Thursday, January 7, 2010


FMZam has made an interesting comment on the last article that I wrote on January 5, 2009 titled 'Whistle-Blower Policy' that showed his tenacity to fight corruption against some authorities in Army HQ. From his comments, I could hazard a guess as to who he is referring to, but I can vaguely understand the reasons that had caused him to be so adamant in his challenge against the authorities. I can only say that I support his cause, if the authorities have willfully ignored his case; a case that is reportedly well known to most in Army HQ, and including some high level civil servants.

On May19, 2009, I had posted an article titled 'Is there an abuse of power in the award of contract?' in which I talked about some dubious deals that some in Army HQ were trying to conclude; that pertaining to the acquisition of the Army War Game Simulator to be installed at the Army War Game Training Centre in Gemas, Johore. A person of authority had tried to influence the procurement decision making process by awarding the contract to his crony. This news was in circulation for quite a while, and I suppose FMZam's cause is related to this contract.

If indeed the person of authority had a hand in influencing the deal, he ought to brought questioned. And I would also add that he may not have acted alone, but in cohorts with others to ensure that the contract is awarded to his favoured crony.

FMZam has commented that on December 22, 2009, he met the highest authority in Mindef (I suppose it is the Minister himself or could it be the PAT?) to give his statement concerning the case. Let us wait and see what the outcome would be.

To FMZam, let me say this.......your fight for justice is not lost, and as you have so rightly said, 'you blew the whistle without any protection other than the TRUTH', and be rest assured, TRUTH will prevail. Let us see if someone goes to jail over this case, and jail is the only place for all those who are corrupt.



samsaimon said...

Let us see if someone goes to jail over this case....

Salam Dato',

As a follower of your blog, let us Pray, Pray and Pray that not FMZam that goes to jail as the whistleblower.
The govt has OSA and what nots to twist our arms to the back and the culprits still go scott free! Hell.

PM said...

FMZam, you have my respect..a man with guts...but how many out there are like him..honest and sincere.