Monday, January 11, 2010


The headlines in NST Online January 11, 2009 reads, “Minor vandalism fails to mar Sunday service”. It is headlines like these that embolden those who have carried out acts of vandalism on churches to continue vandalising with impunity.

The statement by Interior Minister Hishamuddin when he said, “situation under control and called on the people not to be influence by reports on the internet or sms pertaining to the situation in the country” in reference to the attacks on churches throughout the country over the 'Allah” issue, is indeed a mockery and bad publicity for the Minister.

Now, there has already been eight churches that have been vandalised to date, and yet Hishamuddin claims that the situation is under control. Even the police thinks likewise. Do they not realise that such acts has caused fear in innocent people, and are they waiting for the burning of a mosque to happen before they say that the situation is now beyond control?

Look, we retired soldiers have gone through the May 13 incident, and we do not want another incident like this to happen again. And I do not think our soldiers today would want to go through a similar incident. I can tell you that my parents feared for their lives, and till today they do not wish to talk about it ever. Maybe, Hishamuddin wasn't around to see what actually happen during the riotings, but believe me, Malaysians of the Christian faith are extremely angry at the way Hishamuddin has been making statements regarding the burning of the churches.

Let me say this too, that the government has lost many votes because of its poor handling of the situation, and for this they had better work hard to win the confidence and trust of the affected Malaysian Christians, if they want to garner a much better election results in the next general elections.



Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Salam Dato'

Damage has been done. How can it be undone. What damage control that can be exercised now Dato'. Do we need another PR company from US to do do the patching up?

komando said...

This is the end game Dato!
They lose both ways!
The Christians in Sabah & Sarawak do not trust the UMNO & BN say whatever they want to!
The Malays which are sensible does not accept this actions and BN & UMNO is doomed !

Only small minded Malays will support UMNO after this!

They played the wrong game at the wrong time!

This country is more mature than they think...I think we are no more gullible people!


Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,everyone knows it, the two cousins’ lack in Leadership qualities and indeed now being paid for at the expence of the nation. Geee!…in fact, most disgustingly !.
,,,frankly, its a little disturbing to be writing such comments but in some way, we all matured Malaysians know what is right and what is at bloody stake too. However, its wrong to take the law into one’s hand, as such it must follow that the due legal process must be unhindered and indeed untainted too. Its about levying appropriate penalties against those that break the law and those that choose to fracture plus fragment all that we honest malaysian have built up to-date.
,,,my mind just boggles too, how can we all progress and prosper forward as a country without social cohesion and be bloody resilience, with such characters and their deeply fixed blinkering and clandestine plus stupid discriminating mindsets !.
,,,in fact, many hidden agenda players are smiling behind their back, being too clever or just plain stupid ?. I wonder 'which is which' too nowadays, too many are especially skilled in deception plus taking their revenge in the most subtle ways, without bloody care for the nation or for you and me plus for the future generations to come.
,,,i cry for my country, the nation which we all helped build together with our blood, sweat and tears.
,,,the future may belong to those who prove themselves truthful and with the leadership skills not plus just because you were born in the elite group....or sons of former PMs, Rulers etc.

komando said...

Yeop, we are all wishfully thinking for the better,,....

Pak Chad is very upset, so are all of us, no matter how old or young, we remain together with one voice to get rid of all these SCUMBAGS!

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

They did not "handle the burning of Churches badly". They were responsible for them, as Leaders, not to nip it in the bud. Instead they wanted to boost their waning influence amongst the Malay Muslim electorate.

2Lt Peh Hoo Guan said...

Let's hope for the situation not to be worsen like Indonesian Muslim-Christian riot.

komando said...

The fire has been started, can they stop it? Can they fool anyone more other then themselves?

So lets see the end game!

komando said...

Malaysians with good brains will not fall into this stupid cheap trap laid by the two morons!

We can see it from day one!
They have too much shit at hand to deal with, so must create diversion lah!

Top ten fuck-ups!
2.Teoh BH
10.DSAI sodomy case

Just a simple ten, there are so many many more as all of us know..!

So aha, what can the two clowns do except clowning each other!
Me and you and two cousins called baduts !

Magenta Comm said...

Salam Kolonel, Lt Kolonel dan Mejar yang masih berkhidmat dalam Tentera Darat,

Semasa TUDM menggunakan rank pip dan crown, saya sering menanggalkan crown di luar tandas kerana kalimah ALLAH. Ada ulamak kata makruh membawa sesuatu yang ada kaliamh ALLAH dan ada yang berkata haram. Wallau'alam.

Perkara kalimah ALLAH dalam pangkat Tentera Darat telah diutarakan oleh ulamak Tanah Melayu 1958.

Masa zaman bar mes pegawai dalam tentera ada menjual arak, askar (pegawai) Melayu dan tak Melayu memakai pip dan crown yang ada kalimah ALLAH minum arak masa zaman Jahiliayh sebelum ada KAGAT.

Siapa yang sensitif pada masa itu. Aduhai, usia Jeneral Sany setelah balik dari Belgium jadi Ketua Turus Angkatan Tentera cuma setahun lebih kurang. Orang dakwah mungkin tak boleh lama-lama dalam askar. Sany was perceived to be so Holy. Aduhai.

Zaman itu kalau poegawai tak minum arak tak in. Hari ini kalau ada pegawai minum arak, this will be vey strange. Masa dah berubah. Dunia dan terbalik. Dah jadi baik.

Teringat zaman Kol Ghafir kemudian jadi Timbalan Panglima Tentera Darat selalu sembahyang sebelah dia masa di MINDEF. Long time ago.
Ghafir was too good to be PAT.

maurice said...

Of course we are disappointed to see our leaders acting hesitantly to diffuse the situation.

We are rather fotunate the Christians in their weekly congregations, the Priest will always spread the language of love, peace, understanding, tolerance and respect to others.

The Malays on the other hand observe the same values taught by Prophet Muhammad SAW during his time.

These teaching has been the guiding light of the people of book.

Rather than relying on the politicians to keep the peace and harmony of our country, let us work together to reject the forces of extremism in our midst.

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,you can't judge a book by its cover too !
,,,religious faiths of the world indeed is an interesting subject.
,,,both Islam and Christianity plus various other religious faiths have violent history and on fear of punishment in this world or eternal damnation in the next plus powerful clergy, who were often the epitome of savage cruelty to believers and non-believers alike. Buddhism resorted to shame as their primary psychological sanction to keep people in line.
,,,for we dutiful malaysian, our behavioral conditioning that are responsible for malaysian mixed traditional etiquette is taken from the best of all the religion being practiced and so deem drafted constitutionly too.
,,,Discussions of rights are sometimes confused concerning what are and are not rights of the people or powers of government or the duties of each. This is an attempt to summarize the rights, powers, and duties recognized or established in the Malaysian Constitution, in Common Law as it existed at the time the Malaysian Constitution was adopted, or as implied therein. Not included are certain "internal" rights and powers that pertain to the various elements of government within each level with respect to each other.
,,,Perhaps its time to review its content again to link it with its contect to re-aline with the new change environment designed with accessibility and adaptability in mind.

,,,Indeed, this is a fast changing world and we all must be open minded in terms of changing "traditional value system" but not "religion & belief system", in-order to progress forward in time. Don't get confused with the two, please !!
...however shameless politicians are generally thick skins, but they do not 'forget or forgive' as all religious people do, as such the rakyat often results in envy and ill-will by their makings to win votes plus with their many hidden agendas.

Malaysian said...

I'm sad with my country situation. I felt helpless. I would only want to share our national anthem will all of you the true patriot!

Negara ku
Tanah tumpahnya darahku,
Rakyat hidup
bersatu dan maju,
Rahmat bahagia
tuhan kurniakan,
Raja kita
selamat bertahta,
Rahmat bahagia
tuhan kurniakan.
Raja kita
selamat bertakhta.


My country, my native land.
The people living united and progressive,
May God bestow blessing and happiness.
May our Ruler have a successful reign.
May God bestow blessing and happiness.
May our Ruler have a successful reign.

Malaysian said...

This is a petition started by Marina Mahathir. I hope fellow patriot will sign this petition.

komando said...

Kalimah Allah and Muhammad on the head,shoulders & belt buckle head too! Not to forget Cap badges and Pips & Crowns, buttons as well!

Ask the current YB Dato' Jamil Khir, once upon a time, the head of KAGAT, he knows the real answer I guess..

Or he may claim he forgot.... sudden amnesia strikes our leaders quite often !

so who is to be blames now?

komando said...

The kalimah also appears on all KDN agencies as well.....JPM knew about this ten years ago, they were told and nothing was done about it...some says this other say that, now everybody says a different story!

The PM was aware of this also, very much indeed, he was Def Minister.

komando said...

We must keep reminding our leaders what they have said and what they have not done!

They have lots of things on their minds, so we become their unofficial secretaries, the real staff in their office have too much to handle!

We would not mind doing a free service to this country we love so much and so dearly!

As long as we are not taken in a wrong context!

FMZam said...

Just what do we expect when Najib said he's confident he will resolve this issue over Christian using the word Allah. What would be the resolve is two, the Christian let go of the word or the Muslim let the Christian go with the word. Which one do you think would be Najib's Resolve?

The most popular BN's politicians word is always this - respect the court's decision. Did we hear that from any of them after the court made the ruling that day? And on this issue do you think Najib and all UMNO top dogs will respect the upcoming Appeal Court's decision should the Muslim's appeal fails?

So when Najib said he is confident to resolve this issue, I am confident Najib will never let the appeal to fail - AT AL COST! No brothers, Najib will not allow himself to be remembered in history by every Malay as "the Prime Minister of the Christian's Allah".

The Appeal Court is very very important to Najib and take my word the appeal will be in favour of the Muslims.

komando said...


You must be the best crystal ball gazer!


maurice said...

Dear Komando,

A lot of complications lah.

Just look at the comments of the Malays in Sarawak and Sabah in The Malaysian Insider.They have no problem with their fellow Christians on the use of Allah in the bibles.Who are we to mess up things when they are comfortable with the present situation.

So do you think the Government want to alienate their supporters in Sabah and Sarawak? The best thing for the Government is to withdraw the appeal and let everything remain status quo.The Malays of Semananjung must accept the Sarawakians and the Sabahans have their rights too.

komando said...

Maurice, if the court of appeals are free to make a decision I guess your answer will be right - provided they are level headed and NOT small minded muslims.....if they are all muslims...

BUT if they decide to put all non muslims, it would also be a right decision for the east malaysians.
Anyway, we see what happens, the ball is at Jibbys feet...his game plans are back firing to me!

Any way he losses....the people have known of this tricks long time ago! Any man on the street says aiyah ini semua sandiwara sahaja....

Since you say that the Malay muslims in east malaysia have no qualms about this non issue...the whole exercise by jibby and keris puting just remains a futile exercise!

Just showed the world how rotten both of them really IS !

What more can we say?

komando said...

Maurice - remember what FMZ said about Jibby?

He will have a special place in this semualand or land of semua boleh!
With a very specil NAME!

Do you think the Ultra Malays like Dr Redhuan Tee from UPNM will be happy with Jibby's decision, if he so decides that the case remains status quo?

Do you think ultra UMNO like mamak kutty will agree and not harp on the poor peee m!

UMNO will turn riot if this decision does not please the grass roots!

WE shall see, it is not that far away... who wins and who lose?

maurice said...

Dear Komando,

DSN must be strong to control the extremists in UMNO.Well that's the job of a leader to ensure the welfare and security of the majority.You must be prepared to chop the heads of those out to create trouble for the community.A leader must be brave and decisive to protect the interests of the country.

For the present situation of course it a very challenging one for DSN.He is between the devil and the deep blue sea.As a Malaysian I do not like to see our country be saddled by religious issues.We have seen how religious issues have divided and torn countries apart, no winners all losers.

As for the future I hope Islam fully embrace democratic values, pluralisms, respect of country's law, high order of civility, tolerant, accountable and transparent.It is this transformation that is so essential for Malaysia to move forward in the global stage.

Yes DSN will have the support of most Malaysians to resolve the issue on the basis of our constitution and rule of law.This is the most logical way forward.

Malaysian said...

Interesting interview about "Allah" from Al Jazeera:

pendita said...


Saya pun merasakan kejadian tidak wajar berlaku di Malaysia. Toleransi beragama adalah baik dan cukup difahami oleh seluruh masyarakat Malaysia masa kini.

Apapun, ingin saya memberi pandangan bahawa dalam keadaan dan situasi yang diperkatakan di atas, mahu tidak mahu, terdapat pihak tertentu mengambil kesempatan ke atas sikap,semangat dan kefahaman yang sekian lama wujud di kalangan masyarakat dan penganut agama di Malaysia.

Yang menyedihkan, setelah (kebakaran)terjadi, rata-rata pemimpin agama (bukan Islam) seolah-olah menyalahkan masyarakat (segelintir) Islam yang didakwanya tidak memahami konsep kebebasan beragama dan sikap toleransi antara kaum dan mahu membangkitkan rasa tidak tenteraman dan aman khususnya kepada penganut agama lain selain Islam.

Mereka sepatutnya merenung dan melihat bahawa kejadian-kejadian di negara jiran, berlaku banyak kebakaran malah membunuhan kalangan orang Islam, masyarakat Islam di Malaysia tidak pun bertindak membalas dendam ke atas masyarakat/kaum seagama yang tinggal di Malaysia.Masyarakat Islam Malaysia hanya berdoa dan membantu mereka yang menerima musibah.

Begitulah gerakan halus mereka, JIKA MEREKA BENAR-BENAR MEMAHAMI KONSEP KEBEBASAN DAN PERLEMBAGAAN NEGARA MALAYSIA, pada hemat saya mereka tidak sepatutnya bertindak mengusulkan dan membawa perkara di Mahkamah!.

Malah rakyat Islam turut membentuk kawalan keselamatan bagi membantu mengawal keadaan sekitar kawasan kejadian!!!

Persoalan sekarang, apakah mereka benar-benar telus dalam menyelesai perkara ini.

Marilah kita sama renung.

Malaysian said...


I've always told my foreign friends that Malaysia muslims are tolerant. I leave among them and I never felt threaten by the religion.

We (non-Muslim/Malay) do respect Malays and the religion. I'm sure the Catholic doesn't want to bring the case to the court. Is it possible that we don't have interfaith dialouge? Thus, we don't have proper avenue to discuss among different religion.

Lastly, I believe we need to have separation of Church and State.

Brader Afats said...


Just found on the net;

KUALA LUMPUR, 15 Jan: A 25-year-old student has been charged at the Sessions Court for threatening public safety with a comment he allegedly posted on Facebook over the recent firebombs and vandal attacks on churches.

But the government action has drawn criticism from PAS leaders, who accuse the police of using the student as a pretext for their inability to capture the real culprits.

“It’s really quite funny. If you read the Facebook comment, you can straightaway tell that it is not a serious threat but a juvenile joke from an immature person. And I believe that was what the student told the police during investigation,” PAS Youth leader Abdullah Karim told Harakahdaily.

“That they are now proceeding to prosecute him shows how desperate they must be. We urge them to let the student go. Reprimand him, scold by all means. But he is not the one they should be looking for, so don't make him a scapegoat.”

Don't make him a scapegoat

Mohamad Tasyrif Tajudin was charged under Section 233 (1) (a) of the Communications and Multimedia Act.

He had written ‘Kenapa? Nak aku baling bom petrol pulak kat sana? Harga boleh runding’ or ‘Why? Do you want me to throw a petrol bomb there? We can negotiate the price’ during a discussion on the ongoing Allah controversy.

Mohamad Tasyrif was unrepresented and has not entered any plea. He was also unable to post the RM10,000 bail and will be remanded until Monday, when his trial will take place.

Brader Afats said...

For Malaysian to ponder on segregation between States and Religion;

Secularism is defined in the Webster dictionary as: "A system of doctrines and practices that rejects any form of religious faith and worship" or "The belief that religion and ecclesiastical affairs should not enter into the function of the state especially into public education."

There is no doubt that secularism contradicts Islam in every aspect. They are two different paths that never meet; choosing one means rejecting the other. Hence, whoever chooses Islam has to reject secularism. In the following, we go in the details of explaining why.

1- First, secularism makes lawful what Allah has made unlawful.

The Rule of Allah (Shari`ah) is compulsory and has basic laws and regulations that cannot be changed. Some of these laws are concerned with the acts of worship, the relations between men and women, etc.

What is the position with regard to these laws?

Secularism makes adultery lawful if the male and the female are consenting adults.

As for Riba (interest on money), it is the basis of all financial transactions in secular economies. On the contrary, Allah says (s.2 A. 278): "O you who believe, fear Allah and leave what comes from Riba if you are believers. If you do not do so, then wait for a war from Allah and His Messenger."

As for alcohol, all secular systems allow the consumption of alcohol and make selling it a lawful business.

2- Second, secularism is clear unbelief (Kufr).

Secularism is based on separating religion from all the affairs of this life and hence, it rules by law and regulations other than Allah's laws. Hence, secularism rejects Allah's rules with no exception and prefers regulations other than Allah's and His Messenger's. In fact, many secularists claim that Allah's laws might have been suitable for the time they were revealed but are now outdated.

As a result, most of the laws governing the daily affairs of life in the countries ruled by secular systems contradict Islam. Allah says (S.5 A.50): "Do they seek a judgment of Ignorance? But, who, for a people whose faith is assured, can give better judgment than Allah?"

Ibn Katheer said in the Tafseer of this verse that Allah is denouncing those who reject His ruling and accept other rulings that are not based on the Shari`ah of Allah. Whoever does so is indeed a non-believer. Indeed, belief in Allah can never go with the acceptance of other than His rulings in one's heart. Allah says (S.5 A.44): "If any do fail to judge by what Allah has revealed, they are non-believers."

From the above, the status of secularism and its relation to Islam are clear. But the ignorance about the Islamic truth is still dominating the Muslim's mind. Most secular systems repeat slogans like "no religion in politics and no politics in religion" or "religion is for Allah, and the state is for the people." Such sayings portray their view of Islam as a religion to be practiced in the mosque only, and that it should not be allowed to rule life outside the mosque. Furthermore, they try to deceive people with democratic slogans like "personal freedom" and "people governing people." That means that people come first and no place is made for the ruling of Allah.

This is why secularism is clear Kufr, this is why secular systems have no legality and authority and should be rejected by Muslims.

komando said...

Maurice, DSN is a lame duck!
What can we expect from a queen controlled duckling?