Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Two nights ago, I received a call from a friend of mine who says that he and his family have moved to Texas, USA and back to his familiar job in the oil and gas (O&G) industry. He is a Malay, born in Penang and at a very early age left for the USA to seek a job in the O&G industry. That was in the early 70's.

Three years ago, he returned home with high hopes of starting his own O&G business. He teamed up with some Malaysians, but only to realise that it is not that easy to secure jobs in the O&G business in this country, however small the job and experience one has. He once confided to me that he lost a few thousand ringgit when an O&G job that was secured by him, was simply taken up by someone else because the company that offered him the job had changed the job specifications without his knowledge. The change in job specification simply means that his earlier proposal was disqualifed, and hence he lost the job. He claimed that he was victimised by someone in the company who had deliberately change the job specifications to suit another bidder. He suspects that there was corruption involved.

Having failed in all his attempts to secure an honest job opportunity in the O&G business, he decided to close down his business. He reasoned out to me that he regretted having left his job in the US, to returned home thinking that he can contribute some of his experiences in the country's O&G business. He even said that being a Bumiputra does not take him anywhere, nor was it ever considered in his submission for a job; this despite his credentials has having worked in large and reputable O&G companies in the US. In jest, he said that he denounced his status as a Bumiputra, and instead claimed himself to be a Bumikera.

While talking with him on the phone, I could sense his anger at the unfortunate experiences he faced in trying to do business in Malaysia. When I asked him if he wish at some point in time, to return home to start anew in business, this was his reply, “My family and I no longer wish to return home, and we have decided to make US our home. I feel more welcome here than in my own country, where I know that I can do business here without having to bribe or be cheated by someone. I no longer think that people in my country are honest in their business dealings”.

I am extremely sadden by the unfortunate experience that my friend had gone through, and at the same time happy that he is back doing a job that he loved most in the US. I also know that many Malaysians are abroad working, with some earning incomes that they could never expect to get working in this country, and for this reason we do not expect them to return home either.

I have many friends too in the O&G industry, and they say that to survive in the business, one has to have both the 'know how' as well as the 'know who'. Of course, the industry being a multi million ringgit industry is never void of corruption and abuse, and it no surprise that this industry is now in league with the construction industry, that is reputed to be the most corrupt industry today.



Stech said...

Sad... so sad. What is happening to our beloved country!

komando said...

Dear Dato pak Chad,

Tell me which business dealing is not corrupted in this country and I will find you a hundred virgin great grand mothers of 50 years old!

Yes, that much I can get!

You need not only have to be a BUMIPUTERA, you need to have an UMNO membership number, you must also be well connected to the top Blokes or Maams'.


Otherwise forget it, how ever good one can be, however good your product is, it means NOTHING!


maurice said...

I am not surprise by this story at all as Petronas is maily staffed by Malays, and we know that when there is large workforce of Malays from top to bottom in any organization you can be rest assured there will be plenty of corruption.

Just to share with readers of the difficulty of getting a job (contract)with Petronas, our family company is registered with Petronas to do 10 types of job workscope for the last 10 years but until today we have not been successful to secure any contract from Petronas, but instead succeeded with other multinational oil companies based in KL.

So there you are, even the Bumiputras are being discriminated by their own kind by Petronas decision-makers.

xpara87 said...

Dato dan rakan rakan seperjuangan.

Sudah ramai yang merunggut tentang korupsi dan segainya.

Ada yang bercerita usaha yang telah dilakukan tetapin takmberhasil..semuanya tak jalan.. korupsi masih berlaku seperti biasa seolah olah korupsi dibolehkan dan tak salah berkorupsi.

The question is..who shall I get in touch to report on corruption now.
MACC, many believed this doesnt work.

Tell me siapa? kerana kalu silap hari bulan lu report lu kina investigate. Experience taught me that.

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...


I have another eerie story pertaining to corruption. This was confided by my skot who left the Army earlier than me.

It came to the stage even he had to sponsor the karaoke session, dinking "air syaitan" and what was worst even "sex treat" Nauzubillah.

I asked him" Have you gone to Mecaa?" He said he had performed umrah. Hajj not yet. I told him "you better repent, all your rezeki, from that contract from O&G business is HARAM". I told him straigtforward.

"Yang aku aku bengang depa tu semua Melayu". Continued his rantings. "Melayu bukan semestinya beriman beb."

"Aku dah tobat Li betul2 tobat akau tak nak deal dengan puak-puak Melayu keparat ni." He was annoyed by these O&G staff.

So Dato'

Sex corrupton macam mana? Nauzaubillah.

Capt's Longhouse said...

Dato and the rest,

,,,b4 it, may i ask this question too ??...what's happening to the 'Melayu Character' in generally/specifically on having or not having; CONSCIENCE i.e. the moral compass inside which we are able to feel the right from wrong. Indeed, an essential component of having character is conscience.

,,,may i now share with you guys too, an appropriate comment from a blogger buddy of mine ?...relating to corruption in our beloved country.

....."Capt. I think I know just how you feel very betrayed by those who are running this country at present, the country that you had once served, risking life and limb, and helped save from the communist threat and other insurgents perhaps (remembering those who wanted us diganyang?)

And now the enemies are in our own midst, the shameless demanders/receivers and the equally corrupt givers. Somewhere there is a saying - "better to give than to take" - but in the context of your discussion, the givers themselves should be taught bitter lessons."....

Mawar_Rimba said...

Datuk.... i am just wondering aloud. Tak kan lah pemimpin2 kita yang memerintah ini tak tahu apa yang sedang berlaku. Kenapa mereka tidak mahu hentikan saja semua "RASUAH" dan "SALAHLAKU" pemimpin2 kita, Tidakkah mereka ini sedar apa yang sedang berlaku di Negara kita ini.... Takkanlah mereka tak dengar atau terbaca atau ternampak keadaan di Malaysia sekarang ini....
Ya ALLAH... selamatkan Negara kita ini.........



Oldman_Gunner said...

Major Yati, these so called "Leaders" are either greedy, not bothered about the others and only take care of their own pocket or just bloody fooking stupid. These people are blinded by money, no one can change them. Kalau mereka ini tak insaf atas perbuatan mereka, very soon these people and their family will be burning in hell.....
You are correct Yati, i just don't understand why these people refuse to look at the situation on the ground........

maurice said...

I think it has to do with our roots, our Malay civilization and our obssesion with piracy in the olden days.

It seems even now this terrible trait has not left the Malay race entirely.The modern version of piracy is CORRUPTION.

So the only way to eradicate corruption in this country is to have more non-Malays in the civil sevice, MAF, Police and GLCs.

xpara87 said...

maurice , mawar rimba dan saudara saudara yang sedang berjuang.

Melayu dari kecik di latih babi haram, sebut je babi nak temuntah kita .
Tapi minum arak , judi, dan seangkatan dengan nya dan latest korupsi tak di beratkan.

Belajar agama di sekolah dari darjah satu sampai STPM hanya untuk dapat A1 saja bukan untuk menghayati pengajian Islam. Belajar pulak dalam bahasa Melayu. Tak fsham bahasa Arab. Quran hafal tapi tak faham makna. Just like parrot. Tak faham macam mana nak hayati.

dah dewasa masuk U. dapat kerja dan dikeliling Puak Rasuah, most of the time we cannot beat them so some left and the remaider suffer. perasuah hidup senang lenang.

lapor pasal rasuah kita kena siasat bukan pegawai yg dilaporkan.

Yang datang siasat kawan kawan depa. Siasatan dibuat just formality jee. masuk angin keluar asap.

At the end they just smile at you and They say" don't try to be funny my dear friend. You know who is there behind my back.

Sad , memang sedih , memang sedih.

komando said...

Sahabat semua, sebenarnya orang melayu dulu kala tidak macam ini, saya dibesarkan bersama sama mereka.

Yang jadi kaparat ini adalah mereka yang gilak duit dan fulus!

Mereka nak beli semua yang besar dan megah - rumah, kereta, condo, helikopter, kapal, bini sampai 4,rumah diluar negara, gundik bersepah tukar setiap malam!

Mereka ini nak kaya cara cepat! Kalau feshyen kerja kuat tidak akan kaya cepat, kecuali jadi penipu!

Maka keluar luar istilah : "WORK SMART"


Dulu saya ingat kalau sebut BABI lari lintang pukang, sehingga hari ini sama jugak lah!

Kalau pi cium mulut amoy makan babi tidak kisah pulak ?
Pi mabuk minum air kenying setan tidak apa pulak!
Pi main dengan china doll tidak apo pulak!
Pi ambil duit haram dan judi haram main golf tidak apo pulak!

Semua ini gara gara nak soronok dan dibelanja kontraktor besar semua, on the house FOC!

Ada satu ketika istilah Melayu Baru digunapakai...ha inilah melayu baru...makan rasuah tidak apo jugak katanya....rezeki kata nya...orang beri kita merasa kata nya!

Alasan dia tolong kawan kita BUMIPUTRA!

Wahai rasa lah nanti sedap air panas dalam mulut semua!

So at the end of the day: "Tepuk Lah Dada Tanya Lah Selera".

Berani buat berani lah tanggung...kaya didunia sahaja dapat, nanti hidup lepas mati...siapa rugi ?!?

It will not stop, even if you chop away their hands, they will still do it!

Unless they insaf !

komando said...

Mawar Rimba,

Semua ini adalah gara gara berlumba nak masuk ke NERAKA JAHANAM namanya!

Tergadai maruah dan bangsa serta agama!

They know it..but can't stop it and will continue to do it..this are the leaders we have today...everywhere the same....

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,it all boils down to LEADERSHIP, get the right Leaders/Captains and we will sail through the worse of high seas !.
,,,both the Political rajas & Raja rajas MUST lead the nation properly. Unfortunately, We the rakyat have been victimised by very corrupted leadership to-date and its about TIME we the rakyat put our foot down !.
,,,no more blame game and stupidity plus corruption to be tolerated by all parties. The guilty party must be brought to face justice, period.
,,,we are just asking for the rules of law to be respected and we are not inventing any new laws for that matter, just its enforcement. Very simple and straight forward and that no body is above the law. If you/I have not broken the law there is nothing to be scared off-lah. Those that does, better own up or be hunted down by the police or authorities concerned plus by the rakyat themselves if they push us too bloody far. In fact, we the rakyat have had enough nonsense, enough is enough !!.
,,,my advise to all, please make sure that you are clean yourself-lah. Don't be guilty of corruption too. Live a clean lifestyle and pray often.


komando said...

Yes,all of us are waiting for the day to arrive!



FMZam said...

Dear Maurice,

Now I see you have a different stand on Melayu. The first time when you started in this blog I remember you were so compassionate with Melayu until Komando and me and many of us were amazed by your inclination towards Melayu despite you being "Maurice". No offence it's OK Maurice if you now realised that when come to corruption you have to change your intonation to blast the Melayu like never before and I cannot argue more with you.

To bro xpara87,

Don't worry if MACC is hopeless, just prepare a good corruption report and when ready you can call me for advice, we can RV at Dato' Arshad's office at your discretion. Was that why you wanted to get in touch with me? I'll be glad to help in whichever ways you may need it.

wini said...

TBK (Tok Guru Besar Korupsi)dipanjangkan umur untuk menyaksikan sendiri apa yang beliau telah semaikan pada Melayu Baru. Dah pun menjadi budaya asalkan ada kuasa disetiap peringkat dan semua jabatan termasuk agama, dah tak reti malu. Katanya bukan korupsi tapi imbuhan membantu mendapat projek. Hampir mustahil untuk kembali ke jalan asal. Nampaknya hanya kuasa Allah yang dapat merubah, MasyaAllah Malaysia ku

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Dear wini,

The path laid open infront of us is to go back to HIS PATH. IHDINASSIROTHOLMUSTAQIM.


"I have left you two things, you won't go astray as long as you stick to both of them, Kitab Allah and sunnah"

Aw kamal qol - al-hadith

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...


Dakwah dan tarbiyyah bermula di rumah. Untuk menghidupan baiti jannati rumahku
syurgaku perlu kepada tarbiyyah. Semua bermula dengan program Islami semasa anak
di dalam kandungan. Ibu yang menagndungkannya membacakan Al Quran. Yahnya
membaca Al Quran. Suami mengimamkan isteri semasa solat. Usrah bermula di rumah.

Semasa ibu mengandung 120 hari semuanya telah malaikat tulis carta hidupnya
jodoh pertemuannya rezekinya ajal mautnya.

Usrah Muslimah hanya bisa tercerna apabila tarbiyah Islamiah tercerna sejak
zaman anak-anak. Kalau umur 60 tahun baru mahu ke masjid baru mahu bertaubat itu
sudah terlalu lewat.

Islam di Malaysia, kena ditarbiyah umatnya kembali, bukan di tarbiyah di Sogo,
Astro, Dataran Merdeka.

Back to Islam. Lazimilah membaca Al Quran.

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Dengan berzikir tenang hati.

Kalau mencari ketenangan di tempat maksiat semua yang di depan adalah
FATAMORGANA semata-mata. Palsu semata-mata. Kebahagiaan tidak akan ditemui di
Kelab Malam wa imma di Padang Golf.

Golf yang diringi zikrullah akan mendapat rahmat. Pada lubang yang ke-10
berhenti sembahyang maghrib. Sambung lagi golf.

komando said...

So dear folks, we have been seeing, hearing and witnessing so many events from 2009 till 2010.

It is hardly into the 2nd week of the new year and the "hidangan" keeps becoming better!

Wonder what would be the next BIG surprise! Can anybody figure out what could be better and bigger then what we have seen!

1. Maybe a snap elections!
2. Maybe a real big fish is finally caught - PKFZ!
3. Some big Menteri gets the sack, as cabinet is reshuffled!
4. One Senior Menteri in Sabah having under age sex!
5. Another stolen jet engine discovered
jet ski lah!
6. F-5E engine found!
7. They catch the most wanted person - RPK!
8. PI Bala comes back to testify!
9. They finally agrees that TBH is murdered!
10. DSAI wins the court case
11. Toll prices reduced!
12. Petrol price reduced!
13. New leads to Altantuya murder, new evidence and new witness!
14. MCA crisis resolved all BIG GUNS resign !
15. UMNO - LEFT ALONE , all components leave party to form new coalition!
16. IGP/MACC/AG - all resign!

THE BEST IS ALWAYS SAVE FOR LAST - Jibby retires to further HIS studies in LONDON!

And TUN MAMAK returns as next PM !
Told you the best is always last!



Otherwise, no more issues and we will all be bored and fall asleep!

Mawar_Rimba said...

Betul Tuan Komando, we have been seeing, hearing and witnessing so many events from 2009 till 2010.

Satu lepas satu.... apa sebenarnya Kerajaan kita buat, adakah kerajaan kita sengaja nak "porak perandkan" Malaysia kita ni....

Saya sebenarnya rasa sangat sedih dengan sikap pemimpin2 kita ni. Apa yang mereka buat ni seolah-olah sengaja dibuat untuk pecah belahkan rakyat and nobody is doing nothing to make it right.

Saya rasa macam pemimpin sekarang ni, menggunakan segala kuasa yang ada pada tangan mereka tanpa hiraukan orang lain untuk gemukkan kocek mereka, ini termasuklah badan-badan kerajaan yang lain sepatutnya menjaga keselamatan rakyat turut menyusahkan rakyat.... siapa lagi kita nak berharap.......

Kalaulah saya sendiri begitu kecewa dengan keadaan sekarang, macam mana dengan orang2 yang tidak tahu apa yang sedang berlaku dan sedang menari ikut rentak "gendang" pemimpin2 kita yang sudah corrupt, penghisap darah......



komando said...

Oh Mawar Ku, don't be surprise the next big one could be an earthquake!

Dah tiga - empat kali warning orders dah diberi....Bukit Tinggi, Kuala Pilah & Gentings!

Haiti - is in the dark right now! Betul betul gelap, 7.0 hit the mini island state... semua runtuh...kena pulak waktu malam...tambah gelap..orang sana pun gelap jugak!

So jaga jaga lah beb semua!

That may be the only thing which will make the people in power realize they are not powerful!

Most of all not to further abuse their powers and abuse us all!

We have had enough of this nonsense....asyik not porak peranda...nanti masuk keranda semua baru tahu....it may be too late!

"With a swipe of hand the world comes a tumbling down, nothing left, but ruins and total destruction"....mungkin itu sahaja yang akan amankan negara kita.

Supaya mereka semua berfikir dan renung seketika siapa sebenar yang berkuasa!

Hilang anak, hilang harta, hilang kekasih, hilang isteri, hilang kondo, hilang emak/ayah, hilang kereta, hilang gigi!

Baru padan muka semua!

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,I'm sick and tired of hearing things from uptight, short-sighted, narrow-minded and hypocreeted dirty politicians!.
,,,children, actors and drama queens can be emotional, but not technocrats and politicians; so leave stupid emotions outside politics and govern coldly and rationally-lah.
,,,kuching tak kira warna dan belang-nya hanya pandai tangkap tikus yang kita perlu-kan ?.

can i rest my case ?. eerr komando !!...o.k. you can cont. hahaha.

Malaysian said...

Komando is right about another big surprise going to happen.

Malaysian said...

Last night, my friend told me that he got cancer. He regretted for not taking bribe cause the doctor told him to forget about healing since he doesn't have lots of money! My friend told me that a lot of his colleague took a lot of money from vendors. The reason he said that because he doesn't want to take his children hard earn money.

Sadly, he have to face his death another few more months. An honest person die in pain ...... those dishonest Malaysian leave happily ever after in their bungalow ... IS THAT FAIR?

komando said...

Oh Malaysian,
the friend of yours will die a peaceful death and he would go DIRECT to heaven!
The guys AND GALS who took bribes will die a very painful death and go straight to Hell

Anonymous said...

Saya nak buat satu cadangan, bagaimana kalau kita semua bekas bekas pegawai yang cerdik cerdik ni berkumpul kat masjid Mindef dan lepas sembahyang jumaat kita nyatakan bantahan kita terhadap korupsi yang diamalkan diMindef bior le raayat Malaysia tengok.Kita buat tiap tiap minggu sampai kerajaan jawap bantahan kita.Kalau nak serah memo pun boleh buat, lepas 10 minit kita bersurai.Tulis blog aje saya ras tak jadi...............

PRAY,IT WORKS. joe's blog said...

The sad thing is the majority poor malays in the rural areas think they are being taken care of by the govt.who is enjoying the meaty corruption and throwing crumbs to them.

Malaysian said...

You are right Komando! Folks that corrupt would definitely face the judgment at the end of their life.

FMZam said...

Sdr Malaysian,

Have faith in god, and death will come to all of us whether or not one is stricken by cancer or by corruption, the choice lies in god for no amount of money can save anyone from the fate of his death, no one can outrun his destiny.

My neighbour was a rich businessman but refused to use his richness for the best kidney transplant he could have afforded it with ease and chose to have treatment in local private hospital till he died a year ago.

The life we spent has made us what we are in dying, but god takes us for what we have done in living.

Capt's Longhouse said...

dear Malaysian,

,,,"All men's souls are immortal, but only the souls of the righteous are immortal and divine."

,,,But only some of the deeds and some actions of certain people which made them immortal in the hearts of millions even after they had departed from this world.

,,,Yet a few still alive,talking and kicking plus blogging would never ever want to die, as such the Triple or quatriple bypass plus spending rakyat's money on grandier buildings all over the country.
,,,yet still dreaming, if only another trilateral or even quadrilateral pyramid should be constructed as their monument or tomb stone ?.
,,,imagine just how many schools/hospitals are still short of everything BUT yet bridges to no-where and tall twin buildings have more priority !. Mana boleh jadi.
,,,indeed-lah, ada orang takut mati...tapi manusia tak boleh lari dari mati.

synchonocity said...

Extracted from malaysiakini letter. If these are the idiots you put in power over the last elections, may you wallow in your self pity.
Col, Sir, I stand by your views. How much more can we take?

Lt Col Mohd Idris Hassan (Rtd)
Jan 15, 10
5:49pmRaub is my home town and I was born and bred there. During the early 70s as an army officer (Captain) I was involved in many jungle operations against the communist terrorists in and around Raub and Bukit Koman where we eliminated several of them.

This gives me some right to comment when the lives of those I helped protect then are now being threatened by Raub Australian Gold Mining Co (RAGM) by the use of cyanide in its operations and for not complying with the international mining standards.

I find it utterly shame full that the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Joseph Kurup should choose to switched his schedule at the last minute, skipping an arranged town hall meeting with disgruntled villagers, and instead head for the gold mine's office, and promptly declare the operations safe and hazard free.

If he is on the pay role of the operators of the gold mine we could all accept that but he forgets that he is the Rakyat's servant who pay every cent of his wages.

The man did not even have the decency to stop and have a word with the effected villages who invited him to listen to their woes. I find that utterly disgraceful and unbecoming to say the least.

He further rubbed salt in the wound by saying: "I was at the site, I don't see a problem."

My dear minister you don't see a problem because the problem cannot be seen in the air-conditioned office of the (RAGM) sipping teh tarik).

synchonocity said...

WaliMuar, you see how the uMNO putras have brainwashed you? Your style of protes also like them. C'mon lah, military got better creative minds also.

Capt's Longhouse said...

Dato, can I share this here too ?

dear dear dear,

,,,typical case of “kera dengan flowers-lah”. (give a monkey some flowers)

,,,dead sure there are many other monkey business as long as the bloody dirty corrupted politicians/individuals have their hands in any of it, so guess its about time we go bananas with them too.

,,,guess why some immatured politicians and individuals are playing around about “rights” issue (which are not clearly spelled out) rather than “responsibilities” (which are clearly laid down by law). Its a poor card to pull nowadays.

,,,am sure the ‘poor rakyat’ still appreciate the cultural sensitivity involved but we are just asking for a reformed system of law enforcement and justice.
…plus please get rid of the stupid bureaucracies in all levels of governmental system too. Its hurting the nation-lah.
,,,Malaysia – like every other country in the globalised world today – is not going to be given a second chance plus the world does not owe our struggling nation a living too, and nor will the “march of development” slow down for we Malaysians to catch up.
,,,We better get our class ACT together yaa !, Malaysians will therefore have to unite or perish, together.
,,,"together we stand" yaa.

Malaysian said...

Thanks FMZAM and Capt for the comment.

Hansac said...

Dear ALL.

I was a PETRONAS staff and I was involved in quite a number of tendering exercises, right from technical specifications preparations, to tender evaluations, to pre-award negotiations, to post-award contract administration. From MY PERSPECTIVE, it is quite difficult for any hanky-panky to occur in PETRONAS tendering activities.

Depending on the type of tenders (which is determined by value and workscope), the tenders go through several stages of evaluation committees. Any changes in specifications will required explicit approvals of these committees, no single person (whether GM or MD in PETRONAS companies, not even Tan Sri Hassan Merican himself) can unilaterally change one single letter or comma in a tender specifications.

Tenders with value less than 500K (if I recall it correctly) will be approved at PETRONAS operating unit (OPU) level and as the value go higher, it will go to higher hierarchies of approvals . Tenders more than 100mil in value will need approval from the Finance Ministry.

Now, to deal with PETRONAS, a contractor must have a PETRONAS license. Getting this license is a tedious process that can go up to 2 years to get it. Once a contractor get this license, there is no guarantee he/she will get any contract with PETRONAS. The contractor will have to go through the tendering exercise and compete with others.

In the discipline of engineering services (inspection engineering) that I am familiar with, there are about 50 to 100 players (PETRONAS licensed holders of particular services in inspection engineering) who will compete for a finite amount of cake. These players serve not only PETRONAS, but also other O&G majors. The O&G market in Malaysia is huge, and I really do mean huge.

Another thing, due to the nature of production-sharing contract of oil & gas explorations in Malaysia, all companies (Shell, Nippon, Murphy, Talisman, Esso, Hess, etc), will have to go through PETRONAS strict tendering process because in the end, the operating costs and the profit will be shared and split down the middle between PETRONAS (as the Government of Malaysia Representative) and the E&P company.

My point is this, and confirmed by quite a number of colleagues OUTSIDE of Malaysia O&G industry, that in MALAYSIA O&G INDUSTRY, compliance to auditable trail practices is quite up to par with global practices.

However, as is the case everywhere, there will be instances of breaches in fiduciary duties. To PETRONAS credit, quite a number of these cases has been investigated and relevant personnel were either asked to resign or sacked immediately.

I was a small bit player in PETRONAS, I know many more who knows more than I do but I guess they are not willing to speak out.

Hansac said...