Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I am back after a week’s off from writing. I haven’t had much time reading the blogs either; but what struck me most upon reading the Star Online this morning is the report which says that the MACC has completed its investigation on former Selangor MB Khir Toyo on the alleged misuse of public funds for trips made overseas with his family (including an Indonesian maid), amounting to more than RM 1 million.

Now, what about the multi-million ringgit home that Khir Toyo built? Let us hope the MACC has not over looked this, and to start digging deep into the source of money to built the house. I have not heard much from him these days in the mainstream media, and it is better for him to remain quiet, rather than to start another row with the PKR Selangor state government. The more he speaks, the more ‘skeletons’ appears out of his hidden closet.

I am glad that MACC has finally completed the investigation on Khir Toyo, and if the allegation proves to be true, let us hope that he gets the justice that he truly deserves.

Someone called me yesterday to say that there has been a talk that a recently retired Chief of Defence Force (CDF) is likely to take up the appointment of the Malaysian Ambassador to a European country. Who could this person be, and if this rumour is true, it does not surprise me because there has been several senior military officers who were appointed ambassadors in the past; the last being the former Chief of Army Tan Sri Gen Md. Hashim Hussein who was the nation’s ambassador to the Pakistan.

News out of Army Headquarters is that the present Chief of Army (COA) is scheduled to take his pre-retirement leave, and this would mean that army will get a new COA before September this year, and hopefully the replacement will be the incumbent Deputy COA.

I have been receiving many calls alluding to the article that I wrote regarding to my choice of the Deputy COA. I am convince with the choice of either one of the two (refer to my earlier writing of the subject), and the choice is overwhelming judging from the responses that I get.

I hope my speculation on the new line-up for the army 2010 following the retirement of the COA is correct.



maurice said...

Let us just hope the Government imposes a strict selection criteria over the nomination of ambassadors.

Ambassadors are expected to lead and represent the country in all manner of matters in our relationship with the host country.

An ambassador must be a top diplomat of high standing possesing top class moral fibre with no skeletons hidden in the cupboard.

I hope the person you are referring to Dato fits the selection criteria.

maurice said...

Now Dato please be reasonable.

How can the MACC investigate the sources of Khir Toyo's expensive houses.

The MACC Investigation Team will be afflicted with irreconcilable dilemmas if it were to investigate the matter.

They will be asking, what about those expensive houses owned by other ex civil servants, ex KSU's, ministers, politicians and for that matter ex PATs, ex PTDs, ex PTLs, ex PTUs, ex Generals ....

Now Dato how do we expect the MACC Commissioner to motivate his Investigate Team to dig deeper into that expensive mansion owned by Khir Toyo when they are so many expansive mansions/bungalows owned by other government retirees?

maurice said...

Dato I join you in congratulating the new team that would be selected to lead the Army.

As we can see the new PTD will will have to do a lot of things to put the Army back on track.

He has to worry about the endemic corruption in the Army, reorganize the Army's fighting formation, develop new fighting strategies based on our own assets and capability, reorganize the field logistic system etc..and above all to provide good quality uniforms, boots, poncos, body armour, night vision googles, quality helmets and assault rifles to the soldiers of the teeth arms (infantry, armour, artillery and engineers).

Let's hope the new PTD gets the neccesary support from all quarters if he were to embark to tackle the above challenges.

spike said...


Must start somewhere, someone laa..the most glaring one first. At least can stop emergence of future Toyols and the like.

komando said...

What can we say but to wish the Army good luck and may the force be with all of them.

The current times are already very difficult and indeed dire.

We sure do not need anymore major cock ups or hiccups.

We need to clean up and clear off all the excess baggage collected over the years.

If we are to survive for the next 10 more years and try and achieve a developed nation status!

We sure do not need any more thieves and robbers.

So, lets wait and see.

EAGLE said...

So you are back Dato'
Have you found the F5E engine?
The Navy will court martial the CO of the ship that caught fire recently but the RMAF promoted the general who is in charge of the missing engine-wow!!! what a way to reward "performance now".
Have you met the new rumored to be the ambassador? Don't waste your time!!! Don't even bother to blog the issue!!!
Well, Dato'-"performance now" all you can find in the Malaysian Armed Forces like the tip of the iceberg mentioned by the number one soldier in Malaysia!!! What a clown!!!
Welcome back!!! Remind those serving generals "jangan jadi muka tembok".
Hope your prediction for the Army leaderships will come true "Tiada rotan akar pun berguna tapi harap harap jangan akar dah reput di makan anai anai".
Kepada ALLAH kita berserah semoga no dungus will run the Malaysian Armed Forces.

Malaysian said...

As long as, politicians are not prosecuted for their crimes the country will never be saved. I don't think we need to prove if corruption exist. Any Tom, Dick and Harry knows corruption exist in our country.

May "God or Allah" bless this country. By the way, another mosque became the victim. What happen to this country?


Hang Jebat said...


As for the present COA, if he goes on leave, then we will be getting a new COA by the month of June (if he goes for 3 months leave). Phew! Another 5 months to go. He should leave now!

Datuk ZZ, on your mark! Get set!

Datuk Pahlawan ZZA, on your mark!

The rest, stay in the dressing room!

taming said...


I am glad you are back. Please put a stop to cheap, childish comments and petty personal quarrels which have tarnished the credibility and standard of "mind NO EVIL" blog.

I know all those Army Lt. Generals
who are potential candidates for COA and DCOA.

Let us hope that the political leadership goes for the best man for the job. The current DCOA should be made the new COA and he must be given a chance. The new DCOA? The best professional soldier with necessary experience, unquestionable credibility and uncorrupted Lt General whom the MAT has apparently done some paper exercise to select the best candidate.

Good luck to the Army.


Capt's Longhouse said...
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EXRMC said...

Salam Semua

Soon......the present COA will go for leave and the new COA and DCOA????????????

Pemilihan pucuk pimpinan dalam TD kita serahkan kepada budi bicara PM and MAT untuk membuat satu pemilihan yang adil dan saksama. They know better what they doing....

COA dan DCOA yang dipilih sudah pasti yang BERPENGATHUAN,BERPENGALAMAN, TEGAS, JUJUR/IKHLAS BENCI RASUAH etc...etc....etc..

Yang akan/telah dipilih...penugasannya perlu dipantau terutama sekali dalam hal pembelian peralatan yg berharga berjuta-juta ringgit atau perlksanaan Big Projects within the Army Camp. Soalannya sekarang SIAPA YANG AKAN PANTAU MEREKA NANTI
Kalau jawabnya NOBODY......then forget about all the issues of corruption with the Army. Tapi jangan putus asa Kerja kita tu perlu dilaksanakan dengan jujur dan ikhlas.

Sesiapa pun COA dan DCOA saya tetap TAAT SETIA dan bersyukur....

ismeth said...

salam semua..

setuju dgn EXRMC..pemimpin hendaklah seorang yang bersih dan kelihatan bersih..

.......TAAT SETIA.........

WIRA said...

Dear Pak Chad',
I am afraid your hopes of seeing the likes of Khir Toyo being procecuted for corruption or for living beyond his means will just remain a hope.
Firstly, Khir Toyo knows too much. One cannot expect the present leadership to allow the MACC to go all out. Remember the perpatah melayu" Jangan tepuk air di dalam dulang nanti terperecik di muka sendiri" Surely the likes of Nazri will not dare embark on such risky ventures.
So all things considered, we would be very lucky indeed to see him getting more than a slap on the wrist..
Secondly, the MACC themselves. Are they really of unquestionable integrity and therefore unbuyable? I doubt very much..
Everybody knows Khir Toyo is super loaded. People with money power can make unlikely things to happen. They can even make peole disappear. Let alone evidence. Believe you me, a million ringgit is more than enough to entice even the staunchest govt servant to waver and sell his grandmother down the river. How much would it cost to fabricate evidence or make things disappear?
Have'nt you heard, for the right ammount even judges can be bought...ha ha..tanyalah Lingam of the (looks like me, sound like me but it is not me fame)
So fat chance for Khir to be locked up. In the worst case scenario, his great mentor Tun M will come to the rescue.
To me kerja yang dibuat oleh MACC tu ngabiskan boreh ajo...Lebih berfaedah mereka mengintai Mat Kampau mengepau pendatang tanpa izin dekat Lorong Hj Taib.....

WIRA said...

Apa selection criteria yg hendak dipakai Maurice? Orang macam JJ yg tertuduh meramas punggung perempuan pun boleh jadi Ambassador apakan lagi kawan kita yg baru pencen tu...
Dia tu baru disyakki bersekongkol dengan "defence Contractor" aje!!
Memanglah dia kalau bet di padang golf tu 3 11 tiga roda. Kalau menang/kalah RM 20000 aje.
Bukan dosa besar sangat.
Hanya, kalau betullah Tan Sri yg baru pencen itu yg dimaksudkan, saya tidak tahu bagaimana dia hendak mengatasi masalah bini dua dan tugasnya sebagai Ambassador di Paris? Mungkin dia akan sewa flat di London untuk taruk satu dan jadi weekend husband, not unlike having a bird in hand and having the one on the perch firmly secured ha..ha.hebat..
Setahu saya dia ni memang bijak orangnya. I'm sure he has thought about it.