track from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh be referred to. Can it be called the ‘daughter of all scandals’? And with such massive scandals involving billions of ringgit of public fund, the reported RM500 million commission paid for the purchase of the two French made submarines, is a mere pittance.

And now there is also a memorandum submitted by UMNO Youth Kelantan requesting for the MACC to investigate Kelantan’s Menteri Besar, Ustaz Nik Aziz and his son-in-law over a report that they were offered a sponsorship worth RM65,000 each to perform the Haj this year.

Now what is RM65,000 compared to the RM24 million that Khir Toyo supposedly paid to build his palace, and the millions he spend to ‘tour the world’ with his family and including his maid………..what a lucky maid. And between Ustaz Nik Aziz and Khir Toyo, which one of the two ought to have a higher preference to be investigated first? My read is that Ustaz Nik Aziz surely must have a higher preference over Khir Toyo simply because of Malaysia Boleh.

This Malaysia Boleh slogan seem to be creating wonders, and there can be no denying that Malaysia’s lowly placed international rating for corruption is all but true. Just look at the recently released Auditor General’s report. Where on earth can a laptop computer be bought for RM24,000 a piece, except in Malaysia. I suppose the laptop has gold trimmings and the screen must be made of crystal.

Now the MACC is reported to have said that they have opened up more than 40 investigation papers based on the Auditor General 2008 report. How many of these papers will be closed, and how many will find its way to the courts is what concerns the general public. Citing numbers of investigation papers alone is not enough to satisfy the public. Mind you, this is public money; not private funding from some billionaires. And what of the Auditor General 2007 report?

Talking about Malaysia Boleh, this slogan has infected some in Mindef as well. I am not just referring to the uniform staffs alone, but the civilian staffs as well. They have to be working in tandem to get things going.

Just look at the comments that I get from my recent write-up on the army’s purchase of the 120mm Rifled mortars. There is no hiding the fact that the Evaluation Team recommendation was for the 120mm Smooth Bore mortars; not the Rifled Mortars. Someone must have arbitrarily changed the recommendation of the Evaluation Team to satisfy someone’s greed. I would like to suggest that MACC gets down to the bottom of this by looking at the Evaluation Team report, and to also look at the company that was offered the contract and the costs. The market is rife with talks that it was corruption being the primary reason for the change.



azman said...

YBhg Dato Sri Ahmad Said (Ketua Pesuruhanjaya SPRM),

Dato, sekarang the ball is at your feet.

Kita ingin melihat keazaman SPRM untuk memerangi rasuah berhubung dengan isu 120mm Rifled Mortar ini.

Bolih saya bagi tips sedikit Dato?

Arahkan pegawai Dato jumpa dengan SB Perolehan Mindef untuk nak tahu lokal ejen yang mempromosikan mortar tersebut dan pergi jumpa Pengarah Artileri, Markas Tentera Darat jika nak tahu pegawai Artileri yang mengetuai Team Evaluasi seperti disebutkan olih Dato Arshad itu.

Kan dah senang nak buat penyiasatan Dato.

eli said...


You have rightly pointed out that the procurement fiascos at the Ministry of Defence were not the works of high ranking military officers only BUT the KSU and gang are equally accountable. About time that they are being investigated.....after all most major decisions are made by these guys. They have tremendous financial power and influence and being human they also have corrupt minds. You think they care of saving Government money, serve the country and provide capable syatems !!!

Only Allah knows, what these guys have done !!! So please don't crucify those rogue Generals alone while letting the dishonost civilians go free.

azman said...

YBhg Dato Sri Ahmad Said,

Nak tambah tips Dato.

Syor Dato arah Pegawai Penyiasatan Dato tu jumpa KSU/TKS Pembangunan, selaku Pengerusi Lembaga Tender Kementah nak tengok story mereka berhubung dengan Rifled 120mm Mortar ini.Mantan TKS Pembangunan Dato Ismail saya dengar ada juga merungut terhadap pemilehan Tentera Darat terhadap Rifled Mortar tersebut.Beliau tidak bersetuju kerana terikat dengan monopoli dari pihak Perancis.

Kemudian syor Dato arah Pegawai Penyiasatan Dato tu jumpa Pengarah Bahgian Kajian dan Penilain Markas Tentera Darat, tengok apa story mereka tang laporan Team Teknikal yang diketuai olih seorang Kolonel Pegawai Artileri dalam tahun 90an.

Harap pegawai Dato tu jangan malas pulak dah banyak bagi tips ni.

EAGLE said...

There are truth in what was commented by eli!!!
KSU has his belaci in the person of SB Peolehan in MINDEF.
PAT has his belaci in the man he chose to take over his place by humiliating two other generals in the RMAF.
There is no way PTD will listen to PAT or KSU as you know you scratch my back I scratch yours.
KSU and PAT are buddies and team player as the record shows that when both assumed the head of each department, both will go overseas trip together-coincidence!!!? And as it stands now there are contractors who are "anak emas" to both of them and let not mention them now.
Minister Zahid...alahai!!! where does he get the money to donate RM 50k to the Officers club? Tak kan duit sendiri kot? Interesting to find out!!!
Isn't it abuse of power when you take unauthorized civilian as passenger on board of C130 just to play golf in Bangkok and Jakarta? when our own soldiers are deprive of such privileges in time of needs?
Isn't it abuse of power when you go to KUNMING China with contractors to play golf? Probably we can ask PAT to answer and isn't it conflict of interest when the head of a department sits in the board of company who has direct interest with the organization?
Ask the SB Perolehan MINDEF who he is working for? KSU or Minister or the Organization that is tasked to protect the nation?
So what now? Investigate KSU, PAT, PTD and SB Perolehan or we will never find out why it gets bolder by the day or they know very well as long as they are in power nothing people can do about it...macam anjing menyalak gunung sampai tercirit pun nothing will happen as the big man always escape and they will continue their free cigar, wine and golf and ....just like that!!!

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,from what i gathered from my contacts and past experience, if you deal with any French armed or aircraft dealers, they will corrupt you as part of the deal !. In fact,I was even promised a yacht once TOO, if I were to recommend their product as chopper replacement for the Oil and Gas industry !!. Most unbelievable, No matter what, they will bribe/pay-out/deal within deal/corrupt as long as they get the sales through !. Its like part of their culture and mindset in doing business but who pays for it in the end ?. We the tax payers-lah..Geee !!. The cost of any French product is always many times higher compared to similar makes from other countries because the French Labour Unions are very strong and their cost of labour is just too bloody high and very unrealitic if i might comment further. Which directly/indirectly will inflate the unit cost of their products that are passed over to stupid and if am not totally wronged and corrupted buyers of their end products !. French manufacturers after sales services is also rubbish too. I have dealed with their aircraft manufacturers and made factory inspections on site, my findings have unfortuntely been negatives so far !. The hidden agenda with French manufacturers, everyone should realise is that the French Government is also behind most of their dealings in support of their Labour Unions and to serve the French workers at others expense. Try not to purchase their product, cos you will be taken for a long ride !!. We poor Malaysian will have to indirectly support their workers, for what ?. They are the real modern pirates in the high seas and in the air too..the real McCoys. Don't trust any local companies that deals with them too will end up being as corrupted as the rest..believe me.
,,,the previous French Eurocopter manager rented his house beside present PM's when he was Minister of Defence, you can guess and wonder why for too ??..and am not kidding. Perhaps we should seriously look at Russian or even China products too, since its much much more cheaper plus can be as reliable too nowadays ?..and can be barter traded with our oil palm products rather than hard cash. Indirectly helping out our workers yaa ?. We Malaysian must think smart and deal in such manner-lah. No money or hard cash involvement, so less chance of corruption by anyone, both buyer/seller in Win/Win position.
,,,my simple view of things and how to beat the common enemy in corruption !..back to basic barter trading ?..and remove the corrupt middleman. Very simple but effective method practised for centuries b4 money the root of all evils were introduced by the enemies.
,,,i rest my case again. ( my final recommendation was NOT to consider the French helicopter but to look seriously at the Sikorsky S92 and Agusta 139 BUT lately I heard the FRENCH chopper had been ordered !..its almost 2.8 x times more expensive, poor safety record and bloody expensive to operate). Mind you, the RMAF has also ordered similar chopper as replacement to the vintage Nuri helicopters. I would rather consider the EH101 as her replacement, a higher class, all weather helicopter with proven safety records and performance suited for our wet/humid/high temp. environment and pretty hardy to take our heavy beatings/usage in support of the troops or SAR capabilities offshore to protect our nation wealth and oil/gas fields from the enemies, which is the primary targets nowadays.
,,,There are many hidden incidents offshore but the public is not too aware off as yet. Our jiran jiran are not too buddy buddy, when it comes to territorial claims for that matter.
,,,But its the enemy within that we must destroy before we can clearly focus else where yaa. YES the traitors as you have rightly mentioned b4 Dato !!. Lets get them. Corruption is killing our country and the future of our younger generation.

EAGLE said...

Very much agree with Capt's Longhouse on the French business modus- operandi and it is well known that the company such as Eurocopter can be kowtim one.
So you know why there is a big push by the "you know who" that very eager to close the deal with EC725 of the Eurocopter as they even go all out to make the Nuri helos look real bad. Ask KSU and PAT when were their last trip to France and we Know PM just came back ma....
Might as well stay in the longhouse rather than fighting a losing war yoo or adios!!!

FMZam said...

Itulah dia RASUAH, semakin kita tentang semakin tambah berleluasa, bermakna ianya memang sudah berada pada tahap yang tenat dan tegar. Dan bila rasuah tambah berleluasa dalam ATM, itu kerana rasuah masih berleluasa kerana ianya sudah menjadi budaya di seluruh pelusuk kerajaan ini. Apabila Najib yang berslogan tentang "combatting corruption" dan menjadikan itu sebagai NKRA, sebenarnya itu tidak dapat menjadi ubat apa-apa kerana Najib sendiri sudah terlalu tenat dengan rasuah.

Bayangkan kalau Najib orang yang paling berkuasa di Malaysia pun boleh dipersendakan oleh jeneral2 rasuah, apalagi kita yang macai ni. Maka sedarlah kita bahawa apa yang kita perjuangkan melalui blog ini mungkin dibaca oleh orang tapi serangan kita hanya mampu mendatangkan kesan "superficial", yang hanya mencalar di kulit jeneral2 rasuah sahaja. Maka itulah sedikitpun mereka tidak takut untuk terus bergelumang dengan rasuah kerana tuhan mereka ialah DUIT yang mereka yakin lebih kuat dari Allah.

Memang betul bukan jeneral2 sahaja yang rasuah malah KSU dan PERO dan geng orang2 awam yang kuat di Mindef memang terlibat sama. Semua mereka2 itu adalah "birds of the same feathers, so they flock together" dalam melaksanakan rancangan yang tersusun untuk rasuah. Tapi dengan hanya menyeru Ahmad Said Hamdan dan memberi "lead" panduan melalui blog tidak akan buat si Said itu bertindak untuk buat apa2 siasatan.

Pun kalau saudara2 Azman dan Eli boleh berusaha membuat aduan rasmi terus ke pihak MACC atau BPR, itu belum pasti gerenti akan diambil tindakan sepertimana yang saya lalui dari pengalaman saya sebagai rakyat biasa yang membuat laporan rasmi tapi akhirnya mendapati mereka semua berusaha menutup kes.

Namun kita jangan putus asa bila kita dapat lakukan satu aduan rasmi yang disertakan dengan bukti, MAC, BPR, Mindef, KSU dan jeneral2 boleh berpakat untuk tutup tapi tak akan boleh matikan kes yang ada kebenarannya. Kita cuma perlu bersabar dan teruskan dengan aduan itu sehingga kes kita didengar di mahkamah. Cuma saya bukan jenis yang mahu bawa kes saya ke pihak parti pembangkang kerana kita boleh lihat sendiri lah, tak ada satu pun kes rasuah yang didedahkan oleh parti pembangkang boleh menang bila ianya bermotifkan politik.

Menara Selborn dimana PERO bertahta adalah tempat yang penuh dengan elemen2 yang sudah dibeli oleh rasuah. KSU Mindef adalah ketuanya. Tapi rasuah tidak bermula disitu, ianya bermula dari jeneral2 yang bersantai dengan konco2nya yang merancang rasuah dari awal lama sebelum sesuatu rancangan pembelian dicanangkan kerajaan.

Saya telah mendokumenkan satu proses penipuan dan saya ada bukti untuk terus berani menyelar KSU, Mael Polin, Raja Affendy, Masrani dan belasan nama2 macai2 yang terlibat memainkan peranan rasuah masing2. Malah saya buat apa yang kamu semua tak akan jangkakan dimana saya merekod perbualan mereka2 itu untuk dijadikan bukti, padahal saya ini bukan seorang penyiasat pula, hanya untuk buktikan bahawa dengan bukti pun kes saya boleh ditutup begitu sahaja.

Sepatutnya cukup kita sebagai rakyat membuat aduan rasmi tentang rasuah tapi ada pula suara2 sumbang yang menyuruh kita datang dengan bukti. Tapi mengapa bila kita datang bawa bukti tidak pula mereka mahu memanjangkan siasatan. Apakah kita sebagai rakyat mesti mampu sediakan bukti terperinci padahal menyiasat aduan rakyat dan menyediakan bukti terperinci adalah kerja MACC, BPR dan agensi2 kerajaan yang dilengkapi dengan kuasa dan sumber?

Inilah yang saya marah bila ada "beruk" yang balik2 suruh kita bercakap tentang rasuah dengan bukti. Padahal kerajaan yang bertanggungjawab tidak perlu tunggu bukti apabila ada aduan tentang rasuah dan aduan itu cukup berat, maka sepatutnyalah aduan itu dikira sudah cukup untuk kerajaan menjalankan siasatan.

Saya cabar kerajaan kalau betul mau saya buktikan aduan rasuah, berikan saya kuasa dan sumber seperti MACC kalau kamu semua nak tengok macamana jeneral2 rasuah dan konco2nya akan terkencing dalam seluar bila say datang ketuk pintu pejabat mereka. Cubalah!

ArshadRaji said...

Saudara FMZam,

Saya amat memahami kelohnan mu. Sekiranya kita tak berjaya dengan crusade kita melalui blog, tak mengapa. Ada kuasa lain yang akan menentukan nasib corrupt criminals ini. Sepertimana yang saudara katakan, tunggulah kerana masanya akan sampai dimana perasuah ini akan diadili, bukan oleh manusia, tetapi oleh Allah Maha Esa di padang mashar nanti.

cyclops said...

Innalillaahi wainna ilaihi raaji'uuun.

Saya membenarkan kata-kata Dato' kerana itulah kebenarannya. Allah tidak pernah lalai dan Allah mengetahui setiap sesuatu walau sebesar zarah..Allahumma hasibna hisaaban yasiira..