Friday, January 8, 2010


I was with a Chinese friend yesterday evening for a casual meeting, and obviously he wasn't in a talking mood. The first thing he uttered to me was, “Arshad, what's becoming of our country?”. At once I knew what he was referring at, and sure enough, it was all about the controversial issue on the use of the word Allah in the Catholic weekly Herald that was ruled permissible by the High Court recently.

Following th High Court ruling, dissenting voices as well voices of moderation were heard, particularly from the Malays. Clearly, there is a split among the Malays themselves with regards to the ruling, predominantly from among politicians from both the political divide. But surprisingly, the state Muftis have remained mute over the issue, which in fact, they rightly should have been the authority to make any statements or announcement regarding this issue; not politicians.

I remembered way back in the mid sixties when I was deployed in Bakalalan, Sarawak where I, out of sheer curiosity listened to the Christian priest citing his Sunday sermons to a large gathering of local villagers in a small church at Long Rusu.. I could still remember, the priest had used the word Allah in his sermons, and I wasn't at all surprised. I knew that the priest who gave his sermons in Bahasa Melayu was making reference to the same Allah that I worship as a Muslim. If I had come across Christians using the word Allah in their recitation of the Bible that was written in Bahasa Melayu back in the 60's, I see no reason why it is not allowable now.

I am not a staunchly religious person, but I do know that the word Allah is universally used by the three great religions that had its origins in Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham). I am also reminded of a statement made by Kelantan Menteri Besar Ustaz Nik Aziz that the word Allah is not the privilege of the Malays; rather it is for mankind. So why this fuss by some shallow minded Malays who objects so vehemently the use of the word Allah by our Christians brothers. And if one were to read further the life and times of Prophet Muhammad pbuh, did he not assured the Christians of protection? Did he not declare all Christians as his allies and equated their ill treatment with violating God's covenant? So read my dear Malay brothers, and it is your sheer ignorance of our great religion had caused this unfortunate misunderstanding between us and the other Malaysian races.

I now would like to personally appeal to all revered Muftis to say something that can save the Malays and our religion from being hijacked by some Malay misfits who claim to be more religious than others. If only Ahmad Deedat was alive, he could put this fuss to an amicable end. .



Malaysian said...

I've always heard my mum telling me that in the old days all races live in peace. She said though we've have May 13th incident but overall the good old days are still better than now. What happen to our country? It seems that everyone else are progressing except our country. It sickens me that we've people that seek to destroy this country.

Lt_Muda said...

YBhg Datuk, salam saya kepada YBhg Datuk dan keluarga. Saya juga Datuk terasa amat kecewa dengan sikap ahli-ahli politik kita (terutama dari UMNO). Saya rasa ini adalah muslihat yang sama seperti apa yang berlaku semasa 13 Mei 1969.

YBhg Datuk, saya berkesempatan ke Negara Egypt pada tahun 2007. Semasa di Egypt saya melawat beberapa tempat pelancungan disana seperti Pyramid, Military Muzium, termasuklah Masjid Al Azzahar dan kawasan Gereja Coptic Egypt. Di kawasan Gereja Coptic tersebut terdapat beberapa Gereja lain seperti Gereja Yahudi, Coptic Orthodox dan Roman Catholic. Saya juga terkejut melihat beberapa pelajar2 Muslim dari Universiti Al Azzahar termasuk 3 pelajar dari Malaysia sedang membuat kajian tentang sejarah tamadun Islam didalam Gereja-gereja tersebut. Melihat keadaan tersebut saya pun masuk kedalam Gereja tersebut dan alangkah terkejut apabila mendengar ucapan seolah-olah kutbah dalam bahasa arab dengan perkataan "ALLAH" berulang kali disebut dalam Kutbah tersebut. Apabila saya tanya salah seorang pelajar Malaysia tentang perkara tersebut, beliau jawap "ALLAH" adalah "TUHAN" dalam bahasa Arab.

YBhg Datuk, sebelum itu, dalam tahun 2005, sebagai seorang YO yang kena detail, saya pernah mengiringi mayat seorang anggota saya yang berasal dari Sarawak yang meninggal dalam kemalangan jalaraya ke Kampong Krokong, Bau Sarawak. Sebagai seorang Pegawai pengiring, saya ikuti upacara pengebumian dari rumah ke gereja dan terusnya ke tanah kuburan kristian. Semasa di gereja mahupun semasa di tanah perkuburan saya dengar doa-doa yang dibacakan sering kali di sebut perkataan "ALLAH". Sebagai seorang muslim, saya teringat "DUA KALIMAH SYAHADAH" yang saya sering lafazkan. TIADA TUHAN MELAINKAN ALLAH......

Sebagai seorang Muslim saya percaya pada hanya satu tuhan yang kita kenali sebagai "ALLAH". Kalau saya percaya orang lain tak boleh menggunakan perkataan "ALLAH" kerana mereka sembah kepada Tuhan lain.... ini bermakna saya telah menduakan "TUHAN" yang mana ini adalah satu dosa besar.

YBhg Datuk, mungkin YBhg Datuk juga terbaca tentang kebakaran 2 buah Gereja di kawasan KL awal pagi tadi. Cuba YBhg Datuk bayangkan kalaulah keadaannya disebalik, yangmana 2 masjid di bakar... cuba YBhg Datuk gambaran keadaan di KL sekarang....

Kebanyakkan rakyat sedar kesemua ini adalah angkara ahli2 politik UMNO... tapi saya rasa malu dengan sikap orang2 Melayu kita....


komando said...

They want to have a civil war! They want to be like Bosnia, they can start the fire and can burn all the churches if they want to!

But at the end of the day they will all burn in HELL!

Itu sahaja pesanan saya!
Tak kira siapa yang buat perkara ini!

Oldman_Gunner said...

I am gettting fed-up with these fvcking UMNO politician. All they know is want to be in power forever and makan duit rakyat forever. These idiots are all greedy bar$tards. Malaysia was such a beautiful country with beautiful people, look at Malaysia now. Arrrrrgggggggg!!!!!!!

If only the military can take over!!!!!!
But look at our Generals!!!!!!

muhammad arshad raji said...

Saudara Lt Muda,

Saya amat bersyukur bahawa saudara mempunyai perasaan yang seharusnya ada pada setiap orang Melayu dan Islam. Bukankah Islam menganjurkan kita bersaudara, tidak kira apa kefahaman kita. Politik lah yang menghancurkan kita, dan inilah hajat orang politik bagi mengekalkan kedudukan dan kuasa mereka. Harap saudara tidak terperangkap dengan dakyah mereka.

Mawar_Rimba said...

Tuan Oldman Gunner, sabar tuan. God Is Great. Tuhan akan tunjukan kekuasaanNya kepada yang zalimi sesama umat.... Aminnnnnnnnn

komando said...

mawar rimba...we are getting closer and closer to total anarchy

just a matter of time
so please get ready
the para bn need to play its role to save this country of ours from total destruction and the evil hands!

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

I saw this happening a long while ago when Zaini and Ball pen, banned Christians praying in camps in the 90's. I have related that to you. People want us to be tolerant of their intolerance. Watch out for Sabah and Sarawak. A lot of us are not blind. We have just joined Pakistan, Egypt, Iran etc etc in the dumps, the way they treat their minorities. Persecuting, oppressing and killing them, Malaysia is three quarters of the way there. The 1Malaysia concept, we should ask Najib to shove it up where the sun does not shine. Did you watch TV 3 this evening, Najib and Kerismuddin were lying with a straight face.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,unfortunately, some of the malays today are still much more concerned about their bloody rights than their responsibilities - a factor that impacts on malaysian society and slowly but surely as well as on malaysian external trade and diplomacy.
,,,a new democratic constitution and a reformed system of law enforcement and justice might be the right answer ? achieving the ultimate truth or reality for all malaysian to survive in peace together!!.. rather than in the state of hypocracy, cos our democracy is governed by hypocrites, indeed from an government that advocates moral standards to which it does not conform. Malaysian's political system is therefore a hypocracy.

i rest my case.

komando said...


The Malays that we see on the TV3 this evening protesting are all very clever guys...take a real hard look at them!

Do you think they have any pea brains in their shallow skulls?

Shouting and chanting and doing a great disservice to Islam in a Mosque!

They are being paid to shout and carry banners, make nuisance, create trouble and are all half baked agent provacateurs !

No need to talk any more!

They will have their hands full in no time and we shall see how they burn in hell!

matador said...


I tend to agree when some people said; church and government should be separated. It the context of Malaysia and in this issue, I would equate politics and religion must be separated.

When religion being manipulated through politics, by power-hungry elites, the outcome would be devastated.

How many % from the so-called true Islamist is Malaysia knows what they are saying in their prayers? I have to admit I am one of the majority who most of the time parroting and not understanding what the imam said in prayer.

It is sad to see, religion being politicise in this country just to remain in power. I agree when being asked where are the Muftis. Obviously most of them I believed have their balls squeezed by someone. What a shame.

I remember when we had brigade level Tilawah and one of the CO is a Sikh fella. Obviously he was among the lesser that was awake throughout the Tilawah. Not to mention he requested to attend it again the next year. But most of the so-called Islam tends to shy away.

I also visited several theme parks in Australia where common praying room, regardless of religion being prepared. Those who used that room know how to respect each other beliefs. How interesting such a country would cater for all religion including Islam and Halal food.

On the issue of the learned Muftis, at this time, I think it is better for them to stay low at let the law determine the outcome. The result of too many comments is proportional to the amount of misinterpretations. Especially when we `perceive' their balls is at stake.

maurice said...

Politicians must realize that most Malaysians nowadays are more concern about the economy, corruption, accountability, transparency rather than the colour of your skin and religious beliefs.

To all peace-loving and moderate Malaysians be on guard and prevent ourselves from falling prey to the forces of extremism which are out to divide the Malaysian society.

Capt's Longhouse said...

Komando,...adoi Yeop Oii !!

,,its the kickback mentality as subsidies to their political fundings as part of their standard corrupted practices or protocol which indeed is an criminal act that the police and macc should concentrated on. Where is the ‘priorities’ to wipe out crime in our country ?. Harap pagar, pagar makan padi, Yeop Oii !!. Rakyat is indeed getting sick with all of these abuses. In God Almighty we trust but these characters are Godless plus braindead, so what do you/me can expect from them ?.
,,, Fat lady with her US$2M piggy bank as finder’s keeper…what bullshit is she trying to escape from !. Its tax free money or funny money from some where and now trying to cover it up ?. Get the macc to investigate it or needing someone to make a police report too ?..b4 action can be carried out ?. Geee !!….what a crazy nation we are in….murderers on the loose…C4 available and not accounted for properly….mati-lah rakyat like this man…adoi !!.
,,, And this from Tengku Razaleigh ..“The government of a multiracial society that cannot rise above sentiment is clearly too weak or too self-interested to hold the country together. It has lost credibility and legitimacy. The regime is in crisis.”

,,,Indeed, the END game. Sorry, I don't have any faith with our present political leadership.
,,,Just an hopeless bunch of selfish characters, I must say it out openly. To Hell with the lot.

...To all our so called learned Muftis, I reserve my comments to a later date perhaps !?.

komando said...


How I wish I had a magic wand and whoosh all these blokes gets swept away for good!
We need peace in this world & we are heading for destruction in this country!
What to do: "harap pagar, pagar makan padi dan makan pagar sekali!"

So that is the Newest proverb in this Bolehland and Semualand the land of Semua Boleh !

Capt's Longhouse said...

Komando, my dear friend !

,,,guess you need some C4, get some help from the police-lah. hehehe. o.k just kidding yaa.
,,,now the situation has come full circle. The country's politician is no longer in a position to 'swept' all the rubbish under the carpet any longer as before.
,,,They have no bloody choice but to reform and develop a tolerance and appreciation for all malaysian.
,,,Malaysian 1st policy regardless of race or religion. Don't ever politicise religion for God Almighty sake please !. Religion is between the individual and God. None of anyone else's business.
,,,Politician to stay away from religious issues, from now and for ever. Don't ever mess around with it. Fighting a battle you/me/everyone can't win, we just need friendship and balance respect plus don't insult the rakyat's intelligence for God's sake.
Salam muhibah-lah.

FMZam said...

My 2 cents told me the Appeal Court is again going to override the High Court and make the ruling in favour of the protestors. I am not against or for, I am a practical person where the word Allah is concerned, if even it is exclusive only for Muslims in Malaysia to use it, it is free for other religions to use it elsewhere outside Malaysia, then what's the point the Muslims here fighting for?

Should the ruling ban the Catholic Weekly Herald from using the word Allah, still the court could not ban the Christians from saying the name Allah in their prayer and religious events, so are the Muslims here going to fight one court battle after another to deal with the use of Allah by the Christians on case by case basis?

muhammad arshad raji said...

Dear All,

Haven't the government realised that in the Armed Forces and the police, everyone, including non muslims carry the word 'Allah' and 'Mohamed' on the head. Just look at their cap badges and you will find the words. Now, if non muslims can wear the cap, why can't they use the word?

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Salam Dato & dear blogers

Care to peruse

Pesawat pejuang dan juruterbangnya adalah pahlawan di medan perang udara dan sejarah langit di Eropah menyaksikan pada 1914 semasa Perang Dunia Pertama dan juga di Timur Tengah bagimana aksi pertempuran di udara mewarnai citra peperangan pada ketika itu.

Kemenangan dalam pertarungan udara (Air Combat) semasa Perang Dunia Pertama dan Kedua bergantung kepada sikap agresif dan kehandalan serta kecekapan juruterbang dalam menggunakan pesawat sebagai satu platform senjata.

Pesawat pejuang dicipta untuk memenangi peperangan dengan ‘air superiority’ untuk menundukkan pesawat musuh dan seterusnya memenangi peperangan yang melibatkan kekuatan di darat dan di lautan sesebuah Negara.

Pesawat pejuang itu adalah terjemahan kepada aksi juruterbang yang mensohorkan kekuatan sentuhan dan mindanya dan ia memberi pandangan yang tidak terganggu daripada ceruk cockpit untuk melaksanakan sebarang tindakan.

Semasa Perang Dunia Pertama pesawat pejuang mempunyai cockpit yang memberi ruang hemispera untuk juruterbang melihat ruang angkasa di atas dan sekelilingnyha, tetapi kemudiannya pada sekitar 40-an cockpit itu seolah-olah menjadi penjara kepada juruterbang yang mengemudikan pesawatnya.

EAGLE said...

Saudara Ramli Abd Rahim!!!
Are you a Malaysian Fighter Pilot?
If so please stop crying when your jet ended up in barrier net at the end of the runway-those were the days.
How to achieve 'Air Superiority'?
Do we need one anyway!!!???
Or do you mean the "Muftis" are the fighter pilot??? Same breed ma!!!

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Saudara Eagle

Imam Ghazali berkata' Ulamak yang baik adalah yang menjauhi pemerintah. Ulamak yang jahat adalah ulamak yang 'menjilat'pemerintah.

Ulamak kena menggunakn ilmunya justeru ketakwaannya kepada Allah.

Ulamak tidak boleh mengampu pemerintah dan mensohorkan yang 'Bathil'.

ALLAH itu ROBB, Tuhan (God -Lord) untuk orang Muslim dan KAFIR.



Persetan aesapa yang guna nama Allah. Kawan saya Chong Ah Watt juga sebut Tuhan Allah. He pronouces it correctly.

Masalah kita yang Muslim. Kita mengaku ALLAH, robb kita, Tuhan kita, tetapi kita mengambil sistem yang bukan daripada SISTEM WAHYU AGAMA SAMAWI.

Kita masing-masing jawab depan Allah di Yaumil Mahsyar. Masa itu KERAJAAN manusia tidak ada. YANG ADA KERAJAAN ALLAH.

Malaysian said...

Oldman Gunner - I disagree that the military should take over the country. If we look at history and other countries that ruled by military you'll realized that they're not as good as it seems. In my opinion, the role of the military is to protect the country from foreign invasion or threat. Domestic issues should be handle by the police, and other government institution. Sadly, we can't rely on the police or other government institution. Fortunate, we've the internet that keep the government in check! For instance, Dato's blog and other fellow blogger keep us inform about the government performance.

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Saudara Matador

"Render to Caesers what is Caeser's and Render to God what us God."

Itu yang terdapat dalam Verse Mathew the Holy Bible.

Itu yang diajar Nabi Isa.

Tetapi Islam adalah agama yang syumul untuk manusia.

Allah tidak tidak kisah kalau seluruh penduduk dunia KAFIR. ALLAH TETAP ALLAH. ALLAH MAHA KAYA. Ini semua boleh dirujuk dalam Al-Quran.

Allah menjelaskan bahawa setiap waktu di kiri kanan kita ada malaikat Kiroman Katibin yang mencatat setiap perbuatan kita.

Sebagai Muslim kita percaya, where ever we are, we are being followed.

Buku tulisan malaikat itu akan diserahkan di Yaumil Mahsyar.

Meaning, di parlimen ada malaikat yang mencatat. Di MINDEF ada malaikat yang mencatat. Enjin kapal terbang F5E hilang ada malikat mencatat.

Dengan tuan hakim boleh bohong. Dengan Allah tak boleh bohong.

Di akhirat (rujuk surah Yassin) pada hari itu Kami kunci mulut mereka dan kami jadikan tangan mereka berkata-kata dan kaki mereka menjadi saksi akan apa yang mereka lakukan semasa di dunia.

I am a Muslim. I belive the existence of the Hereafter.

I am Muslim at home. I am a Muslim in MINDEF.

Ramli Abdul Rahim

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Dear Malaysian,

Look at Cuba, Myanmar and Libya. That will prove the point that the Military can't stand longer.

DWI-FUNGSI ABRI is already a history.

You want to hand over Malaysia to the military.....emmm

What more will be missing after this...emmm

Purnawirawan said...

Dato' semua Mufti sibuk menjaga periuk nasi mereka. Mereka lebih takut dan akur pada kerajaan BN dari takutkan Allah SWT. Inilah maasalah besar yang dihadapi oleh kita diMalaysia sekarang.Mari kita tukar kerajaan yang ada dengan kerajaan alternatif di PRU yang akan datang. Jangan kita banyak cakap lagi, ayoh kita undi beramai ramai parti Barisan Alternatif, bagi mereka peluang memerintah pula. Afterall the power is in the hand of the voters. I am sure given the chance they will try to prove themselves.

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...


"Render to Caesers what is Caeser's and Render to God what is God's."

Cergau said...

YBhg Datuk,
May I have yr permission to provide a link to yr blog? Specifically to Rocky's Bru's blog. I would like someone of your stature to weigh in on this issue with your voice for moderation and intelligent discourse. I doubt I need to remind Datuk that some flaming will be expected. I am certain that folks around this blog will hold their own. If just 1 writer can be convinced to just pause to think I feel it's worth the while.

Malaysian said...

We can't blame one particular political party or politician for the Malaysia problems but us. The current problems didn't happen overnight. It's us that brought it upon ourselves. We shouldn't have voted for candidate based upon their party affiliation only. The right way is to vote for a candidate with integrity to protect all Malaysian rights. Maybe we should vote wisely next time. We as fellow Malaysian should educate other Malaysian how to vote.

We must not vote blindly for DAP, UMNO, PAS, GERAKAN, MCA, PKR, etc.

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Dear readers

Look at Iran. The Government can announce the special occassion of national QIAMULLAIL something that is not mandatory and supposed to be an indiviual form of 'amal fardiah" (amalan persendirian).

Of course the only Islamic country that cHops the thieves hAnds is only Saudi Arabia.

Forget about the US Airforce base in Dahran and their AWACS are being flown by the Americans, and you know Isreal is US proxy in the middle east.

The point I want to drive at is that the power that be is concerned with the survival of the Ummah.

Dakwah should come from upstairs. We shouldn't be telling them what to do.

On the other hand, Addin (religion) is advice. For the prophet. For the Muslims at large.

I am not going to question what are our muftis doing right now.

If we just play dumb, and just become a passive onlooker, then we are waiting for the doomsday.



Malaysian said...

Hi Ramli Abdul Rahim - I think you misunderstood my comment. I was telling OLDgunner it's bad for Malaysia to have military rule.

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Dear Malaysian

It's OK. It was my earlier perception though.

Capt's Longhouse said...

Komando and guys,

,,,good morning everyone! the sun is up and a new day for all malaysian. Lets hope nothing out of the ordinary will pop up. Just surviving nowadays for most families is hard enough. We really don't need any nonsense from these trouble-makers indeed. Bloody criminals as far as am concerned.
,,,with regards to politics, am apolitical but if i may suggest, individual like the likes of Dato Arshad Raji should stand-in as independent candidates-lah. We indeed need such leadership to help manage the nation. Perhaps there are many others from the ex-military too plus others from the civil streets should take this challenge ?. The existing politicians from almost all camps/parties are a bunch of rubbish, if you don't mind me saying it out loud. None of which I would employ from the looks of it..just talkers nil ACTION for he betterment of the rakyat and nation, but instead for their private hidden agenda..bloody bunch of corrupted individuals. In fact, please tell me which one is clean !! Sorry i can't name any to-date. What a bloody shame after 52 years of Merdeka yaa.
,,,even our royal rulers, they are NOT playing any proactive part, as if nothing is expected from them !?.WHY ?? They should polish their act too and earn their living too-lah. No free lunch yaa. Am sure, they can perform better than what is happening. Am not trying to question/challenge them but its for themselves to realise their primary role to play for the betterment of the nation too. No disrespect but one must earn it too. Don't just be a figure head and be fooled by the corrupted politicians as the poor rakyat been at all these while.
,,,to all the melayu, my advise is to wake-up and don't be pushed around like a bloody fool. Many have done so and i salute to all of them but to those that don't, you will be left behind.
,,,BUT most important is that we must THINK & ACT as malaysian first in-order to survive as a nation. Its in the mindset and we all must change for the betterment plus stop playing with the blame game. Nothing is free in this world, one must earn it-lah.
Help should only be given to all those that deserves-kan. Very simple yet why the bloody politicians are making it so difficult ?. why why why ???.
,,,most of us have risked our life for the nation and guess we have the "right" to voice out our dissatisfaction with the present situation plus incompetent leadership without fear or favor. We are almost at the end of our journey in life & living but for the future generation & nation sake, guess some of us should stand up and take this new challenge forward.
....Dato, trust that you would ?. You would get my 100% support plus many others would too, am dead sure about it. May Almighty Allah bless you and your family. The nation needs individual like you too LEAD.


komando said...

Dear Dato Pak Chad, they have been wearing the Cap Badges on their thick skulls for donkey years but never knew & never realized it was there all this while!

They are more interested in fame and fortune!

This issue was brought up many many years ago, the Government have decided it meant no harm, anybody and everybody can use it! Ask all those big guns now in JPM, including YB Dato Jamil Khir!

Ask Tun Mahatir himself lest he claims amnesia again conveniently!

So why now become such a big fuzz!

Can anyone proof I am talking BULL?

I even made a new design proposal of a new cap badge with Malaysian flavor, instead of the British Crown and presented it to JPM - and all other agencies of KDN...all those big guns who saw me and heard what I have to say are still very alive and well, none has died YET!

The response was we want the old one, we want it because it is so sentimental....yah remain a British Crown Colony forever!

"Saya turut perintah tuan, that was all I could say, as a civilian"

aja49 said...

Salam Datuk,

Saya tertarik dengan satu "paragraph" daripada artkel Dr. Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin berjudul "Serangan Ke Atas Gereja" iaitu:-

"Peranan penting para sarjana Islam dan para pemimpin umat Islam di Malaysia ialah mempamirkan ketinggian nilai Islam ini. Amat malang jika kita yang hidup dalam multi-religious society sejak sekian lama tetapi gagal untuk memperkenalkan Islam yang sebenar kepada masyarakat bukan Islam sedangkan berbagai peruntukan dan ruang dimiliki oleh kita."

Bukankah itu satu kegagalan yang sangat besar?

maurice said...

The Malays should be open and accept the word Allah can also be used by fellow Malaysian of Christian faith in their prayers and bibles.The word Allah had already been used by the pagan Arabs to worship their creator god in the pre-Islamic period.So it is illogical and unreasonable to say that the word Allah belongs to the Malays only.

The ex-Minister of Home Affairs, Syed Hamid fell prey to the forces of extremism when he banned The Herald from using the word Allah in the publication.Really sorry to see him thinking and acting in the most archaic and shallow-minded manner that have caused many unnecessary problem to us.Or could it be that he was doing it deliberately to sabotage Najib when he knew his days were numbered with the defeat of Abdullah Badawi.

For the Malays let us not waste time any more.We have many unfinished business such as putting more voluntary effort towards the community.Compared to other communities, the Malays are lagging behind in the area of voluntary work such as using the mesjid to feed the poor, visiting orphanage/welfare/old folks homes, organizing group activities for our young children etc.We need to teach our children the value of hardwork, honesty and respect for the culture and religous beliefs of other fellow Malaysians.This is the only foward for our future generations.

ismeth said...

salam dato'

Astagfirullah Dato'. Apa yg dato' cuba ketengahkan ni?...memang betul ..ALLAH untuk semua orang...tetapi hanya untuk yang beriman dan ISLAM sahaja...sebabnya ALLAH itu ESA...agama lain tuhan mereka pelbagai...jadi adakah betul pendapat Dato' sebelum ni?...jgn kita pekakkan telinga, butakan mata dan hati semata-mata untuk bercakap atas ruang lingkup politik...adakah UMNO salah untuk membetulkan perkara ini bagi mengelakkan perkara yang lebih teruk...dan harus diingat...semua org Islam menjunjung dan mengabdikan diri kepada tuhan yang satu...ALLAH...dan kepada yang bukan Islam ....yahudi dan nasrani...mereka tidak akan sama sekali redha dengan ISLAM dan umatnya sehinggalah kita semua org Islam mengikut mereka...memecahbelahkan kita. Saya menyeru semua saudara kita terutamanya ISLAM berfikr dengan teliti supaya setiap tulisan dan coretan kita tidak menjejaskan AKIDAH....sekian...

ismeth said...


It is true that Allah does not exclusively belong's to anybody.But after thorough analyzing Al will understand that Allah allows only them who truly worship Allahself is acknowledeged as Allah servant.

Argument have been there since Adam.So..we should avoid it when necessary.We never condone any unjust act in name of Allah and religion.There is no justification for that.Ever..

But they who plays with fire should understand the folly of it.It will burn you at the end..Ambon tragedy should be use as a lesson.Our neighbour's have been using Allah name's unoficially since ages..''

Magenta Comm said...

See Hizbut Tahrir's comments:


Keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi pada 31 Disember 2009 lepas yang membenarkan akhbar mingguan Herald-The Catholic Weekly untuk menggunakan kalimah Allah di dalam penerbitan bahasa melayunya telah mengundang kemarahan segelintir umat Islam. Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN) pada 17hb Januari 2009 yang lafu telah melarang akhbar tersebut berbuat demikian, namun ternyata keputusan mahkamah akhirnya berpihak kepada mereka.

Hakim Mahkamah Tinggi Datuk Lau Bee Lan telah memutuskan bahawa akhbar mingguan tersebut mempunyai hak untuk berbuat demikian dari segi Perlembagaan Persekutuan kerana Artikel 11(4) Perlembagaan hanya menghalang orang-orang bukan Islam daripada menggunakan kaiimah Allah untuk menyebarkan agama kepada orang-orang Islam tetapi ia bukanlah larangan untuk orang-orang bukan Islam menggunakannya sesama mereka.

Menurutnya lagi, Artikel 3(1) Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang menyatakan Islam sebagai agama rasmi tidak memberikan kuasa atau membenarkan Menteri Dalam Negeri dan Kerajaan Malaysia untuk menghalang gereja tersebut daripada menggunakan kalimah Allah [UM 1/1/2010].

Umat Islam yang berdemonstrasi membantah keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi memberi hujah bahawa kalimah Allah adalah hak eksklusif umat islam dan agama lain tidak berhak menggunakannya. Sebahagian umat Islam yang membantah menyifatkan bahawa penggunaan. nama Allah oleh akhbar Kristian tersebut boleh mengelirukan akidah umat Islam. Bagaimanapun, kebanyakan pihak yang berdemonstrasi dikatakan terdiri dari puak-puak yang pro-UMNO, kerana itulah mereka diberi liputan besar-besaran oleh media dan pihak polls pula langsung tidak mengambil tindakan atau menghafang para penunjuk perasaan yang melakukan 'demonstrasi haram' ini. Daiam pada itu, Perdana Menteri Malaysia, Datuk Seri Najib Razak meminta umat Islam bertenang sementara dia berjanji akan menyelesaikannya dengan sebaik mungkin di mana beliau akan mengadap Agong dan juga Majlis Raja-Raja dalam masa terdekat.

Magenta Comm said...

Di sebalik apa yang berlaku, tidak kurang juga pihak yang menyifatkan bahawa ada agenda politik di sebalik keputusan ini agar parti pemerintah dapat tampil sebagai jaguh dalam 'mernpertaharikan' Islam, di samping dapat menutup segaia kemelut dalaman yang semakin banyak dan semakin parah, Apa pun, kerajaan telah memberi jaminan bahawa mereka akan merayu terhadap keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi ini. Dalam pada itu, ada juga pihak yang mencadangkan penyelesaian luar mahkamah terhadap isu ini dengan mencadangkan agar diadakan dialog di antara pemimpin tertinggi setiap agama bagi mencapai kesepakatan. Dengan kata lain, konsep 'dialog antara agama' telah kembali menjadi modal akal untuk menyelesaikan masalah. Walhal, konsep ini jelas-jelas merupakan perangkap kuffar terhadap umat Islam bagi mengiktiraf agama mereka yang sesat itu. Alih-alih ingin menyelesaikan masalah, umat Islam terus memasuki perangkap kuffar dengan konsep pluralisme [sila baca SN76 Dialog Antara Peradaban: Umat Islam Terperangkap Dafam Agenda Kufur]. Walaupun kekhuatiran sebahagian umat Islam bahawa penggunaan kalimah Allah oleh puak kuffar ini akan menyebabkan kekeliruan ada asasnya, namun ia hendakiah dijawab dengan nas, bukannya emosi atau akal semata-mata.

Iniiah pendirian yang harus diambil oleh kita sebagai seorang Muslim.
Bolehkah Orang Kafir Menggunakan Kalimah Allah?

Penggunaan kalimah Allah ini telah pun wujud sebelum zaman Rasululiah SAW diutus lagi. Di Mekah sendiri ketika itu, orang-orang kafir Quraisy sudah pun menggunakan nama Allah di dalam kehidupan seharian mereka, baik semasa beribadat mahupun dalam sumpah mereka. Sehinggalah Muhammad diangkat menjadi Rasul, penyebutan kalimah Allah tetap menjadi kebiasaan mereka, baik oleh kafir Ahli Kitab mahupun kafir Musyrik. Namun hari ini tidak pernah dihalang oleh Rasululiah SAW. Sebaliknya apa yang dikecam oleh Rasulullah adalah perbuatan mereka yang mensyirikkan Allah dan tidak mahu beriman dengan Al-Quran. Dengan kata lain, yang menjadi perhatian Rasulullah adalah akidah dan juga sistem mereka yang rosak di mana telah berlaku penyimpangan dalam aqidah dan sistem yang mereka terapkan. Namun demikian, terdapat keadaan di mana Allah sendiri yang mengecam dan melaknat golongan kuffar ini apabila mereka telah menyalahgunakan dan meletakkan Allah di tempat yang salah.

Magenta Comm said...

(1) Penggunaan Yang Benar - Terdapat banyak ayat AI-Quran di mana Allah tidak mengecam orang-orang kafir menggunakan namaNya, tapi apa yang dikecam oleh Allah adalah perbuatan mereka yang tidak beriman kepadaNya, Antaranya firman Allah; "Dan Demi sesungguhnya! Jlka engkau (wahai Muhammad) bertanya kepada mereka (orang-orang kafir}, 'Siapakah yang menciptakan mereka?' sudah tentu mereka akan mnenjawab, 'Allah'. Maka bagaimanakah mereka boleh dipalingkan (dan menyembah Allah)? Dan (Allah mengetahui) ucapan (Muhammad) yang berkata, Wahai Tuhanku! Sesungguhnya mereka ini adalah satu kaum yang tidak beriman!" [TMQ al-Zukhruf (43):87-88]. Firman Allah dalam ayat yang lain, "Dan sesungguhnya jika engkau bertanya kepada mereka, 'siapakah yang menjadikan langit dan bumi dan menundukkan matahari dan bulan?' Tentu mereka akan menjawab, 'Allah', maka betapakah mereka (dapat) dipalingkan (dari jalan yang benar)? [TMQ al-Ankabut (29):61].

Allah juga mengecam orang-orang kafir yang, walaupun meyakini Allah dan menggunakan kalimah Allah, tetapi menyekutukanNya. FirmanNya, "Ingatlah! Untuk Allah agama yang bersih (dari syirik). Dan orang-orang yang mengambil pelindung selain Allah berkata, 'Kami tidak menyembah mereka melainkan supaya mereka mendekatkan kami kepada Allah dengan sedekat-dekatnya. Sesungguhnya Allah akan memutuskan di antara mereka tentang apa yang mereka berselisih padanya. Sesungguhnya Allah tidak menunjuk orang-orang yang berdusta dan sangat kufur. [TMQ al-Zumar (39):3].

Di dalam Sirah Ibn Hisyam, juga di dalam banyak hadis mengenai perjanjian Hudaibiyah di antara Nabi SAW dengan kafir Quraish, disebutkan bahawa, tatkala Quraish membuat perjanjian damai dengan Nabi SAW, antara wakil Quraish ialah Suhail bin Amru. Apabila Nabi SAW memerintahkan agar Ali k.w menulis di permulaan perjanjian kalimah 'Bismillahirrahmanirrahim', Suhail berkata, 'Adapun Bismillah (dengan nama Allah), maka kami tidak tahu apa itu Bismillahirrahmanirrahim'. Maka Nabi SAW pun memerintahkan agar AM memadam kalimah tersebut dan menggantikannya dengan 'Bismikalahumma' (dengan namaMu Ya Allah).
Banyak lagi nas lainnya yang menunjukkan bahawa orang-orang kafir boleh menggunakan nama Allah. Mafhum yang dapat diambil daripada nas-nas di atas adalah Islam tidak melarang penggunaan kalimah Allah oleh orang-orang kafir tetapi apa yang Allah larang adalah perbuatan orang-orang kafir yang tidak beriman dan menyekutukan Allah. Kesimpulannya, Islam tidak menghalang penggunaan kalimah Allah oleh orang-orang kafir tetapi dengan syarat ia hendaklah digunakan di dalam konteks yang benar yakni Allah sebagai Tuhan bagi semua manusia, alam semesta dan juga kehidupan. Umat Islam tidak seharusnya terus melenting apabila nama Allah digunakan oleh orang kafir, namun harus dilihat terlebih dahulu konteks penggunaannya. Bahkan dalam beberapa keadaan, penggunaan kalimah Allah oleh orang-orang kafir mendedahkan dan membuktikan lagi kesesatan kepercayaan agama mereka

Magenta Comm said...

(ii) Penggunaan Yang Salah - Sememangnya terjadi di zaman Rasulullah di mana nama Allah telah digunakan di dalam konteks yang salah oleh orang-orang kafir. Dan hal yang sama boleh berlaku pada bila-bila zaman/masa sekalipun. Firman Allah, "Wahai ahli kitab, janganlah kamu melampau dalam agamamu, dan janganlah kamu mengatakan terhadap Allah kecuali yang benar. Sesungguhnya AI-Masih, Isa anak Maryam itu adalah utusan Allah dan (yang diciptakan dengan kalimatNya) yang disampaikan kepada Maryam, dan (dengan tiupan)roh (dariNya). Maka berimanlah kepada Allah dan RasulNya*mn janganlah mengatakan (Tuhan itu) tiga ('trinity')..."

[TMQ an-Nisa(4):171]. Dalam ayat lain Allah menyebut, "Sesungguhnya telah kafirlah orang-orang yang berkata, 'Sesungguhnya Allah adalah al-Masih putera Maryam..."[TMQ Al Maidah (5):72]. Dalam ayat berikutnya (ayat 73) Allah menyebut, "Sesungguhnya telah kafirlah orang-orang yang berkata, 'Bahawasanya Allah adalah salah satu dan yang tiga (trinity)'. Padahal tiada Tuhan (yang berhak disembah) melainkan Tuhan Yang Maha Esa. Jika mereka tidak berhenti dari apa yang mereka katakan itu, pasti orang-orang yang kafir di antara mereka akan ditimpa seksaan yang pedih"
Allah melarang sama sekali malah mencela mereka yang menggunakan namaNya dalam konteks yang salah yakni dengan menjadikanNya sebagai salah satu dari tuhan-tuhan. Walhal demi Sesungguhnya Allah adalah satu-satunya Tuhan. Secara khusus di dalam ayat di atas, Allah mencela golongan Kristian yang menyebut atau menjadikan Allah sebagai salah satu dari tiga tuhan (trinity). Dan Allah sendiri akan mengazab mereka yang telah menyekutukan atau mengkufuriNya. Di dalam ayat lain, Allah turut melaknat orang-orang Yahudi yang menggunakan nama Allah dalam konteks yang salah, "Orang-orang Yahudi berkata, "Tangan Allah terbelenggu" sebenarnya tangan merekalah yang dibelenggu dan merekalah yang dilaknat disebabkan apa yang telah mereka katakan itu" [TMQ Al Maidah (5):64].

Oleh yang demikian, jika ada orang-orang kafir yang menggunakan nama Allah, maka hal ini hendaklah diperhatikan terlebih dahulu konteks penggunaannya. Jika mereka menggunakan nama Allah untuk merujuk Allah sebagai Tuhan kepada semua manusia, alam dan kehidupan, maka benarlah adanya. Tetapi jika mereka menggunakan nama Allah untuk merujuk Allah sebagai bapa AI-Masih Isa anak Maryam, sebagai merujuk kepada berhala mereka atau menyekutukanNya, atau meletakkan Allah dengan sifat yang salah (seperti surah 5:64 di atas), maka kesemua ini adalah salah dan batil. Ukuran benar atau salah, atau boleh atau tidak bagi orang-orang kafir menggunakan kalimah Allah, semuanya hendaklah beristidlal kepada Al-Quran atau Sunnah, sebagai satu-satunya nas, Kita sama sekali tidak boleh menjadikan Perlembagaan Persekutuan sebagai dalil 'boleh atau tidak' orang-orang kafir menggunakan nama Allah. Bagi mahkamah kufur, sudah semestinyalah mereka akan berpegang kepada Perlembagaan kufur, tetapi bagi kita, Perlembagaan itu langsung tidak ada nilainya di dalam mengukur sesuatu hukum atau perbuatan. Kebenaran itu ada pada Al-Quran, bukannya pada Perlembagaan.

Magenta Comm said...

Al-Quran dan Sunnahlah yang wajib menjadi nas, bukannya undang-undang ciptaan manusia! Justeru, apa sahaja keputusan mahkamah, baik berpihak kepada gereja atau kepada KDN, kesemuanya bukanlah ukuran kebenaran!

Nama Allah Diperjuang, Kenapa HukumNya Dibuang?,

Setakat kajian yang telah dilakukan, dari dulu hingga sekarang pihak Kristian tidak pernah menggunakan perkataan 'Allah' sebagai Tuhan, baik di dalam kitab mahupun penulisan rasmi mereka, tetapi mereka menggunakan perkataan 'God'. Lantas apakah agenda mereka kali ini sebenarnya? Tidak mustahil bahawa ini merupakan usaha terbaru mereka untuk mendakwahkan agama Kristian di kalangan orang Islam. 'God' diterjemah kepada 'Allah' supaya mudah difahami oleh anak-
anak muda yang pastinya akan menolak sekiranya Nabi Isa dikatakan sebagai Tuhan. Hakikatnya, apa yang perlu disedari dan dilawan adalah keseluruhan dakyah Kristian itu sendiri, bukannya terperangkap dengan isu istilah yang mereka gunakan. Kita perlu bertanya kepada pihak yang bertanggungjawab apakah langkah yang mereka laksanakan untuk memantapkan dan menjaga akidah umat Islam? Apakah jalan yang mereka tempuh apabila mereka melihat para pendakwah Kristian gemar menarik anak-anak muda ke agama Kristian? Apa pula tindakan pemerintah ke atas kes-kes murtad yang semakin bertambah?

Kita memang yakin bahawa golongan Kristian dan Yahudi tidak akan henti-henti cuba menyesatkan umat Islam. Allah telah pun mengingatkan kita tentang perangai dua golongan kuffar ini. Ratusan tahun lamanya mereka berjuang melalui serangan missionaris dan juga orientalis untuk menjatuhkan Islam dari dalam. Setelah ratusan tahun berusaha, mereka akhirnya berjaya melemahkan dan menghancurkan bukan sahaja umat Islam, malah Daulah Islam sekaligus. Khilafah berjaya mereka runtuhkan. Sejak itu hingga kini, usaha mereka masih tetap berterusan. Namun perlu diingat bahawa usaha jahat mereka sering mencapai kejayaan kerana lemahnya akidah umat Islam itu sendiri dan yang lebih utama, adanya 'kerjasama' dan 'bantuan' dari pihak pemerintah kaum Muslimin. Sekiranya akidah umat Islam itu lemah, tetapi jika sistem yang berjalan adalah sistem Islam, maka sistem ini akan dengan sendirinya menjaga akidah umat melalui penerapan hukum Islam yang syumul. Tetapi, dengan penerapan sistem sekular yang memisahkan agama dari kehidupan, maka para pemerintahlah yang telah mempermudahkan laluan puak kuffar ini untuk menyebarkan dakyah sesat mereka ke atas umat Islam. Apa tidaknya, pemerintah telah 'menyediakan' satu sistem demokrasi kufur yang diambil dari Barat, mereka juga menyediakan mahkamah kufur dengan undang-undang kufur, malah kadang-kadang hakim kafir atau jika hakim itu beragama Islam sekalipun, 'kepala'nya dipenuhi dengan pemikiran dan hukum kufur. Semua ini telah mempermudahkan apa sahaja agenda jahat golongan kuffar ke atas umat Islam.

Magenta Comm said...


Wahai kaum Muslimin! Jika kalian merasakan bahawa puak kuffar ingin memperdaya kalian, sedarlah bahawa itulah juga yang sedang dilakukan oleh pemerintah sekular yang ada sekarang. Mereka telah lama memperdaya kalian dan mereka akan terus memperdaya kalian. Bila timbul isu sebegini contohnya, para pemerintah cuba berlagak sebagai penyelamat. Dengan memperjuangkan nama Allah, mereka menunjukkan seolah-olah merekalah golongan yang memperjuangkan Islam. Begitu juga segelintir umat Islam, sama ada mereka adalah talibarut pemerintah atau mereka yang ikhlas namun terkeliru di dalam perjuangan, terus bangkit dan menyuarakan kemarahan terhadap penggunaan nama Allah. Sungguh malang apabila hal ini terjadi di mana 'nama' Allah mereka perjuangkan, namun 'hukum' Allah mereka bakul sampahkan.

Sesungguhnya sesuatu yang jauh lebih berbahaya yang sedang kita hadapi sekarang adalah penerapan hukum kufur oleh pemerintah ke atas kita semua. Mereka kononnya menjaga nama Allah habis-habisan, tetapi hakikatnya mereka telah membuang hukum Allah habis-habisan. Inilah yang sepatutnya menjadi bantahan umat Islam. Adanya keputusan mahkamah kufur adalah kerana adanya kerajaan yang mewujudkannya. Justeru, bukan sekadar penyesatan melalui penggunaan nama Allah yang boleh puak kuffar lakukan, namun yang jauh lebih serius dari itu, umat Islam telah terlalu lama berada di bawah kesesatan undang-undang dan sistem kufur yang diterapkan oleh pemerintah yang beragama Islam. Sesungguhnya amat jeleklah bagi mereka yang bersungguh-sungguh menunjukkan kehebatan di dalam melaungkan pembelaan terhadap penggunaan nama Allah tetapi mereka sendiri mengotori tangan-tangan mereka dengan mencampakkan hukum Allah dan menerapkan sistem kufur buatan tangan mereka sendiri. Bagai ayam si tombong, kokok berderai-derai, ekor bergelimang najis.

Nasyrah Mingguan HizbutTahrir Malaysia (HTM)
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Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,lets get to the root cause ? and may I repeat the follow again;-

,,,the feudalism of malay society is what needs addressing by the existing leadership i.e. the political rajas since they have kind of robbed that role from the sultan rajas. If the value system and ethical code needs changing then either these leaders lead or its up to new leadership like the likes of you and many others to show the way by good examples. Such in a feudal society of ours, leadership plays indeed a BIG role. Its also about time that the islamic faith be properly interpreted to our malay brothers/sisters without fear or favor. Most unfortunately the present malay society indeed needs therapeutic diagnosis and assistence, such is the desperate situation in which most malay find themselves but there is no one to turn too readily. So they can easily be taken advantage of and dominated by dirty politicians and the likes.
,,,In actual fact, all MALAYSIAN society needs such a review, in the attempt to pinpoint our basic faults that must be corrected or adjusted to help progress forward for a better nation.
,,,In ALLAH’s name, lets all utilize this subject issue in good faith and perhaps its just the tip of the iceberg for bigger things.
,,,Lets not hit around the bush anymore-lah, we need to reform our mindset plus thinking about it in a positive manner.

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,am not a qualified sociologist but my take is that WE malaysian are undergoing a major reconstruction of an New Malaysian Society in terms of culture and values. From a combination of very traditional society due to our many Asean or Asian plus Muslim/non-Muslim roots and now kind of infested plus daily exposure with so called modern Western values….and indeed we are struggling at it for the right balance.
,,,to have and getting into one combined malaysian society (1nation as a new term), we have to remember that our social system was enforced by an absolute ‘feudal type’ and ‘othering type’ of political system for the past period of time and still is, for many generations, eventually permeating and shaping culture and becoming not only the acceptable standard by which all behavior was judged, also synonymous with one’s identity as Malaysian. The existing social and political systems in our country were primarily designed to maintain the status quo, and to prevent changes that would creat friction and disunity or alter the power structure. BUT yet such ‘changes’ is what actually required in the positive manner as the way forward.
,,,all malaysian have a highly sensitive cultural antenna with which things are measured and it is taken automatically, without conscious effort, kind of an conditioned reflex borned with !. Undoing this natural reflex is not an impossible tasking but its happening due to the ‘cultural mixture’ of our new malaysian society at large.
,,,undoing or reviewing certain “rights” and being aware of the potential problems will go a long way forward in minimizing the development of "ill will" between the older and newcomers of our new progressive malaysian society.

Magenta Comm said...

Dear Dato'

America is the melting pot of all races and after 200 years of independence and struggle, they managed to put a non white at the White House.

Root Course? Alex Haley?

I am watching Malaysia is in a state of limbo in search of its national identity.

Are we sincere enough to see 1Malaysia and a figure such as Kanang anak Langkau can be also Malaysian PM?
I wonder.

The root for Muslim is akidah which can not be traded with anything worldy, be it jawatan at JPM or whatever.

So how are we to be indentified then? A Malaysian first then a Muslim, a Punjabi or what is it my dear bloggers and readers?

This identity crisis is spawn from where?


Capt's Longhouse said...

Guys, sorry but please hear me out again !?. Just wondering about “Preachers of Bad Faith plus Dirty Politicians” !?.

,,,Indeed, there are misguided missionaries plus also dirty politicians everywhere in this country of ours, both getting carried away, distorting even in God’s Faith and hell bound to "convert" or "politically con" others in the name of the “Almighty GOD”, in such manner even God forbids !.
,,, I don’t know, but it certainly is something that we should think about a lot too for the sake of a better nation and for the future generation.
,,,However, lets not lose in one’s Faith in Faith. I sincerely pray not. Almighty Allah forbid's !.
,,,Am not here to convert/preach anyone, as far as religion its btw oneself and God plus its very sacred by itself to be religious too .i.e.considered worthy of spiritual respect. And indeed, my salute to the individual concerned.
,,,As a muslim, other muslims are my brothers & sisters too BUT that does not make the "others" as my enemy. In fact, in this country of ours I have problems with 'politicalised Islamic individuals' and the way things are happening around me even in the mosque at times especially in K.T. The amount of nonsense being preached relating politics and islam, indeed pains me. So much so, I have to find neutral mosque for my friday prayers and rather perform the daily prayers in my own room, plus away from the mosque due to the disturbing talks carried out by radical Islamic preachers.
,,,with regards to "misguided missionaries" indeed there are of such characters that the authorities should investigate and put a stop to their nonsense too in-order not to cause mischief in the country. But if one's religious fundamental is well rooted in, I don't think this current "ALLAH" usage would be an issue to the individual-lah.
,,,the trouble with our country is that the Malays in general feels that Islam is their sole right property and as part of their culture that others i.e. non-muslim or non-malay should not get involved with the islamic religion. A very sensitive subject issue and only the muslim malays know best about it !. The "othering" mentality type of politics indeed makes it worse too.
,,,In fact, most MALAYs have an issue religiously within themselves that needs to be properly addressed from the way I see it. BUT the bodoh sombong attitude is holding back this process, if am not wrong !. We really need some kind of reform in our thinking and unfortunately our political leaders are generally not up to it. This issue is going to be worse if the leadership does not change their methodology and mentality too. The opportunity to correct these short coming should be capitalized since the TIME is right for it and its never too late. Its about time too, if you were to ask me.

Capt's Longhouse said...

Guys, can i also share with you a note from another blogger buddy of mine on this issue ?.....

"...I have been pondering on taking the siege mentality because of that you are apparently trying to warn us of!

When we visited Egypt, we found the very in the minority Coptic Christians using terms: Assalamualaikum, MashaAllah, AlhamdulilLah, SubhananAllah, Allahuakbar in exactly the very contexts we Muslims have been enjoined by being Muslims if not our Aqidah so requires. Yet you/they could not be mistaken that they were not Muslims (even by our Malay eyes who can't tell the difference between Arabs!)in the manner they dress (especially their women). The fact is the Coptic Christians (numbers always about the same percentage of total population) still remain distinctively vibrant and apart from the Muslim majority for centuries till today.

Wahai orang-orang Melayu - the factor we may perhaps be overlooking in our entrenched views is they/we must keep very strong and personal their/our respective Aqidah. Should we/our children be losing the Aqidah whether in our or in future generations, we have none to blame but ourselves.

RasululLah (SAW) has been reminding ... we are Muslims in the Morning but can become Kafir by Nightfall ....and we will have become zalim to ourselves on our own making!..."

Malaysian said...

We're all fellow human beings. We should worry about reducing crime rates (especially rape cases), inflation rate, unemployment rates, corruption cases, etc. Heck! The living expenses is so high in KL I can't imagine a poor Malaysian (Malay, Indian, Chinese, Kadazan)with family can survive living on RM2000 only. We need to solve critical problems and not worry about the word.

komando said...

The second class Malays are weak and they like blaming others for all their faults!

The first class malays are true muslims which fear no man but allah!

If they educate & teach their children the true islamic teachings, there is no fear for any one out there!

Nobody will convert nobody, if the AKIDAH and IMAN is strong!

We have muslims driniking beer, brandy, gambling, visiting prostitutes and all committing the vices, yet we are least bothered!

Why do natural born muslims become murtard?

Some coverts revert back after marriage breakups! Some felt left out! Some lost themselves!

The root causes of these problems was never studied, never revealed! WHY? Or was studied and too a shame to reveal !

Of course it is the weaklings that always fall prey to the devil!

So why worry if our conviction is strong in what we trust and believe!

p/s muftis are government servants, they lose everything if they speak the truth...becos the truth HURTS!

So is like the IMAM besar of Masjid Negara..a good living example!

komando said...

If a true Muslim understand Islam he fears nothing...reading even a bible is a big tabooo and no no in this country lest they called you SESAT!

Why should we be afraid?
IS it not a fact that the almighty says before prophet nabi muhammed s.a.w. there were 24 other Nabi's, and there were other Kitabs!

The real text are gone the adulterated ones are what we have!

So read the bible and fear nothing we can evaluate it and see what is said!

Information makes us a better person!

We fear the devil more then we fear god, that is the problem...does it say anywhere that a muslim cannot read a bible?

Or it is only in Malaysia ?

Ignorance is the biggest FEAR, just like people fear the PIRAHNA fish....eats humans!

komando said...

Tuhan turunkan bala!

UMNO malays and muslims cannot accept hukum HUDUD !

Maka terima lah segala nya!
They are the biggest culprits indeed!

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Dear Komando

Muslims have been sleeping since 24 March 1924 since the demise of Khilafa Uthmaniyah.

We saw how the Lawrence of Arabiyya help drive the Turks from Hijaz soils.

Mustafa Kamal Atarturk is the father of secularism.

Islam at the Crossroads was written by a revert Jew Mohammad Assad. The comments he made, "If I encountered Muslims first, I won't have converted to Islam. But I encountered Islam first." That's how he saw Muslims in India during his time (1934).

Malaysian Muslims in Malaysia? We are Muslims by birth. Suddenly we are Muslims.

Care to read "The Meaning of Living as a Muslim" by Fathy Yakan.

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Dear bloggers

Corruption is not listed as THE BIG SINS such as zina (adultery) and consuming intoxicated drinks (arak).

When talking about corruption we cannot make comparison the way Pak Pandir does and he says to Mak Andeh "Bukan anak kita saja mati Mak Andeh, anak orang lain juga mati," that's how he decribes another baby corpse he saw on the way back home from burying his son at the cemetery when actually it was his own baby.

Stop camparing with Myanmar or Zimbabwe.

Corruption big or small is still a sin.

Biro Tata Negara should include CORRUPTION IS VICE THAT CAN KILL A NATION in their revised syllabus.

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Salamatan wa tahiyyatan

Dear Dato' and bloggers

This crusade against corruption is a noble job as part of Amar Makruf Nahi Munkar.

If this is done with the intention of acquiring mardhatillah (Keredhaan Allah), then this amal will be rewarded in the Hereafter.

The extension of this crusade is to do deep soul searching for the betterment of the whole ummah.

We have been bombarded all this while with rhetorical endless bombastic cliche suffocating our throats.

I reckon the time for action has come and Allah has warned us in the Holy Quran "Why do you say what you don't do." (Lima taquluna mala taf'aluun).

Back to basics. Charity begins at home. We have to do in-house cleaning starting from our very own home. Only then it can be translated at national level.

The wound afflicted has been so deep. It's better late than never.
The longer we wait, the longer everything will rot. When everything is no longer beyond repair,then we can utter TALQIN to this coming moribund generations.

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Comments from Ustaz Tabligh:

(Pemimpin dan ahli politik terutamanya UMNO, PAS dan PKR, tolonglah tengok
masalah rakyat tahun 2010 ini yang semakin mencabar)

Apa kata Ustaz Hambali (sahabat saya yang bergiat aktif dalam Tabligh di
Seremban dan seluruh dunia) mengenai isu kalimah ALLAH :

Remaja-remaja yang telah runtuh akhlak dan moral dengan berbagai maksiat, dari
tangkapan khalwat malam Tahun Baharu di hotel-hotel baget sampailah kepada
amalan zikir ‘Black Metal’.

Namun kita masih lagi mencari penyelesaian dengan demontrasi jalanan serta
bergeseran sesama sendiri memberi hujah demi hujah membenarkan kalimah Allah
digunapakai oleh penganut Kristian di Malaysia.

Kita berteriak agar Islam jangan dihina dengan penggunaan kalimat 'Allah' namun
amalan asas agama masih lagi tercicir di dalam masyarakat kita.

Kehadiran untuk Solat Suboh di masjid dan surau masih lagi boleh dikira dengan

Penulis tidak bermaksud menghina dan mengondem mereka-mereka yang berdemontrasi
namun itulah hakikatnya apa yang sedang berlaku di dalam masyarakat kita.
Kelemahan kitalah yang menyebabkan musuh mengambil kesempatan atas ruang-ruang
yang ada.

Saudara-saudaraku semua renunglah sejenak. Marilah kita kembali semula kepada
amalan awal umat ini di dalam membentuk generasi Islam yang utuh. Kembali kepada
amalan DAKWAH sebagaimana yang dilakukan oleh Nabi saw dan sahabat rhum.

Ulasan penuh beliau di\

Capt's Longhouse said...

just another reminder,

,,,And so the lesson is enforced that true virtue lies in practical deeds of manlinss, kindness, and good faith.

…exhortation to Faith, Obedience, a sense of Personal Responsibility, and Prayer.

,,,when faith is lost, people put off obedience with various excuses; even when at last they obey in the letter, they fail in the spirit, which means that they get fossilised, and their self-sufficiency prevents them from seeing that spiritually thay are not alive but dead. For life is movement, activity, striving, fighting against baser things.



maurice said...

Reza Aslan in his book, " No God but God: The Origins, Evolution and Future of islam" says, " It may be too early to know who will write the next chapter of Islam's story, but it is not too early to recognize who will ultimately win the war between reform and counterreform.When fifteen centuries ago prophet Muhammad SAW launched a revolution in Mecca to replace the archaic, rigid, and inequitable strictures of tribal society with a radically new vision of divine morality and social egalitarianism, he tore apart the fabric of Arab society.It took many years of violence and devastation to cleanse the Hijaz of its "false idols."It will take many more years to cleanse Islam of its new false idols-bigotry and fanaticism- worshipped by those who have replaced prophet Muhammad SAW original vision of tolerance and unity with their own ideals of hatred and discord.But the cleansing is inevitable, and the tide of reform cannot be stopped.The Islamic Reformation is alredy here.We are all living in it."

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,Geee !!….”Hishammuddin reminded the people not to be influenced by foreign and internet media reports as these could be inaccurate and project the country as unstable”….but never, that Umno, Najib and Hishammuddin failure to address the “Allah issue” professionally and properly. Hey, be real guys !! as if nothing is happening outside your beautiful house ?.
,,,The, Yang di-Pertuan Agong serta Raja-Raja Melayu should take the lead since Islamic issues are under their domain and not for the politicians to play/fool around with-lah. It will just make it worse Bro.
,,,we all want a peaceful nation to live in and please don’t screw it up….Don’t go bananas and with the blame game!!…just convene a group of nonpartisan experts who would indeed calmly and methodically examine what went wrong and then issue a set of recommendations to improve the situation-lah.
……plus, Salam Muhibah to all Malaysian…..its kind of late nights again and again wow !! to bed-lah…. Good day tomorrow yaa…stop all these nonsense and lets carry on with life & living.
,,,tea tarik no sugar for me !…please.

Malaysian said...

Capt Longhouse,

How could you expect Hishamuddin and PM to do anything on the incident? Are they not the folks that started it? Didn't our leaders and generals that accept money from the arm dealers?

Are they creating the current problems to divert our attention on more critical problems?

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

-The Church Burning.....

Malaysia (June 24, 2009) Rear Adm. Nora W. Tyson, Commander, Logistics Group Western Pacific, greets boys at Seberan Tayor Primary School.

In 2007, the Malaysian government decided to ban non-Muslims from using the word 'Allah' in their literature.

At the end of 2009, a High Court judge ruled that Christians 'have a constitutional right to use Allah''.

The word 'Allah' is the word used by Christians in Malta, Indonesia, Malaysia and elsewhere to describe God.

Malaysia's main ruling party, and the main opposition party, are competing for the Malay-Muslim vote.

At the same time, the ruling party, and the opposition, do not want to lose the support of the non-Muslims.

The Census in 2000 showed that 60.4% of the total population of Malaysia are Muslims.[1]

But many Malaysian Moslems are infrequent visitors to mosques and very few vote for Moslem parties.

On 8 January 2010, it was reported that four Christian churches in Malaysia have been attacked.

A witness saw four people on two motorcycles breaking the glass front of a church and throwing an incendiary object inside before fleeing. (Malaysian churches attacked)

Malaysia's former prime minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, said that Jews rule the world by "proxy" (Mahathir attack on Jews - Oct. 16, 2003 )

Are Mossad, and the CIA, trying a policy of divide and rule?

Malaysia is a moderate, mainly secular country with a relatively successful economy.

In elections, the Islamic parties usually perform badly and a secular party, the National Front, wins most of the votes.

Malaysia has criticised the war policies of the Pentagon and Israel.

The Pentagon and Israel do not favour moderate, secular Moslem countries because they do not obey the dictates of the Pentagon and Israel.

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...


The series of 38 church bombings on Christmas Eve, 2000, killed 19 people in 11 Indonesian cities. (Source: Kopassus)

Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) was blamed.

However, in February 2001, the respected Indonesian newsweekly Tempo published a cover story suggesting links between the bombings and the Indonesian military, the TNI.

The article pointed out that Edi Sugiarto, who was quickly arrested and confessed to assembling 15 of the bombs used in the town of Medan, has long run a car repair shop in the province of Aceh, where a separatist group named GAM has been fighting for many years.

Members of TNI and Indonesia’s special forces, Kopassus, regularly went to his shop for repairs and just to hang out.

As a result, GAM claimed he was a TNI lackey and burned down his shop and house in 1997.

Phone records also indicated that Sugiarto called Fauzi Hasbi seven times before the bombings.

Hasbi is a leader of JI, but Tempo outed him as an Indonesian government mole.

In 2005, two years after Hasbi’s death, the Australian television program SBS Dateline provided additional evidence of Hasbi’s long-time links to the TNI.

Fasbi also called Jacob Tanwijaya, a businessman well connected with the TNI, 35 times.
That businessman in turn talked on the phone to Lt. Col. Iwan Prilianto, a Kopassus special forces intelligence officer, over 70 times. (Source: Kopassus)

Malaysian said...

Eight church being attack! Are they trying to declare state of emergency? UMNO is real good at causing problem!

Capt's Longhouse said...

Dear malaysian,

,,,everyone knows it, the two cousins' lack in Leadership qualities and indeed paid for at the expence of the nation. Geee!
,,,frankly, its a little disturbing to be writing such comments but in some way, we all matured Malaysians know what is right and what is at bloody stake too. However, its wrong to take the law into one's hand, as such it must follow that the due legal process must be unhindered and indeed untainted too. Its about levying appropriate penalties against those that break the law and those that choose to fracture plus fragment all that we honest malaysian have built up to-date.
,,,my mind just boggles too, how can we all progress and prosper forward as a country without social cohesion and be bloody resilience, with such characters and their deeply fixed blinkering and clandestine plus stupid discriminating mindsets !.

i rest my case

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Inspector Sahab (Hindi movies character) must be smiling to watch my beloved country in the world circus.

komando said...

We will wait for Jibby to say that the US secret agents are burning the churches and mosques pretty soon!

Nazri "MikhQail" said...

Salam Dato, I agree with you that "right thinking faithful Muslims cannot easily be confused with the definition of Allah". However, to me on a personal level, I cannot accept the idea of having two different conflicting definitions or concepts to be coined in one single same terminology. What more the issue here revolves around language, where the direct translation of "God" in Malay is "Tuhan" not "Allah". If we are in the middle east then perhaps it's acceptable because it's been established that the Arabs refer to "God" as "Allah" in their own mother tongue. Hence, I cannot help to think why else would this Murphy Pakiam (not sure if he represents the sentiments of all Catholics) be adamant in using the word "Allah", unless he has some skewed agenda.

But putting my suspicion aside, I personally feel I'm not relieved from my duty as a Muslim to defend the true definition of "Allah" and for it not to be mis-used by another religion with a totally contrast definition for that same particular term. As the Al-Quran clearly states in chapter 112 surah Al-Ikhlas (The Purity of Faith) "1 Say: He is God, the One and Only; 2 God, the Eternal Absolute; 3 He begetteth not, nor is He begotten; 4 And there is none like unto Him". This clearly put Catholic's definition of "Allah" at conflict with the Muslim's definition, where the Catholics believe in the concept of "Divine Trinity - The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost". As a Muslim, I personally feel that the last verse in Surah Al-Ikhlas "112:4 And there is none like unto Him" calls for all right thinking faithful Muslims to defend and preserve the true definition of "Allah" from being mis-used.

Of course this is just my personal opinion and I may not speak for all Muslims. Wallahualam...

Malaysian said...

Capt longhouse,

You're right about my comment. So, I'm sorry about the last comment.

komando said...

Folks we are fond of making a joke and mockery out of everything!

Remember we had two different Hari Raya celebrations at one time in one country one year!

Now, The KING says respect the courts decision, this is from the palace!

We have another state Sultan says no way hozey, not in my state !

So who is to be leading this issue?
a. Courts
c. Sultan
d. Political Parties
e. Ulama
f. Ngo's - excluding churches

So many players, no referee and no lines man, no time keeper either!
Who is to decide finally ?
Everybody has powers NOW!

Pening kepala woi!

Nazri "MikhQail" said...


What's the problem? We follow the tenets of Malaysian Federation laa.

1) Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan
2) Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara
3) Keluhuran Perlembagaan
4) Kedaulatan Undang-undang
5) Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan

The above does not mention anything about courts, political parties, ulama or NGOs. Now, if there is a conflict of idea between Yang DiPertuan Agong and the Sultan of Selangor... then depends laa who you gonna follow. But I'm gonna personally go with Sultan of Selangor b'coz I live in Selangor. *chuckles*

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Salam Dato'

Ada seorang peminat blog Dato' menyatakan kekesalannya kepada saya melalui telefon, kenapakah ulamak membisu. Mufti juga membisu.

Dakwah menuding orang itu tak betul, orang ini tak betul, (entah siapa yang betul), mengundang kita untuk bermuhasabah.

Yang tak betul kena kata tak betul.

Dalam isu kalimah ALLAH ini rujukan kita adalah al-Quran dan hadith.

Adalah dikhuatiri apabila ulamak menjadi "SYAITAN BISU', ia akan diambil alih oleh JUHALAK (Ingnorance) yang menjadi THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND.

Itu yang dikhuatiri oleh Rasulullah s.a.w. akan tiba masa apabila JUHALAK diangakt menjadi pemimpin, maka dia akan berfatwa mengikut nafsu.

Penyakit yang besar yang menimpa ummah kini bukan merangkumi akidah bahkan akhlak.

Teman itu bilang, jiran di kedai sebelahnya seorang Cina membuat komen, "Brother, saya malu tengok Melayu depan kedai saya, lelaki perempuan belum kahwin berpeluk-peluk, berguarau-gurau depan kedai saya, Islam ini macam ka????????????"

Kawan saya akur dan geleng kepala, "I just can't understand these Malays the so-called Muslim youths today, I don't think they know what the real Islam is."

Saya pun bilang pada teman tu, OKlah kita pertahankan kalimah ALLAH, kita pun salute pada yang buat demonstrasi, tetapi depa ni faham ke tuntutan LA ILAHA ILLALLAH? SYARIAT ISLAM itu bukan atas kertas . Kena diimplementasikan.

Lalu nampak HUDUD potong tangan. Oh bahaya. Malaysia berbilang kaum. Macam-macam alasan.

Cuba lihat Demokrasi di Algeria. Apabila parti Islam menang 2nd round pilihanraya dibatalkan. Tak tertegak juga Islam. Demokrasi mati di Algeria.

Siapa yang faham Islam tak confused. Siapa yang tak faham mulalah sakit jiwa tak boleh dengar khatib penceramah cakap pedas. Berbulu telinga.


Kalau mereka tak berkerja, kita kena berkerja. We have to correct ourselves and then the ummah.

As-Syahid Hasan Al-Banna pengasas Ikhwan Muslim di Mesir pergi bar berceramah berdakwah pada orang yang minum arak.

Di Malaysia Dr. Asri baru nak buat sebab di Selangor kena tauliah bagi ceramah.

komando said...

Mr.Nazri , I like your name the other half very unique!

My answer to your rukun negara!

Rukun Negara
Kepada mereka yang nak pegang kepada undang undang di buat manusia!

1. Kepercayaan kepada tuhan.

a. Soalan saya : Tuhan mana nak percaya, adakah tuhan UMNO ke atau PAS untuk orang Islam sahaja yang perlu jawab soalan ini?
Mereka berlainan fikiran dan pegangan ! Cuba Lihat fesyen PAS dan UMNO ?

2) Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara.

b. Raja mana nak ikut? Raja KAPUR atau KAPOR atau raja raja yang suka kapur semua?
Atau raja raja yang ZALIM?

3) Keluhuran Perlembagaan.

c. Perlembagaan adalah dokumen di buat manusia..semua perlu dikaji dari masa ke semasa...dokumen negara kita yang ditanda tangan sendiri tanpa paksa pun telah di abaikan !

4) Kedaulatan Undang-undang.

d. Undang undang negara atau OTAK UDANG? Semua dah tahu makamah kita di rasuk setan dan bapak iblis...mereka takut kepada manusia dan setan dan tidak takut kepada TUHAN mereka! Semua dah ROSAK...banyak jenis KANGAROO!

5) Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan.

e. Nak sopan macam mana lagi. Membawa isu ke Agong dan Raja-raja pun tak jalan, ke parlimen tak jalan, ke POLIS haram lah! AG - main kayu tiga, Hakim - semua kena ikut cakap BOS.MACC - le hai pening bro!



Ikuti lah Rukun Islam dan Rukun Iman - tu lah jawapan saya kepada semua, insya allah selamat dunia dan akhirat kita!

Get it bro...

Nazri "MikhQail" said...


yes I agree with you... if we are Muslims, we should refine our life approach to follow the Rukun Islam and Rukun Iman. But I'm referring generically as the citizen of Malaysia on what foundation to follow, because not all Malaysians are Muslims...

In other words, if we truly regard ourselves as "Malaysians" regardless of our race and religion, we must all entrust our loyalty to the King and not be side-tracked by those irrelevant entities that was never mentioned in the tenets of the Federation.

Rationally, we cannot expect non-Muslims to conform to Rukun Islam and Rukun Iman since they do not aspire to the Islamic doctrine... but as a self-respecting Malaysian, the least that they can do is to heed the King's "titah" as proof that they are trully Malaysians, one that has relinquished their "immigrant mentality". (Wish that was true with many non-Muslims, non-Bumis and non-Malays) *chuckles*

Get it bro?...

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Saudara Komando

Saya ingin menjawab soalan Tuan Komando

1. Kepercayaan kepada tuhan.

a. Soalan saya : Tuhan mana nak percaya, adakah tuhan UMNO ke atau PAS untuk orang Islam sahaja yang perlu jawab soalan ini?

Tuhan (Robb) hanya SATU - Robbul 'Alamin, Allah adalah Robb (Tuhan) sekelian alam yang menjadikan Nabi Adam dan keturunannya.

Ini bab akidah. Must be very very very clear.

QULHU ALLAHU AHAD. Katakan Allah itu satu.

Allah yang menjadikan langit dan bumi dan matahari. Allah yang mentadbir alam ini.

UMNO wujud 1946. PAS wujud 1952.


UMNO tidak kekal. UMNO pernah diharamkan zaman Mahathir. Yang ada UMNO baru.

PAS bukan Islam. Islam bukan PAS.

Parti lain. Akidah lain.

Kita selalu confused. Islam Arab. Arab Islam. Wrong.

Melayu dalam Perlembagaan Islam. Tetapi berapa ramai Melayu yang metekedarah arak. Merasuah dan dirasuah. Islam sahaja tidak cukup. Kena beriman. PERLEMBAGAAAN TIDAK MENJAMIN AKIDAH DAN IMAN SESEORANG MELAYU.

Nak tanya Tuhan UMNO dengan Tuhan PAS sama ke? Yes. Sama.

Allah yang menjadikan Arab, Boyan, Jawa, Kadazan, Iban, Murut, Melanau, Bugis.

Semua Allah jadikan.

Allah jadikan Majusi, Yahudi, Hindum, Nasrani.

Kenapa Allah jadikan manusia berbangsa-bangsa? Jawapannya ada dalam Al-Quran.

Allah jadikan manusia lelaki dan perempuan berbangsa-bangsa berpuak-puak untuk mereka berkenal-kenalan dan semulia-mulia makhluk di sisi Allah adalah orang yang bertaqwa.

Setiap pagi Jumaat Imam sembahyang Subuh baca surah As Sajdah. Satu daripada ayatnya; WALAU SYI'NA KULLA SYAIIN HUDAHA WALAKIN HAQQOL QAULU MINNI LAMLAANNA JAHANAMA MINAL JINNATI WANNASI AJMAIN (Dan jika Kami menghendaki nescaya Kami berikan kepada setiap jiwa petunjuk (bagi)nya, tetapi telah ditetapkan perkataan (ketetapan) dari-Ku."Pasti akan Aku penuhi neraka Jahanam dengan jin dan manusia bersama-sama). As-Sajdah ayat 13.

Kalau Allah mahu Allah boleh Islamkan seluruh dunia. THAT IS ALLAH'S PREROGATIVE. WE CAN'T QUESTION ALLAH'S DEEDS.

Kenapa lihat UMNO dan PAS?
Kenapa tidak diurujuk Al-Quran?

Itulah sebabnya Muhamamd Assad pengarang Islam At the Crossroads mengaji Islam. Belajar Islam. Mendalami Islam. Sebab dia terkejut apabila melihat realiti rakyat India Muslim yang ditemui di India 1934 tidak seperti apa yang dipelajari. Yang ditemui umat Islam. Bukan Islam sebenar. ISLAM LAIN. PENGANUTNYA LAIN. Apabila Islam tidak dihayati penganutnya itu yang kita perhatikan sekarang. Pakai tudung tapi masih berkepit dengan jantan yang bukan suaminya di hypermarket, berasmara bawah menara KL dan sebagainya.

Ironically apabila saudara bertemu UMNO dan PAS di Malaysia. Dan Tuan Komando tercari-cari siapa Tuhan mereka.

Islam lain. Parti lain.

Kita begitu obssessed dengan SISTEM CIPTAAN MANUSIA.


Demokrasi lahir zaman Greek 5,000 tahun sebelum kedatangan ISLAM 1,431 tahun dulu
yang dibawa oleh Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.

Itu tidak bermakna ia perlu dipertahankan hingga ketitisan darah yang akhir.

INNADINNA INDILLAHILISLAM. Sesunggguhnya agama di sisi ALLAH adalah ISLAM.

Apabila kita masuk kubur Munkar Nankir tak tanya kita kamu UMNO atau PAS. Malaikat tanya MA ROBBUKA (Siapa Tuhan kamu).

Islam memang cantik. Jika kita hidup mengikut minhaj Islam (cara Islam) kita akan jadi cantik.

komando said...

Saudara Ramli Rahim,

Thank You very much for your expert explanation...I guess you have saved me the ordeal of trying to explain simple things to the general mentioned By Nazri "we follow what the KING says" at least he says!

Not the rukun negara...I said! just follow rukun islam & rukun iman!

We can expand these virtues to any human being no matter what color or creed,whatever he believes. we can transmit it with good actions...not mere words only!

Ramli Abdul Rahim said...

Dear Dato'

"Where are the learned Muftis?" Perhaps we all should browse page 42 of the January 2010 issue of OFF THE EDGE magazine which highlights A conversation in Bukit Mertajam between Farish A Noor and Dr Asri Zainal Abidin, former Mufti of Perlis.

Happy reading!

ismeth said...


hmmm...kamu ni.pikir dahulu sebelum cakap.jangan ikut sedap mulut je.jangan sampai terganggu islam, iman dan ehsan...

komando said...

Isemth, I do hope and pray that you are a true muslim, for if you are one what more can I say !

If rukun Iman and rukun Islam is not the right guiding principle what else can we follow?

Man made laws are all flawed, do you not agree?
Or are you just an UMNO paid blogger here to make others follow what you think and what you want others to think like you!

So please clarify what wrong have I said and not make sweeping statements..please state facts not merely a comment and expect me to agree with whatever you say no way hozey!

Be more precise and professional lest you want us to teach you to write and say things more maturely!

komando said...

My fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, I would like to pose a few questions here for all of us ponder for awhile!

1. who is allah swt actually
2. who gives life and takes it
3. who gives wealth and health
4. who makes the world turn
5. who makes the beginning and the end
6. who is in control of all things

If the answer is him and him alone then why are we quarreling over who has the rights to call him who he is?

a. Does he only give and takes the lives of MUSLIM ?
b. Does he only gives richness and good health to MUSLIMS ?
c. Does he only make the world spin for the MUSLIMS ?
d. Does he only makes the MUSLIMS die when the world ends ?
e. Does he only control the lives of the Muslims ?

So who are we referring to now as the supreme being ?
Who is he?
Where is he?

Maybe my very good and learned friend ISMETH has all the answers?

WIRA said...

Dear Pak Chad'
Your write-up on the whereabouts or " the unusual silence of the Muftis" have incited considerable and varied response. Some are clearly protective of established Islamic Doctrine, while a few, for their own reasons, have chosen to be ambivalent (duduk atas tiang). However, the gist of the interchange clearly reflect the popular view and that almost everyone seem to be against the court decision. This is a free country.. to some extent.
My personal view on why the Muftis have remained silent is rather simplistic but which I believe to be true. Their inaction is mainly driven by their instinct for self preservation and survival. Why I say so is because, as I suspect, these lot that represents the state's islamic authority are apparently more beaucratic than they are scholars. Why stir the shit..Let PM aspirants like Nazri handle the "hot potatoe issue" and suffer the consequences. Even Jamil Khir, the guy whose job it is to provide guidelines on such issues have remained on the sidelines.(cari makan) Takkanlah pak Mufti yang bergaji bulan tu nak terlibat kot..Nak cari nahas...nanti periok nasi terlingkup pula.. So therein lay the answer to the query..
However, everyone should remember this stark fact. Malaysia is a pluralistic society, end of story. To make things work, we should abide by the Constitution designed by our founding fathers, which, among other things, cater for freedom of expression and worship.
Therefore, we should believe that the verdict of the Learned Judge favouring the plaintiff has obviously been premised on existing laws which we must respect, irregardless of our race or religion. If we dont like it, change the law. Don't break it..Don't be like Tamerlane the Babarian who burned countless places of worship of the lands that he conquered.. Must we be like him?
Civil societies are those that abide by the laws that they themselves create.
And then some of us might want to ask ourselves which is more important... life or religion? Is religion life or is life itself religion?
Obviously everyone have their own answer to these rather perplexing questions. They are personal-to- holder questions and lets not go beyond that.To be honest about it, mine would be as different to that of Capt Longhouses' and it would be as dissimilar to that of Saudara Ramli's!
Of course, being unfamiliar with Islamic studies, I am unable to cite "Surah An-Nisa" and such like verses to strengthen my case.
But as a student of the social sciences, I do refer to western books such as the oxford dictionary from time to time, especially when confronted with such contentious and complex issues as determining the right term for God. To my surprise, this simple and most basic of reference describes the term Allah quite simply and prosaicly as: Muslim name of God.-Arabic. (al-the/ilah God)
If one were to examine the first
part of the explanation, it becomes very clear to any reader that Allah is the Muslim name of God; as opposed to Muslim name for God (In such instance when God could be viewed in a plural context as for Non-Muslims). It is derived from two arabic words al- 'the' and ilah- 'God'. Hence Allah. Since all Muslims pray in Arabic, they have no other term for God but Allah. But this is not the case for for Catholics and several Protestant Denominations in Sabah and Sarawak who pray in Malay. Te term for God in Malay is 'Tuhan'. Unless of course they wish to say their prayers in Arabic, like all Muslims in Malaysia.
Maybe Saudara Ramli does have a point here......