Monday, November 9, 2009

I would like to post a comment that I received from a reader regarding my last posting for the general consumption of all readers. I strongly believe that there is much to be done to eradicate corruption, and the ‘rot must stop at the head’. As of now, I see little hope that this could be done.

1. Corruption is a practice as old and as difficult to stamp as prostitution.

2. MACC must be seen to be serious in taking drastic measures to eliminate or at least minimize acts of corruption. To do this MACC must tackle the big fishes. Their targets should be those politicians and civil servants including those in the police and armed forces who appear to live beyond their means. They must be thoroughly investigated and if they cannot explain their sources of income and new found wealth they must be brought to book, charged in the court of law and if they were found guilty, then they should be punished in accordance to the existing law and their properties confiscated.

3. Next is for MACC to investigate those givers of bribes, especially those in the business sector. They too should be brought to book and be meted with the same punishment.

4. I am sure, after several such cases, the news will become a deterrence to such future acts. To achieve this the top leaders of the political parties and the civil service in the government must have the political will and the moral courage to stamp this social menace and curse from our society !



kudin said...

Plan to venture into businesses in Mindef? Not too worries, it doesn’t need us to bother much about meeting the required specifications or having thorough knowledge of the particular products or solutions. What matter most is know-who and not much of know-how. All we need to do is get ourselves close to some big guns in various high offices. Polish and praise them a lot.

This could be one of the workable business strategies: Watch out for their next golfing session. More importantly be ready to throw away your hard earn money whenever invited to join their flights. Be prepared to sign away another big cheque to sponsor their stylish Annual Open or other glorifying ceremonial events. Be a generous sponsor, the more the better. Mind you, the amount donated will be discussed at their management meeting. Ones who invested most will be made as the most preferred partner.

So guys, that’s how our Defence capabilities is developed.

komando said...

Mother of all evil....never going to see the daylights

PKFZ will end up NFA!

1 malaysia one more malaysian scandal

Anonymous said...

The Law is there to deter corrupt practitioners, the issue is whether Najib Government has the 'telor' to do it.The terms Anton Pillar order and Mareva Injunction is common for legally qualified person.Once the order is issued by the court assets of wrong doers locally and overseas will be frozen immediately.Then investigation shall begin.It sound harsh and cruel,but to take something out of Rakyat pocket is more cruel and unjustified,whether u are Generals or pariahs the law should b equally enforced by MACC.Failing which than u can see the current situation continues, MACC is becoming a toothless,telor less dinosaur biting small fry all the way and all the time.

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,sometimes you have to catch the small fish first as baits for the BIGGER fishes !.(fisherman talking here-lah hehe)
,,,This slowly slowly catch the monkey strategy might just work for the BIG kera ?. Lets just wait a little longer to see more results and lets not destroy the jungle in the process too ?? BUT NOT too bloody long too-lah. haha !
,,,Maybe a reward system of sharing the recovered loots be aggressively implemented too ??.(pirate style)hohoho !. 50%;50% but still don't sounds right here too !. I prefer to just shoot them in public !!..that's more like it.

PM said...

It would still not work unless we have a truely independent MACC and reports directly to parliament.

The present system allows the politicians to hold MACC powers by their balls and MACC has to follow their instructions for political gains.

FMZam said...

Selama kita memperkatakan tentang rasuah dalam ATM, kita tahu yang gejala ini bukan baru berlaku, kerana kalau dikumpulkan maklumat dari kalangan semua warga tentera dari yang sudah bersara sehinggalah yang masih berkhidmat, maka kita boleh sebut satu persatu dan susun nama-nama pelaku rasuah dari kalangan pegawai-pegawai tinggi tentera dan jeneral2 yang telah bersara sehinggalah kepada mereka-mereka yang masih berkhidmat sekarang ini. Kita boleh susun nama-nama itu dari A ke Z, dari dulu hingga sekarang, dan kita akan nampak betapa teruknya penyakit rasuah menular dalam ATM hingga melayakkan ATM ini diklaskan sebagai “kawasan tegar rasuah”. Perkataan ini mungkin memalukan namun apa lagi perkataan yang layak untuk menggambarkan situasi rasuah yang menjadi warisan turun temurun dari satu generasi kepada generasi jeneral-jeneral ATM.

Kita lihat sekarang ini kesan pewarisan rasuah dalam ATM dengan sendirinya menampakkan tanda-tanda nyata melalui susunan hiraki pucuk pimpinan yang dilapisi oleh jeneral-jeneral yang terdiri dari mereka-mereka yang disangsikan kebersihannya hinggalah kepada mereka-mereka yang memang “ada kes”, seolah-olah tidak ada lagi jeneral yang baik dan bersih untuk dijadikan pemimpin masa hadapan ATM. Maka kita tanya soalan ini, kemana perginya bakal-bakal jeneral atau jeneral-jeneral yang baik dan mengapa mereka-mereka ini tidak dapat meningkat atau apa yang menyekat kenaikan pemimpin-pemimpin tentera yang baik, mengapa jeneral-jeneral jahat sahaja yang berjaya meluluskan diri ke tahap teratas dalam hiraki kepimpinan ATM, mengapa jeneral-jeneral jahat sahaja yang boleh berjaya?

Atau apakah semua jeneral baik akan jadi jahat apabila mereka menduduki kedudukan dalam hiraki pucuk pimpinan kerana kedudukan itu memang dijadikan untuk jeneral-jeneral yang sudah terkena “suntikan rasuah”? Nampaknya begitulah keadaannya malah lebih ketara sekarang ini kalau kita lihat nama-nama seperti ini dalam hiraki pucuk pimpinan Tentera Darat, yang mana agaknya yang kita boleh harap: India Juliet, Zulu Zulu, Romeo Alpha, Hotel, Zulu Zulu Alpha?

xpara87 said...

Saudara FMZam.

Sangat setuju dengan komen saudara. Memang betul, rasuah, salah gunakuasa dan seangkatan dengan nya di dalam ATM sudah lama wujud.Kalau tidak ada usaha yang betul betul jujur maka ianya akan menjadi satu budaya, maka sesiapa yang tidak menbudayakan hal hal sebegini akan secara automatik tidak berbudaya dan akan di singkirkan dari kelompok mereka ini.

You got to part of it if not, get, yang tak nak terlibat we just leave the service.

Maka yang tinggal memerintah, jadi jeneral dan sebagainya yang berbudaya.....

PANG5HITAM said...

Saya setuju sangat dengan pandangan FMZam.Kedudukan merupakan faktor utama yang memberi kelebihan untuk melakukan rasuah tanpa silu dan segan.Rasuah dilakukan demi `masa depan' sebelum bersara. Pegawai pertengahan nampak tapi tak berani `bercakap' tapi yang menyedihkan anggota bawahan merana. Perubahan-perubahan dilakukan secara mendadak hanya untuk menentukan `consultant' kenyang banyak. Kenyang banyak bermakna adalah `percent'nya. Itulah `mereka' yang di atas yang cukup tamak dan bongkak. Lepas tu pulak nak melalak kalau tak ikut cita rasanya!.

komando said...

Dato I am talking off tangent today! Please excuse me!
Another corruption may take place!

Did anybody watch the First Lady speak on TV3 this morning(10/1109)
on Wanita Hari Ini!

How she found a lost baggage belonging to the SUAD Royal Family!

Initially she was offered only USD1 Million.

Wow she got USD2 million INSTEAD as a reward for being HONEST!

What a great publicity stint!

She said she asked for extra USD1
million for her funds to upgrade the school facilities for the under privilege kids!

Is it not shameful?
She has shamed this country, how can she go around asking for funds to facilitate our so called special school programs!

Hope the clever Education Minister can come forth with a clever answer, please!

She said she can't ask the Gormen ANYMORE (her hubbys personal financial pockets) for additional FUNDING to buy the equipment!

How thoughtful of her!
Guess who gets to supply USD 2 Million worth of equipments!

All suppliers please line up and meet up with her special officers at JPM..asap!

New contract will be out for direct nego .... sure thing!

komando said...

Ha ha the cheque was written in her name too!

So what can we say?


captazhar said...

More dirt for the macc...

maurice said...

For anything to happen in Mindef and the MAF there must be a political statement at the outset.

On the issues of corruption, I don't recall the Defence Minister had made any statement on the subject matter.

Hope the Defence Minister does not wait too long to make the move.

FMZam said...

In this blog we have been talking about MACC, MACC and MACC for umpteen times and for more than umpteen times MACC has remained as arrogant as UMNO and as shameless as Najib, why? because MACC is UMNO's as PDRM and ATM are, no matter how much MACC keep saying vehemently it is an independent government agency, it's independency is in protecting this government's interests of protecting the rich and the powerful, not the rakyat.

That's why MACC is not listening to the rakyat in this blog and in elsewhere blogs for we all can read that almost in all blogs, they cannot last a day without talking about corruptions and when there was corruption there was MACC. But when all the talks in blogs are from the poor rakyat, never from the rich and powerful people who can make MACC listen, because the the rich and powerful never talk about corruption, not in blogs not in anywhere at all.

The rich and powerful talk on corruptions of all other people except them, where all other people are the people of the rakyat and they are whom MACC was designed to act on. When the rich and powerful are all Dato's, and MACC are Dato's too, and all Dato's are the Dato's of this government, why can't we see the logic that they are all the king's men, so just when is MACC going to listen to us the rakyat?

Yes we are rakyat with power, but what good is our power when it can only be used once in every 5 blue moon years while the politicians are the real power of every day for the rest of the days.

We can only chant and keep chanting in blogs until next election comes only to see by the time the rakyat install a new government, there will be nothing more left of our land other than the South China Sea.

~PakKaramu~ said...

Salam ziarah dari Pak Karamu, do'akan saya selamat mengerjakan ibadat haji